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Here we go again! Joining the evergreen list of smartphone debates that includes such greats as “Android vs iOS,” “Apple vs Samsung,” and recently, “plastic vs metal,” is the question of whether Nokia should have gone the Android way, and if it isn’t too late, maybe still should. This debate makes it to the forefront every time Nokia releases its quarterly financial results, and while things may ever so slightly be looking up, not surprisingly, a lot of shareholders are looking for better results.

For most of us, a Nokia device was our first phone, and while the mobile landscape has changed a lot with the emergence of the smartphone, there is always a nostalgic twinge behind all the “only cockroaches and the Nokia 3310 can survive a nuclear explosion”-type jokes. When asked the question of whether I’d buy a Nokia smartphone running Android, I, without any hesitation, said yes. Granted, Nokia does have to catch up to the hardware specs offered by current Android devices, but I’m sure for a lot of people, Nokia and Android would be a match made in heaven.

But will that actually ever happen, and even if it does, it is already too late? Let’s take a look!

How is Nokia doing right now?

Nokia Press Event 2011

Since signing a deal with Microsoft back in February 2011, Nokia took up the cause for the Windows Phone OS, and things have been far from easy. 2012 hasn’t been a good year for the Finnish company, with estimated losses of around $3 billion for the period, but still managed to end the year with an ever-so-small glimmer of hope with a profitable Q4 2012.

Nokia reported a Q4 profit of $585 million (on total revenue of $10.73 billion). Granted, a lot of credit goes to the company’s Nokia-Siemens Networks division, but the Devices and Services department posted a (less) profitable quarter as well, in part due to the well-received Windows Phone 8-running Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 smartphones. The numbers aren’t crazy of course, with Nokia selling 4.4 million Lumia smartphones, with only 700,000 units in North America. But, it was a start.

Nokia delivered a preliminary Q1 earnings report last month, with good news as far as the Lumia lineup of smartphones is concerned. While only 400,000 Lumia units were sold in North America, overall sales were up to 5.6 million, beating the number from the previous quarter. But, while this number has gone up, Nokia managed to sell 55.8 million handsets overall, which includes all devices offered by the company, down a whopping 30% from the previous year. The report also mentioned an even worse Q2, with margins expected to fall by 2%.

Nokia promised a turnaround of 2 years, and with that time period passing, things haven’t gone as smoothly as expected.

Nokia shareholders are unhappy

stephen elop

Image credit: Engadget

Needless to say, the overall poor performance of the company, which once promised to be able to compete successfully against the likes of Apple and Samsung, has left shareholders unhappy. These shareholders were given the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction during Nokia’s Annual General Meeting held in Helsinki, and they certainly didn’t pull their punches. As reported by Reuters, nothing sums up the past couple of years Nokia has been having, than a statement made to Stephen Elop by Nokia shareholder Hannu Virtanen:

[quote qtext=”You’re a nice guy…..and the leadership team is doing its best. but clearly, it’s not enough. Are you aware that results are what matter? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Please find a new road. ” qposition=”center”]

And while many may agree, Elop reiterated his commitment to Windows Phone, stating that WP is what will help the company compete with Samsung and Apple. But the comment about finding “a new road” raises, once again, the two-year old question of, should Nokia have switched to Android, and is it too late to do so now.

Ankit Banerjee
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  • I would buy it instantly .. other OEMS can learn something from Nokia when it comes to buildibg phones!

  • Arsenal™

    Hope SO!!! Nokia+Android Would be just perfect!!
    I dont get how they have not switched to android by now

    WP suks!

  • sk

    Definitely nokia should have started with android much earlier. With other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, making both windows and android phones, it is difficult for nokia to compete with them. Today the success of the phone is to a great extend dependent on how WP os matures and it is exactly opposite to the nokia claims of having a unique UI and branding (For me Lumia is definitely a WP more than a Nokia phone)

  • Rooney-

    Just imagine guys. Nokia 920 with Android OS. Phew! I would be first one to grab!

    • Agreed. It would give HTC a run for their money when it comes to build quality.

    • APai

      ANY given day. Nokia makes one of the best robust hardware, would buy a 920 with android on it!

    • Roddisq

      Can I take the battery out? Can I used memory card? No? I will pass…

  • Nokia should switch to Android. It makes no sense to go with the obsolete Windows. Android is more customisable and familiar for many people.

  • Elop should be fired! They have many innovative ideas & features but they’re useless without a powerful OS!

