Nexus 7 (2013) vs iPad Mini: by the numbers

by: Brad WardJuly 29, 2013
nexus 7 (2012) vs iPad Mini for nexus 7 (2013) by the numbers

iPad Mini pictured on the left with the Nexus 7 (2012) shown on the right.

The Nexus 7 (2013) was just recently announced, and it already blows away some of the competition in the 7-inch market. Just how well does it stack up against what is still a fierce competitor, the iPad Mini, though? Find out as these two giants go head to head in our “by the numbers” comparison.


That’s how much larger the iPad Mini’s display is than the Nexus 7’s (2013). Coming in at 7.9-inches, some say it’s the perfect size, but screen size isn’t all that matters when it comes to making a beautiful display. Sure, it might be bigger, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.


Speaking of beautiful displays, at 323ppi, the Nexus 7 (2013) has 161 more pixels per inch than the iPad Mini. It’s quite a big difference, especially considering that the Nexus 7 (2013) also has a beautiful full HD 1,920 x 1,200 LCD IPS display, compared to the iPad Mini’s 768 x 1,024 display.


This is how much faster the Nexus 7’s (2013) Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core CPU, rated at 1.5GHz, is than the iPad Mini’s less performing, A5 dual-core processor, clocked at 1GHz. While both devices are pretty speedy, the processor alone doesn’t determine how fast a device is. RAM has a lot to contribute to that, as well.


When it comes to RAM, the Nexus 7 (2013) crushes the iPad Mini’s 512MB of RAM with a whopping 2GB of memory. That’s a 1.5GB difference, which makes things really speedy for the Nexus 7 (2013). Things are pretty fast on the iPad Mini, but it doesn’t even come close to how much of a breeze, multitasking, switching between apps, work, and play is on the Nexus 7 (2013).


That’s how many more milliamp hours the iPad Mini has over the Nexus 7 (2013). In the iPad Mini, we have a 4,490 mAh unit, which is a lot more than the Nexus 7’s (2013) 3,950 mAh battery. Battery capacity alone doesn’t tell the whole story, though. Chances are, there’s a lot more power optimization going on in the Nexus 7 (2013) than the iPad Mini, especially considering the Nexus 7’s (2013) 3,950 mAh battery is a downgrade from last year’s Nexus 7 (2012), which sported a 4,325 mAh unit.


When it comes to camera optics, there’s no difference in megapixels. Both the Nexus 7 (2013) and iPad Mini feature a 5MP rear facing camera along with a 1.2-megapixel front facing shooter. Of course, you’ll notice differences in picture quality, simply because of the different software on either device.


You can find the Nexus 7 (2013) in 16GB and 32GB models, but if you’re looking for even larger storage options, the iPad Mini can get you an addition 32GB of storage space with the 64GB model, though there’s a huge price difference.


This is where things get really different. You can get a 16GB iPad Mini for $329, which is $100 more than the 16GB Nexus 7’s (2013) $229 price tag. When it comes to 32GB models, things get even crazier. Coming in at $429, the 32GB iPad Mini is a whopping $160 more than the $269 price tag on the 32GB Nexus 7 (2013).

Are you planning on getting a Nexus 7 (2013) or are you holding out to see what news Apple has for a possible iPad Mini refresh?

  • Christopher Vanwinkle

    The Nexus 7 is better in almost every measureable way.

    • Radha Santadharma

      Except an iPad Mini has “status” written all over it. Apple fans only buy it because of that status.

      In this case, “status” == “willing to pay more for less.”

      • Christopher Vanwinkle

        Very true…

        • PeterBlood

          Very NOT true dummy.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            For some of my friends, having every Apple product is more important then having the best products.

          • PeterBlood

            Maybe you should try to figure out WHY it’s more important? And what makes you think Apple isn’t the very best choice & product OVERALL. Spouting tech specs only makes you look like an idiot. Not everyone needs to have the kind of disingenuous control geeks do, they just want something that works reliably and securely. Android tablets in particular to me are third rate choices. No thanks!

      • OMGgary

        Draw a line through “atus”, then replace it with “upid”, and I think you’d be a bit closer to the reality of the situation.

        • PeterBlood

          No, I think it better describes you as a matter of fact – just another cheap bastard who can’t appreciate real quality, just a list of tech specs. Sad.

