“New Nexus 7” specs outed by analyst? Android 4.3, Snapdragon S4 Pro, and more

by: Chris SmithMay 9, 2013

Nexus 7 (2012 model) vs Nexus 10 (2012 model)

An analyst says that Google will unveil a second-generation Nexus 7 tablet at Google I/O next week sporting superior specs compared to its predecessor, while being equally affordable.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has sent out a research note revealing potential specifications for the second-generation Nexus 7 tablet a few days ahead of Google I/O 2013.

Still made by Asus, the new Nexus 7 would offer the following specs and features:

  • 7-inch LTPS display with 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) resolution
  • quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (APQ8064)
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • HD front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • 4000mAh battery with Qi wireless charging support
  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Assuming the information is accurate – and we can never guarantee that with analysts – we’re looking at several upgrades compared to the current Nexus 7. The second-gen version would sport a high-resolution display, the same kind of processor found inside the Nexus 4 smartphone, but also a rear camera. The device would run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean – which we’ve seen in our own server logs recently – and offer wireless charging support.


Image Credit: KGI Securities

When it comes to design, the tablet is said to have a smaller bezel and feature a plastic case. Kuo provides details on the actual suppliers for various second-gen Nexus 7 components, see screenshot above, but we have no way of confirming them at this time.

According to the analyst, Google would sell the device at cost, losing from $5 to $10 with each device, and would make it available through the Play Store and other retailers. Interestingly, storage isn’t mentioned – we’d expect at least 16GB on the cheapest version – but it looks like versions with more memory could also be launched.

Not that it matters as much what Google will call the new tablet, the second-gen Nexus 7 is named “new Nexus 7” by Kuo, not Nexus 2 7.0 or any other strange-looking product name we’d expect to see there.

That said, we’ll cover Google I/O in great detail next week at which point we’ll be able to tell you more about this just-a-rumor-for-now next-gen Nexus 7.

  • Don’t really need an analyst to tell us most of (the obvious) that

  • Take my money.

    • Shred

      I wish I could upvote this more than once. :-)

  • Qbancelli

    Oh Yeah!
    My mind is ready, my money is ready, my body…..

  • donald Wyman

    sounds good except I have a hard time beliving that it will have last years processor in it…I might belive it if the claim said it would have a snapdragon 600 or tegra 4. going from a tegra 3 to a s4 pro is not that big of a leap. I am calling bs

    • True_Neutral

      The Tegra 3 wasn’t cutting edge when the first N7 came out. This tablet will continue the first N7’s mission of increasing Android’s tablet market share, not to pack the latest and greatest. Although of course I would also prefer the S600.

      • donald Wyman

        yes but it was a current generation processor not the previous generation processor like this analyst is claiming. All of the nexus devices so far have came out with current generation hardware not previous gen stuff.

  • Oli72

    Can’t wait for that Nexus 7 2nd gen. It think the processor will be stronger then before. Snap dragon 600 or 800.

  • APai

    the weak processor makes this source a suspect, the processor will probably be more powerful

    • Qbancelli

      It’s a $199 tablet. It doesn’t have to have the latest and greatest.

      • anops

        the snap 600 its kinda the S4 on steroids, with a BOM of 20 its pretty probable to be in the nexus 7, anyhow i’ll get the nexus 7 v2, the first was really and it still realyl tentative but i will get this one

      • APai

        surprise! they gave better internals to the nexus 7 than most other android tablets for a long long time now – all for a much lesser price. google is selling the tablet at cost or at a small loss- whatever it is – google clearly isnt profiting directly, so they can afford to give it at cost

        • That is probably not true, since ASUS is selling them in retail stores around Europe (also countries without “media play store”) for the same price Google does. And ASUS is not selling them for a loss you can bet on that.

    • True_Neutral

      Wow, the APQ8064 being called weak really shows how fast technology is progressing.

      • APai


  • Moosa Mahsoom

    Oh my god! JDI makes displays for HTC.

  • Marsg

    Less bezel pls


    If this is real I really want it :D

  • kascollet

    1920X1200 resolution + quad-core SoC…. Powered by a mere 4000 mAh battery.
    Either one of this characteristics is wrong, or battery life will be a joke.