    • justd80010

      Windows Phone is on the same kernel as Windows 8 – the NT kernel, as such it is almost infinitely scalable. It’s without a doubt the most powerful mobile OS in the world, what are you talking about?

  • I asked the same question once and got an answer that Microsoft saved them so now they got them by the short and curlies :/

    • justd80010

      Name ONE company Android has saved?

      • APai

        Sony/ Samsung/ Amazon/ ZTE/ Huawei are all pretty much making a day out of android. so many scores of smaller companies are making a living out of android. HTC/ LG are making much more out of android than by selling WP phones!!!

        forget about how many companies have been saved by android. think about how many companies would have been killed by WP – had they gone for WP only strategy ? apart from nokia no one else made ANY money out of windows phones!!! and nokia is selling WP because of nokia fans. don’t be delusional about people flocking to nokia because they dint care who made but they wanted WP badly!!!

        • justd80010

          LOL, Samsung was doing fine BEFORE Android existed. Sony, ZTE, Huawei, and LG have almost zero presence in mobile and are all desperately trying to break in. HTC, the original Android OEM may be out of business in a couple of years.

          Android has been in the market, not making money for a long time. 6 in 10 smartphone run Android, yet Samsung alone is making a profit. You don’t have to be an MBA to see the fatal flaw in this business model. If I was a Nokia investor, and I’m not, I would have zero interest in being invested in a platform that produces market share absent profit. People invest to see their money grow, not Google’s market share. At least I would think that’s true.

          • APai

            ROFL. Samsung is doing good NOW. they never had a 60% marketshare – Nokia had that kind of a marketshare. during the heydays of symbian samsung never did as well as it did now. what are you smoking ?

            Sony, ZTE, Huawei, and LG are all selling 9 million mobiles a quarter – twice as much as WP that nokia is selling

          • APai

            “You don’t have to be an MBA to see the fatal flaw in this business model. ”
            ..and yet no one invests in microsoft WP. I wonder why ? :P

          • Samsung was maintaining it’s status quo for years. They never dreamed the amount of cash they would be pulling after Android fell into their lap. If any1 has a chance to reach the Apple income then it’s them. So yea; they did fine. Now the are doing AWESOME.

  • Paul Taylor

    Whatever the disadvantages of switching to Android so late in the day, they’re far outweighed by how pointless it would be to stick with Windows.

    • MasterMuffin

      You can see into the future?? Tell me if I’ll be rich :) :D

  • justd80010

    Nokia shareholders should have dinner with some HTC investors before they end up forcing the company out of business. Or ANY Android OEM besides Samsung, including Google owned Motorola. Microsoft makes more from android than all off them and never produced a single android device. How will android ‘save’ Nokia? Give me a break.

    • disk Latvia

      Maybe they’ll will end up as popular as samsung but with phones like HTC after all many people already know the brand

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Outside the US, Nokia still had a strong brand name, so they could have pushed Android with their marketing. Even now, their marketing here in India is better and more than Sony and HTC and LG, and lack of marketing is why the latter are suffering like this. I mean, HTC finally started advertising here with the One, I never saw anything for the One X etc. Marketing and their already popular brand name would have helped Nokia, though not as much as Samsung since the latter has just such a huge budget for ads.

      • justd80010

        You’re just speculating, the reason why HTC is suffering is because almost NOBODY, not Sony, not LG, not Dell, not Acer, not Motorola, nobody outside Samsung and, ironically MS, has consistently turned a profit on Android. Motorola is owned by Google and can’t make a profit on the platform, why would Nokia do any better? They wouldn’t. They would be just another OEM producing phones as a platform for Google services at the expense of their own services and financial health and they would be paying Microsoft a fee for the privilege of failing.

        • APai

          Sony has stated in its latest quarterly reports that they have started making profits from android

          “why would Nokia do any better? ”
          nokia has been destroyed with the WP deal. they have lost like 80% of their customer base. absolutely destroyed.

          • justd80010

            You can keep saying that over and over and perhaps convince yourself. I’m interested in facts. Besides Samsung not a single Android OEM has CONSISTENTLY turned a profit on Android, some have been up for a quarter or two (Asus comes to mind), the rest not so much. For hardware makers Android is nothing more than a platform for Google services and targeted ads.

          • APai

            sony has been going through a churn in other parts of the company. their smartphone division consistently made money. HTC/ LG had their own woes, production or lack of interesting devices. this has nothing to do with them not doing well with android. ZTE/ Huawei are growing YoY and making profits consistently. they are selling twice as many android phones as nokia is selling WP phones. and you need more ?

