Nexus Q gets a taste of KitKat, courtesy of new CM11-based custom ROM

by: Andrew GrushDecember 23, 2013


The Nexus Q never really got all the way off the ground before Google killed it, largely due to the fact it was rather pricey and it arguably lacked the features needed to make it a real success. Despite this, the Nexus Q did manage to ship in very small quantities back in 2012, though there are probably less than a few thousand out there in the wild today.

If you happen to have a Nexus Q and are looking to get more out of it however, the good news is that Android 4.4 KitKat is now unofficially available for the little sphere-that-could (or should we say couldn’t?).

The new custom ROM is the work of XDA developer member hharte, who says the ROM is based on CM11 from a repo sync. The build is listed as experimental, though it’s actually reportedly very stable aside from a few quirks including sporadic stuttering in Google Play Music and the inability to install Chrome using the Play Store. Luckily, the APK file can be sideloaded without a hitch.

Adding KitKat to the Nexus Q could certainly be a way to bring new uses to the Q, though honestly it’s still not much more than a tinkerer’s toy at this point. Anyhow, to learn more about the Nexus Q KitKat ROM or for instructions on installing it, head on over to the XDA Developer’s forum.

Anyone out there still regularly using your Nexus Q or have you long since moved on? For those that have since stopped using the Nexus Q: is the ability to run KitKat enough for you to bring it back out of retirement? Let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Daniel DS

    Why bother developing a ROM that would only benefit all of the 3 Nexus Q users out there? Just for the sake of having CM on a weird and unsold android streamer?

    • MasterMuffin

      Because the dev has the device and wants to tinker because it’s fun and also share his work with others like him?

      • Bryan Z

        Yes I doubt he is hoping to go viral and make a lot of money.

        • Lisandro O Oocks

          He can possibly add it to his resume

          • hharte

            As the dev who posted the ROM I can say that I did it purely for fun, because I like the hardware, and because I actually went out and bought a pair of speakers for it.

          • Jonny Carlberg

            I have it, got it from another guy for 10$ so i will say: THANK YOU.
            Always leave a device with the latest and stable version of Android and people will find a way to use it.

  • AndroidBoss

    I don’t think many have this device, so why bother with the updates lol.

  • iTriune

    Does anyone own one of these? I could’ve swore that they never released it right?