Nexus One Jelly Bean port already available, not officially though

by: Chris SmithJuly 20, 2012

Remember the Google Nexus One? The HTC-made phone they said it wouldn’t be upgradeable to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich despite being a Nexus-branded device? That also means the device won’t get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean from Google, and users that don’t want to tinker with it will have to be content with Gingerbread running under the hood.

For everyone else – not that we’re encouraging you to pursue such do-it-yourself modifications – a Nexus One Jelly Bean port has already been achieved and it’s currently available courtesy of the folks over at xda-developers. We’re not surprised to see developers come up with a Jelly Bean version for the original Nexus handset – after all, they did it with Ice Cream Sandwich before it.

In order to get the Jelly Bean ROM for the Nexus One you’ll have to head over to the original xda-developers thread (hit the Source link below) and follow the instructions of texasice, the developer who posted it.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s working on the Nexus One running Android 4.1:

  • Data is working for me
  • Wifi + Tether
  • Bluetooth
  • Rotation
  • Mic
  • Sound
  • Usb Mass storage
  • HWA is a bit slow. But working fine for now.
  • Gps
  • Apps2sd
  • Trackball

In case you install Android 4.1 on your Nexus One, let us know how it all works out for you!

  • I’m gonna try it out… I dont use my nexus anymore but it might be fun to play with

  • Joel Holder

    Installed 4.1 on my nexus 1. 90% working. Really love it. Breathed new life into my favorite handset. Awesome!

    • lucky

      hi, i am completely new to android.. just recieved a nexus one from my friend.
      I want to upgrade this to jelly bean. please let me know the detailed steps (step by step) to upgrade the phone.
      I am using a Windows 7 pc.

  • Stephan

    Works pretty well. Also, they push updates quickly.. A few things that initially were not working, have been fixed already (eg video playback and opengl rendering in browser). So, I expect things to become even better. :)

  • john

    anybody tel me link where to download 4.1 for nexus one.