Nexus 7 official dock confirmed to hit Europe in mid-January

by: Bams SadewoJanuary 2, 2013


Two weeks ago we told you that you can pre-order the official docking station for the Nexus 7 online from retailer B&H. While the shipment date was initially missing, the website has been updated with some information you’ve been desperately longing to hear. As listed there, those who have pre-ordered the dock should be getting it delivered starting from January 10.

The date falls in line with what Asus Benelux has reportedly told the folks over at Android World. They have received confirmation from Asus that the Nexus 7 dock will be available in stores in Europe in mid-January. The price hasn’t been mentioned, but it’s expected to retail for €29.99.

The docking station comes with a microUSB port to charge the device and a 3.5mm audio-out port. Those who want to hook the tablet up to a bigger display will be disappointed to learn that the dock doesn’t come with a video output.

It’s odd how Asus and Google don’t seem to want to capitalize on the success of its popular tablet sooner, but the wait for the official accessory to arrive for many Nexus 7 owners should be over this month.

  • David

    we’ll believe this when the dock has been delivered. Google’s and Asus’s track record is not good in this matter. :-(

  • Zed

    It’s been on sale the past week at the French Asus store. Out of stock since yesterday though.