          • justd80010

            Sony can’t compete with Samsung. Android is pretty much the Samsung ecosystem. They suck all the profits out of the platform. Nokia would just be another victim. Why, for instance, wouldn’t Samsung just wait for Nokia to introduce a feature and then introduce a competing feature in their next phone? That’s precisely what they’d do. They would never allow Nokia to differentiate their devices in the Android ecosystem. Just like they don’t let Sony or LG or HTC.

          • APai

            “Sony can’t compete with Samsung”
            so why are you twisting the argument ? WP is NOT making ANY money for the OEMs. sony is selling 9 million phones a quarter and on the way to sell 50 million phones this year, and on their way to ascendancy.

            samsung’s ascendancy is because they make the phones from the hardware to integration themselves. other OEMs have no control over the hardware production and rely on SoC manufacturers like qualcomm / STe, broadcom or others.

            Nokia at one point og time had 60% of the market, much like samsung now does. that did not mean others had to run to some other OS because nokia was doing good. samsung also invests a lot of money on advertising. they are doing good, simply because they ARE good.

          • APai

            “Why, for instance, wouldn’t Samsung just wait for Nokia to introduce a feature and then introduce a competing feature in their next phone? ”
            that’s bullshit. it’s as if you are insinuating nokia does not copy ??? where did that drop down in symbian come from – they ALL get influenced by each other.

            much like Nokia was once king of the hill – samsung now is . they own the entire stack , except the OS, almost like apple – thats the reason these two companies are making heaploads of money. they make their own hardware from scratch. sony and others are doing so-so because they rely on others like snapdragon – so they do not have anything unique. sony is trying hard. for example their Xperia Z just sold 5-6 millions in a couple of months, thanks to its unique waterproof flagship

        • Ivan Budiutama

          umm actually the profit you are talking might come from “accounting gimmick”, yes, a conspiracy theory but a rather possible one, because they said, Ellop allocated the Nokia’s HQ building selling revenue, and some sold division revenue to handset profit. Well, probably to advertisement. Not really proven but many already suspicious about it and yes, @APai said is true, HTC and Sony started to make their profit this year, hell even the XZ outsell Sony’s other electronic products and if the future HTC will provide SD Card and Sony Honami as good as it is told, they will climb up the step and narrow the gap.

          • justd80010

            Every Android OEM besides Samsung is in huge trouble in mobile, every one of them, without exception. The only bright spot on Nokia’s balance sheet is the Windows Phone powered Lumia Line. Again, in developed markets it’s the fastest growing platform in mobile whereas Android has peaked and even slid in some markets.

    • APai

      “How will android ‘save’ Nokia? Give me a break.”
      how good is nokia doing with WP ? their sales are down 10x with WP, when Elop had promised a 1:1 conversion from symbian to WP! had they gone the android route, they probably would achieved a 1:1 conversion from symbian to android platform

      • justd80010

        @APai – we don’t need to guess. Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS in the U.S. A little more than half of individuals buying their first smartphone are choosing WP. Android, by contrast, has lost market share. WP outsells the iPhone is some European markets. Nokia has 80% of WP customers. Your assertion of a 1:1 conversion is without basis, what is more likely is that individuals leaving Symbian would buy a Samsung like 65% of all those using Android. Additionally Nokia would have to compete with Google’s services for mapping, rather than being the premiere mapping provider on WP. Also partnered with MS Nokia is being subsidized to produce smartphones, if they abandon the partnership they will end up paying tens of millions to MS in licensing fees for every unit they produce. Furthermore, as I stated originally almost no one is turning a profit on Android yet all of them are paying MS to use Android as the core technology is owned by MS, and that’s what business is, generating revenue and profits, what’s the point of having the most market share if nobody can make any money besides a company that doesn’t even make the phones?

        • APai

          ” Your assertion of a 1:1 conversion is without basis”
          if elop could promise the moon, so can I. elop did state that he’d proceed with WP and convert existing symbian customers to WP on a 1:1 basis. so far nokia has lost like 4 customers for every nokia-WP sold – or worse perhaps.

          “Additionally Nokia would have to compete with Google’s services for mapping”

          they could have worked a nice deal then, they still can do it now.

          the alternative to this is nokia struggling for a few more years – albeit as a much smaller company or sold to different companies by breaking nokia into pieces.

          “as the core technology is owned by MS”

          what core technology ? linux powers android, davlik is free from oracle. you have lapped up the MS FUD with glee. motorola hasnt sidned any BS agreement – blackmail patents I could say. there’s no infringement that microsoft has EVER produced against linux till date. it’s all under the NDA.

