Is your Nexus 7 lagging lately?

by: Nate SwannerJune 19, 2013

Nexus 7 with Android 4.1.0 Jelly Bean

The Nexus 7, though one of the best 7-inch tablets around, is experiencing some issues lately. Some users have reported performance issues with their tablet; things like stuttering, lagging, slow playback. The issue may not be the tablet, necessarily, but being the scapegoat for this issue could be the silver lining for Google.

It seems that the Nexus 7 simply hasn’t aged well, or rather Android has lapped it. Reports of similar issues on other tablets are rampant as well, and it points to an issue with Android 4.2, not so much a hardware issue. As Android versions improve, the single gigabyte of RAM housed in the Nexus 7 may just not be adequate to keep up.

The only real fix is better hardware.

So, what’s the fix? There isn’t one, really. You can root your device and flash a different ROM, but that’s no guaranteed fix. You can do a factory reset, but Android 4.2 will be right back once the device updates again. There are apps that will polish up the available memory, which can improve performance, but that’s tedious to do often.

The only real fix is better hardware. In considering the Nexus 7 versus the Nexus 4, where both operate on the same iteration of Android, the Nexus 4 has none of these performance issues being mentioned. What it does have is double the RAM, and a better processor.

We still hope the new Nexus 7 hits our hands in the fall, when Google likes to announce their new Nexus devices, and we need to see some much improved specs. It’s oddly satisfying to hear people complain about the Nexus 7 in this respect. It indicates a nice market share for the flagship Android tablet, and a user base hungry for an upgrade.

  • nalvarez2007

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 since last Christmas, so almost a year, and I’ve never had any lag issues with the device. The only problem I’ve ever had with the Nexus 7 was battery life. Being a power user, the N7 struggles to make it through the day without dying. I’ve seen reports and screenshots of on-screen battery life exceeding 6+ hours and I’ve never once been able to get that on my model. I’m probably just cursed.

    • RarestName

      Get a portable battery charger. The battery on the Nexus 7 isn’t that big, right?

      • nalvarez2007

        It’s big enough for Google to boast 9 hours of on screen time. I can’t even get to 4.

    • Adam Eldin

      Oppisite for me, annoying lag but battery that lasts a few days of moderate use

      • nalvarez2007

        How do you get so much out of the battery?

      • Daniel DS

        For me the battery life is excellent and the device doesn’t lag at all, I really love it :)

        • Simon Belmont

          Same here. It’s been a stellar tablet.

          A few of my friends have one, too, and they’ve had the same experience. No lag, great battery life.

    • Lukas Zachar

      How is since Christmas almost a year? :D

    • gommer strike

      Don’t believe the screenshots that show unbelievable amounts of time. These guys cheat. They lower their brightness to nothingness, and supposedly show this or that. I wouldn’t put it past a little bit of photoshop to grease their lovely benchmark numbers.

  • Hey Bobby Fix Your Dial Up

    More like now that there are way more devices that surpass the Nexus 7, people are finally accepting that the Nexus 7 has lag and stutters. It’s amazing. I’ve experienced lag on the Nexus 7 ever since I got it. For the price though it was well worth it. The Nexus 7 hasn’t aged well but more like nobody is fanboying over it anymore.

  • Jusephe

    It’s not mainly because of slow chip but failling cheap RAM and flash that asus put in. RAM cells are dying out and flash don’t have any block-management mechanism wihich makes real mess in data after just a few rewrites.

    • Simon Belmont

      Actually, it does have a block management mechanism. They fixed that in Android 4.2.

      It was mainly the 16GB versions that were experiencing the slow-downs when little storage was left, because of the NAND that Asus was using. But, the aforementioned update fixed that, more or less, with what I mentioned above.

  • briankariu

    Yeah, I gotta agree the 4.2.2 update broke the nexus 7. I have one for my baby gal, and I have had to go to extreme lengths to have it running buttery smooth for her. But am pretty sure its not the RAM or the proc(HTC one X has almost the same specs and runs very smooth on top of sense), or the OS, its the hardware. Apparently Asus puts very poor memory in their products. The read/write speed degrades significantly in time. Same problems that transformer users are having.

