Will the Nexus tablet be released at Google IO 2012?

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 26, 2012
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With the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, we have seen how rampant rumors and endless speculation can help whip everyone into an absolute frenetic frenzy – including us. While this is yet to die down, it seems we have already been caught in another rumor whirlwind, and this time, it’s all about Google’s upcoming Nexus Tablet. Google announced last December that they would be working towards releasing a Nexus Tablet to be released in less than six months. With this six month self-imposed deadline quickly approaching, rumors and speculation about this device has also been growing exponentially.

Here is a quick rundown of what we, think, we know.

ASUS will be manufacturing the Nexus Tablet

It seems that Google has been having trouble finding a perfect hardware partner to mate with its fantastic software releases. It first started with HTC producing the first ever Android phone, the G1. There was also the limited, and largely ignored release of the Google G2, which ended up gaining more popularity worldwide as the HTC Desire Z featuring HTC’s newly developed Sense UI. We then witnessed the public’s lukewarm reception to the Nexus One, which, at the very least, led Google to pursue other manufacturers for their later devices. Google has publicly stated that they work on a rotation type system, but really friends, let’s be frank. They want their Nexus line of devices to achieve great success, and for them to stand tall as a reference beacon of what Android devices can and should be.

Now, Google is enjoying a fruitful partnership with Samsung to produce its largely successful Galaxy Nexus, with the device being the first to feature the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. With Samsung already boasting a vast portfolio of tablets, it seems that Google has now gone in another direction with its first ever tablet. Is it for the best? It certainly keeps everyone on their toes.

It is believed that Google has now partnered with ASUS to manufacture the first Nexus Tablet. This slate will be – or is at least suggested to be – very similar to the ASUS Memo 370T 7″ tablet, first seen at CES 2012. Confirming this is the fact that ASUS has gone as far as to scrap the release of the Memo Tablet in favor of the Nexus Tablet, according to some industry sources.


The Nexus tablet was initially thought to house the NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 processor. But sources now suggest that Google has dropped the quad-core processor to keep the price at the lower end of the spectrum. While there has been no official confirmation, I would say that the processor will most likely be the dual-core Snapdragon S4, taking into account ASUS’ close relationship with Qualcomm. Aside from how low the price might get, any processor lower or slower than this would be a huge mistake, with the slew of mid- to high-end ICS tablets set to arrive in the market. Other specifications of this 7″ device should be standard, such as 1GB Ram, a 1280×800 resolution 7 inch display, front and rear camera, etc. but I am of course drawing my conclusions from the “scrapped” Memo 370T.

Price Point

Courtesy of TechRockstar

The ASUS Memo 370T had a $250 price tag, which was incredibly cheap for the high-end specs it featured. Keeping this in mind, it was suggested that the Nexus Tablet would fall in $199 – $249 price bracket. As far as rumors have gone, all signs are pointing to Google dropping the quad-core processor to reduce the price even further. So, we can now expect the Nexus Tablet to be in the $149-$199 range, and might cost even lower than the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet. Either way – we know it will be competitively priced, and, as a result of the tight software/hardware integration that the Nexus program provides, it will be super snappy and responsive – quad core or dual core.

Release Date

Some reports suggest that the Nexus Tablet might be launched during the CTIA Wireless Trade Show 2012 in New Orleans, held from May 8 – May 10. I think, however, it is far more likely that the Nexus Tablet will be announced at this year’s Google IO 2012 event held between June 27 and June 29 in San Francisco.  This will follow suit with a huge announcement and massive publicity, much like the event commands every year. Plus, each and every attendant, which are increasingly becoming part of the Android Elite, will receive a Nexus tablet, further spiking interest in a way that only Amazon and Apple can.


Here is how the tablet market stands at the moment. The iPad 3 has already been released to the zombies, with its amazing, battery gulping Retina display. ASUS is expected to lead the high-end Android device market with the release of the Transformer Infinity Pad Samsung is continuously adding to its ever-increasing Galaxy Tab selection. And there’s offerings around the corner from Lenovo, Toshiba, and many more. Not to mention the slew of low- to mid-range ICS tablet being announced and released almost everyday.