          • justd80010

            Good enough. Nokia sold 5.6 million smartphones last quarter, which carry a premium price. The weakness is in their feature phone division. it will take a while to bring low cost smartphones to every major market so those leaving feature phones can stay with Nokia and get an affordable smartphone. That would be true regardless of what OS runs on those smartphones.

            Google doesn’t need to “work a nice deal…” Google will ALWAYS prefer its own services. Nokia services would take a back seat on their own phones.

            The core technology that powers Android was developed by a company that is owned by Microsoft, the developer later leveraged that MS owned technology to create Android, Android was then purchased by Google but the patented technology at Android’s core is owned by Microsoft, not Google, that’s why every Android OEM but two are paying $5-$15 per device in licensing fees to MS to use (free) Android and zero to Google and Nokia would just be another of them.

          • APai

            you still do not say what the core technology is. that’s hilarious.

          • justd80010

            Look it up, I’m not a patent expert, are you? What, you think every Android user but two are paying MS for the joy of it?

          • APai

            you are throwing up these “facts” yourself, so the onus is on you to prove it. I say it exactly like how every linux vendor has been stating without paying ANY blackmail money to MS – “show us what you’ve got” till this day redhat, IBm and a whole lot of others have not paid any blackmail money to microsoft.

            the same arguments hold good for android OEMs. if they are paying the blackmail money – its to avoid the patent litigation which would suck more money than they are currently paying MS.

            ironically, MS developers pull in less money than the MS lawyers!!! so you know how good their product really is!!!

  • Will Stewart

    Android is not the solution, maybe in 2011 it would’ve helped, but its too little too late now. The Android market is crowded with dozens of phones with better specs/features than the Lumia 920 – most of them cheaper than the Lumia 920 (In the UK).

    • MasterMuffin

      I believe that if they’ve made Lumia 920 with Android, it would have had quad core, but they chose differently with WP

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Yes, with WP they simply chose the recommended specs as set by Microsoft, no need of quad-cores and 2GB RAM there (according to MS, and maybe rightly so). If Nokia chose Android they’d put in better specs to compete, despite their stupidity of always being behind on specs in the Symbian/MeeGo days.

        • justd80010

          The specs would increase the production cost of the phones, to be either passed on to the consumer or swallowed by Nokia. And the reliability and performance would suffer for it.

          • APai

            the hardware is bog standard – why would it cost more for nokia only ? everyone uses a tegra/ snapdragon/ mediatek SoC, the amount of ram is standard, same with screens and resolution. so why would it necessarily be bad ? nokia are masters of integration

      • Will Stewart

        It would still be very expensive, compared with other phones. The Galaxy S3 & HTC One X were cheaper than the Lumia 920 (in the UK, when 920 launched). Plus, they also made the mistake of making the Lumia 920 exclusive to one carrier, which charged ridiculous amounts for the Lumia 920, the GS3 & One X were available on all carriers & retailers. I suspect it’s the same in other countries.

        • WP8

          The HTC One X and the Galaxy S3 were released 1/2 year before the Lumia 920. It would be an unfair expectation to compare a 1/2 old phone to a brand new one that just hit the market.

          In the US, the 920 was considerably cheaper during the Christmas season.

          • Will Stewart

            My point is that Lumia 920 cost a lot more than popular rivals. It should have been between £50 to £100 cheaper SIM free or £10 cheaper on contracts for the phone to attract people.

          • MasterMuffin

            Maybe where you live, but a) it was really cheap in some places and b) sgs3 and ither where already “old”

          • WP8

            What you are saying is plain wrong. £100 cheaper is basically the entire profit margin Nokia makes. While you’re at it, why not suggest Nokia pay each user £50 to take the phones? What you are suggesting makes no difference. It’s strategies like this that will bankrupt a company by admitting that your brand new flagship phone is inferior to the one that’s been out from your competitor for over 1/2 year and even suggesting cheaply build Android phones should command a £50 to £100 premium over their competitors.

          • Will Stewart

            Explain to me how exactly Nokia’s current strategy is working for them?

          • WP8

            Do your own research. Burden of proof is on the person that makes the positive claim. You should be the one explain how eliminating the entire profit margin of a product is suppose to save a company. Good luck, but you don’t get to turn the table shift the focus of the debate.

            Also, what you have invoked is called a false dichotomy. Just because you think Nokia’s currently strategy isn’t working (it is btw), doesn’t makes your suggestion any more true. Debates don’t work that way.

