Nexus 7 on Android 4.2 having problems updating Google Play apps?

by: Chris SmithNovember 14, 2012

Nexus 7

In case you own a Nexus 7 tablet then you probably know that Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is already available for the device and can be installed immediately, which you probably already did as soon as the update came out.

But it looks like Android 4.2 isn’t flaw-free and an issue has already been spotted by the guys over at Droid-Life. Apparently Nexus 7 users may run into problems when trying to update their Google Play apps after upgrading to Android 4.2

However, the problem seems to have an easy fix, as discovered by other users that have experienced the app update error. If you have encountered the same annoyance, you’ll only have to remove your Google account, reboot the tablet and then setup your Google account again. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to update your apps just like before.

How is your Nexus 7 Android 4.2 experience so far. Do you have any issues to report?

  • on the galaxy nexus, add a dummy account and then remove the original, reboot and re add your account

    • …but just be careful as to which account ends up being the device owner (admin rights apply.)

  • big daddy

    Update was flawless for me.

  • Update went well, but 4.2 seems to have broken Dolphin HD and Jetpack… Also, the device feels laggy.

  • Shon

    on Nexus 7, it’s very laggy. specially google now and play store. and battery seems to drain quicker than before. however, i have just soft restarted and things seems to be OK now.

  • Juan Amaya

    on my n7 i recieved my update ota and it is flawless. at first it felt a lil laggy but i just restarted it and everything was great! i love all the new features especially the new keyboard swype (totally ripped off swiftkey) widgets on the lock screen and the multi user sign is awesome even though theres noone that will be using my n7 but me! all in all thje new update is awesome google android has def stepped it up with 4.2 has made android a respectable os and im just really excited for the upcoming future updates cause its only gonna get better!

  • imautobot

    Ever since the update the clock showing on my “lock” screen has big bold numbers for the first digits, and a normal font for the last digits. Restarting doesnt fix, deleting and reapplying the widget doesnt fix either. Other than that, no problems.

    • Justin W

      … That’s how it’s supposed to be..

      • imautobot

        Really? Cause it looked fine before the update, now it looks stupid. Guess I’ll have to switch to the analog clock.

        • Justin W

          It’s one of the changes they made. I don’t think it looks that bad. It’s the same type of thing I do with Minimalistic Text, so it actually matches my homescreen now.

          • imautobot

            Well, insult has met with injury. Even if you select the analog clock, it switches back to the digital clock. And if you opt to remove the digital clock widget it comes back after you cycle it into and out of sleep. I can’t win for losing.

          • I have the same issue with the clock. I much prefer the previous digital clock with all digits the same font and boldness. I, too, tried and failed to switch to an analogue clock to by-step that digital clock. The ‘Enter’ key was also changed; it no longer says ‘Enter’. I don’t like having these choices taken away from me and being locked out from selecting my look on my device, especially on a supposedly open-platform.

            In addition, a few apps have quit working. My Lose It! account on my tablet quit syncing with the mainframe right after the upgrade and continually forgets that it is logged in. My ESPN Scoreboard no longer auto-updates the scores as a game progresses; you have to exit and refresh the site to get a current score. There are a few others.

  • JK

    Landscape mode has stopped working.

  • I don’t know what they talking about i had no problems with my update…and whats with this lag mess i never had that either

  • Mike

    Update went flawless on Nexus 7. Very laggy now when using. Have added a new user which works fine. Issue with Google Play Music after turning screen off. When turned back on the lock screen shows Google Play Music with back, stop and forward button. These do not work on my Nexus 7. I have to swipe back in and either drag notification bar down or open app to gain control again. I have also found the back button doesn’t respond all the time.

  • Guillaume Renaud

    I have a problem of responsivness when i play games like hill climb racing…

    • Sushant

      I have the same problem on android 4.2 while playing hill climb racing

  • Bob

    Amazon Kindle app can no longer find my books. Rebooting doesn’t solve the problem nor does reinstalling the app

  • erik williams

    Wreaked havoc with my kaspersky security, will not launch and cannot uninstall… had to do a factory data reset… (nexus 7, 4.2)

  • Nothappywith4.2

    How do you uninstall 4.2 as it has negatively impacted performance and knocked out several apps I need on my Nexus 7?