          • OMGgary

            Ah, the good old ad hominem attack, namecallng or personal abuse are always reliable when you have no other argument to make.

          • PeterBlood

            An argument was given but apparently you’re too “upid” to notice. Enjoy your cheap tech, apparently the only standard to which technology should be considered according to you. You know like why should you ever buy a Mac Book Air when Costco sells a perfectly serviceable $400 hunk of PC plastic junk with “popular” Windows H8 you can buy.

          • OMGgary

            Yeah, some fantastic points there, bravo! But you know, all I gotta do is stick an aluminium shell and an Apple logo on that serviceable $400 hunk of PC plastic, and a whole bunch of PeterBloods will line up and lick my hole to buy one.
            A clean bum and about $2,500 profit. Yeah, I’m feeling real stupid here.

          • PeterBlood

            Oh yes and your replies are Mensa worthy in the extreme. What an asswipe lowlife ye be. Unlike Neville Longbottom you have nothing the world wants to hear.

            Oh and here is more of the same kind of lying from Google that you do so naturally:

            Google caught quoting misleading report; Google’s Nexus 7 did not outsell Apple’s iPad in Japan. (iPad is actually outselling Nexus 7 by better than 2-1 in Japan)

          • OMGgary

            … and yet here “ye be”, still listening to me, when you could have just stayed reading the Harry Potter books daddy bought you.
            By the way, and this is purely just a part of a survey I’m doing for for my Mensa entry, did you have to give daddy an old chocolate slurp to get those as well. You must understand, being, as you yourself earlier pointed out, merely a cheap bastard, I wouldn’t really know about how an upper caste wunderkind such as yourself negotiates a deal like this with the male parental unit. As with the computers, for some extra licking, are there also superior quality versions of the books available? Perhaps leather bound editions of the Rowling books, blessed by being touched to the polo neck Steve Jobs wore while announcing the iPhone 4? Please write back and tell us. The world needs to know!

          • PeterBlood

            What? But OMGgary you KNEW the Harry Potter reference like some kind of juvenile fiction expert. BUSTED! Hah!

            I prefer e-Books though have a good collection of regular books, some kinda rare or autographed. BTW no worries about Mensa ever contacting you for membership. Densa however WILL be calling and two of the requirements are being Cheap Bastage & Class Act Challenged so you will be in good stead.


          • OMGgary

            Busted? Great heavens, no old chap(ed cheeks), although I must say at first glance there did appear to be the slightest traces of blood petering off after the passage of your stool.

            However I merely used my cheap iPhone5c er… I mean my $400 lump of plastic Windows 8 PC – or whatever it is I purchased unbeknownst to myself – highlighted “Neville Longbottom” with the tatty old mouse device and requested that those ruffians over at Google investigate the matter for me.

            Now, would anyone care for a soggy biscuit or must I eat it myself? Toodles!

          • PeterBlood

            Classless and clueless. You must run off and do your chores before Daddy comes home little brainless one.

          • tinamouI

            Dude you’ve been owned give it up, just saying. Please don’t insult me, i’m pointing this out for your own good.

          • PeterBlood

            Not hardly. No worries, I only insult the disingenuous Densa members out there like OMGGary.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            You have a very interesting sense of humour, I like that.

          • PeterBlood

            It IS pretty subversively warped. Thanks for being a nice guy. So am I, usually. :)

          • Christopher Vanwinkle


      • PeterBlood

        I don’t buy Apple for “status” like the Fandroid morons love to disingenuously spout (having nothing legitimate to say) and no one I know does. We buy for Apple quality, security & ecosystem – something you obviously know little about. That whole status argument is a load of crap coming from the clueless. The smiles and happiness we get using Apple gear is priceless. Something you’ll never understand being happy with second & third rate malware infested goods. Enjoy!

        • Christopher Vanwinkle

          Interestingly. I don’t get any malware on my Android devices. Also, I have had a very good experience with Apple products,(OSX) but iOS is just ridiculously limited. I can’t stand it.

          • PeterBlood

            I love people who say “iOS is limited” let alone “ridiculously limited” and then not why. I have not suffered from any limitations whatsoever. The limitations are all Android for the Applack issues, among others.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            It’s limited because I can’t make it my own. I can’t make it just how I want it.

