Nexus 7 (2013) apparently out of stock with Staples; Amazon only has 16GB version

by: Chris SmithJuly 28, 2013

Nexus 7

The new Nexux 7 already appears to be out of stock with Staples (both versions) and Amazon (32GB model), after having started sales only a few days ago.

Both retailers launched the Nexus 7 (2013) ahead of the July 30 release date announced by Google during the new Nexus 7 event, and it looks like they’re already running out of stock.

Staples has already sold out both the 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi models, but we’ll point out that a $30 off tablets coupon may have helped with sales, as many users were able to buy one of the two versions for $30 less than the original price. We will also note that the Nexus 7 seems to be out-of-stock for online sales, and you may find it available for in-store sales (just click on the “Reserve and Pickup” button if it shows up online, and you’ll get more information on stock availability for your region).

Amazon still has the 16GB version in stock ready to ship immediately, while the 32GB model will only ship in 3-4 weeks if ordered now.

In addition to Staples and Amazon, there are plenty of other retailers that are selling the tablet in the U.S. including the Google Play Store, Best Buy, Game Stop, Walmart, OfficeMax, Office Depot, H&N, RadioShack, J&R and B&H.

The 16GB version retails for $229, while the 32GB costs $269. The 4G LTE version is not available from any store at this point, as Google announced it will be released in the following weeks.

  • arman

    what about lte version ?

  • HitokiriX

    Well, that sucks. I was waiting till next week to order mine.

  • VicMatson

    Look at the details of the Staples offer, the new Nexus 7 2 isn’t included in the offer! Those two mouse print numbers reflect the Staples item number. If Staples is truly accepting the coupon, they are messing up big time!

    • That’s a newer coupon. They had a coupon as of Friday without the exclusions.

  • Staples won’t accept the coupon. I printed it off and tried to use it at one of there stores, but the manager said it didn’t apply to the new N7 because “it was released early.”. I even called the Staples 800 number after to complain and they said the same. Nothing in the give print excluded any item or tablet. They should have honored it. If not for the ink recycling program, I’d never do there again.

    • VicMatson
      • I’ve seen that one floating around, however the one I printed on Friday right of the Staples website did not have any such exclusions. I just checked and they have since removed it, probably because I called their 800 number to complain.

        • CeeDel

          They removed it because it was a coupon intended to clear out stock of the previous Nexus 7 and other tablets, which for Staples, haven’t sold well. When they decided to launch it early they changed it within a few hours on Friday. They also excluded e-Readers because stores that still had Nooks were having them bought out by asian resellers for $6.50 after coupon. The POS did take the coupon, but it was up to the manager on duty if they honored it or not since it was obvious a change in the fine print was coming.

          • Not sure what your point is. They had a coupon that was valid that they refused to honor with me. Their intent doesn’t matter. They screwed up.

          • CeeDel

            If corporate told you the same, then they sent out a communication to all stores to tell them not to honor the original version of the coupon. It was an unexpected early release, so I’m not surprised. This happens with Staples coupons, which why I hate them.

      • jsl262

        I still have pdf of original coupon.

  • Adam

    Ordered online and got the Nexus 32G for 239.99. The online coupon worked! online promo code: 41178.

  • Denster2u

    I Actually bought my Nexus 7 2 on Friday at the local Staples for full price, then found out about the $30 off coupon on Saturday. I brought my receipt back to the store, along with the coupon and requested a refund for the difference. The cashier had to call up the manager for an override. The manager acknowledged that the Nexus 2 wasn’t supposed to be available until Tues – after the coupon expired, but he had no problem with processing the refund for me. I’ve heard some stores have refused, so I guess YMMV. It’s worth a try if there’s a store near you with stock. Good luck!

  • jsl262

    I was refused to use discounted $30 coupon also at one staples store saturday. I reserved a Nexus online at another staples store they confirmed my order and on my way to p/u online order they sent me an email cancelling the order w/o no explanation. They did not know I was going to try and apply discount coupon.No explanation at all, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. BTW i just received today from staples a kindle I ordered last week and I am returning it to a local store unopened and I will not do business with them again. I contacted customer service detailing my experiences over the weekend and they can’t be bothered to respond.

  • srh2020

    Staples suddenly changed the status of new Nexus 7 to ‘out of stock’ on Saturday and wouldn’t allow backorders or rainchecks for their $30 off coupon. Now that the promotion has ended, the tablet is magically back in stock and available for order. I really feel that they’re playing games to avoid honoring their promotion for purchases of the new tablet. I’ll take my business elsewhere.