          • Will Stewart

            You’ve completely ignored my question, how is Nokia’s current strategy working out for them?

          • WP8

            I wrote 2 paragraphs explaining to you precisely why that question would not be answered. You can sit here and whine like a little girl, but I’ve addressed it already.

            You should be the one explaining why should Nokia phone cost £50 to £100 cheaper to attract people. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re the one ignoring the question.

          • Will Stewart

            People that spend £500 outright or £40 per month have a greater awareness of what they are buying compared to those at the lower end of the market. Those people realise the Lumia 920 lacks apps & features and are also aware that Nokia is in trouble, and if it goes bankrupt their warranty could be somehow affected – that puts people off from buying the expensive Lumia 920. If it was cheaper it would have attracted more people.

            Frankly, I think Nokia should pull out of the high end market and concentrate on lower end phones, no one is buying their high end phones.

            Now, you can come up with ridiculous cliches about “debates don’t work like that” and waste my time or you can answer my question, how is Nokia’s current strategy, charging a premium over main rivals for essentially an inferior phone, working out for them? Please dont write another ignorant comment.

          • WP8

            If you concede and admit that your premise that Nokia should discount their device by £50 to £100 is an asinine comment and you did no research whatsoever in the company and have no sense of business, then I’ll answer your question about how Nokia’s strategy is working but in a debate. You don’t get to jump from topic to topic before the issue has ended. If you do not understand this basic principle, again, go back to school. I’ll make it a bit more clearer for you. If I can’t give you an answer to your question, does that make your assumption any more or less valid? You still have to prove that your position is valid, and I’ve demonstrated quite clearly why your premise is BS. If you look at another company, Blackberry, why do you think they priced their devices even higher?

            You are the one that is dodging the question, not me. If you feel like it’s a waste of time, then don’t comment. In reality, you’re wasting mine because all you’ve done thus far is demonstrated your ignorance in Nokia and your non-existence knowledge of business and how to debate a person.

          • Will Stewart

            I’ve been actually studying business for the last two years of my life. I have not jumped topic from topic we are still talking about Nokia, all I want you to do explain your belief that Nokia’s current strategy is working? But let’s face it you’ll never answer that question because Nokia’s current strategy is clearly not working.

            Please, stop with the ignorant cliches, and answer my question.

          • WP8

            Fine. I’ll assume you’ve already know how stupid your comment is and answer your question. But first, what part of Nokia’s strategy do you think is failing? More importantly, what do you think Nokia’s roadmap is?

            If you’re able to answer these 2 questions, then you wouldn’t be making ridiculous statements like you are. Do you homework and actually do some research, because from your post, it’s quite clear you haven’t. For example, when you say people are put off from buying a high end phone because of fear that a company will go bankrupt. How much of the phone buying population is aware of Nokia’s financial position? Are you aware of Nokia’s financial position? All you’ve done is make one unsubstantiated claim after another.

            And because it’s you, please state your expectation of the how you see Nokia as a success. I’m an investor of the company and I can confidently say the company is meeting my expectation, and I see how they’re forming their strategy. I’ll go one step further and say I’ve also done my homework on Blackberry and despite their turnaround in terms of stock price, I don’t like where they’re headed.

          • Will Stewart

            Well no, your the one that believes my comment is wrong, I stand by it, but you still haven’t answered my question. Instead you responded with ignorant cliches.

            The part of Nokia’s strategy I oppose is them releasing high end phones. Now, Nokia sold 5.6 million Lumia’s last quarter but it still made a loss. I think people brought low end Lumia’s instead of the high end phones, that is why it made a loss. Please, prove me wrong on that. As for Nokia’s roadmap as a whole, I think Nokia is trying to establish a presence in the high end market with premium phones and retain a presence in the lower end market. I don’t believe Nokia should have a presence in the high end market because people aren’t buying their high end phones.

            I want to see a Nokia that is not losing smartphone & mobile (as a whole) market share. I want to see it make a profit from selling phones instead of other ventures. I dont want it to receive subsidies from MS. Now, you maybe happy with Nokia direction, but many others are not satisfied with Nokia’s strategy.

            As for BlackBerry, I don’t think they should release touchscreen phones and instead concentrate on keyboard smartphones – no other company really develops keyboard smartphones, there is a niche market.

            Now, explain to me why you believe Nokia’s strategy is working?

          • WP8

            You have to narrow what “Strategy” means as it is too broad. Now that you have and stated in terms of their flagship, I can finally respond without writing a book.

