A few days ago we told you that the Motorola Atrix 2 will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update at some point in the future, but we have some bad news for Motorola fans that still use other older Motorola devices such as the Atrix 4G, Electrify and Photon 4G.

Motorola has updated its software upgrade page to reveal that these three handsets will remain on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That’s certainly disappointing news considering that all three devices were launched last year. The Atrix 4G hit AT&T in early 2011, while the Photon 4G was released by Sprint a few months later, in July 2011. The Electrify, which is U.S. Cellular’s Photon 4G version, hit stores about a year ago.

You’d think that more Motorola devices, especially not-so-old ones, would be upgraded to ICS especially now that Google owns the company. But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Naturally, you can always look for ways to manually install Ice Cream Sandwich on these devices yourself, although not everyone is comfortable customizing in such a manner their Android handsets. Moreover, we’re not encouraging you to install custom firmware on your devices, so in case you choose to go down that path you will be the only person responsible for whatever happens with your smartphone in the process.

Getting back to unofficial updates, we will remind you that Motorola promised to give its customers $100 back when trading in their handset that’s not upgradeable to Jelly Bean in order to get one that’s running Google’s latest Android version.

Now, considering that the Atrix 4G, Photon 4G and Electrify won’t make it to ICS, they’ll certainly not get Jelly Bean either, which mean you could be entitled to $100 credit when upgrading to one of those shiny new RAZRs. Of course, we can’t really say whether the three devices are included in the program, as Motorola is yet to provide such details.

  • MrBaun

    im a bell customer with the atrix 4g. i think i’ll just wait for the new nexus

  • Jei Arc

    well that will be my last Moto device even if they are owned by Google.

  • The Motorola in Brazil alleged that this $100,00 rebate is a promotion from Verizon Wireless. The clients gets a discount in the aquisition of a new Razr model (HD, HD MAXX, M and i). They say that are studing the possibility of extend this promotions to other markets (What I sincerely doubt).

  • Hello, can anyone direct me to a “one click root” method for my MotoAtrix 4g running 2.3.6 with system version of 4.5.141.MB860.ATT.en.US? Let me root it and run custom roms since i am not getting the official ICS anymore, Motorola just lost 1 more custumer :(

  • Maybe the real problem is with Google and Android. Google doesn’t really care which phones get updated. They only care about how many phones have Android installed on it. At the last Google I/O conference they said 1 million Android devices are activated everyday. Do you think they are all ICS or Jelly(has)been. NOT. Probably the majority are 2.3 Gingerbread. The numbers are inflated just to make them look like Android is superior to iOS in popularity. Well fellow Android suckers, Google gives out open source Android to cheap Chinese manufacturers for free and these manufacturers flood the market with crap devices. We are all being brought into the Android whirlpool and where soon all our money and time will get sucked into it. Just stop and consider how risky it is to buy an Android phone with the hope that you will get some kind of update next year. It is just ridiculous, and you think Google really cares whether your phone gets updated? You have to admit Apple makes Google look like a huge stinking dung pile when it comes to updating and support their products. I know it’s painful to swallow, but at least you know that the money you have invested into a new Apple product results in getting a few updates that improve/fix the product. Google is just causing a disposable phone industry to develop and they don’t really care. They are all about the numbers and the money that is flowing out of our accounts into Google’s. I’m beginning to think Google has made me a sucker!!! No more Android for me.

  • dab512


  • jt

    Well this is sad, I have waited, and waited, and waaaaaaiteeeed for this update, ive been so excited that I was gonna get it. Cause I like changing it up and having that new feel, and getting a software update is like getting a new phone almost. I have the motorola photon. And honestly I love motorola and even after this Ill probably still end up with another one in the future. Because even if they’re software isnt up to date running the newest and best stuff it could the hardware and the build on all motorolas, is unbeatable. The battery life in this photon is the best you can get on sprint. Its tough, durable and reliable and still very fast. And
    those are a big part in a phone. And motorola has always done that, ill always like and respect motorola. Now if I were to switch over, samsung is also one of my favorites, and eh. Hell even htc isnt doing too bad now days. I hated the old evos. But the new “ones” are kicking ass.

    that is what

  • jaysann22

    I figured these devices would be left out of any real updates. I told my best friend to steer clear of Motorola but he didnt listen. Now his Photon is continuously glitchy and annoying. Motorola does have good hardware, but what is good hardware if the software is crap? I’ll never buy Motorola again.

  • b4bad

    Not cool to abandon your users like that.

    Please sign the petition.


  • erhan karadağ

    i will never buy any motorola phone anymore

  • Michelle

    Motorola can kiss my @$$! I’m going with Samsung.

  • Hassan

    Very Shame Moto! can they define why not photon?

  • Edub

    Last moto for me