Nexus Prime Teaser Vid Decoded, Found Showing Curved Tablet Buddy for Nexus Prime

by: Matthew SabatiniOctober 6, 2011
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Just this week, Samsung released a teaser video that showed a quick glimpse of what almost all Android fans suspect to be the Nexus Prime. And, if you look close enough at the frames in the video’s last few seconds, it looks as if the Nexus Prime is hanging on to something very slim, interesting, and curved.

While everybody else was still drooling over the teaser video, Joe Lancaster had an epiphany, and it goes a little something like this:

• I think we are looking at the side of a phone, possibly the Nexus Prime
• I think the 3 dots suggest a landscape docking mode
• I think there is another device behind it
• I think that is a TABLET
• This would make total sense of the ‘perfect combination’ theme of the teaser
• These will both run Ice Cream Sandwich, which I think will be Android v4.0

Contour Displays

Assuming Lancaster’s hypothesis is true, then both the phone and the tablet in this video are definitely bent.  The Nexus Prime has been rumored to inherit the contoured display design of the Nexus S.  The contoured display, of course, is not only for pure aesthetics and distinctiveness but also for practicality and convenience:

  • better feel against your face
  • better typing experience
  • less reflection from sunlight and light sources
  • it’s exotic and original, so why not?

The Nexus S’s contoured display was received very well by customers. Therefore, we could very well be seeing Samsung releasing another contoured-display smartphone on October 11 at their  Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011.  And, if Lancaster’s prediction turns out true, as well, the same event could probably also launch a contoured-display tablet–or, at the very least, a docking station with a contoured display.


Although phone docking systems have been done before, it seems that Motorola has failed in its attempts and almost no one has even heard of the Asus Padfone. Therefore, Samsung could be our hero by finally knocking a phone docking system out of the park. It’s just a rumor, but I know I am surely excited.

How about you? Does this make you want the Nexus Prime more?

  • shneeden

    I think the perfect combination is about google (ICS) and samsung not the prime and tablet
    also would you guys really want a tablet with a curved back, imagine typing on a table and having the thing rock back and forward everytime you press the screen, but the combo of the nexus prime and a nexus tablet would be sweet, just not a curved tablet

    • Yeah, I also though the “perfect combination” they were referring to was Samsung and Google. Not two devices.

      While I don’t have an explanation for the three dots on the side, that doesn’t mean it’s for a tablet docking. Could just be for a standard charging stand like many phones have for desktop charging.

      If it’s a tablet….okay, which one?? That right there opens up a lot of reasons it’s not likely to be the case.

  • AppleFUD

    if that’s the tablet with the phone docked then, the phone looks like it will be way thicker than the tablet and stick out when using the tablet = very awkward to use.

    Maybe it isn’t that…….thought it could be a tablet and a phone.

  • Anonymous

    what’s the point of docking a phone into a tablet? seems useless to me.

    • Charles Duffy

      Only need to buy one data plan. Don’t need to sync copies of your music/photos/whatnot onto two separate devices.

  • vforvortex

    The 3 dots are notification lights.