    • RarestName


  • Johnathan Katz

    Mine is fine, don’t know what’s wrong with others Nexus 7’s.

  • Ian

    Im experiencing lag. but i rooted it and installed the ROM and Kernel that would help to minimize the lag. =)

  • erikiksaz

    Poor reporting. Search for solutions like Forever Gone (SD card cleaner) on google play to solve these issues.

  • parpat51492

    Also use LagFix (fstrim) on Google Play

  • sunny

    i’m also facing slight lag and my nexus is about 8 months old. But heavy graphic games still working properly just that browsing through the apps seem a bit laggy than before. i thought it was me only….

  • Christian Eckhardt

    I had the same issues since the 4.2.2 Upgrade. After i bought it, it was fast and fluid for a few months, but it was getting more and more worse after the 4.2 updates came in. Lagging, stuttering, batterie drained faster and faster… I made several factory resets, rooted it and installed a different rom, but none of these brought me back my beloved Nexus 7 like it was after i bought it.

    After months of suffering and anger with it, i brought it back to the shop and told them about the problems. They send it over to asus for repair. After a few weeks i get a phone call and they said that asus wont repair it and i get a full refund or i could get a new one. I got my money back and I bought an ipad 4… maybe i try the next nexus 7 again. But my experience with the old one was suboptimal.
    Thats the story of my Nexus 7.

  • Matt Dowdy

    I had lag on my nexus 7 and after a little digging around found out that it was Google currents that was responsible because it was constantly updating in the background so I just disabled it in application settings and after a reboot I’ve not had any lag since

    • Christian Eckhardt

      Yeah, that was a common workaround. Many people reported that this solved their problems. But it didn’t worked for my nexus 7.

    • Andy Bleaden

      me too, turning that off really helped

  • No lag on my Nexus 7, running the stock retail Android on it, all I’ve done is rooted it for convenience.

  • Darthsanzo

    Same here bought my Nexus 7 3g last March. Kinda crazy because even playing 2d games my nexus just lags (candy crush).. Having troubles playing running games because of the lags. Bought a Note 8 and its lot better. Still not getting rid of it. Wanna get the latest update from Google.. So im keeping my little buddy here. Hope theyll fix in next update.

  • Nicktrance

    I’ve been having this problem for a long while (I got mine in August), I tried using stock, CM, AOKP none of them solved the problem. believe it or not what did solve the problem was killing all apps once the device got a bit laggy, weird… never had a problem with battery life unless you count the one caused by a bug in a Google Play services update which got fixed not long ago.

  • Asusnono

    This is why I will never ever buy an Asus product ever again. Lag I get it badly. Currents solution is only temporary, forever gone is temporary. The lag is unbearable too.

  • Simone

    Agree… I’m very disappointed with the nexus 7…

    That’s a video I made couple months ago

  • TheFluffyOne

    Not convinced it’s the *amount* of RAM at all. I have two N7s, and both exhibit pretty bad lag yet show about 500MB of free memory.

  • Benjamin Pavel

    The more i read about these problems with the Nexus 7 the more i’m convinced that 8 GB and 16 GB series are the most affected.
    I personally own 32 GB model and never had issues like that.

    • turdbogls

      which would fall in line with my “low free storage” slowing down the device.
      if you have lag, and less than 1.5GB free space, its time to do some cleaning. sucks that this happens for some reason, but its an issue that can easily be fixed.

      • Benjamin Pavel

        I don’t think it can be that easily fixed.
        As far as i read it’s firmware issue of Samsung’s flash memory used in Nexus 7 so it’s SAMSUNG’s fault not Asus.
        Read more:

        • turdbogls

          very interesting. and very good information. hope this helps out other people. can this be taken care of through an OTA update?

          • Benjamin Pavel

            Unfortunately i am not a Dev so i wouldn’t know but if there was a fix available i think others developers would fix it already with their custom ROMs.
            Let’s just hope Nexus 7 2nd generation won’t have similiar problems otherwise its a bad word for Nexus devices lol.

  • ray phalanges

    Works as well now as it did nine months ago.

