June 18, 2010
Nexus One with KT

Nexus One with KT

Thanks to carrier KT, the Google Nexus One (N1) is headed to South Korea this month. Come June 21st there will be a conservative 4,000 units available initially. Roll on July and the device will be ‘widely available’.

There are no real surprises with this device other than the fact the N1 with KT is set to come preinstalled with Android 2.2, aka, Froyo. This version of Android brings with it a boost in speed along with a line of wishful eyes. The device will be available contract-free for the grand sum of 699,600 won (or about $576). Of course, you will also be able to pick it up for around 150,000 won (or $125) on a two-year contract. This means the contract alone is worth ~$19/month. No word on what this will get you should you be a South Korean in terms of minutes or txts.

[Via Newswire, translated]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.
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