Sony has certainly been making some interesting moves of late. On one end, the company is laying off 1,000 employees and has even killed off its optical disc drive unit. On the other end, it has been quite busy of late with several new Xperia smartphones and even the new 9.4-inch Xperia Tablet S.

What about a 7-inch Sony tablet though? Recently, this sector of the tablet market has been heating up with new entrants like Google’s Nexus 7 and the upcoming release of the rumored iPad Mini. Despite this growth, Sony says that they aren’t interested in the lower-end 7-inch market.

Sony affirms that its plans lay squarely at focusing on the premium and higher-end markets. The idea here is to create innovative, high-end consumer devices going forward. Honestly, this is something that Sony has arguably always been known for.

With the budget sector becoming increasingly crowded, I suppose such a move makes sense. Beyond its great Android-based devices, Sony has also started prepping for Windows 8 devices – namely tablets and laptops that run on the technology.

What do you think, do you wish that Sony would release a budget-oriented 7-inch Sony tablet or prefer to keep to Sony for higher-end devices?

Andrew Grush
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  • Stupid as bean-dust! A smaller device doesn’t necessarily mean low end, nor does it have too. It simply means a more accommodating form factor. I’d bet there are lots of people who “would” buy a Sony tablet, if only they could fit it into a pocket or a hand bag just as there are lots of people who “would” buy an iPad if only they could fit it into a pocket or a hand bag.

    Male pattern balderdash, I say Sony!


  • JBT

    I thought Sony is reorganizing their strategy? It seems they are back in their old ways and they just barely started. 7″ doesn’t necessarily mean low-end. How idiotic is that? Who is their head of marketing? You can make a 7″ Tablet and have high-end features, the only difference is the form factor. A 7″ Xperia NXT Tablet that would complement the NXT Xperia U phone would be a welcome addition to their lineup. People are not stupid Sony! Apple and Samsung is actually eating your lunch, breakfast, dinner and even in-between snacks in the 10″ tablet category, you are better off making one for the 7″ which is more portable. I think the real reason they are not making one is because that they are afraid that a 7″ tablet will take away market from their Sony Reader.

  • As always, Sony making mistakes after mistakes that has lead them to their dismal presence in the mobile market from their zenith in 2007. First they thought low-end was THE market and totally left the high end segement to rot. Very clever move there, since they provided a solid few years of vacuum of high end stuff right when Apple came into the picture. Now, they’re putting all their eggs into one basket again while Apple had to swallow Steve Jobs’ own words claiming any other size is garbage while 10″ screen is the most ideally divine viewing experience and prepare to produce their 7″ iPad. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to embarass themselves as such if it was not the most practical and profitable design decision that could seal their survival. Way to go Sony, my wife will have to wait till 2015 then when you finally realize (again) that you have idiots in your R&D dept. By then, she’s already with Apple or Samsung as 7″ is her ONLY criteria for an ideal tablet since it fits snugly in her handbag. They all have one of those Sony, sheesh.