  • turdbogls

    if this is a hardware issue, how come we haven’t heard the same things about the galaxy nexus…it has amuch slower CPU and the same 1GB ram. I personally think it is something else. I have 2 Nexus 7’s in the house. Mine is Rooted and ROM’ed and on AOKP 4.2.2 and it doesn’t lag at all. thing is smooth as butter. My wifes Nexus 7 is stock as stock can be, very few apps installed on it and it is also smooth as day 1.

    i have a couple theories.
    1. the google currents bug is still present. turn off google currents syncing, or disable the app if you use a different news reader.

    2. internal storage is low. i have heard form multiple people that anything under 1.5GB free space starts to hang the nexus 7. not sure why this is and it really sucks, but delete files you dont need or videos you have already watched.

    my devices are always about 2GB free space, so i never noticed this slow down.

    or 3. these nexus 7’s have an app installed that is killing performance.

  • James

    Lag what. Rarely experience it. I have had mine since November and I’m 98% satisfied with it. Stock rom with moderate use and great battery.

  • Shahriar Farkhan

    I bought my Nexus 7 in August when they first came out. It’s been replaced 3x fir screen and other issues. I felt like I was beta testing Jelly Bean for the first 6 months as Bluetooth, lag, wife issues weren’t fixed until 4.2.2.

    Now the thing is pretty sweet. If you experience lag, root and install Franco Kernel and his app. Makes project butter feel like Teflon!

    Not sure I would buy another over the iPad Mini as my roommates Mini was bullet proof from day one. Google could do a better job on the next Nexus 7.

  • James Silva

    I’ve got an HTC Sensation 4g, running CM 10.1 4.2.2, and I experience pretty well no lag. I’ve got 750MB of RAM (before being formatted) and a 1.5GHz over clocked processor… I’m not sure how you people are lagging.

  • I’ve noticed on my Asus Transformer TF300 tablet (which has the same processor and amount of RAM as the Nexus 7) is also experiencing lag and occasionally locks up. You’re right, this could be due to the hardware not being able to keep up with Android 4.2, but it could also very well be that I’ve also been spoiled using faster devices. I have the HTC One which doesn’t lag whatsoever, but also has higher hardware specs. When using the HTC One all day then switching back to my tablet when I get home, it could very well be that I notice things that I didn’t before since at one time the Transformer tablet was the highest spec’ed device I had in my house.

  • koz

    Could it be that the people having lag problems are mostly 16GB versions? I’ve had my 32GB N7 for almost a year and haven’t had any problems.

  • Erik Jensen, Denmark

    The app called “Forever Gone” will fix the problem with lag on all ASUS units. My old Transformer 101, TF 700 and my Nexus 7 now all run like butter. There is a technical explanation why, but all I know is that it work- good! Olso remember to disable Google Current, if you dont use it

  • Simon Belmont

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 since Christmas of 2012 and it’s been great. Great speed, fluid UI, plays everything I throw at it, and great battery life.

    The ONLY time it showed SLIGHT lag was the initial version of Android 4.2 and Android 4.2.1. Android 4.2.2 brought it back to its previous luster. I’m extremely happy with it. I don’t see myself needing a replacement for a long while.

  • sjpn

    I got the nexus 7 when it first came out. after a while it did lag. The only thing that really fixed it for me was going to cm10.1 (rc release). It’s been nice since then. Not snappy, zippy, buttery or anything. just acceptable. i would prefer stock android though just to get that latest 4.3 or 4.2.x whenever it comes out. i might try some of these suggestions here like forever gone.

  • FreshHellNews

    Users complain about anything. Maybe they should go back to Windoze…

  • FreshHellNews

    I still hold that my Nexus 7 is the finest piece of equipment that $200 can buy. I use it for no less than 15 hours a day for the last 11 months. No noticeable lag if you properly maintain it. Do you really need all those silly processes like Facebook running in the background?

  • menz96

    chrome sucks. use Mozilla Firefox. smooth scrolling.

  • fck Google

    For me this piece of Sh*t sucks *ss I should’ve kept my iPad.. Google so disappointed so much money n can’t really make something good you suck as your products.