The recently announced Google Nexus 7 is going to hit stores in the very near future in various markets and we have various shipping reports hitting the web from left and right to prove that.

When Google unveiled the device in late June during the first Google I/O keynote, the company did not reveal launch dates for its first tablet ever. Instead the company kicked off pre-orders for the Nexus 7 in U.S., Canada and Australia, and we soon learned that UK Android fans will also get the device in the very near future. In addition to Google Play, interested consumers will be able to pick up the device from a variety of third party electronics retailers, and it looks like more and more companies will be ready to offer the tablet to their customers in the near future.

Meanwhile, Mobile Syrup reports that Staples Canada is already taking Nexus 7 pre-orders, although only the 16GB version is available right now, priced at $259. And it looks like the retailer will ship your device on July 23, if not earlier:

Pre-order your Google Nexus 7 Tablet to reserve one of these limited quantity tablets. Estimated sku release date is July 23, 2012. Your credit card will be charged at the time of shipment.

Canadian Nexus 7 buyers will also be able to order their tablet from Best Buy and Future Shop, but it would be a good idea to keep in mind that the pre-ordering the unit from Google Play also nets them a $25 Google Play credit that can be used towards purchasing digital content from the same store.

According to Talk Android, Staples Canada will have the device in stock starting with July 14, while Best Buy and Future Shop will have it on August 10.

UK buyers may receive their Nexus 7 on July 19, according to Currys, but we’ll remind you that Carphone Warehouse will also sell the tablet in the region. Both retailers will have the 16GB in stock, priced at £200. The somewhat-bad news for UK customers is that they won’t have full access to all the goods in Google Play as Google, not that this will necessarily be a buying impediment considering the low price of the device.

As for U.S. buyers, we’re still waiting for Google to announce shipping dates for the Nexus 7, and we’ll remind you that the tablet is rumored to ship at some point this week. In case you received your shipping notice, let us know in the comments section below!

  • yt1300cf

    I have not gotten a shipping notice, but my order now shows complete on Google Play. Looks like it we should start getting shipping notices soon!!!!

    • Same here, marked as “Complete” now (16GB). My card still has not been charged yet though — I’m guessing that will happen a couple days before it ships. The anticipation is killing me!

    • JonJJon

      I am in the UK and ordered it on the 27th of June, it showed as complete the next day (I ordered it around 8pm) so unfortunately that doesn’t exactly denote shipping soon :(

  • DJ

    Nexus 7 UK preorders at exactly the same time as the rest of the world on Google Play…

  • jules

    Pre ordered yesterday from Google play, the receipt states the card won’t be charged until the order has shipped. The charge is already showing on my bank statement. Hopefully it’s a sign that they’re shipping

    • drmwlkr13

      Same here, ha. Im hoping for the best

      • jeff

        Hate to burst your bubbles, but it actually pre-authorizes the card right when you order it. My charge showed up about five minutes after I preordered, and that was about 10 minutes after they officially announced it.

        • Me

          The charge will drop off in a day or two.

  • T-Bone

    You may be getting overly excited re “complete” order. Mine has shown as complete since June 27, the date I pre-ordered.

    • Chris Smith

      I also ordered on the 27th and my doesn’t even say complete.

  • Moly_Lepke

    Ordered 3 from Staples, this morning delivery date was changed to 8/22. Called in and cancelled, will try to order from Google direct.

  • redbud

    Google billed my credit card the day I ordered my tablet. Hope they do not bill me again.

    • They should not have “billed” you, it should show up as “pending transaction” on your card. They will never bill you twice unless you purchase another one.

  • Chris Smith

    I pre-ordered mine on June 27th. My order doesn’t say complete, and my card was never charged. How are these people that pre-ordered days after me getting more activity than me.

  • kkgoertzen

    Ordered mine on day 1. I had to call Google on Friday, July 6, to find out how to change my shipping address, and while I was on the phone with them I figured I might as well ask the rep if he had any knowledge about when the tablet would ship. After hesitating for a moment he said, “I can’t give you the exact day, but I will say that the shipper is already putting the order together…” A little vague, but it was implicit that it would be coming soon…

  • Shermdawg

    Mine’s said ‘Complete’ since the day I ordered it on June 30. I have not been charged yet, however.

  • Matt

    Just trying to cancel from google, Staples has free shipping, and after sales tax on googles shipping its like a 2 or 3 dollar savings with the play store credit. Foolish

  • ordered mine from currys. they have taken the money already. which i dont like as they haven’t shipped it yet. but that’s their policy. for me currys worked out at a better price than from google. had a 5% off code from currys, plus free p&p, and going through quidco, the £9.99 price for shipping from Google is a joke

  • jorge ruiz

    i will be really disappointed if i didnt recive it before the 27th of july I leave for a trip that day, does anybody think it will get here before?

