Nexus 7 pics leaked, coming to retailers on July 20

by: Brad WardJuly 17, 2013
Nexus 7

Nexus family with Nexus 7 in the middle

If the product event that Google scheduled for July 24 wasn’t any indication that we’ll be seeing a new Nexus 7, pictures sent to Engadget by an anonymous tipster suggest that the Nexus 7 will be coming to retail outlets as early as next week, the same week Google’s event will take place.


According to the pictures, the next Nexus 7 iteration will be sold alongside the old model. The photos don’t reveal for how long, but we presume until stock has run out, unless Google plans on selling both, but that’s highly unlikely.


The documents suggest that retailers will have the new device on July 20, but it’s unlikely to be seen on shelves until some official announcement, which makes us think that Google’s event on July 24 is going to be pretty significant for the Android world.

The fact that the new Nexus 7 will be arriving at retail outlets on July 20 certainly isn’t surprising. As you know, retailers usually receive devices well in advance of their release, especially when it’s a popular product. However, the exciting thing here is that the new iteration of the Nexus 7 isn’t that far out, and it isn’t much more expensive than last year’s model, coming in at $269.99, according to the photos.


Pics of the upcoming device were tipped to Android Central, and while the unit we see in stores may be different, it’s still interesting to take a look at what the Nexus 7’s successor might look like.



It goes without saying, July 24 is going to be an exciting day.

  • Tamadrummer94

    Still too much bezel, and hopefully it won’t be packing an old S4. The 4 GB of RAM casts doubts over the spec sheet tho.

    • Alex Ohannes

      More bezel means more durability. I’ll take the durability.

    • SeraZR™

      Bezel is needed on a tablet –_–

  • dogulas

    This will be the main reason I will be lighting fireworks on the 24th. It also happens to be a fireworks-lighting holiday in my state as well. But that is secondary to this cause for celebration.

    • lollicup04

      it just seems like yesterday it was july 4th

  • districtjack

    beauty, especially that sticker on the back. I personally don’t think a tablet needs a rear camera but I’m sure there are those out there that do.

  • Lol

    Must have

  • districtjack

    Just got this from the horse’s mouth: Google Play Canada $309. NVidea tegra 3 quad core 4+1 1280×800 gyro accelerometer GeForce GPU Android 4. 2 32 GB HSPA

    • Ben Edwards

      Good work, you got the specs for the current Nexus 7 3G tablet.

    • Kevin

      Welcome to 2012.

  • Alberto Bonsanto

    Gimme 10

  • Justin Rebar

    Ill be picking one up, not in a hurry though. I thought I would never buy a tablet but, what the hell…


    Would like to see confirmation on 1920 x 1200 display

    • districtjack

      its confirmed 1280×800

      • Mystery Man

        What’s up with this troll?

        • districtjack

          Ooops I did not know an hspa model was currently available. Hold on while I get my brother to help me pull my foot out of my mouth.

  • End in sight

    Time to give away my old Nexus 7 and get this one. I’ve got to have that back camera and a sim card.

  • Oli72

    I will have

  • Vincent

    It would have been nice if Google/Asus had chosen to include front facing speakers. It’s a portable, media consumption device. Rear facing speakers make no sense.

    While they were at it, increasing the size to 7.7″ would have been smart. In general 7″ tablets are just a little too small. That added fraction of an inch makes a world of difference in usability.

    *sigh* Once again, it looks like the ipad mini/2 will be the better tablet this year.

    • Vincent


      To clarify, the ipad mini crushes the nexus when it comes to ecosystem and tablet optimized apps. To compete, the nexus at least has to sport the better hardware. And said hardware has to be better without question or exception.

      And while the display resolution is certainly superior, form factor and sound are going to be inferior. In short, there won’t be *enough* compelling reason to shell out for the nexus 7 v2 when the ipad mini (and mini 2 later on) exist.

      • Dean Wilkinson l

        False. The iPad Mini has an inferior processor and an inferior screen, coupled with a limited OS. There are few apps that I’ve seen that don’t perform well on the Nexus 7, so you’re whining about opinion at best. Ecosystem? That’s more meaningless Apple babble you’re spouting. There’s no great advantage over using iOS any more. There isn’t even a small one. Apple is covering its butt by shamelessly stealing Android features.
        This device we’re talking about here is a league ahead of the Mini and you claim it can’t measure up? What galaxy are you in?

        • Vincent

          Umm…have you used both platforms?

          Android is far better than what it was a year ago, certainly. But to say that the respective ecosystems are at relative parity is foolish.

          And what’s the point of a powerful processor without good software? Simply hitting high benchmarks does not a successful tablet make.