          • PeterBlood

            I don’t understand why you can’t “make it your own.” I certainly set up all my Apple devices how I want them. I’ve heard complaints that Android devices with too much customization makes the user interface too inconsistent and confusing, i.e. – a mess. I don’t think it’s a good thing to change something beyond all recognition and it doesn’t suit me. Personally I can’t wait for iOS7 and OS X Mavericks, some seriously good OS upgrades from Apple that make sense. Android tries to throw too much s**t at the wall and see what sticks. IMHO.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            I does make it sort of a mess, if you don’t know what you are doing, but I can move everything in the exact spot I want, and I really love having all of my on the left and right side, with widgets in the middle. (OCD) And iOS doesn’t let me do that. I honestly agree with you about how much rubbish Android tries, but if you are not adventurous, then you can’t have anything new. Also, I don’t like hardware buttons, and don’t like software buttons that are not hidden, With Android, I can get rid of all of those problems by installing a custom ROM. I personally have seen iOS 7 in use, and while it looks good, I really haven’t found anything very interesting that will make me switch. About OSX Mavericks, I will update my MacBook Air to it the day it comes out, I hope it improves performance as much as they say. (2GB of RAM and am nVidia 320 is not enough)

        • Christopher Vanwinkle

          I love quality. That is why I have an HTC One, more features than an iPhone, with better quality. That is another reason I bought a MacBook Air over an Acer Aspire S7. I have to say, if you want security, than you would be running Ubuntu and BlackBerry.

          • PeterBlood

            The HTC One might be one I would look at if I didn’t have an iPhone 5 but I don’t like Android or it’s tradeoffs. Features to some are just junk or stuff they wouldn’t use to others. I see precious few compelling features on Android. Ubuntu? Mac OS X is extremely secure and I do need apps that won’t run on Unbuntu. Blackberry or Dead Company Walking? No thanks, again, Apple security on iPhone is plenty secure. Android hosts something like 97% of all malware. Enjoy it!

    • Apple_Nexus

      Where are all the tablet apps? Malware isn’t really a replacement for decent apps.

      • Christopher Vanwinkle

        The Google play store has many, great apps. The Apple App Store many terrible copies of the same game. (e.g. Angry Birds)

        • PeterBlood

          I think you have that reversed. Google apps usually are poor seconds to the Apple app versions. Sometimes they are on a par I would imagine.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            I have, actually, usually they are on par. Only the Google apps are better on Android.

          • PeterBlood

            Well that may be but of course that just shows how shallow and manipulative Google is. Actually when they came out disingenuously as a maps app on the iPhone (when they had said at first they weren’t) they actually outdid the Google Maps app on Android in an attempt to show up Apple Maps. Google is run by a-holes.

            Oh well the rumor is Google is finally realizing they are nothing more than Samsung’s OS flunky (Samsung making the profits, not them), Android isn’t truly “free” having to pay licensing fees to others like Microsoft and may be dropping the Android OS to get away from legal issues (since they stole some of Android’s technology) and a less then profitable idea than they anticipated at the start. Let’s see how you do under those conditions…

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            You have a point…

          • Xennex1170

            True they had a few functions in the Google Maps App for iOS that were not present in the Android version but the reverse is also true. Neither was a subset of the other. Until Apple Maps gets better, a significant portion of iOS users will continue to download and use Google Maps. Hopefully Apple has rethought their initial crowdsourcing idea of having users update the maps for them. It’s true Google does this also but with the significantly larger number of Google Maps users Apple will never quite catch up. Google purchasing Waze may actually increase the functionality gap between Google and Apple mapping solutions.

            Hmm.. A rumor.. Any link to an article referring to that? I understand Samsung considered moving away from Android with Tizen but reconsidered seeing as how much more profitable their Android device business was (and maybe perversely, how much it bothered Apple) even after paying their $15(?) per device royalty to MS.

          • PeterBlood

            I have no problem with people using both Google Maps (which isn’t perfect either) and Apple Maps until Apple’s Maps gets to the point where Google isn’t really necessary and they’re getting close now. BTW Google I think was actually afraid NOT to port their Google Maps app for fear it would not be needed (and so nothing to monetize from) much as their initial bravado and indifference played out quite differently. Personally I’ve found Apple Maps and the Siri GPS works REALLY great nearly 100% of the time except for one area of new homes which even Google Maps doesn’t list entirely accurately in San Marcos, CA. Let’s face it map data is a never-ending proposition for anyone.