Still, while the Android Army is continuously producing new units like a war factory from Red Alert, it is difficult to wonder whether the Nexus Tablet will arrive with a case of “too little too late.” The price point is definitely attractive, and a lot of users will be craving the stock Android experience. But whether these factors will be enough to overcome an already saturated tablet market is yet to be seen.

If you want to be a part of Google’s (probable) announcement for the Nexus Tablet, or just want to enjoy the Google experience, registration for the Google IO 2012 event will be open from tomorrow. For more information, you can visit this link here. Be forewarned though, it’s going to set you back 900 big ones. Unless you are an academician, or something.

What are your thoughts? Is the Nexus Tab going to be your next tablet? Is the $50-$100 lower price tag worth the dropping of a quad-core processor in today’s market? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Kevin Lewis

    I am really drawn to the Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus, especially after the price drop…but I might just need to wait and see what the specs are for this….Ahhhhhhhhhhh

  • gman

    Let’s see that confirmation source that the 370T is cancelled. Prove it, or delete it please.

  • James Hwang

    ASUS is expected to lead the high-end Android device market with the release of the Transformer Infinity Pad Samsung is continuously adding to its ever-increasing Galaxy Tab selection.

    As good as the Transformer and other Asus products sound, there’s just one statistic that keeps me from believing all the hype. Asus is number 5 in tablet sales. Apple leads, then Amazon, then Samsung, then B & N, then Asus. Something tells me that that keyboard dock is going to make it inconvenient to carry around as a tablet. Among Android devices, Samsung currently leads like it does in smartphones. Although aside from the Transformer, I think Asus had a real shot of competing with Samsung for its spot had the Memo been released.

  • cvgordo

    i’ll be pretty upset if the reports about the memo370t being cancelled are true unless they really do put a krait s4 in it and knock the price down to 150. that would be incredible. i think more than likely it’ll be a dual core s3 or something for 150 which will suck.

  • Rosie1niko

    I’m not a geek, I’m not a movie junkie, I’m not a gamer—I am a guy who wants portability without having to hold 10-13 inches of hardware that cannot fit into a large pocket, I am a guy who wants to look at a screen that I can at least see and navigate on without a magnifying glass, I am a guy who wants his emails, his forums and his internet purchases and his occasional “look up” questions, and I am a guy who wants hardware/software tech savvy and reliability at a low price—sure sounds like the Nexus.

  • Matt

    I’d definitely buy it for $149, probably even $200. I just wish they’d announce it and the release date, and sell it on Amazon

  • Peachfuzzin2

    Price it at $150. Drop the quad-core and price. Include the S4. Perfectly integrate hardware and software at 350 for 30 mins…..and there you have it…success.

  • Pat Funk

    I’ve been tracking the progress/status of the ASUS 370T for weeks. I was very disappointed that ASUS elected to scrap their plans to manufacture the product, instead deciding to manufacture the tablet, for Google, under the name Nexus. I want a quad core, not a two core. I would gladly spend $50 to $100 more to buy the ASUS 370T, with quad-core. Not certain I’ll purchase the two-core Nexus tablet. Google has become way tooooo big. ASUS, please follow through with your plans!

  • gman

    It’s BS reporting that spreads crap around the internet. People read this and think the Memo 370T is cancelled. I’m asking again WTF is the official source or any source regarding that statement? Throw it out there, back it up. I guess this is where people say the internet is full of a bunch of unsubstantiated crap. Nice to see you not bothering to reply on comments made on your own stories.

    People reading, there is no “source” or evidence whatsoever about the cancelling of the 370T. Any clown can post an article suggesting this or that. Believe legit sources of information.

    • Ankit

      I’m sorry for the late reply. It is speculation at this point and I’m actually hoping that with the Nexus tablet now, probably, featuring a dual core processor, it will mean the the quad core Memo will be back on track. I was hoping that the Memo 370T would be showcased further at MWC 2012 but that was not the case substantiating my belief that that it might get scrapped at the end. I will be changing the article to state that “ASUS MIGHT go as far as to scrap the Memo.”

      Trust me, I, like a lot of other people, have been tracking the Memo 370T and was hoping to buy it whenever it was released, so I was as disappointed to read about it as you.

      In fact, if you have any sources that state that the Memo 370T is on-track for release, I will gladly edit and add it to this article. As I said, I would love for this to be the case.

