Nokia Android / Linux mobile devices in the works, job ad reveals

by: Chris SmithNovember 30, 2012

A few years ago Nokia decided to go with Microsoft (exclusively) and ignore Google, when realizing that its aging Symbian OS will not be resurrected in time to adapt to the smartphone revolution started by the iPhone and the first Android smartphones. But is there still a possibility left for Nokia to consider making Android smartphones and tablets as well? A new job posting seems to say so.

Nokia chose the promise of the new Windows Phone mobile operating system instead of joining what looked like a crowded Android space back in early 2010, thus crushing the dreams of plenty of Android fans that would have loved to switch from their old Nokia devices to a new Nokia Android handset.

But now Gizmodo UK reports that the company is actively searching for a Linux engineer that would work on brand new devices. Here’s a fragment of the LinkedIn job description, as posted by Nokia, that’s very interesting:

We are looking for an expert C/C++ & JAVA engineers to develop embedded linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products. The candidate must have knowledge and experience working with mobile phone technology. Strong knowledge of embedded linux drivers and resource optimizations such as scheduler/governor is a must. Experience with network stack, RF driver, display driver, and imaging pipeline are also essential.

You will be a hands-on leader of the team that builds innovative products and services using the latest mobile, imaging, and location technologies. You should have shipped commercial software, great team collaboration skills, and strong communication skills. You should also be passionate for mobile devices, be self-driven and motivated and be adaptable to the ever changing mobile market. You will also be closely involved in architecture, system design and product specification.

The simplest conclusion one could draw is that the Nokia may be interested in Android after all. In case that’s not it, then what is Nokia cooking that’s Linux-based? Is it going to revive any old projects, like MeeGo? Or is it going to start some Linux-based mobile project from scratch?

Would you buy a Nokia Android handset?

  • Yvanho

    love the nokia hardware i always wondered why they did not use Android os

  • Mak

    must buy!!

  • would definitely get a Nokia with Android.

  • I do really hope it is Android. I must say, Nokia’s N9/Lumia design scheme for hardware + Android (oh, please make it “Nexus” or AOSP please, couldn’t ask more) = Sweetness. Just check out the N9 with Nitdroid in it. If ever they do go to the skin’s route, I think Nokia will do just fine.

    If ever it isn’t Android, I hope they continue on MeeGo or develop a good mobile Linux distro to improve upon it.

  • Rahul Ram

    i really want nokia with android

  • gizmodoc

    Yes anyday… nokia making android handseta will change market equations.

  • xoj_21

    I hope this is true

  • Aziz Farhi

    Nokia hardware + Android OS = awesomeness

  • MasterMuffin

    Really hoping that they make a nexus 5 :)

  • thepowerof

    Now that would be phenomenal! Lumia Nexus FTW!

  • DeadSOL

    Yup. I could seriously consider this.

  • I’d consider one. I always like the build quality of Nokia phones, and owned both the small candybar-styled feature phones that were popular in the early 2000s, and my last phone before my first Android phone was an e71x.

  • rydd

    Nokia has the best camera phones. So yeah, Android with it would be awesome.

  • Just imagine a Pureview Android Nokia device with all of Nokia’s software and possibly a custom UI (The same thing they wanted to do with WP)

  • Andreas B.

    There’s also Jolla Sailfish OS to consider, also from Sweden — a spiritual successor to MeeGo and partly Nokia’s work. That said, I’d really like a Nokia handset running Android!

  • Seeing Lumia 920 drop/torture/breaking bones video this would be AWESOOOOME !!!! Just hope that we don’t have to w8 for it more than 1 year :)

  • mirek2

    I really like Nokia hardware, the only thing preventing me from getting a Nokia phone is the OS.

  • I would buy Android on a Nokia device instantly. It’s all I’ve ever wanted! Look at their hardware!

  • Noel

    I will definitely get an Android device made by Nokia if it came with top specs. I use to be a Nokia fan b4 I went to Android. I was one of the very first early adopters of the N95…still have it but the screen is dead. I got tired of waiting for Nokia to bring their devices to market..took too long.

  • the only way for nokia to get faster growth now is to adopt will defiantly attract most of us.

  • Haiqal_Aziz

    Nokia with Android???

  • Mak D’Uniq

    “would you buy?” Definitely i will

  • Balraj

    I always wanted a Nokia android smartphone… Nokia build quality is pretty awesome

  • Federico Moretti

    I don’t think it could be Maemo, MeeGo or Tizen (the new MeeGo-based project by Intel, Samsung and The Linux Foundation). The job ad speaks about Java that actually belongs just to Android… and I’d like to get a Nokia like this.

  • No Android Nokia phones for now, this is most likely for Nokia Maps / City Lens on Android, if you understand what Middleware is, then that would make perfect sense. The Lumia 920 is a decent phone, but is flawed, against the massive resources of Apple and Samsung it cannot compete, their next phones will ‘learn’ from the 920’s low-light camera and OIS and destroy it in terms of specs and construction (weight and thickness) I feel that Nokia will move from high-end hardware to low-end phones and software services.

  • Ram

    Nokia has one fundamental problem of forecasting change. Sometimes it is better to co-operate than compete (win-win).

    I have faith in Nokia, I hope it will gain its glory.