            Google appears ready to ditch Android over its intellectual property issues

            Samsung may have to take over Android development if this comes true. On the other hand if it’s possible to development an OS like Tizen where they don’t have to pay anybody licensing fees that might be worth it. But historically Samsung can’t keep it’s hands out of other company’s tech cookie jars and people already know Android. Android is not my cup of tea and never will be however, but competition is good, as long as it’s fair.

          • Xennex1170

            That’s great that Apple Maps works for you.. However I understand that outside of the US it still is not reliable enough.. Currently the major portion of iOS users are international and don’t really care that the US has good Apple Maps support. They want good support in their respective countries. Those users will most likely continue to use Google Maps over Apple Maps if they have the choice. Or they could simply be using some other App of their choice. I think those users that have downloaded Google Maps will use it primarily over Apple Maps until they are forced to when they ask Siri for any directions. :P

            Oh, ok, thought you meant Samsung was thinking of ditching Android.. Can you repost the link, seems it is not active. I wonder if there are any other sources for that rumor seeing as how AppleInsider by virtue of its name give a feeling of biasing the article. :D

          • PeterBlood

            I wouldn’t know outside the United States but have heard Google Maps fares poorly at some places overseas as well. As time progresses and Apple Maps improves in all locations people will come back but I find people still keep their feet wet in both who don’t find all their needs in Apple Maps. I also have Navigon on my iPad but haven’t really used it yet or had to.

            Apple sites don’t make up stuff like other sites do:



    • PeterBlood

      Except the most important, the ecosystem and reliable upgrades. Android is second best there and so attempts to goose tech specs to make up for it. Smoke and mirrors for those easily fooled.

      • Michael Pahl

        “Nexus” means updates very regularly.
        “easily fooled” describes iSheep best of all.

        • PeterBlood

          Android is notorious for poor upgrading & updates. People who still use the word iSheep are by far the biggest fools of all, having nothing original to say. You just breath more hot air into the thought bubble of just how lost rabid Android fans are. Ah well, Android’s days are numbered anyway as even Google is losing interest.

          • Xennex1170

            I agree that updates and upgrades are kind of messy for Android but I think that’s something you don’t do as often as syncing in which Android from my experience is much better at than iOS. This includes setting up new devices to the same account (e.g. for family members sharing an account to make use of the same pool of apps). One ‘bad’ experience that was related to me was how iTunes would sync EVERYTHING (apps, music, images, contacts, schedule) on a new device even when you had the device set to NOT sync anything so you could choose what you want to install.. Your situation may differ but in this case 7 devices (iPads, iPod touches and iPhones) did not need to have the exact same stuff on all devices. Can you imagine how much time was wasted waiting for the initial device sync to complete? :P Another ‘bad’ syncing experience comes from my boss who has both an iPad and iPhone which he realized did not sync their calendars and contact information via the iCloud properly resulting in conflicting schedules or appointments missed. Very bad for businessmen IMHO.

            All I’m saying is that iOS also has some shortcomings that turn off users in certain situations. “It just works” may have been true before but the ecosystem right now makes it seem a bit questionable.

          • PeterBlood

            I don’t know how much simpler it can be with iOS than pushing one virtual button and updates commence automatically. Nothing remotely complex about it. Syncing and backup is different but not something you do all that often. I’ve never had that kind of error in iTunes that you speak of nor heard of anyone who has. You can usually trace that stuff back to a PICNIC (problem in chair, not in computer).

            There should be due diligence in paying attention as to how one is syncing. Yes you can screw yourself up really bad and I’ve seen confusing language in other backup programs that was inexcusable. I’m not going to pawn off the problems you are talking about entirely on iTunes and iOS since I can’t see the particulars myself. The fact of the matter is “It just works” only works if there aren’t multiple options that need to be offered up. One size doesn’t always fit all. I am never lulled into complacency thinking I have no responsibility for backing up and syncing properly. I agree more should probably be done here to make it a wee bit more foolproof, or should I say idiotproof.

    • Jakoozie

      The only thing that annoys/worries me is the size. Do you think it’s large enough for a proper tablet?

