Nexus Q gets the CyanogenMod 9 treatment

July 15, 2012
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When Google first launched the Nexus Q last month at Google I/O 2012 they made it¬†publicly¬†known that the Q had a USB port for general “hackability”. That statement alone and the limited features of the Nexus Q to some meant that Google wasn’t entirely sure yet what the Q could evolve into. ¬†Since it’s launch, developers have been busy hacking away at the Q, trying to determine new uses and add more functionality. We’ve seen the Q turn into a gaming console, be able to play Netflix movies, and launch some standard Android apps.

Developer Jason Parker has decided to step things up a notch by porting full blown Android, via CM9, to the Nexus Q. Jason used a Tuna/Maguro build as his base image and so far Bluetooth and¬†WiFi¬†are working as intended. Overall functionality seems pretty stable for the first attempt at porting CM9 to the Nexus 9.¬†This is still very much a work in progress as sound doesn’t seem to be working quite well just yet.

If full blown Android can be ran on the Nexus Q while maintaining the original Nexus Q social media sharing capabilities, things could get a whole lot more interesting for the Nexus Q in the near future. Especially after XBMC for Android has made its’ debut. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this.


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