Nokia Android handset reportedly still in development, at least until November

by: Chris SmithSeptember 19, 2013

Nokia Android

Even though the Microsoft Nokia seems to be a done deal, the Finnish smartphone maker will reportedly keep working on an Android phone, at least until November.

Word on the street is that Nokia has already made 10,000 prototypes for said Android prototype with help from Foxconn. The company is still working on the device, waiting for the Microsoft purchase to go through later this year.

That doesn’t mean that Nokia will have an Android handset in stores anytime soon in case the Microsoft deal fails, but it’s certainly an interesting development for a company that’s committed to making only Windows Phone smartphones.

CTechnology reports that the handset is not a high-end device as one would have expected, packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip, although other details about the device are not known at this time. Images for this rumored prototype aren’t available either, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see them floating around at some point in the future.

Nokia Android phones have been discussed by the media for quite a few years now, although the company has never shown any real interest in working with Google on Android devices.

We’ll certainly look forward to see whether the Microsoft Nokia deal goes through, but while we wait, we’ll remind you that a certain Newkia company based in Singapore wants to create at some point in the future those Nokia-like Android phones you’ve been dreaming about for a few years.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This might end up a collectors item. I still can’t get over the fact how the Microsoft acquisition will end one of (if not the) the most epic brands in the industry.
    No amount of Newkias or Fakias can fix this.

    • Noel

      And the amount that they are gonna pay is mind boggling. Those shareholders have been F’d. I still say if Nokia went with Android a few years ago or at least made devices for both OS, we will now be talking of a totally vibrant and thriving Co.

      • Luka Mlinar

        True that. But Nokia was in a bad place and they signed a deal with the devil and now he came to collect. Shame.

        • Noel

          Lol..but is it too late to back out?

          • Luka Mlinar

            Unless Microsoft starts selling Android phones or they decide to sell Nokia but non of that is gonna happen. Ever. Not that anyone would buy a wounded animal anyway.

  • seravi

    this phone purpose is just to push Microsoft buying Nokia sooner.
    no need for high-end spec.

    10000 prototypes of Nokia Android are more than enough to give Microsoft a nightmare.. :)

    • Alexandana Theng

      I agreed with your idea! However, i really want to see Nokia making Android phone and WP in the same time.

  • pmugghc

    I think the whole Nokia saga will be material for future business school classes on how a board (i.e. Nokia’s) neglected it’s duties. They threw all their eggs into an unproven basket, hired a very biased CEO who oversaw the monumental value destruction of Nokia, then they had to sell for a small fraction of the price they had before the new trojan CEO started.

    • Netto

      It’s already being used as examples right now in my uni in some business courses. But I guess a few years down the track, we’ll probably see some case studies about it. There might even be some already out there but takes time to be published in reputable peer review journals.

      • Dick

        What happened at Nokia has been taught for 2500 years and is called the Zopyrus strategem. The only thing the hungover board of Nokia knew about was Trojan’s busting open…

    • Ivan Budiutama

      It already is

      still my favorite reads even after almost half a year past. When Microsoft bought Nokia, all the writings are even make more sense and the “conspiracy” theory that Elop entered Nokia to “destroy it from the inside so Microsoft can buy Nokia in a cheap price” is also make sense.

      Still I keep asking myself “why anyone in Nokia or at least the stock holder kept silence even after the first Lumia was unable to perform the “Hero” role as expected”

      Your welcome :D

  • ryq24

    Nokia is telling microsoft to hurry up with the money or else their ditching windows and going android.

  • Q.

    I wonder what they’ll do with those 10, 000 prototypes…

  • Adie

    Nokia can eat up Samsung and others if they release just two models of Android phones, one high and other mid range. Nokia has a huge respect and fan following from ex-customers. It would sell like hot cakes !

  • Matthew Plewa

    What if Microsoft made the phone ;)

  • TJefferson

    the sad thing is they know that their sales would go through the roof by manufacturing android handsets yet they can’t swallow their pride and admit they took the wrong path , Nokia is destined to be gobbled up by Microsoft and in years to come it will just be a forgotten fondly remembered brand like Atari.