      The widescreen format makes it great for movies, but for web browsing and games the added width of the ipad mini really is more appealing to me. The Nexus 7 is more like a rather large phone in size I think.

      It makes me sad, but it makes it hard to justify buying such a small tablet, even though it’s fantastic in other ares.

      • Christopher Vanwinkle

        I actually used my previous Nexus 7 as a phone, and this one makes doing that easier. While I agree with your points 

  • rabs

    i think nexus 7 2013 vs ipad mini 2 would be more interesting

    • That’ll definitely be an interesting comparison, but as of right now, there is now iPad Mini 2, nor we do know when there will be a “2”. :(

      • Farbod

        so why compare? be fair to the competition.

        • MasterMuffin

          Because those are the devices that are currently on market and current buyers want to know which one’s better (and it feels good when an Android device beats iDevice ;D)

          • Farbod

            i think, anyone that comes to this site has already mad up their mind…

          • MasterMuffin

            Nope, many buyers that are thinking “should I buy iPad mini or Nexus 7” search “iPad mini vs Nexus 7” on Google and end up here

      • ricardo

        yeah will be more interesting but the price will remain the same… $160 more for a 32GB Ipad Mini The 16GB the Ipad Mini 2 or 2013 there will be competition. But with the 32GB there is no way you can justify $160 dollars more for just 0.9″ bigger screen and maybe they will be equial in power processing and video, the Ipad Mini could have a better camera, we will have to wait. Apple charge $100 dollars more for 16GB more… Damn!

    • Frnsyskw Rodriguez

      Devastating just the 2012 blow ipad away, I don’t want to think on 2013 recent model jajaja

  • Bao

    I love the iPad and nexus 7! The new nexus 7 is absolutely amazing. Coming from an iOS background I enjoy the multitasking on android more and the Google apps, the widgets, but the iPad have more tablet optimized apps. You cannot go wrong with both, but the nexus 7 is cheaper! But I still love ipad . I find myself using both tablets differently. I would wait for iPad mini 2!

  • Stringman

    I have just bought a Nexus10 but I’ll be buying the Nexus7 for my partner as soon as it is available in Australia. We did have an iPad for a few years but it’s too controlling and not open enough.

  • PeterBlood

    Yes because tech specs alone tell the whole picture. One thing the Nexus doesn’t have is Apple’s ecosystem. iPad Mini RD will rectify the display issues. I can’t wait. My iPad 3 is RD and now I can’t live without it.

    • Michael Pahl

      iTunes is actually a virus. It starts up 4 different services with windows, bogs down your system and is annoying. You have to “sync” your device with itunes and have to back it up too. When I buy a new device and sign in once with my gmail i get all my apps, app data, contacts, and email accounts. iTunes charges $1.29 / song while Google music is $7.99 for unlimited song downloads.
      The Apple ecosystem is worth nothing.
      Google ecosystem (gmail, youtube, Google music, Google Maps) is so good even iSheep are bound to be involved with it.
      Apple can not justify the $160 extra for a far inferior product.

      • PeterBlood

        Thanks for the worthless and completely wrong “opinion.” Google ecosystem is substandard and the user data mined by Google. Apple is the superior ecosystem by a country light year. Have fun with your delusion! Guys like you make me laugh so thanks for the chuckle.

        • Kevin

          I don’t appreciate your arrogant tone, first of all. Or your hypocrisy. You started off by putting down and “opinion,” just to move onto your own opinion. I mean, once you’re in either ecosystem it’s more of a challenge to get out, but I prefer Google’s ecosystem because I can have access to all my music (without iTunes, it’s a pain in the ass) without it taking any storage on my devices. All my contacts, mail, and calendar are synced, as are my purchases and app backups on the play store (which has more total apps than the app store now.) I also like the fact that Google’s apps work on my Apple devices. I am not a closed minded person, I use any OS I can get my hands on simply because I love technology. I can see the benefits of every OS, as well as the downsides. iOS is a great platform with fluid animations and simplistic elegance, but that’s not for me. I prefer android because I enjoy not having to sync with a program to transfer files, I prefer larger screens on phones, and, believe it or not, fluidity and stability are on par with apple devices now. Customization limitations are obstacles that stand in the way of my enjoyment of a device.

