Nexus 7 delayed at Office Depot until further notice

by: Chris SmithJuly 12, 2012
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Yesterday we heard that the Google Nexus 7 tablet may be available from Office Depot starting today, but it turns out that’s not the case anymore. In fact, we have a new screenshot that reveals that the first Jelly Bean tablet in the world has been delayed. The device is still available for pre-order from the retailer, but we don’t have any official release date for you at this time.

Apparently Office Depot has received Nexus 7 stock, but they came with strict instructions not to be displayed and not to be sold at this time. Any Nexus 7 shipments have to be held and locked up “until further notice.” I would assume Google is not yet ready to send out the pre-ordered units and therefore it’s instructing any third-party retailers interested in selling the device to hold on to the stock for now.

When announcing the Nexus 7 during Google I/O, the company did say that the tablet will be launched in mid-July. Since then Google did not update the launch window for the device, although it did update its shipping status earlier this week (to 1-2 weeks from 3-4 weeks), and it’s only logical to expect the Nexus 7 to ship in the following days, quite possibly by next week.

We’ll be keeping you in the loop on the Nexus 7 launch, so keep following us closely for timely updates. Meanwhile, if you still haven’t ordered your Nexus 7 tablet we’ll remind you that pre-orders are still open in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK and you can get the device from Google Play and from select electronic retailers.

  • Concerned Cheesewedge

    That ridiculous. If pre-ordering the nexus 7 will entail that you get your tablet later than someone who camps out for the nexus 7 at a brick-and-mortar store, then whats the point of pre-ordering? I’ve waited long enough, google! Communicate with your customers!!!

  • Nemkeen

    All I have to say is f**k Google. I pre-ordered mine about two weeks ago. I had an option to go on vacation or get a Nexus 7. I obviously went with the N7. Google isn’t even communicating with us, so we have no idea what is going on.