One of the things that sets Android apart from other platforms like iOS is the ability to change the launcher. Most people don’t stick with the stock launcher, they normally install a third-party one from the Market. In other cases, people will install the launcher from the latest Android version so they can look cool to all their friends, I’m guilty of that one.

There are many good launchers out there from ADW Launcher, to GO Launcher EX all the way to Launcher Pro. But which one do you use? Vote in the poll below. If you’re launcher isn’t there, feel free to leave the name of your launcher in the comments. Personally I normally stick to the stock launcher no matter which phone I get, until I get tired of it which takes a few months then usually switch to Launcher Pro.

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  • SPB Shell 3D

  • Dmwhittley

    Zeam and Espier are also frequently used on my SGS I. Espier is a beautiful and working rendition of the iphone launcher.

  • Balthazar B

    Nova Launcher. True to the spirit of ICS.

  • Gregory Opera

    Spb Mobile Shell, which includes native support for various types of 3D (including the autostereoscopic 3D used on some smartphones, such as those from LG)… Of course using the 3D is entirely optional.

  • Sirwally

    On Android 2.x I prefer Go Launcher EX, but on ICS I prefer the stock launcher.

  • Casey

    Ics based, Apex launcher

  • Jperezmvp

    Launcher 7, Go launcher is good but I like the big tiles of 7 and it’s easier on the eyes.

  • Emmanxxxx

    Nova Launcher for Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

  • Android Supporter

    Go launcher on SE Xperia X10 very nice but with 121 apps sometimes to little memory.

  • Varun N Nair

    I think the best one out there is still the SPB Shell 3d launcher. Its quite different from the traditional looks of an android UI, more candy and overall looks Premium… Oddly they are selling t at a premium as well…its costs around 15$ which is a bit expensive for an app.

  • Kyt

    i’m bouncing between Zeam, Nemus, and SSlauncher on my DX. All of them are relatively light on the system which is nice for my semi-aging DX

  • Sheeba

    Lightning launcher for my low speed HTC Wildfire

  • Gest

    Apex Home is the best at the moment.

  • nova launcher prime on samsung galaxy nexus

  • troz

    I prefer simple launchers like Zeam,Lightning or FTL.