The brand new Nexus 7 Jelly Bean tablet, despite being more resistant than the iPad in drop and water tests, still has some issues of its own. In addition to the screen ghosting problem and the loose display annoyance we have already shown you, we now hear the some units also come with certain backlight bleeding issues.

As you can see in the image above, obtained by PocketNow, the backlight bleeding problem is more than obvious and we’re yet to see whether it’s related to the loose display matter.

While Asus provided various answers regarding the Nexus 7 – explaining why there’s no rear-camera on the device – it’s yet to go on record on this problems affecting certain units. And Google has not come out to detail these issues either.

On the other hand, we have no idea how many users are affected by these (manufacturing?) problems, so we’re certainly interested in hearing more from you, Nexus 7 buyers. Did you notice such backlight bleeding on your tablet? Is the screen also coming out of its place? What about image ghosting issues?

  • Keith0606

    So far no issues on mine. No light bleed no screen raise no dead pixels.

    • rj

      Same here. No issues with my Nexus 7 whatsoever.

    • David Peterson

      yep, mines been perfect.

  • Similar issue with the Transformer series. Screw is on too tight. Mechanical issue, mostly.

  • Lagnis

    I received 2 of the 16GB models. One is perfect and the other has a terrible screen that is uneven washed out ghosting and hideous. Spoke to Google rep last night who took my info and said a warranty rep would email me with an RMA and they will replace the unit but gave no timing and said continue to use that one until a new one arrives. I won’t be using it! It is that bad!

  • DragonsKindler

    Had a loose screen (fixed) very minimal light bleed on the left edge where it was loose. no biggie tho

  • paul

    First nexus from gamestop had dead pixel. Next two had severe ghosting issue. Stuck with the nexus with the one dead pixel by gamestop and told to contact Google.

  • steve

    I’ve got horrible light bleeding just as shown in the above pictures, I’ve been calling Google 2 times a day in the hope that the squeaky wheel will get the oil. Finally got the email to approve them to hold funds on my credit card so they can ship a new unit…. tried calling today to see when the replacement will ship but after an hour wait I was hung up on by a rep… this has happened twice. My assumption is it will be another week making the whole experience from initial order to when I have a (hopefully functional) unit over one month

  • Edward

    asus tablets usually have these issues, but i think they’ll fix them, these are software issues i guess

    • WestIndiesKING

      how in the hell is backlight bleeding a software issue? Or loose display screws?

  • WestIndiesKING

    no issues with my baby, thank god. I checked for bleeding since my transformer had some and checked for the ghosting. My boo is just fine. Thank god. I hope you guys get your issues squared away.

    • Steve Bobs

      Did you buy yours from the Google play store?

      • WestIndiesKING


  • these are temporary mechanical problems i guess…. after stabilising their stock and adjusting for demand they can quicker address these faults in assembly i guess….mayb a month or so?

  • I don’t have the backlight problems, the creaking screen problem, or the charging problems. I’m glad I got lucky, but this is a real bummer as I’ve been evangelizing about my new favorite piece of technology.

  • Jerry

    I do have the backlight bleeding issue but was able to work around it by turning off the automatic display brightness option and just going manual. Otherwise all looks fine.

  • Mco

    No issues whatsoever. My guess is this is a problem effecting an extreme minority of people. Google will sort it out.

    Remember, even the supposedly “perfect” iPad 3 had a number of complaints about backlight bleed when it launched.

  • Ben Bowtell

    I’ve had 4 Nexus(es) so far, 3 of which were faulty. One with dead pixels in the middle of the screen and 2 with lifting screens. My 4th has arrived today so I haven’t had chance to test it and my 5th arrives tomorrw. The plan is to end up with two working ones in my house but it’s not going well so far!

  • jolas

    Bleeding backlight on men nexus7

  • tracy

    I’m on my second, but am going to need to try again. My first one had an issue with the screen flickering. This one has backlight bleeding and the screen is lifting :/

  • Yes, please solve the bleeding

  • Garry R.

    No problems with mine, runs smooth and everything is okay.