      • gman

        I do really very much appreciate the reply. I don’t like to rant and sorry if that went a bit overboard. I respect you more than most writers for partaking in the comments. A lot of people don’t do it.

        Regarding the 370T, I follow this pretty darn closely and there is nothing to indicate one way or the other if it’s scrapped. People said the MeMO 171 was dead and guess what? It’s being sold right now and is on their official site. With the long dry spell on leaks, I’m suspecting some news any day now. Yes that’s the wishful thinking part of me!

        • Ankit

          I’ve written a few articles so it does take me a while to get around to the comments. But I do eventually and I always will. Your feedback is why we try and put in our best efforts everyday. And seriously, fingers crossed that the 370T does release, I’ll be standing in line right beside you if it does. :)

    • Jmcdermott53

      Well the source is apparently a senior employee at a supply chain company based in the United States. But besides the fact that this is a rumor, it says something that Asus has shown absolutely nothing about the 370T since CES. With it supposedly out in a couple months they would want to start marketing it. So I would say it is pretty obvious it has been replaced with the Nexus.

  • Barry1170

    The Fire and Nook tablets are a tough duo to beat in the $149-$199 price range. Personally, I love my Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Plus. It has everything that I could want in a 7″ tablet. I find IPad 10″ tablets awkward for my purposes. I prefer the ereader size and the ability to play games and watch movies is just icing on the cake. I don’t need to rush out and buy the latest “big thing” because it’s the latest “big thing” to keep up with the Jones’. So, who is Google playing to with the Nexus Tablet? The Fire and Nook don’t have cameras, GPS, or Bluetooth. Is that the hook for the low price point? Will it even have those bells and whistles? We don’t know what will be left of the Memo 370T corpse when Google and Asus is done with re-inventing it. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the great revelation, whenever that is.

  • Striderevil

    Makes no sense why Google would want to partner up with Asus when they own Motorola. Motorola has been releasing some really good tablets and are always strong competitors vs. Asus and even Samsung so why would Google want someone else to manufacture a device? Just makes no sense. Asus probably scrapped the memo when they saw how the competition that is K. Fire, Nook and Samsung 7.7 were doing. They either have to give good features or competitive pricing and probably couldn’t match either profitably and decided to focus on their padphone, TF700t and TF300t.

  • aa915

    I hope this isn’t the case but I don’t like what I’m hearing, and regardless of the source you sure don’t hear anyone from Asus rushing to quell the spreading rumors. I was willing to spend $250-$300 for the MeMo as it was originally described; if I wanted a $150 ereader I’d have bought one already.

  • Louiseleamen

    Right now I have the nexus google phone which i absolutly love. I used to have an iphone
    I dont even miss my old phone. I so cannot wait for this new tablet from google to come out.

  • Dglue97

    The Google Nexus needs to come out before June in both the quad core $250 model and less than $200 dual core model. If they wait to long many of us will already have an Acer A510 or similar tablet,

  • BongCastaneda

    The tegra 3 is a quadcore but it uses the old cortex a9 cores while the Snapdragon S4 dualcore is using Qualcomm’s version of the upcoming cortex a15.
    because of the improved cpu architecture the dualcore s4 is actually up to par with the quadcore A9!
    Even the adreno 225 trades blows with the geforce in the tegra 3.
    Just read the HTC One X and HTC One S reviews and comparisons on the net like on engadget.com and gsmarena.com
    The HTC One X using a tegra 3 and the HTC One S using the S4 dualcore are not only equal in most benchmarks, the s4 dualcore actually beats the tegra 3 in some benchmarks and loses only in the heavily multi threaded benches.
    So the only way to beat the S4 and the upcoming Arm cortex A15 dualcores SOUNDLY is with Quadcore S4 and Quadcore A15 models.

  • I need a 7″ Tablet NOW in Q2, not three months from now in Q3. Asus failed me by dropping the 370T, which I had in my sights as my next tab in Q2, so now it looks like I will need to join the zombies by picking up a 7″ Galaxy Tab 2 to carry me though the year. By Q1-2013, I’m sure there will be a 370T equivalent (or better) calling my name. So bottom line: No Nexus Tab for me, and Asus is on my Sh*t-List!!