After dropping hints of a possibly November 3 release date for the Nexus Prime, tweeter and rookie poet Tom Fleming has added more lines to his previous line-by-line poetic “revelations” about the famed Nexus Prime. This time, there are hints of an HD screen, new widgets, and possibly a full-QWERTY keyboard.

Concept design of "Google Nexus Third Generation" by Federico Ciccarese

As we previously reported, Fleming had published the following lines through his Twitter account (@tfleming223):

While things that go bump in the night, surely give you a fright,
It’s all in good fun as I share treats and panda fun.
So Instead of filling your belly with candies, jellies and other hollows eve fare,
Perhaps your palate will cast a ballot, for an ice cream sandwich instead.
With an internal date now set and LTE a sure bet
Those that get Tim Cook’s new pet will be filled with green eyed regret.
But wait you cry for what date can you buy?
This the panda did shall share…
Fore on the date Bruce Wayne’s true father did die; you shall in fact be able to buy in stores of red and black.
But those who pay other masters don’t fret, over exclusive deals and bets
For in many other favors you will get your treat
Be they GSM or wimax radios inside, the nexus brand will ride world wide

Just recently, Fleming added the following lines as some sort of concluding installment to his previous tweets:

But as he lays in the corner with a Beer and a boner the Panda said with a sigh…
Be it a Droid or Nexus branded new toy, with dual cores “hd” screens, fancy new widgets and more…
The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy

The last three lines, of course, are open to multiple interpretations–just as in the lines in Fleming’s previous installment.

First, there’s mention of a DROID or Nexus branding. The line does not give enough clues as to whether the device will be branded as DROID device or as a Nexus device. It could possibly also mean that one and the same gadget (i.e., the Nexus Prime) could have two brands: a DROID and a Nexus. The lines, however, do not mention of the word “Prime” at all–which makes us really curious.

Second, there’s mention of HD screens and fancy new widgets. The latter, apparently, is expected of the upcoming Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The former, on the other hand, is a likely possibility (especially with the Samsung GT-I9250, a 4.65-inch device with 1280×720 display rumored to be the Nexus Prime). As for dual-core processors–that’s hardly a surprise anymore. In fact, dual-core processors have become standard for high-end smartphones these days.

Third, the last line talks of a keyboard. Current rumors and speculations have pointed to a touchscreen-only Nexus Prime. But, if Fleming is hinting anything, it’s the possibility of a variant bearing a full QWERTY keyboard.

Whether Fleming’s poetry bears Nostradamus-like revelations–let’s wait and see. As of yet, no official word has been revealed by any authoritative source as far as the Nexus Prime, Nexus Plus, Nexus 3, Samsung DROID Prime, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or whatever-it-will-be-called is concerned.

Android Authority, on the other hand, is sure of only one thing–there is an upcoming Nexus device and it’s making many people not just poetic (as in Fleming’s case) but also rumor-crazy.

What is the Nexus Prime making you do and feel these days?

  • Anonymous

    So Verizon gets it first on November 3rd. He mentioned Droid so Verizon’s will be called the Droid Prime or Droid Nexus I’m guessing?? HD screen and LTE confirmed…but what is this about a keyboard? Guessing one of the versions on the four carriers will come with a slide out keyboard. Don’t understand the point of that with that giant screen, a slide out QWERTY will make that thing an anvil.

  • Ffhank

    Just remember DROID is made by Motorola and Google owns them. So not just one carrier and what about the wimax comment?

    • zeedub

      DROID is not specific to Moto… what about HTC’s DROID Incredible DROID Incredible 2, or Samsung’s DROID Charge?

      • Anonymous

        and droid eris.

  • Leonard07

    Yes, make real this dream! =D I love QWERTY phones, but I haven’t bought one yet because I hate manufacturier’s customizations -.-“

  • Anonymous

    The days of the QWERTY keyboard on a smartphone are long since gone. Some may like it but most want the thinnest, fastest coolest looking phone and a physical QWERTY just doesn’t add any appeal what so ever. In fact if touch screen phone sales are any indicators anything with a physical QWERTY will simply not sell as well. So I can already tell this poet is just full of it

    • goshortygo

      I would like to disagree. Many customers won’t buy phones unless they come fully equipped with a keyboard. A lot of weomen, for instance, have long fingernails, therefore touch screen phones do not work for them. Some people just fear full touch screens, have big fingers, or like the accuracy of the physical keyboard. It wont necesarily be big and bulky either, take for instance the thinness of the Droid 3. I think a slim, QWERTY, 4G phone is GENIUS.