            Companies release high end phones for the following reasons:

            1) It makes the highest profit margin

            2) Prestige that a flagship brings to a brand

            3) Completing a product line giving consumers a choice at different price points.

            Reason 1,2 is why all major brands have a flagship and reason 3 is why a company like Apple is having problems currently expanding their market. Losing the flagship model would immediately equate Nokia’s brand to companies like Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo which would once again damage Nokia’s brand much like your discount suggestion.

            “Now, Nokia sold 5.6 million Lumia’s last quarter but it still made a loss. I think people brought low end Lumia’s instead of the high end phones, that is why it made a loss.” – Once again, “I think” means I am ignorant because I didn’t do my research or you were too lazy to read Nokia’s earning report past the first paragraph. Do you know why you’re dead wrong? Nokia didn’t even release their low end devices for most of the quarter. The only low end WP8 phone that was release that was counted in the quarter was the 620 and it was release late Q1. So you think people “brought” phones that were not available on the market? Do you know what the breakdown of device sales were? Did you research Nokia’s supply issues that they faced in Q4 and Q1? You make a premise, and make up a interpretation and accuse the person calling you out “making cliches”?

            Secondly, if you believe that discount a device £50 to £100 is not wrong, then you’re in denial. I’ve already pointed out to you multiple times why it is. Also, you are ignorant. I can accept it, you should too. This is the last time I’m responding to you because I’m not doing your homework for you. You can call it cliche, but do your own homework. I’m not debating a person that is ignorant on the subject as it is pointless.

          • Will Stewart

            You call me ignorant but you’ve still ignored my question, how is Nokia’s current strategy working out for them??

  • Ivan Budiutama

    not gonna happen. Read this if you have time:

    If you don’t have time, the long story short is, Elop’s faith on Microsoft is more than religion, so forget it, there is no way Nokia would try any other platform as long as Elop still hold the CEO of Nokia. So Nokia + Android = Impossible Mission

    • APai

      absolutely, he’s like on a mission to destroy nokia from the inside out. he’s culled everything that was remotely connected to open source. he’s completely shelved the entire symbian/ meego – vestiges of open source platform. dumped everyone who was fro mthe previous management who though meego would be worth a shot. in effect he kept all the yes men and went ahead with the microsoft only strategy. it was so disastrous that everyone in the nokia forums mentioned that nokia would go nowhere with their WP strategy. elop took select nokia forum owners on board and asked them to promote WP. what do we have now ? nokia is pretty much on the mat.

      it’s not too late even now. not all is lost, they could still go the multi-OS route and try out android on even a half decent device, I’d bet that it would put elop’s god forsaken WP to shame

  • MasterMuffin

    Add “Samsung vs everyone else” to the start, because everyone’s now against Samsung :)/:(

    • APai

      not the millions of samsung customers for sure!

    • vampyren

      I love my S3 and now S4, they are awesome and best android phones available in my opinion. But surei would love to try a Nokia phone if they went Android. I simply dont like HTC and aluminum and no SD.

      • MasterMuffin

        I love my s3, but it just seems that Samsung is getting really hated. Everything popular gets lots of haters

        • vampyren

          only a few jealous people :) Its a trend but nothing to worry about, seen it with Apple. People nagged me when i used my first gen iPhone and second and third but than suddently it was the best and everyone were copying it. I see Samsung is maturing and getting more popular so it goes through the same steps, i would say its on its peak now with S4 and soon even more with Note3 :)

        • Dave Weinstein

          Maybe it’s the huge bait and switch the pulled with the S4 and the Octa-core processor that’s got people angry. Most LTE markets get the Snapdragon 600 version (only Korea gets the 1.8 GHz Octa-core version), but Samsung has obscured these facts in their marketing and chosen to trick their customers with Octa-core claims regardless of which phone they sell you. Or maybe it’s the way the drop all software update support for phones once the replacements ship (while simultaneously promising that the updates will quickly come). Their, just-upgrade-to-the-next-S-or-Note-regardless-of-when-you-get-a-subsidy strategy is meant to push you into buying a phone twice as often as the carrier will subsidize.

          Sleazy behavior like this tends to piss of the public when they learn about it.

          • MasterMuffin

            Other manufacturers do the same (the later thing you mentioned), so I don’t see any problem though I use custom roms so…

            I have to believe you, you’re the “mad man” :D

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    “.. with the emergence of the smartphone.”

    You mean the new definition of smartphone, Nokia’s Symbian was every bit a smartphone OS as any other OS and still is with Belle, just got neglected by Nokia. And yes, I like the smartphone system of today better, but Symbian was still awesome!