  • James

    what models are getting the update mine is still 4.1.2 and I check for updates and it says up to date….????? model ME370T

    • rslh

      Don’t do it!!!! J/k. When you get the update, you’ll feel the pain like the rest of us. :-)

  • I had this error on my Galaxy Nexus after trying to force the OTA update by force stopping the Google Framework Services and clearing its data. Pretty sure it has more to do with that action than it does the N7. But then I ADB’d my N7 and have no real issues to speak of (didn’t adb the GNex because of a random adb error).

  • Icedreama

    I only started getting a lag after I put music on my Nexus 7. Not sure why its causing a lag. Just to be sure, I Wikipedia my device and the lag started exactly as I put music on (again).

  • steph

    several games and apps dont work now with 4.2 including new star soccer and superstar soccer (those are just the two that come to mind).

  • Kiran

    On Nexus 7…After the update, the tab has started showing serious lagging issues, there is a considerable delay in touch, uninstalling an app (HueBrix) took me about ~10 minutes!!! The IMDB app took about ~3 minutes to just start, the content loaded later, total time ~5 minutes. And chrome takes even more time to start :(

    Serious performance issues here.
    The entire device has become unusable and restarting it several times has no effect at all. A very disappointing update IMO. Anybody else having the same issues?

    • avanthomme

      Same issue here after update. Battery drains quicker. Considerable lag. Unresponsive touch. Damn!

  • Me

    Since JB 4.2 update Hubrix & Flow Free don’t work, keep getting messages saying “unfortunately [app name] has stopped working”. No obvious improvements, slow now on several apps. This is very annoying when all was fine before, it has spoiled using the device :(

  • Midnight Cat

    I HATE, and I really mean it, I HATE the new update! I need to rollback to 4.1!! If this was supposed to be an update, it is now a serious drawback! THIS HAS GOT TO BE A JOKE! Everything is wrong! Lock screen clock is so annoying, Applications taking forever to load, many of my applications not working correctly, others not compatible!

    My main calendar application: JORTE just doesn’t work anymore! I will NEVER install another update until I am sure it will not mess up my tablet ever again!!

    If my Nexus 7 would have been acting like it is right now when I first got it, I would have return it right away! I feel robbed!

  • Keeps loosing my home wifi. Happens randomly and at least 10-20 times per hour. It’s not our home wifi as all other devices are fine with no problems in this area. Rebooted several times. Only thing that works is going into settings on Nexus 7, turning off wifi, then back on, and it then finds and retail stores wifi connection briefly. HELP.

  • auntie64

    Update 4.2 messed up my alarm clock that came on my new Nexus 7. It use to allow my background picture to show behind the clock. The clock was big and easy to see. And I loved the dim mode for nighttime. But after the update, it now has a generic white numbers on black background. The size of the numbers are to small to see without my glasses.And now the alarm clock will not allow me to set a new time. when I try to set a new time the screen pops up to change the time,but there is no button or anything to let you save the new alarm setting. Not being able to set the alarm has made this app unusable.

    • Ryan Traher

      I managed to learn how to operate the new clock, but I loved the old one. I can’t stand the new one. For basically all the mentioned reasons above. Please give me back the old clock, or a downloadable option of the previous version.

      • rslh

        At least now it comes with it’s own countdown timer, etc. That’s something, I guess. :-)

  • Jhoseth Galdamez

    I’m having a big problem with Bluetooth headset, it jumps sound, makes my videos and YouTube choppy and the whole tablet i s laggy, how do you get Google to look into these things? I want to complain!

  • Jay

    the 4.2 update made my Nexus 7 audio terrible. there is breakup throughout songs.

    • rslh

      Yes, I heard it’s having some major problem with the bluetooth connection. I stream my music via wireless bluetooth and it’s very chopping. Such a shame. I hope Google gets a patch out soon.

