Nike Training Club opens its door to Android users

by: Bams SadewoDecember 11, 2012

Been piling on the pounds since the holiday season kicked into gear? If you can’t find the time to put your Gym membership to good use, what better way to get yourself motivated to exercise but to turn to renowned athletes and personal trainers who have helped stars like Rihanna stay and look fit. Enter the Nike Training Club app.

After years of changing the lives of iOS owners, Nike’s popular training app has finally arrived on the Android platform, where it is now available to download for free from Google Play.

Once you select your goal and fitness level, you’ll get help from the likes of Ary Nunez, Paula Radcliffe, Alex Morgan, and Hope Solo, as they share their exclusive workout routines with you — from full-body workouts to multi-dimensional drills – complete with video demonstrations.

The Nike Training Club app also allows you to listen to your favorite workout songs, easily track your progress, share your workout to inspire others on various social media sites, and get rewards from completing your goal. While the app is seemingly geared toward women, we don’t see why guys can’t benefit from it.

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