The NFC Ring Kickstarter has closed, destroying the original goal

by: Nate SwannerAugust 20, 2013

NFC Ring

Perhaps the most subtly brilliant Kickstarter idea we’ve seen in a long time, the NFC Ring, has closed out its campaign. The original goal of £30,000 was annihilated, as the final tally was an impressive £241,947.

In addition to the money, inventor of the NFC ring John McLear notes the outpouring of support has been wonderful. In an interview with NFC World, he had the following to say about his Kickstarter campaign:

[quote qtext=”I’m really happy, it’s basically created a mini community that’s been suggesting ideas like hacking with NFC and payments. It’s got loads of people thinking about it and that’s what we wanted.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

McLear went on to mention that ideas such as mobile payment have been popular feedback, and a mobile payment company has approached him to work on functionality for the ring. He’s even discussing a small battery for the wearable technology, so you can store information without losing it.

The NFC Ring team sent out a survey to all backers, asking them what they’d like to be able to do with their ring. “We asked everyone for three things they would like to be able to do and pretty much every backer had at least two, if not three, really useful ideas” said McLear. As for what he and his team plan to do with all their good feedback, McLear noted “We’ll probably end up collating all that information, picking the top five most popular and prototype them to see what works best.”

The first priority for the NFC Ring team is to get the product in the hands of backers as soon as possible.

The first priority for the NFC Ring team is to get the product in the hands of backers as soon as possible. The target date (in September) is fast approaching, but McLean notes the success could push it back a touch. In an odd turn of events, the overwhelming response may lead them to use a shipping container to ship the rings, which takes a bit longer.

If held up, it wouldn’t be delayed long, though. McLean is confident an October launch is achievable, and quipped “Christmas time is perfect for this, wrap it up nicely and you’ve got a really great stocking filler — it would be stupid of us not to get it out in time.”

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  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I would definitely wear a nfc ring if I could something useful with it.

    • johnmclear

      That was my logic too… I’m not a fan of rings at all, that’s why I made it :)

  • RaptorOO7

    Sounded so cool and too bad I missed the oppty to back it. Hopefully by EOY it will be available to order.

  • IncCo

    Totally worthless .. what are you gonna do with an nfc ring?

    • mmmmmbop

      I’d maybe consider using it as a way to unlock my phone instead of having a pin number to unlock it.

      • IncCo

        Ok i guess that could work.

        • mmmmmbop

          Maybe. I’m not much of a jewelry man, so I’d probably just keep on with the pin number.

    • johnmclear

      Two obvious important uses it’s already being used for..
      * Unlock your door if you have poor motor control.
      * Share critical medical information with first responders.

  • johnmclear

    Thanks Android Authority community, you have shown a lot of help and support for the project. 84 people from here backed the project. Thanks again!

  • xinxin87

  • YellowDevil

    Wish it was available in the states. I would pre-order now

  • Argos Warrior

    All rings available for sale so far are hideous. Someone please come up with a ring worth wearing, Who the hell wants to wear a stainless and leather ring. NOT Wanting!