  • dab

    don’t update to 4.2 . Since than my Nexus 7 cannot play HD videos – its very slow, about 10 fps in all players. Rolled back to 4.1 – problem solved –
    Fuck Google

  • lb

    I’m forced out of websites after opening 2 windows

  • plaka

    After updating to android 4.2 the brightness on screen on my nexus7 is varying constantly! Now I should find a way to get back on 4.1.3….

    • blade1058

      i’m having this same issue along with my screen timing out every few seconds, and the flickering that started which wasn’t present before update to 4.2. Can we go back to 4.1.2, or just factory reset it?

  • Joel Thoman

    I installed 4.2 yesterday and noticed no problems save the app updating. That was fixed by deleting my google account on the device, then re-adding it after a reboot. I have noticed no performance issues as of yet. I am watching Transformers in HD and the audio and video are flawless. One thing that you may want to check on is which account is active in the google play store. That was a factor in my app update problem. Did anyone else notice a big boost in free space? So far I am really liking the update, lots of improvements.

  • Brian

    major lag, especially when rotating. I now how to sign into Amazon app store every time I boot up or switch to a different user account and back again. :(

  • Paul Begley

    I had *significant* performance issues after the 4.2 upgrade. On a lark, I disabled NFC (Settings – (Wireless & networks) More – clear NFC checkbox). This immediately resolved the performance problems.

    I will do further testing and see if this was the only issue.

    • Froob

      Worked… Ty :)

    • Andy

      I followed this simple suggestion and it appears to have taken care of the lagging for the most part.

    • Matthew

      Tried this as well. Seems to have resolved all issues. Thanks.

    • NexusFan

      Very helpful. Now my Nexus 7 seems to be back to life. Can’t believe a company like Google can release an update in this state :(

    • kj

      i have tried this and it still did not fix my nexus 7 problems

  • no one

    That happened to me with AIM. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and it fixed it. I don’t know if it works for other apps though, but worth a try maybe.

  • blade1058

    since i updated to 4.2 my screen now times out in a matter of seconds no matter what i’m doing. I”m also experiencing screen flicker that wasn’t present before. If this persist i’m going to have to factory reset my Nexus 7. Should have waited before taking a leap of faith google……

  • [email protected]

    4.2 is very laggy. Brightness fluctuates wildly. Times out fast. Play store jitters on download. Wifi drops. Lots. Keyboard misbehaves. Do NOT update.

  • Pat Ferdinandi

    My nexus 7 now goes to sleep in about 5 to 10 seconds no matter what I’m doing.

  • anonymous

    Completely broke my Nexus 7. Gmail doesn’t work, search bar at top crashes, apps can’t update, many apps don’t work. Plus new bold clock is obtrusive.
    Google, what were you thinking?

    Works fine on Nexus phone.


  • an

    Kind of straigh that some people have some sort of problem, I just bought 2 nexus 7 one for myself and the other is for my daughter, and we have no problem updating and using 4.2 so far. My coworker has one as well and he also have 4.2 updated, and he got no problem either.

  • when i read google news in chrome in portrait, it won’t let me scroll over to the right side of the screen. this has only happened with this one website, but my favourite website!

    and the bold then not bold clock looks horrible! does anyone know how to uninstall the update??

  • xyzzy

    Android 4.2 is a disaster. For me, it keeps randomly killing apps evere few minutes, including the one running in the foreground or the music player. Brightness fluctuates when holding it still in the same lighting conditions. Not to mention smaller annoyances, like reducing volume to about 40% on its own and displaying a hearing loss warning every time you turn it up – no, there’s no option for disabling that. Other people have reported a ton of other issues, like losing WiFi signal or severe lagging.

    DO NOT update to 4.2 – you’ll save yourselves a lot of headaches.

    • I have the same problems with the brightness since the update. It is annoying! The warning for the sound also!

  • Stephen Erickson

    WiFi drops out often, there is a lag on screen rotation, lotus notes traveler data was deleted (bet that one is because IBM can’t implement apps correctly), the over all performance of WiFi seems slower apps that depend on data hang or crash. Don’t update. Wait for a response from Google.

  • paul

    I have a problem with video playback on my Nexus 10. YouTube works fine, but Netflix, Flixster, Hulu+, NBA GameTime and even Play Movies force-close. What a clusterduck.

