Further confirmation that the new Nexus 7 is coming in July

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 23, 2013

Google Nexus 7 robertnelson/Flickr

A report from a supplier of tablet components adds further credibility to rumors about a new Nexus 7 coming this summer.

By now, the fact that a new version of the Nexus 7 is coming is almost confirmed. Many expected to see it at Google I/O, and were disappointed when Google called it a day without showing off any new hardware. But that doesn’t mean that a refresh of the popular Nexus 7 isn’t on its way.

Most rumors suggest that the refreshed Nexus 7 would come in July, and today we have another report supporting this timeline.

Elan Microelectronics, a Taiwanese supplier of integrated circuitry for touchscreen devices, is reported to have already begun shipping touchscreen controllers for the next generation of the Nexus 7. The caveat is that the source of this information are the notoriously hit-and-miss “industry sources” of Digitimes.

Thanks to the order for Nexus 7 controllers, Elan is said to boast increased revenues in May and June. This tells us that the device itself is being manufactured in June, which goes nicely with the earlier reports about the release of the Nexus 7 in July.

The device is said to be launching along a new version of Android, 4.3. In addition, a research note from an analyst revealed some of the supposed specifications of the tablet, which include a Snapdragon 600 processor and a 1920 by 1200 display, while the price will remain the same as the first generation.

Bottom line, if you plan to buy a Nexus 7 this summer, you might want to wait until July.

  • VicMatson

    Not to mention, that if the 7 goes the way of a Google Samsung 4, the price may triple or more!

    • OMGgary

      It probably won’t. Price is expected to remain similar to the original Nexus 7.

      • VicMatson

        Yes, the current Nexus 7, but if Google gets the likes of Samsung to make the 7 3 what makes anyone think that they won’t do a Samsung 4 and price it out of the ballpark? Google and Samsung win, us, not so much!

        • OMGgary

          If Google + Samsung + Nexus = Price x 3, then why are Samsung and Google charging $400 instead of $1200 for the Nexus 10 tablet?

    • GiJoseph

      I think you’ve fundamentally misunderstood the function of the nexus devices (to bring users into the ‘google ecosystem,’ without generating substantial hardware profits).

    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition is something COMPLETELY different than a Google Nexus device.

  • AndroidBrian

    I’m trying to wait. I hope the Nexus 7 refresh comes with USB 3.0. I know it not likely. But a man can dream.

  • darthsanzo

    this i have to wait… i love my nexus 7.. and surely i will love this new baby even more.. =D

  • a671

    I would love to see a nexus “8”…:( this format is just perfect for a mini tablet

  • I hope they make 64gb model a long with LTE hexaband and bazel less. Google Please Lunch your products Like apple more then one country in one time.
    I want the galaxy s4 google edtion but the it will be for US at the moment why no E.U.

    • Mr. Mark

      how do you plan on holding a 7″ tablet if there’s no bezel…

      • How did u hold ipad mini.

        • Mr. Mark

          i dont hold an ipad mini because i dont own one and never will. also, the ipad mini has a bezel, so i’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

          • bee

            he said less, not none

    • Harry_Wild

      I hope Google has a change of heart in the internal storage department. I think that the “cloud” is not too popular yet but it is with Google design team. They love to give the consumer minimum storage in the Google devices. They are the opposite of Apple. Google Nexus tablet max is 32GB while iPad 4 is 128GB.

      • . .

        if its made by ANUS and both nexus and ANUS HD have external sd slot nobody will buy low res ANUS.

    • . .

      yes i like how apple has hand block technology. android/google will probably get sued if they make something like that

  • Oli72

    i’m waiting for this.

  • Big spender

    would buy one, but not with QCOM processor. iPAD for me I guess.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      What’s wrong with a Snapdragon 800, its only got Ultra Definition background graphics power, better transceiver integration, sure a Tegra 4 would have better graphics commonalities, also UD, but Snappy 800 is pretty good, do you want an Intel haswell, or an Apple chip that isn’t full A15. I thought Apple chips were weak, compared to octo core, UD capable chips, used in high end, cheap Android devices, is the attraction lower screen resolution, or less and slower RAM, or the lower price performance, don’t get the Apple is more expensive and spends a pittance on research, so it must be better thing.

  • Harry_Wild

    I will buy the first one that is released: Nexus 7 or iPad Mini Retina. I do not know why they like to release Apple and Google product launches together in the same or near time frame. To me; it a stupid tactic!

  • Bogdan

    Bogdan do we have the sickest name or what man? Nice article :)

  • Name

    Would it be possible to change the old to the new Nexus 7??