    Unless you mean the Nokia of feature phones like 1100 and the like.. :P

  • their is nothing too late for anything.if Nokia can put windows OS up than with android it will BLAST the smartphone market.buck up all android manufacturer your seat and wake up from your SWEET DREAM if Nokia will enter android market it will sure take NO.1 crown from you.

  • their is nothing too late for anything.if Nokia can put windows OS up than with android it will BLAST the smartphone market.buck up all android manufacturer your seat and wake up from your SWEET DREAM if Nokia will enter android market it will sure take NO.1 crown from you.

  • Better late than never

  • vampyren

    Imagine Nokia 928 running pure Android! No bloatware, no skin or customization, just pure Android. I would buy that day 1.

    I recently changed to Android (have S4) and i cant imagine to change to WP again cause it dont offer me anything that i dont have with my iPhone or Android and these are much more mature and each offer lots of apps and options so if Nokia would change i would love to buy from them, if not for the brand i would buy it for the nostalgia :) i loved my good old nokia phones.

    • APai

      a nexus from nokia would be the dreamphone

  • I really feel that the Asha movement from nokia to have a cheap phone is an idiot move.
    Let my explain why.
    Noki amade asha without MS os, because they dont have to pay royalties and they have a budget phone…. but why dont use android instead a new os? Android is royalty free and already have an impressive app library.
    Oh well… i think this CEO have it days counted

  • i know tons of people who will buy a Nokia next. The mobile market moves in increments of 2 years… its still too early for Nokia to make a strategic shift and they need to stick to their plan or run the risk of falling behind yet again.

    • APai

      they said that 2 years back too. 2 years on windows phones saw mango tango, and pretty much nothing happened.

  • I was considering Windows Phone ONLY because of Nokia.
    It’s not a question IF Nokia would be on par with Samsung today if they switched to Android few years ago, Nokia would wipe the floor with bloated Samsung phones.

    Nokia is like HTC on steroids, making high quality indestructible phones. And I’m not talking about 3300. I never owned that phone. I had a N95, and that was a fat, heavy phone. I dropped it on concrete so many times and it barely was scratched…

    • I still have my old n95 as replacement or to travel (is unlocked)… its 5mpx camera still rocks

    • lil bit

      Have a different experience with N95 (8GB), pieces of plastic breaking off, nav buttons with the metal finish peeling off, displays destroyed at first small drop on wood floor, you name it. I had 3 of them in total in addition to the one that fell down and broke. In addition they were famous for defective loudspeakers. Very poor quality, and lets not even get started about the battery life, so pathetic!

      N900 was a much stronger brick, mainly because it was manufactured in Korea, polycarbonate body, the first and still the best real smartphone from Nokia, but thats not a miracle since they made only 2 smartphones, N900 and N9.

      • what? only two smarpthones? you do realize that smartphones existed long before android and iOS era?

  • kirk ngo

    Its too late to switch to Android now. Just stick to windows phones

    • Correct. Nokia should stick to windows phone and surface tablets. It should exert more hardwork and creativity to come up with something more exciting.

      • Dave Weinstein

        so, you’re endorsing the huge-mobile-phone-company-can-only-handle-one-OS-ever doctrine, but then think it’s OK to add an complete different OS, as long as it’s one that you personally want, and is made by the same company that sells the first OS?

        did I understand you correctly?

        • I mean, there is much room left for improvements in the WINDOWS PHONE. If NOKIA hit on the perfectly balanced design for WINDOWS PHONE a demand for sure will come up. Right now, I have not seen a perfect WINDOWS PHONE model. Perfect to me should consider [1]screen size and resolution, [2]stylus pen, [3]Camera [4]Gps [5]USB Integration [6]removable battery [7]Special softwares – like those of s2 s3 note1 note2 [8] etc…

          I have a feeling that the market for smartphones [android and ios] is already nearing saturation. Something is unique in windows because it can integrate to PC’s.

    • Dave Weinstein

      huh? why do you think dropping windows phone is required?

      why can’t Nokia also support android?

  • Would I buy a Nokia android phone? Depending on specs, yes. The specs better include great screen, big-ass battery (prefer removeable), current gen CPU, and SD card.

  • If NOkia want to survive they have to go with Andi

  • Ruzveh

    I used to like Nokia Symbian S60 phones compared to S40, Why? The answer is v simple UI, customization & apps which you find in the market was making up for it.. Nokia here if they have Android phone then they are already having everything and they dont need to worry about it. What they have to worry about is how to make phone faster, battery life, camera and screen panel and resolution..