    • Bone

      There is no direct relation between pixel density and battery drainage, the Nexus 4 requires more juice at 720p than the Oppo Find 5 or Xperia Z at 1080p. As a matter of fact both the iPad 3 and the Galaxy S4 improved battery life more than they increased capacity, so there’s plenty of reason to expect similar results to the Nexus 7 if it’ll have the same screen and same battery.

      • kascollet

        With the same screen tech, boosting ppi always means boosting back-lighting (more pixels to block the light -> need more light to maintain overall brightness).
        When Apple switched to Retina screen on the iPad, they had to put a 70% bigger battery to keep the battery life in their 10H standard (and in fact, battery life was worse).
        1900X1200 and 4000 mAh battery doesn’t make sens unless A) the screen is very dim (low max brightness -> unacceptable) or B) Asus uses a totally new screen tech (very unlikely at this price point).

        • Paul Taylor

          It also remains to be seen whether Android 4.3 includes improved battery life due to software/kernel improvements. We’ll have to see.

          • kascollet

            Yes. Very good point.

        • Bone

          Then again, in theory that may be true, but in reality it doesn’t make much difference. As my examples show, sometimes the higher res device does a better job at energy saving. It’s is actually, really happening.

        • finalflash

          Not necessarily. The same amount of light is required for the same screen size with LCD regardless of resolution. The amount of crystals in front of the display do not reduce its brightness, they section the screen into more pixels (each point on the screen will be just as bright as the last model assuming the brightness of the screen wasn’t changed). In AMOLED it matters but that’s because each pixel is individually lit, where as in LCD, a uniform backlight is provided for all. The reason iPad retina required a bigger battery is because of the significant graphics and cpu boost it needed to run that resolution and they increased the overall brightness of the screen compared to the previous models.

          So in this case, I assume the battery life will be about the same because while the screen dynamics won’t change much, running that resolution with the more powerful tech will have a bigger hit on battery.

          • kascollet

            No. That’s just wrong. More ppi implies MORE backlight power.

            Displaymate about the iPad “Retina” one year ago :

            “…the light transmission of the LCD decreases as the pixel density increases, so a brighter Backlight is necessary. In fact, the number of Backlight LEDs has roughly doubled (from 36 to an estimated 72 to 82), so the Backlight power has approximately doubled. Since the display normally consumes about 50-60 percent of the total Tablet power, the new iPad needs at least a 50 percent larger battery. In fact, the battery increased from 25 to 42.5 watt hours, a 70 percent increase. Our measured Backlight power for the new iPad is 2.5 times the iPad 2 for the same screen brightness.”

    • Bruce Gangata

      Maybe they are using a new method of saving battery that has been awarded recently, among other battery saving improvements in 4.3

    • Lowry Brooks

      I hope it has the same chip as the N10

      • kascollet

        I seriously hope not. This 5250 chip literally DEVOURS battery. They’d better put in a big.little SoC, like the one supposedly powering the S4 Mini (2XA15 + 2XA7).

        • Lowry Brooks


  • Snapdragon and 1080p plus screen is to be expected, if they add a camera, LTE and phone functionality I’d be all over it as a daily driver.

  • Sandor Trinder

    And what abaut the hdmi support?
    It’ important to me put movies etc. to a big screen via MHL or DLNA or micro HDMI…
    The only week point of the nexus 7 is : lack of HDMI or MHL or DLNA connection..

    • It might be slimport like the nexus 4

    • Relocated

      For me the biggest weak point is no rear camera, followed by poor speakers. Long before I care about what I can transfer out of the N7!

      • Relocated

        Sorry, Relocated. Oddly, despite being logged in under my own disqus account, my comments posted as if I were you. Very weird. Very, very weird.

        • Relocated

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          For whatever it’s worth to anyone/everyone, I am NOT “Relocated” and am not posting with this alias on purpose.

  • Bone

    I wish it was 7.9″ it is the PERFECT tablet size, otherwise a fullHD screen with S4 pro / Adreno 320 / 2GB RAM for $200 is SPECtacular!

  • I still don’t use my nexus 7 enough to justify dropping another couple hundred bucks.

  • Roberto Tomás

    Im sorry, but the S4 Pro was a 2011/2012 processor. If it is still in products in 2013, fine .. but let’s not kid ourselves calling it new.

    • kascollet

      No. S4 Pro (Pro meaning quad-core) is a late 2012 SoC. First devices running the S4 Pro were Optimus G & Nexus 4. Sony’s own XPeria Z flagship also uses the S4 Pro. It’s still a very decent platform today.