          Phone apps are close enough to iOS that the hardware can push android phones over the edge. Often, such as with say the HTC One, well over the edge. Hence why android phones sell so well compared to the iphone.

          And also why android tablets sell so poorly.

          • Trent Richards

            I must disagree with you. I have used both platforms extensively and I can say that to me Android is superior in almost every way. I still can’t believe that people are talking apps claiming that iOS has better. Define better… Do you mean prettier? Sure iOS apps tend to look a little better. Functionality is almost always in the Android apps favor though IMO. There are some exceptions to that due to some developers not focusing as much on their Android apps as they do iOS apps(Facebook is a good example) but there are similar examples of Android apps that are better than iOS apps. As for tablet apps, I have yet to hit a snag where I couldn’t get an app that I wanted on my Nexus 10 and have yet to find one that was not usable on the 10 inch screen.

            Speaking on UX and UI, to me Android takes home that trophy. I don’t know why people speak so highly about iOS UX and UI on the Internet, all I hear in person is complaints and questions. I personally can’t stand the iOS UI and find it to be so restrictive that it is incredibly frustrating. Now iOS 7 has certainly made some improvements and pushed themselves closer to the user friendly experience that Android provides. However they still have some more improvements to make. Polish on iOS is no doubt high and it runs very smoothly. The apps run well also and the hardware is certainly top tier. Where iOS lacks and falls behind Android for many of us is the user experience.

        • kascollet

          Dude, you MUST use an iPad for a while an make your mind.
          Great apps on a big screen, in a small form factor, that’s what people love in the iPad mini. This Nexus will have no apps, on a smaller screen, and a bulkier form factor. Whatever the resolution or 56-core processor, at 270$, it’s DOA.

  • Jusephe

    it is just me or theese small tablets are starting to look like giant phones ?

    This one for example looks similar to Xperia Z ultra, just bigger.

    • kascollet

      As long as Android tablets stick with this silly wide aspect ratio, they’ll look and feel very much like blown-up phones. 4:3 is the way to go to differentiate tablets. I still don’t understand why no good 4:3 Android tablets are on the market today.

      • Trent Richards

        I love the wide screen aspect ratio and hope that Android OEMs never pull away from it. Why does it matter if it looks like a big phone anyway? Also, my Nexus 10 looks nothing like a phone. To me tablets should be held in landscape mode and wide screen is best for that.

        • kascollet

          You’re right : looks don’t matter at all. Nevertheless, I find a more squarish ratio to be better (more content) in all use cases except movies (whitch is very neglect able to me).

          • Trent Richards

            I can certainly respect that. We all have different preferences. Do you use your tablet more in portrait mode or landscape mode? I do find the 4:3 aspect ratio better for portrait mode as it provides a wider screen while held that way. I find in landscape mode it matches Web content better as most Web pages are designed for widescreen monitors. Of course if there is a tablet version of the website it is almost always designed to fit the iPad best. I never use tablet or mobile versions of websites though as I find the full PC version is usually the best and most functional.

          • kascollet

            I find myself using the iPad 4 equally in both orientations, depending on the website layout, but the device is a bit heavy for long portrait hold.
            On the iPad Mini (yes I’m a lucky boy having both), I’m most of the time browsing in portrait, because the lightness allows me to do so.
            I had an Iconia Tab before switching and I found it mostly unusable in portrait : too narrow and too heavy (the greater height doesn’t help).
            4:3 just works both ways (still talking about browsing the web).

          • Trent Richards

            Yeah I can see how you like not having to scroll down as often with 4:3 in landscape. It doesn’t bother me at all to scroll up or down, but with 4:3 I sometimes find that I have to scroll left or right to see the full width of a site or the site has been zoomed out too far to fit the width on the screen and you end up having to zoom in to read text without straining. This just goes to show how much different user preference can be and why it is great that we have both aspect ratios out there in the market. Perhaps one day Google will find a way for developers to create apps that can adjust to both 4:3 and 16:9.

          • kascollet

            Yes, a matter of preferences and habits in the end.
            It’s sad we don’t have the choice. iPads are 4:3, Andro-tabs are 16:10. Surface are 16:9. Choosing aspect implies choosing the ecosystem and the paradigm.

          • Trent Richards

            Yeah but sadly the cause of that is the inability to write an app that scales between the two form factors. Choices are definitely a good thing though and Android being the platform that offers the most choices, I have hope that one day we might see both form factors on Android.

  • maxfrix

    Why is it I still don’t get tablets. I look and think I am going to care and have to have one. Still looking but still not getting, oh well.
    Daughter has iPad, sister has Toshiba. They both love theirs. I have used them, just still grab a laptop if I want a bigger screen. I do like a keyboard I guess.