    Certainly its getting very late for Nokia to come on to the new platform and it is because other companies have truly capitalized on the Android platform and are offering lot more features then what we expect from pure android..

    Despite of the employess wanting to work with Android, Nokia head S E bowed for MS and the result is seen here…

    As for the shareholders are concerned i wouldnt invest in Nokia bt if you are waiting to buy Nokia shares then wait.. Till the time Nokia officially announces Android powered phones dont put ur money in that company..

  • Sangreazvl13

    Nokia+Android… why isnt this here already!!

  • Garren Grup

    Maybe the match made in Heaven is to also release a Nokia device with an actual keyboard! I realize the notion bucks the trend, but MAYBE That’s The Point! Pick up the Blackbery followers that Want an entire ( or even a Qwerty) keyboard? Those MSFT business customers that use MSFT Exchange, NEED A KEYBOARD! …for SMS and Email communicating with business customers, searching their email (superior to iOS & Android) and integrating contacts from Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn with Outlook. In addition, it’s actually compatible with their Corporate mail (on Exchange) as well as their office computers, so leveraging their software (Office & Outlook) with compatible Operating Systems makes sense. SO MAYBE, JUST MAYBE the issue isn’t the systems integration, but Strategy behind it!

  • Dave Weinstein

    Actually, why is it a choice to SWITCH to Android, rather than ADD Android.

    Nokia is brilliant at building hardware, but has never been able to build an effective smartphone software platform. I think that they should become the kings of AOSP, and build Android phones with stock Google UI and groundbreaking hardware.

    If the stick to a stock UI, they’ll endear themselves with Google, and quickly become the favorite for their Nexus-like devices. They’ll also be able to VERY quickly turn software updates.

    Here’s my recipe for Nokia success on Android:

    1) Large 6+” zero bezel screens, top speed processors and maximum specs all around.
    2) Mainstream 5″ zero bezel screens, with maximum specs.
    3) Pureview cameras on front and back
    4) Completely stock “Nexus” Android. And a strict “no carrier junkware” policy.
    5) Guaranteed OS updates within 3 weeks of Google software drops.
    6) A “Pure Googe” and “Pure Nokia” branding campaign to emphasize that their devices aren’t screwed with by the carriers or have valued added shells (like Touch wiz or HTC Sense). Sort of the same guarantee that Apple makes to keep carriers from adding or changing stuff on an iPhone.

    Carriers and manufacturers don’t realize how much their customers HATE their tinkering. They want the best device with the software from Google untouched. Nokia has it within themselves to build the BEST hardware. If they follow a strategy of guaranteeing untampered, pure Android, I think they have a shot.

    I’m certainly not saying to Nokia to abandon Windows Phone 8… at least not right away… But introducing an Android line as well would seem like a reasonable hedge for a hardware manufacture.

  • A lot of ill informed comment about, much of it I suspect by commentators who haven’t actually tested them, particularly in a corporate setting, same applies to Windows 8
    Have rolled out Nokia Lumia 920 for corp phones in our organisation They are brilliant, smooth integration with business MSFT corp platform, better than iOS or Android More corporates should check it out properly Users loving them
    Hopefully the shareholders have brains as well as money, the long haul should be very interesting indeed
    Both WP8 and W8 also are excellent for visually impaired users, far better than competitors which hopefully vision impairment organizations will take notice of on behalf of their clients

  • Today Nokia make Android phone, tomorrow is the return of the king. Yes, I mean one day after their Android phone released

  • lyndon faderagao

    my answer is biigggGGGGG YYESSSS.. if nokia jump to andriod..they well got the spot light..and nokia hardware + andriod os is the big treat to apple and samsung for sure….and i know if nokia leaving wp os..microsoft dead in smartphone battle..bcus nokia is the only ace they have…

  • Povl Kvols

    If Nokia decided to make a clean Nexus-style Android phone, I think I would line up. Nokia has made some pretty decent phones in the past (and a few less decent ones as well!), but they have been pretty innovative, despite having a huge market share.

    I seriously think that Nokia would sky-rocket if they dumped the Windows OS (and possibly also Stephen Flop now we’re at it), and went whole-hearted with Android. The sooner the better!

  • End in sight

    You know, why not just ONE…just ONE d$#m Nokia phone running Android?

    Nokia and MS should do it as an experiment to see what the demand is. I bet they would sell >20 million. And if the money is there, why would both of these firms be so dull?