          • PeterBlood

            Aww poor baby, can’t handle a little disagreement, dissension and opinions other than your own? I don’t need to be lectured. You are free to state your own opinions. Ahh I see you have, all is well. Sorry if I offended you, like everyone else I have my off days, especially with clods, fools, history rewriters and simpletons. Google’s ecosystem is a cup half empty I’m afraid no matter how you try to sugarcoat or whitewash it. I don’t have any of the problems you mention but then I don’t do things that way. I don’t worry about excessive UI changing customization either, yah know because it works pretty great already. I understand there are those ADD & ADHD types who can’t resist keeping their sticky Twinkie-stained fingers off though. You’re right, just enjoy the tech the way you see fit. Everyone has to sort out their own personal paradigm.

          • Kevin

            Obviously a mere comment wouldn’t change your views of other people, but I would like to know more about the Apple ecosystem, no sarcasm intended. I’m just wondering if you could explain the environment to me so I can get a better understanding of it. Thank you.

          • PeterBlood

            It would be easier to know what you want to accomplish first. What functionality is most important. Remember too changes are afoot with iOS7 in September. Good times ahead Kevin. :)


  • smokebomb

    “blows away some of the competition in the 7-inch market. ”

    Sounds like a pornstar’s resume

  • Bobby Pean

    What’s the point of comparing the latest and greatest Android tablet with the iPad Mini that is almost a year old and based on the technology of the iPad2 that itself is more than 2 year old?
    Of course it’ll be faster, better and newer. There’s no need to write an article about that except for making androfans coming in their pants.

    • William Worlde

      It is a rather irrelevant, moot comparison, isn’t it?

  • Firangibhai .com

    Buy Google Nexus 7 2nd Generation in india :-

  • Mikestroh

    Just Purchased my Nexus 7 2nd Gen yesterday. It is by far the best Android tablet on the market at this time. The IPAD Mini doesn’t even hold a candle against it. Why are so many of the sites even wasting their time comparing the two? Google has definitely raised the bar and Apple needs to catch up. Now I’m waiting for Asus/Lenovo/Samsung/ to release and 8″ version with a full HD screen and powerful processor to boot. Apple is falling from grace at a rapid pace. I just can’ fathom being an “I-Sheep” indiot and continue to pay for subpar hardware just because its packaged in a pretty shell. Folks are starting to wake up now stop sleeping on Google and what they are capable of producing. Keep up the Good work Google. This will force other Android hardware manufacturers to step their game up as well.

  • William Worlde

    I passionately despise Apple’s closed and highly proprietary systems. I speak with personal experience having ditched my iP 8 months ago for an Android phone. But that’s the end of the line for me for that ecosystem, as I think it’s a joke for any serious business activities.

    As far as design AND efficiency of systems go, Android cannot be put into the same category as Apple. My older GNex has 1GB RAM, of which ***only*** 693MB is available out of the box! Worse yet, I have to use memory enhancing apps to constantly keep usable RAM at 200 or more MB.

    ***NOTE: We’re talking volatile memory, not storage.

    Also, Apple works “magic” (that’s the best technical description I could use in this comment) with its CPUs; they are simply efficient and fast. Higher-specced Android CPUs don’t necessarily translate into being better.

    Apple’s camera we all know is top of the line, and their displays, though lower-specced, are again, magical.

    Make no mistake, some folks think Apple can do no wrong; I’m obviously not in that camp. And since I’m device and platform agnostic (that’s a lie; if Microsoft produced “perfect” products…), I can call it as I see it.

    On cost: $100 is 20 Starbucks coffees which has no nutritional value and which I’ll piss away (literally) everyday in less than 3 weeks!

    If only I could do “whatever” I wanted on MY tablet I’d take the Apple over an Android any day. As that’s not an option, and as I do want a *useful*, productive 8″ tablet WITHOUT a gigantic bezel, I’m eagerly awaiting a wide range of devices (hopefully) this Christmas from Microsoft and its cohorts.

  • sahand

    Nexus 7 series have always been the best bang for the buck.

  • Curious

    What’s the weight difference?

  • Apple User

    The iPad mini rocks.

  • “…When it comes to camera optics, there’s no difference in megapixels…”

    That’s like saying, “when it comes to Headlights, there’s no difference in applesauce.”

    The optics have nothing to do with the megapixels on a camera assembly. How are you even a tech journalist?