  • patrick

    Does the Nexus 7 on 4.2 have trouble with video? I have the Nexus 10 on 4.2 JB and most video apps don’t work. Netflix, Crackle, CNN, Machinima… But YouTube and Play Movies work fine. =(

  • duncan

    Just bought a Nexus 7 today. It came with 4.2. I’m happy to see this thread because the product I just bought is just awful. I have wasted several hours trying to figure out how to get things installed and working to no avail. A consumer product just shouldn’t be this screwed up and this much trouble. I’m returning it tomorrow.

    • louis kurian

      Please man, never return it.. the hardware muscle of the stuff you have is incomparable to its competitors; Google is responsible for fixes in Android.. wait until Google releases patches/updates one by one. Android 4.1 experience is amazing. Unfortunate to see you have disappointed immediately after buying it, but understand bus are software problems and can be fixed in future hot fixes or updates.

  • prateek

    After 4.2 update on my n7 the developer option in settings seems to have dissapered. Anyone else? What is the workaround for the same? Also after this update my n7 has become very slow.

  • Jerry

    The update causes Firefox browser to crash almost immediately after a page is loaded. At the same time, after updating android 4.2 on my Nexus7 my virus app (Norton) also fails to function, don’t know what else goes wrong. Quite disgusting! I could not find a way to contact Android to lodge a complaint, hopefully this will find it’s way to.

    • louis kurian

      Yes, firefox crashed. The nexy day it started to work as usual. ;) I am wondering what is happening under the hood

  • Haven’t had any performance issues sine the 4.2 upgrade, but can’t see where I gained anything useful either and the different size digits on the clock is just plain stupid if done on purpose. It looks like a mistake. Who wOuLd wANT mixed case in tEXt?

    • WiBlip

      I agree ComPlEteLy.

  • wkm026

    does anyone know if BBC Iplayer and 4OD are going to be made available on 4.2 I am sure they were there on 4.1
    “! your device is incompatible with this version”
    this annoying message appears when you try to download some Apps

  • Susi Chan

    I didn’t want to upgrade but I constantly got prompted to do it so I did eventually. What a big mistake. Now it’s much easier to get typos when I type. One of my apps stopped working and the auto brightness doesn’t behave properly. Did Google test this upgrade before rolling it out? Why did it make this crappy upgrade still available after people reported problems so that more and more people get affected everyday? I find the system update prompt so annoying, relentlessly prompting me from time to time.

  • Ian

    Hi. I want to delete my account from my Nexus 7 and then add it again to get rid of the update error, but Settings on my device doesn’t have an Accounts option. Can you advise me what I need to to?

  • debek

    Since the update the clock in the upper right hand corner of my Nexus 7 tend’s to be off sometimes by is much as 45 minutes! This is probably why my alarm clocks don’t work anymore. I thought my Nexus 7 in November and used it for a month before updating. The time on the Nexus device and the alarm clocks work so well that I got rid of the alarm clock on my nightstand. Obviously I acted too soon. I’m debating on doing a factory reset and avoiding the update. What was Google thinking? If my Nexus 7 had work this way from the beginning I would have returned it immediately. Now it’s too late. They got me!

  • Stanzin Desal

    my apps used to get updated automatically before but not any more why ?
    is it because of 4.2 update or some other problem please tell

  • Palmer

    Every time I try to set up my Google Account information it say’s “Unfortunately, the Google Account Manager has stopped working” at this point it is really driving me crazy. Any solutions?

    I’ve tried deleting the cache for the Google Account Manager in the apps as well as the Play store. I’ve wiped the device about 5 times. I’ve tried disabling the apps. Nothing has helped. I am so glad that this Nexus isn’t mine seeing as this is a known issue with this device. I am really ready to break it at this point (the device that is).

  • s

    This is a mess…. I lost all my contacts and my calendar apt… can any one help…
    I tried so many solutions on the internet and still I didn’t get my info… back… hope NEXUS will do something about that … this is not acceptable. I don’t’ have a back oup this is a disaster.. is there any new update to restore what happened… please help.

  • s

    can somebody answer…. us from nexus… please