Nexus Prime Concept Design That Made Us Drool Like Pavlov’s Dog

by: Elmer MontejoSeptember 14, 2011

If the last “leaked” image of the Nexus Prime didn’t make you giggle, here’s a new set of concept design images that could make you forget your name or the Android phone that’s currently haunting your mind right now.

These photos are not leaks for how the Nexus Prime actually looks like. Instead, these are rendered images of an artist’s concept of what the Nexus Prime ought to look like–or might look like. Barring any other upcoming concept designs more beautiful than these, I personally also want the Nexus Prime to look like this.

Federico Ciccarese, the artistic genius behind CiccareseDesign, is responsible for these images. He calls the device the Google Nexus Third Generation.

And, imagine this beautiful piece of technology with the following rumored powerful innards and specs:

  • Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (with its famed 180% increase in performance over Android 3.x Honeycomb)
  • 4.65-inch (other sources say 4.5-inch) Super AMOLED Plus (or even HD Super AMOLED) touchscreen
  • Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 (or 4460) dual-core processor clocked anywhere between 1.5 GHz and 1.8 GHz
  • 1280×720 HD display resolution
  • at least 1.0 GB of RAM
  • at least 32 GB of internal storage
  • 8.8 millimeters thin
  • no carrier- or manufacturer-imposed bloatware–only “pure Google” experience

Here are two more images, both of which show the slightly curved (concave) middle portion of the phone’s body:

And, this third one shows the camera and the metallic chrome Google logo embossed/stamped on the back cover:

The rendered images show what appears to be a plastic back cover, though. I’m not sure whether that would make the phone more prone to slipping from one’s grasp. Samsung, quite known for plasticky handsets, has been rumored to produce the Nexus Prime.

If the Nexus Prime looked like this, and if it came with the above-listed rumored internals and specs, could you say “Abandon all hope [for another Android phone], ye who enter [into the enchanting world of the Nexus Prime]”?

Image credit: Federico Ciccarese (CiccareseDesign)

  • TomHolmes


  • Davidjfaber

    It looks a bit more like the iPhone3G than did the Samsung Galaxy. I’d rather have something a bit newer looking.

  • Brandon

    I thought I read that the buttons were going away with ICS?

  • Mike Martin

    fake it has buttons

    • Anonymous


      • Bpscrapmail


  • Zenmaster1

    Yep, abandon hope indeed. I was waiting for the bionic but the display is not worth the $250 and the design is rather pedestrian. This is the phone for me I hope it does come out in Nov.
    ICS, 4.5, dual core 1.5 …what’s not to like?

  • The first “leak” wasn’t a leak. It was a fake. At first I couldn’t believe that you didn’t update the post, but not it’s clear. This site is a link bait joke. This is a story about fan art. It has nothing to do with Google or Samsung.

    • Thanks for visiting Michael, your comments are appreciated. And, if you would take the time to read the articles, rather than plunge in and read but a mere excerpt, perhaps you would see that we mention that both are concepts, and should be understood as such.

  • nick

    if this is it…i’m sold…clean design…spectacular specs…and samsung’s displays :D…to be onest this is the only thing about samsung that makes me choose it over htc…super amoled…sometimes i prefer it over my pc screen when watching movies…the only problem i supose will be the price…damn it…anyway it will worth every penny


  • Seriously Nice Work! my hats off to the guy that created this concept.. GOOGLE scoop this guy up!! talent like this should be utilized….

  • Rivrstx

    It looks like an iPhone. I would just get an iPhone if I wanted it to look like this. The whole reason to get an Android is to be different and unique. This doesn’t say that. The only advantage to this design is that it might appeal to some iPhone users and tempt them to jump over to the Android side of the fence.

  • Anonymous

    im between this and the Vigor but I’m leaning more towards the Vigor solely because of screen size. I feel like 4.5″-4.65″ will be way too big even for my big hands. My Galaxy S was almost perfect at 4″ but ive talked myself into 4.3″ on the Vigor. Cant wait til the 11th to get official specs though so i can make my final decision.

  • Yniukk

    The design looks good, though the specs look like mental m*****bation.. They are too good to be true. Besides 4 inches is the comfortable size to use a phone. 4.5 inches is too large and needs two hands to access the entire screen. I doubt anyone is going to make a display that big.
    BTW, Elmer, looks like you should have put the words “Concept design” in bold, caps and large font with flashing letters, because a lot of people are failing to notice that.