Nexus 7 unboxing – how many people does it take to unbox Google’s Jelly Bean tablet? [video]

by: Chris SmithJuly 17, 2012

The Nexus 7 is available officially in certain markets – USA, Canada, Australia and UK – with Google and third-party retailers already shipping the device to customers that pre-ordered the device. In fact, the tablet is sold out with some of Google’s partners that already went through their initial Nexus 7 stock.

The tablet is definitely the talk of the town – we have dedicated plenty of coverage to the Nexus 7 ourselves – and the web is filled with Nexus 7-related reviews, opinions, videos and unboxings.

Today we’re looking at a hilarious montage made by a Nexus 7 fan that watched various unboxing videos from certain tech blogs, news publications and TV networks and merged them into a single unboxing video. All those videos he used have one thing in common: the box that houses the Nexus 7 is very difficult to open, and the person in charge of unboxing the device can’t take it out of the box that easily. And those people are fairly used to unboxing all sorts of gadgets for their readers.

It looks like Google made sure the Nexus 7 is stored safely inside its box and that it can’t come out of it unexpectedly. In case you thought you were the only person that had difficulty opening this particular box, especially after all the waiting for it to be shipped, then it’s probably good news to hear you were not the only one. And it’s not you that’s the “problem” it’s the box!

Have you received your Nexus 7 unit yet?

  • This is an indication of how dumb people can be out there. It is also a good indicator of how people shouldn’t put much faith in the opinions of tech bloggers if they can’t even open up a freaking box.

    I loved seeing how clueless some were at sliding the box out of its outer cover. Real tough to figure that one out and then next being stumped by some tape since hey, there has NEVER been tape on boxes before. How are these people managing to survive if they are that hopeless?

    Naturally the sheeple just go and make fun of Asus’ packaging rather than making fun of the people having the issue.

    • Someone is not having a good morning? It’s all in fun bro, you should smile more.

  • isaidyee

    Lol that was freaking hilarious

  • thesoze

    took me 10 secs to open the box..what is wrong with these people?

    • Krayzgerman

      Extra chromosome.

  • Not really much different from opening an iPad box.

  • Krayzgerman

    If you found it difficult to open the Nexus 7 box… you’re retarded.