No ICS Update for Motorola Atrix 4G Anytime Soon

by: Christine TorralbaFebruary 5, 2012

If you’re a Motorola Atrix 4G owner, you might be disappointed with this bit of news.

Motorola sent out a confidential email to its users about an upcoming imminent update. As many have suspected and yes, feared, this update will include a few minor bug fixes. It is not the big update (ehem, Ice Cream Sandwich) that you guys are anticipating.

According to Brief Mobile, the update will be available by February 7. It will update both unmodified and unrooted phones to the latest software version 4.5.141. It will also include the following features:

  • Latest Android security fixes from Android 2.3.6+
  • Bluetooth voice commands while the device is asleep
  • Improvements to the Messaging and Contacts applications (unspecified)
  • WiFi settings update and AT&T Mobile Hotspot usage built-in
  • Increases in stability, power management

While this is an upcoming update, many speculate that this will be the final update for the old device. Considering that the Atrix 4G has the same internals as the Motorola Xoom tablet, it will be very shameful.

But yes, Motorola still has to update its long list of devices, if it plans to update to the latest Android OS, Android 4.0. Maybe when this happens, an update for the Atrix 4G will be available once again.


If you’re a Motorola Atrix 4G user, how do you feel about the new update? Are you disappointed that you’re not getting Android 4.0 yet?

  • Maurobj

    Fuck motorola, google, and my syster! You sucks, Apple knows how keeps costumers happy, i’m going that way

    • Cvolpe13

      I think it is time to go back to apple big android user im getting turned off by motorola a tricks new phone they considered an old 1 give review they get on this phone best phone in the world at the smartest but no I c s as long is motorola has been out this is there biggest fuck up I far for some people back to apple what the hell is wrong with google maroons processor am an off brand condensed we handle the operating system google in motorola made a bad decision feel like I have been screwed to buy the best phone on the market and then they do not include the best update everything in my house is motorola but after this it will be no more motorola in my home

      • Darcy LaCouvee

        Looks like Apple’s PR demons from locked down hell have descended upon humble Android Authority! I banish you to the hell from whence you came!

      • Guest

        Is this even English? I’m so confused, it’s a bunch of random words without a single punctation mark. Go back to Apple, it sounds like you probably need someone telling you what to think.

  • Toto

    This is totally unacceptable! I’ll move to Apple, +1 for Maurobj

    • Cvolpe13

      I have a motorola ATRIX 4g for sale do not need anymore will go back to apple when a update your phones they update even the 3 gs motorola the first off I stay used to communicate from space just making such a bad decision so everyone within a ATRIX 4g should sell the damn thing and buy an apple iphone 4 s because if you don’t google and android I’ll find a way to screw you later on down the road what a fucking disaster

      • Princesstalar

        YOU NO SPEAKA!

  • Yaa, this is sick practice by moto for late upsate.thats why apple wins lyoalty of consumer , it restricts them to there wall gardened but gives good consumer satisfactory like upto date devices

  • wiley8088

    Well this kinda is very uncool I’ll never buy another android!

  • Dsmlogger

    Anyone that has been through this with Motorola has seen that usually we get a firmware upgrade with the new OS to follow several months out. For all those that praise Apple and how they can roll out their upgrades don’t look at the fact that Apple owns the software as well as the hardware. They don’t have to test and tweak for all the different hardware and customized wrappers that most Android phones have, for those of you that want instant gratification enjoy selling your soul to Apple.

    • Considering it’s just a Gingerbread maintenance update for the ROM released in the middle of last year I’d say that’s “several months out”. They made a commitment to 18 months of updates for their devices, yet they still crap out the devices too frequently to support them and they’re still building a completely different ROM for each carrier rather than building from a common source and adding customizations in afterwards. You can see this in action if you look at their source code on SourceForge, that is, if you can find it as they split their code up by device (and that’s what you have to search for) rather than having things more centrally located or at least “search friendly”.

  • Monosyllabic2k1

    I am also quite annoyed. I knew this was probably going to happen when I bought the phone, but I am still mad. I guess the lesson is never buy any android phone that isn’t a nexus or go ios or win.

    • AppleFUD

      Yep. . . the reality is, there is only ONE choice for a true Android device. All others are only “android compatible.”

    • JA

      quit crying and know that the atrix will get the ICS update in quarter 3, as the guy said on the last post. WHAAAAAAA! Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JA is DUMB

        Yes because it’s childish to be annoyed about the timely updating of a top-notch device. Eat a dick.

      • LFC

        so much for your prediction. Crying was in order it appears.

  • [email protected]

    Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous….

  • Denny D.

    Can unrooted users get the update?

  • Joecamelpr

    Do you have any news for Arix 2?

  • Justpeachykeen

    Utterly disappointed. This phone is only a year old. Im about to bitch to att to see if I can get another phone or switch to apple products. This whole thing has pretty much turned me off androids.

  • KingOfKings

    Atrix4G owner.
    Thats really BULLSHIT.
    It sounds like all the manufacturer works for apple or micro, with seach news
    my next phone will be an IOS or Win.

  • Sydbrrtt

    I am very disappointed with Motorola. I should of kept my HTC Inspire its an older phone yet HTC confirmed that they will update the Inspire to ICS. So why not Motorola do the same for the ATRIX 4g.

  • Kent Hertzog

    This sucks. The device is barely 1 year old and definitely has the guts to run ICS. I bought it thinking it would last me the two years on contract I signed up for to get it. And I’m still hoping the phone continues to work, even though it seems like it will be well out of date software wise. Such a disappointment.

  • TCB1468

    I hate you Motorola! I’m never buying an Android device again that is attached to me for 2 years unless it is a Nexus. At least the iPhone 3GS is getting updated to Apples newest software.


