Nexus 7 launching in France, other European countries in September

by: Chris SmithAugust 21, 2012
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The buzz around the Google Nexus 7 tablet is slightly down, but the device that was announced in late June and launched just over a month ago is still the hottest tablet in town. Google is expected to sell as many as 8 million Nexus 7 units this year, and what better way to reach such numbers than by launching the Jelly Bean tablet in as many markets as possible.

After being officially launched in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia, the Nexus 7 is getting ready to descend in Europe starting with France, where the tablet will arrive on September 3, according to available information.

The news comes from TechCrunch, which gathered “leaks from multiple retailers” in the region.

Initially, only the 16GB Nexus 7 version will hit French stores including Fnac, Darty and Boulanger, and it will cost 249.90 Euro, or around $312, including local VAT tax. Pre-orders are not available at the moment with either retailer, although Fnac mistakenly started to accept pre-orders.

While Fnac stopped the pre-order process for the time being, those registered sales will be honored, with a customer service representative mentioning September 3 as the release date for the tablet. As you can see in the screenshot above, Fnac is still listing the product, as well as its price on its official website.

Considering that Google is ready to attack France with its Nexus 7 tablet, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see the tablet hit other EU countries soon, especially since Google’s most important rival in the budget-friendly tablet market, at least until Apple launches its own model, has not brought the Kindle Fire to these regions. And Google certainly wants to beat Amazon to market in these regions.

Spain, Italy and Germany are other possible countries that could soon see the Nexus 7 – rumors already exist suggesting that the first two will get the tablet soon.

It’s also unclear at this time whether Google will sell the Nexus 7 in France via Google Play, as it looks like retailers will have to have physical stores in the country to sell such devices.

On a different note, we’re very interested to hear whether more Google Play content will be available to European buyers, an issue both Google and Amazon have to deal with when making plans to launch such devices in non-U.S. markets.

So, Android fans in Europe, are you buying the Nexus 7 first chance you get?

  • Come to Brazil, baby, oh come.

    • Gabriel Alejandro Zorrilla

      And Argentina! ;)

  • Lionem

    too sad, we have to wait two more weeks :(

  • Arman

    Fnac Spain listing the device as in stock and ships in 48 hours, ordering mine now.
    Cant wait to get my hands on it

  • lefty44

    Waiting for mine from the US, a friend will arrive with it next week! 30% cheaper than it will cost in Sweden most def.

  • Illogica

    Would be nice if they were meeting demand in the countries it HAS been released to before releasing it in other countries. Still not available in any store in Canada (unless out in the boonies) and just as hard to find in Australia. Sure.. It can be ordered online at the Google store, but everyone else is out, out OUT!

  • Godzibast

    Lucky one of the first Fnac buyer ;-)
    This Nexus 7 is really awesome !
    But no google play content with ….
    Realy Nice device !!!