    • Don’t worry, as long as you preordered one from Google Play, it should most definitely arrive by then, because the shipping is two day fast shipping.

  • stickyicky

    I preordered mine through gamestop and they told me August 7 it also says it on my receipt

  • tej

    I order on Sunday, they charge me same day…why…?

  • Hi

    July 12. Work for Gamestop

    • #1 Nexus 7 fan

      Oh I hope so!!! Means I may be hammering on my new Nexus 7 by Saturday! I will bet that the internet is bouncing about news on Thursday morning as all of our cards are charged and our email boxes are filled with “Order Shipped” emails from Google!!!!!!

      • Lexus, Nexus, heck yes!

        “Your credit card will be charged at the time of shipment.”My credit card was charged which may mean it’s being shipped! So get those hopes up high.

        • #1 Nexus 7 fan

          BOOM!! Hopes just shot! I am seeing way too much about July 12 on the web. I bet they ship tomorrow and we get them Saturday, oh I hope it is Saturday and not Monday.

    • nexus ffan

      Is that in store because i preordered from the store

  • #1 Nexus 7 fan

    Have I been censored? I just left a very informational comment that I think many would find helpful. It appeared but when I refreshed the page it disappeared? So this is a test, this is only a test, if this were an actual comment it would have data that was helpful to my fellow android fans, but that comment seems to have been CENSORED AND DELETED

    • HUGE Google FAN…!

      This is #1 Nexus 7 fan again, seems this comment has made it, not lets see if it is deleted when I refresh the page? Maybe I have been black balled from commenting on this site.

    • #1 Nexus fan

      Hey whoever is moderating this chat, can you delete these 3 posts? I didn’t mean to offend anyone and it seems my posts are making it just fine, guess I was a bit quick to jump the gun. Apologies to the site and those that are wasting time reading my banter here. Im just excited about getting my Nexus 7 and playing with some Jelly Beans!

  • wayne

    I orders mine last Friday and my credit card was charged as soon as I ordered it as my bank balance is missing $320. No shipping confirmation

  • Kenny K

    I spoke with google this morning and he told me they are no longer able to cancel orders over a Hour old!!!! i have heard this post before but when i called the first time they told me i could cancel it if i wanted to i told them NO!!!!!!!! just wanted to see if i can …. Is this Good news or are they trying to stop people from canceling and ordering from staples?????

    • #1 Nexus fan

      Ok I am no expert but honestly, can cancel if over an hour old tells me something. This means order placed, device in box and UPS scheduled for pickup within an hour baby. Well maybe not that quick but it certainly says that the company will have a negative cash position on your order if you cancel after an hour, which means they have dedicated some resource time to your order within a very short time period. Yes I am a Business Manager, and this is CERTAINLY good news for our devices being on their way this week. Hopefully within 24 hours for us June 27 order placers anyway.

      • #1 Nexus fan

        Kenny, et al
        I sincerely thought today was the day but it seems Google has had some second thoughts. I tell you I would love to be a fly on the wall of they guy’s office who made this decision. I can’t believe that a rollout as important as this finds a bug the day before a major release. Or maybe this was never supposed to be the day, but all indications were yes….at this point the excitement is starting to subside and frustration is growing. Seems every time I have waited on Google to release something the same thing happens. The say is still young and maybe just maybe we get those shipment confirmed emails today anyway. But no indication here yet.

  • I ordered the 16gb version this morning, says complete and my bank was charged. Looks good :)

    • Silvia L

      My bank was charged the same day I preordered mine (which was the first day they were announced), just checked and it is no longer a charge on my account, so it’s most likely just a routine thing to make sure you have the funds.

  • Canuck22

    Futureshop in Canada has free shipping and the 25$ play store credit, best deal.

  • Hayden

    Game stop said I got second round of shipments so I’m getting mine on August 7th

  • Rob

    received shipping notice with tracking number late Friday 13th . Also stated my credit card was charged on email. Hopefully get it by tuesday .

  • Mary

    Received e-mail telling me mine was shipped yesterday (Friday) at 5PM. Probably will not get it until Tuesday. So much for 2 day shipping. Wonder how much money Google is making on shipping charges. Tried to track my order 24 hours later and UPS has no record of shipment. Hope it is on it’s way.

  • Mary

    Mine was shipped on the 10th (so I’m told). Today is the 16th and UPS has no recorder of where it is. So much for 2 day shipping.

  • Mary

    OK, just checked again and UPS states mine will be delivered tomorrow (17th). It was shipped on the 10th but on the way.