Nexus 7 (2013) receives two software updates at launch; tablet not compatible with Google Wallet

by: Chris SmithJuly 27, 2013

Nexus 7

Launched earlier than expected, the new Nexus 7 already has two firmware updates in waiting according to a report while an other reveals that the tablet isn’t compatible with Google Wallet.

The two updates will upgrade the software to version JWR66N and then JSS15J, according to Android Central. The first one will apparently install itself automatically once the tablet connects to a wireless network for the first time, while the second one will pop up as a regular update notification, letting you update the software at your convenience.


Android 4.3 update on Nexus 7 (2013) | Image Credit: Android Central

The publication says that both updates seem to be minor, “most likely containing some system fine-tuning and bug fixes.”

As for Google Wallet support, Android Police says that the new Nexus 7 isn’t compatible with Google Wallet just yet, which is certainly surprising considering that the device does come with NFC powers and that, well, Google Wallet is a Google product.

Google Wallet can’t be installed from Google Play or using the latest APK, so we’ll just have to wait for more details from Google on this one.


Google Wallet on Nexus 7 (2013) | Image Credit: Android Police

What’s interesting though is that Taylor Wimberly, the guy that brought us so many Moto X leaks in the past days (and months) has posted this short message on Google+ the other day:

[quote qtext=”Just heard +Guy Kawasaki say NFC will become very important on August 1st…..” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Presumably, he refers to the Moto X, but then again, Google Wallet is related to NFC. We won’t speculate on what Guy Kawasaki meant, but instead we’ll wait for the Moto X to become official.

  • kascollet

    Please Google don’t mess up the launch of a great product… again !

  • michael sanchez

    No wallet what the hell google

    • bozzykid

      Is anyone really using Google Wallet on a tablet to make purchases over NFC? I doubt many are.

      • michael sanchez

        Some use it everywhere they go I’m sure not all but it does and has come in handy. Google should be adding not subtracting from the nexus 7.

        • Aayush Thakore

          i think it will be added soon

          • vman678

            It won’t be. The new nexus lacks a secure hardware chip in the NFC. Google wallet will never be compatible with the new nexus 7

      • Jeff C

        people give me funny looks when i use wallet with my s3, never mind me whipping out a tablet and making a purchase lol

    • cbob

      The New nexus 7 works with the wireless charging orb.

  • Nicolas_Ambrose

    Okay, not to be a total newbie moron, but how does one make a purchase from the Play Store of any kind without Wallet? Google’s help pages, recently updated, show no other option for a wifi tablet. I’ve never used NFC, but have made well over $100 in purchases from the store using Wallet and would like to continue doing so…

    • Aaron Jaeger

      When people say “Wallet isn’t compatible,” they mean the NFC payments piece of Google Wallet. The part of Wallet that lets you pay for things in Google Play and on websites and in mobile apps will continue to work just fine.

      • Nicolas_Ambrose

        Thanks for the clarification – the way I’ve been reading all of these articles, the entire Wallet app was incompatible, was not and could not be loaded on the N7-2. Apparently a misunderstanding on my part.

        • Aaron Jaeger

          The wallet app is for nfc payments and is not required for purchasing things on the play store. The bits of wallet that handle play store payments and in app purchases are housed in the Google play services package.