Nexus experience Galaxy S4 to be available only in the USA for now, report says

by: Chris SmithMay 20, 2013

Google-IO-Galaxy S4 Google Edition Hugo Barra 1600 aa

A report reveals that the Nexus experience Galaxy S4 model will only be available in the USA, at least at first.

The handset was unveiled during the lengthy software-centric Google I/O 2013 keynote last week, although Google only revealed a few details about it. The device will cost $649 – it’s carrier unlocked and comes with an unlocked bootloader – and will start selling via the Google Play Store on June 26.

At the time of the announcement, Google did not mention what markets will get the Nexus experience Galaxy S4, and it seemed logical to assume that the device would be launched in various countries that have access to Play Store hardware purchases.

However, that turns out not to be the case, as SlashGear tells us pointing to a CNET UK report that has flown under the radar so far. It looks like Google has confirmed to the publication that the handset will only be sold in the USA, at least at the beginning. At this time, it’s not clear whether the handset will be launched in other markets or not, and we don’t know why Google would choose not to expand the launch to more markets right from the beginning.

Despite its high price, especially when compared with the six-month old Nexus 4, the Galaxy S4 “Nexus” may be an interesting choice for plenty of buyers that do not want to buy the regular TouchWiz version of the handset and/or don’t want to ink a new two-year contract with a carrier. But potential international buyers will have to wait for the handset to reach their markets, or somehow get their hands on one directly from the U.S.

Before you ask, the Play Store seems to be the only place that will stock this special edition Samsung smartphone, unlike the Nexus 4 which is available in international markets from plenty of third-party retailers. However, the Galaxy S4 Google Edition is not a true Nexus device, just a handset that would offer buyers a  Nexus user experience – Google did not mention its product name during the keynote – so we wouldn’t expect Google to try to push it through as many channels as possible.

We’re certainly looking forward to find out more details about the Nexus experience Galaxy S4 launch plans, and we expect Google and Samsung to share more information once we get closer to June 26.

  • MasterMuffin

    Why USA only? I understand that Google is ‘murican, but aren’t Europe and Asia bigger markets?

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    “Third World Country ” , well …just take that in … :(

  • Hikari0307

    I’m assuming that would be the case because the Google Edition S4 will most probably the stock android versions of the SGH-I337 or SGH-M919. Google would need Samsung to make GE versions of the i9505 before they can sell it to other markets that have access to the play store device section like the EU and Australasia.

  • TechGuy

    Who wants a 16Gb developer version for over $600 anyway. It should have come with at least 32 Gb

    • OmarioAmriky

      i agree the price isn’t necissarily outrageous but a bit steep

  • Ruzveh

    I hate this anti non USA strategy.. Surly google is not good in their marketing strategy.. Good if they only focus in making their products better rather then to think where to launch their products and where not.. We asians pay the price of locked phones at the cost of unlocked ones, i mean why? This is definitely not justice

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Google is just going too slow when it comes to expanding outside the US, which is disappointing. Here in India they’ve launched non-apps services like Books, Movies, and Nexus 7 only since February this year, wish they’d hurry up even though I know it’s not that simple to bring services to more countries.

  • I assume this is because its based on (rumored) the T-Mobile variant

  • Jens Christensen

    Oh FFS, Google.

  • SeraZR™


  • whats the problem all we need is the official ROM then just flash the suckers , cheaper way of doing it….

  • whats the problem all we need is the official ROM then just flash the suckers , cheaper way of doing it….