If a Ninja had a phone, what would it look like?

by: Gary SimsSeptember 17, 2013

Quasar IV ninja phoneSteve Chao, the founder and CEO of QSAlpha, has launched a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for his Android based Ninja smartphone. Dubbed a cipherphone, the Quasar IV uses QSAlpha’s Quatrix technology to help users protect their entire digital world including phone calls, email, mobile apps, SMS, and cloud storage.

According to Steve the essence of online security is the ability to operate in stealth, leaving no trail behind you. To that end they studied the arts of the Ninja and asked themselves, if a Ninja had a phone, what would it look like? What functions would it have? How would the Ninja use it?

This stealth mode is achieved using QSAlpha’s Quatrix technology. The Quatrix technology is heavy on encryption, signing and identity authentication. It uses public and private keys which are generated from an impressive sounding 16^16^4 three-dimensional matrix. This matrix contains information about all the possible Quatrix public keys in the entire world and is stored on the phone. This means that any communications between two Quasar IV phones is authenticated and encrypted via the information stored locally on the phone. It happens offline with no need to contact a third party public server.

To secure phone calls between two Quasar IV handsets QSAlpha offer a VoIP app, which encrypts the call and verifies the identities of the two parties. The same idea applies to texts, emails and file transmissions. Also part of the QuaWorks ecosystem is the QuaStore, which forces apps to be digitally signed by the original developers to ensure they haven’t been tampered with. There will also be an SDK so that developers can create data-encrypted applications. QSAlpha plans to actively promote innovation among developers. Interestingly, the Quasar IV offers developers access to the core source code making it a completely open yet secure application ecosystem.

The specs

  • Quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 64 or 128GB encrypted local storage and 128GB encrypted cloud storage
  • Quatrix encryption processor
  • 5 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD display with Gorilla Glass 3
  • Dual 13MP rear facing camera
  • LTE, 3G, GSM, GPS, NFC
  • Gyroscope, Gravity, Proximity, Compass, Thermal, Barometer and Atmospheric Sensors
  • 3300 mAh battery
  • Water proof

Quasar IV cipherphone

Price, availability and the crowdfunding campaign

QSAlpha hopes to raise $3.2 million and release the Quasar IV cipherphone and QuaWorks ecosystem by April, 2014. The 64GB handset will cost $785, which is actually cheaper than the 64GB off-contract version of the iPhone 5S, but backers of the campaign will be able to get it for just $595. The Quasar IV 128GB edition will sell for $855 but is available to backers for only $665.

What do you think, are you tempted by an Android smartphone that offers high levels of encryption?

  • jeddo45

    That is a legit phone right there! Powerful specs, no NSA tracking, someone is finally speaking my language!

  • Johan Andresen

    I can’t find the phone on indigogo…? Anyone that can? :D

  • HitokiriX

    I just became aroused…

  • Craigus

    I think, with those specs, there would be a lot of interest from current power users – without even taking into consideration the security aspect of the phone. Interested ?

    • K.

      I have no knowledge on security, therefore I cannot say how good the phone will be on that. There is an article on Ars technica where security experts do not believe that the phone is as secure as QSalpha is claiming because of proprietary encryption. Personally, I think that is a good thing that some people are concerned enough about security to try and provide a “solution”. Beyond the security concerns, a phone with those specs and that price is already very interesting. I am still waiting to read enough about the phone and the company before backing the project. Kendall Weaver and Shane Remington, co-founders of peppermint (a linux distro), have joined QSalpha to help with the development of the phone’s OS (http://peppermintos.com/2013/09/peppermint-co-founders-join-qsalpha-to-produce-quasar-iv-the-worlds-first-self-authenticated-cipherphone-designed-to-protect-your-digital-identity/).

  • padlock1

    They’ve got my attention now that we’re being watched and taped beyond the Stasi and the KGB regulars!

  • MasterMuffin


  • B_Insane_Hussein

    hell yea! encrypted android phone with those h/w specs! im in

  • Franz

    Impressive specs. But their claim is silly.

    If this was truley a Ninja phone they would have baked some kind of VPN connection straight into their ROM. Then it really would leave “no trace behind”.

  • Blissman4000
  • Jacob

    No info on the funding website?
    How come Ubuntu Edge was asking 30 million and this guy only 3.2?

    • JosephHindy

      Because overzealous ubuntu fans the world over said “do it, everyone loves ubuntu!” then they came to find out that not that many people really love ubuntu, just the ones that do have the loudest mouths ;)

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    Dem specs

  • iJimaniac

    Heck, forget all the security, just give me that hardware!!

  • Jaime

    dual back camera? Why? Do we need our phone to take 3D photos? Remove one and lower the price even more!

  • Ruz

    Dual rear camera for 3D? how about dual led + xenon light for camera?