      • Roberto Tomás

        Hi Kas. I believe (look it up if you think I am wrong) Qualcomm releases their high end parts in H2. Every year.
        2013H2: Snapdragon 800
        2012H2: Snapdragon 600 (this wasn’t meant to be a high-end part so much as they couldn’t get the 800 up in time..)
        2011H2: Snapdragon S4 Pro

        • kascollet

          Maybe so, but I was talking about real products availability.

      • Lowry Brooks

        Anything coming in 2013 that’s flagship needs at least an S600.

        • kascollet

          Agreed. But the Nexus is at best a mid-level device, not a “flagshiph.

          • Lowry Brooks

            But it kind of is a flagship in it’s own way. However, because of the cost (199) I think google will never have a “super fast” N7. So this year, I might look at a samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0

    • Snapdragon 600 is basically a S4 Pro rev2, it has some imporvements/bug fixes/ optimizations. But the architecture didn’t change. So it is hard to talk about them being different generation.

      • Roberto Tomás

        A typical S4 Pro phone scores around 14k in Antutu. A typical Snapdragon 600 phone scores around 25k. It’s almost 100% faster … this isn’t like GPUs! Those peripheral improvements count in the mobile world

        • kascollet

          It’s more like 20K (S4 Pro) vs 25K (S600). That’s 25%. Obviously in the same league I guess.


          • Roberto Tomás

            mm, ok, let’s set a standard .. here is a single, relyable source: http://i1.wp.com/cdn04.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/HTC-One-vs-Galaxy-S4-benchmarks.jpg?resize=600%2C370

            so ~26k versus 20k (for best released so far). A 30% improvement is kinda a big deal. But look at the naming nomenclature .. S4 Pro (part of a series with names like Pro, Prime, Plus, Play) versus Snapdragon 600 .. they clearly migrated from one year’s build to the next. Therefore its yesteryear tech. QED

          • kascollet

            Ok then : 20K vs 26K. That’s indeed 30% more, but the frequency advantage is of 26% (1.5 Ghz for the Xperia Z vs 1.9 Ghz for the GS4).
            The benefit of the S600 is only in being able to be clocked higher. I don’t call that a generation gap at all. The Snapdragon 600 is clearly a refinement of the S4 Pro, not much more.

            For example, you have a generation gap between Exynos 4 and Exynos Octa (15K vs 28K at about the same frequency) or between A5 and A6 (100% improvement at 1.5X the frequency).

          • Roberto Tomás

            I thought they also included new controllers, for things like support for SATA3 (800 at least has this), and high speed LPDDR3.

            As for the “Generation gap” — as I noted, the top-of-the-line S4 Pros appear to be pushing 20k, but the regular ones from earlier in the release cycle were closer to 14k. (Edit: in fact, here: http://www.androidauthority.com/snapdragon-s4-pro-vs-exynos-4412-benchmarks-127274/ — it scores only a bit better than 11k in the Optimus G in a review done on this very site)

          • kascollet

            These were old results obtained with another Antutu version !
            The only S4 Pro device that has low score (well below 20K) is the Nexus 4 (bad RAM and NAND or thermal throttling it seems).

  • Pedro Guerrero

    I sold my 8gb for $150,, I’m RDY 50$ to upgrade is DaBest!!!!!!!!!

  • Want…….

  • Bilal Mahmood

    Piece of shit WTF snapdragon ?? The reason I bought the nexus 7 was for the Tegra 3 much better gaming than qualqomm can ever do Google should go with the much better tegra 4

  • Do want!

  • no rply

    now thats gona rock with 323 ppi screen…. wish they use QQ-SD600 instead s4 pro…. still ok

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    I didn’t see any mention of RAM. Please, for the love of all that is Holy, please have 2 gigs of RAM.

  • Norman Rosevear

    Count me in, can’t wait, bring it on…

  • isn’t 7 a little too small? Wouldn’t 8 with half the bezel be much better??

  • Peter


    • Stefan Dumitrache

      it will also have a headphone jack, but obvious features are not mentioned.

  • ali

    Hey,Where is my MicroSD slot?

  • Pau C

    Is the S4 pro confirmed?, i’d like it to have a Tegra 3 or 4

  • David

    Needs a bigger battery. That’s smaller than the first nexus 7. And you raise the processor and screen resolution. Wow -.-

  • pluto

    will it have GPS like the old version ?