    The people of Motorola are such pigs, do not update Atrix 4G ICS is a denigration of the company. The Atrix 4G contains a hardware identical to many mobile on the market that will be updated. from me and started to hate motorola

  • Disc user

    No Good

  • anyone can tell when can I expect at least this last update in Europe?

  • Sparky

    I have both an Motorola Atrix and a Samsung Windows phone. Windows phone wins unfortunately, Atrix only 8 months old and seems dated already. Motorola have mucked up big time. Early buyers of this phone are trend-setters, and Moto support should be more on the ball. Nexus Prime looks good though, so does Samsung Note, but never moto again.

  • Operez1972

    Motorola sold this phone as the most powerfull phone. They also said it was 4G. Now we can’t event get ICS. Don’t know why atrix can’t get the update since the xoom got it and it has the same specs. Unless is a Nexus, i will never buy motorola again.

    • Djedgarftw

      At least thay have updated and it has had GB, LG didnt release GB till a about a month ago for the thrill and it was 4g but it took them a year that is bad service

  • Sendust

    So Motorola is marketing the Atrix 2 without ICS, only GB 2.3.5…

    To my knowledge, FP scanner does not yet work (or is not yet stable) on ICS beta (CM9). True/False? If true, my theory is that because FP is so dear to many of us, Motorola does not want to further embarrass itself by releasing a ROM with conspicuously less functionality.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, there is a lot of angst here. I too am disappointed to not receive ICS yet, but its not the end of the world. It’s certainly no reason to go crying to Apple. The Atrix still has more power and options than even the latest iPhone. It has HDMI out, for example, supports more wireless networking protocols, has a bigger screen, has better battery life on talk time has a bigger battery and weighs less. The both have 1GHz dual-core processors, 1 Gig system ram, the same set of cell frequencies supported, and the same front-facing camera resolution for video conferencing. In other words, even tho its older it still kicks the iPhone 4S’s butt.

    That said, if Motorola is listening, win customer loyalty by releasing ICS for the Atrix sooner rather than later.

    • Djedgarftw

      The atrix is better than the 4s i have own the 4s amd the atrix and u would choose the atrix any day the 4stethering has siri but whats the point if it is the same as the 4tethering pretty much. The atrix has a finger scanner something that apple doesent have also a bigger screen and can transform in to a laptop what more do u want the updates might take time but when thay come out you see the wait was worth it

    • Nimbah

      The iPhone 4S processor is actually 800MHz dual-core. Apple underclock all iPhones for battery life. So the Atrix also wins in that department.

  • Eenvy40

    Motorola you fail. Ill never buy another one of your phones again. I felt as if you left me to the dogs. No ics really after all that hype about the ATRIX 4g being so grate. I have a year and a half left cause of this contract

  • Ali R Tfaili

    shame on moto i’ll sell my atrix to get htc evo 3d

  • Ali R Tfaili

    shame on moto i’ll sell my atrix to get htc evo 3d

  • Ali R Tfaili

    why do others are soo loyal to their consumers when it comes to their updates i.e. sony ,htc,samsung,apple,even nokia …but in return u give us this shit that xoom and others get ics while atrix 4g with 1 gb rom still sick for ics its halucinations moto sorry for letting u down i’ll stop using ur phone soon

  • Justpeachykeen

    Has anyone gotten this update yet? I know I havent

  • Dylan Caffell

    Has decided for me my new phone will be a Samsung

  • javier javier

    atrix getting update to ICS on Q3… =D finally..but anyway ill get another phone later..

    heres the source..

  • Penistachen

    to bad for the ones from motorola, they will lose big time with no ics update for the atrix, hard to understand why, such great skills but it is being limited buy it’s soft…love the phone though!

  • Teste

    No more Motorola phones in my whole life…
    No more Motorola recommendations to my customers.
    I’m very disappointed.

  • annoying,even wifi connection is not stable after update

  • Jaidjoiaw

    only samsung and HTC can be trusted with update unlike LG, and Motorola

  • ffg

    I’m surprised that the Motorola matrix didn’t get the ICS update because its newer then my HTC g2 and its running ICS software.

  • Hyuiiii

    No more Motorola phones samsung or htc only

  • Michelle

    Yo folks, even though it will be slow in coming, it has been officially announced that Atrix and Atrix2 will get the ICS update but NOT until Q3, so hurry up and wait.

  • Rpgermit35

    By 3g when the update comes out all be on galaxy s 3. Oh well maybe one of the kids will use my old phone after the update comes out.

  • Iceman

    From the moto site, atrix 4g WILL get ICS, this year q3.

    You should edit your story…

  • Dave-D.

    ICS WILL be coming to this phone. It HAS been announced. Look to a real source, not this trollish news article, asking us to comment on whether we’re disappointed we didn’t get ICS yet, when it’ swell know that it’s COMING.

  • MotorolaMan 2.445

    The Atrix 4G WILL be getting ICS.

  • Davee

    Yeah, like Iceman said, they will be releasing it in Q3. Which is very exciting! Can’t wait to get it on my Atrix! Still one of the best phones I’ve ever owned!

  • Arc

    Don’t get it, if ics comes out, will up date, if not, will stick with my Atrix,as it has been a very good phone. Had Iphone, no thanks, had windows phone, really really sucks.
    Also I have newer version of android than my friends galaxy s2.

  • Peter

    Another reason I’ll be ditching my Atrix 4g for the new iPhone 5 :-(

  • jajajaja hoy mismo a dicho motorola que el motorola atrix se actualizara a ics

  • Frawalter
  • fabiano

    I want android 4.0 on my atrix