Nexus 7 (2013) International Giveaway

December 8, 2013

    Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. This week we are giving away a the most popular Android tablet, the Google Nexus 7(2013).

    The winner of last week’s Moto G giveaway is: Riza H. (Singapore)

    Nexus 7 (2013) Specs

    • Size: 200 x 114 x 8.7 mm (7.87 x 4.49 x 0.34 in)
    • Weight: 290 g (Wi-Fi), 299 g
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4Pro - Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait
    • RAM: 2 GB RAM
    • Display: 1200 x 1920 pixels, 7.0 inches (~323 ppi pixel density) - LED-backlit IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    • Storage: 16/32 GB,
    • Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 3950 mAh battery
    • Main camera: 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus
    • Front camera: Yes, 1.2 MP
    • OS: Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.4 (KitKat)

    Nexus 7 (2013) Review

    Read our full written review or check out the video review below:

    How to enter the giveaway

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    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.
      • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
    • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
    • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


    • zackanfield


    • DW Duck

      The season of giving shows right here

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    • Alain Lafond

      Please, randoms Gods!

    • undercoverduck

      *shakes booty* *high-fives self* i cAN DO THIS *dives into the abyss of ever lasting pencil drawings*

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    • Luciano

      HOPE TO WIN :)

    • Mohd Sultan

      Cool but know I know I am not gonna win this giveaway

    • Navid Lancaster

      Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago.

    • hitesh

      entered as always

    • Toni Mrnjavac

      OK google!

    • Aditya

      Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine!!! :D

    • Mike Rucker

      Please & Thank You

    • Mohammed Patel

      I told my sister to hang on as she was going to buy a samsung galaxy tab 3 for her self

      • Jayfeather787

        Nexus 7 is better.

    • Arungoud

      im in !!!

    • Jin

      yeaaa congratulations for the last winner
      and good luck to everyone for this week !

    • Jayfeather787

      Woohoo! Nexus 7

    • tardis 13

      Respect the Authoritah

      • MasterMuffin

        They should change the Android from the logo to Cartman xD

      • subhramani


    • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

      Hello Mr. Derek Scott, I just want to ask about the last last week’s Galaxy Note 3 giveaway. Please read my PM’s about the Prize. Thank you. :)

    • admir sehic

      entered as always but no luck for me

    • Pawan Chamling


    • Blowntoaster

      this will be mine…

    • NaiKang He

      please a win this time!

    • Максим Шилов

      I want it

    • tony solinan

      I have just shared the giveaway on facebook twice on my facebook wall,
      So I will try again to win this weeks giveaway!

    • Aqimuddin Amrullah

      I’m in!

    • tony solinan

      I got last years nexus7, so hopefully I can win this weeks giveaway,anyway
      I will just keep on trying to win each week!

    • luminelx64

      I wish I win this time around

    • vicky

      PEACE :)

    • tony solinan

      I am on the android community, as that’s why I will keep entering each week!
      Android apps are where I see what’s happening in the latest tech!

    • jimz alabis

      hope to win ^_^

    • KaoriCamellia

      The N7 is awesome. If I win, it’ll be made into a surprise holiday gift…

    • Joonas Mattias Laur

      Oh baby…..winning this one would be a perfect christmas gift :D

    • Aleinux


    • williamjarquin

      My christimas gift for being good :)

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    • schewbe .

      Love Android Authority…best Android news anywhere.Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Neil Coutinho

      Thank you AA. Christmas has come early. :)

    • Chan Pei Yong

      Wish that i can be the lucky winner!

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    • Jens Ken Lundstrom

      Congrats to the lucky winner !

      I m entering this giveaway and just hope I have a little luck!

      G+:Helena Oops


      FB:Jens Ken Lundstrom

      Shared the post:

      crossed fingers!

    • dleyland

      Hope I win this one….!!!!

    • kimLJT

      I will get this >.<

    • Anant Sharma

      hope to win this

    • Anant Sharma

      participated in all giveaways and got dissapointed in all

      • Alexandru Catalin

        Me too. But one day…

        • Tuấn Ankh

          One day you will buy a Nexus 7 because you are disappointed of this giveaway xD (Well… most likely.)

          • nasa akbar

            Exactly… its free afterall.. if u really want it that bad then buy it I say, if not then let your luck decide:)

            • Vaibhav Chaudhary

              Me too every time!

            • ANANT SHARMA

              guys but hope this time it’s mine

            • Anant Sharma

              best of luck to all the giveaway is going to end ……………….. and another end of hopesss

          • Alexandru Catalin

            You’re absolutely right :))

          • Major

            Damn you are right, I was just thinking to buy me a Nexus 7 and don’t join anymore these giveaways, but at the same time, its like you still never know.

      • Paul Picaso Sterling

        Same here lol. There’s always hope, When it comes to android.

      • Suryawan Pranata Suryawan


      • Jei

        don’t worry this time i will win it :) and next one is yours

        • Muhammad Hariz

          no no… i will win this time… not you..

      • Yogesh Dubey

        same here

      • mkdir

        this time is my time

      • Juan A C

        Your chances are like one in fifty thousand, it says it right there. It’s just for fun

        • MadCowOnAStick

          one in fifteen thousand…

          • Johnny B Goode

            heheeh you are right :D

      • Madhav Phophaliya

        true dude

      • Sparks Jr.

        Yeah Same here too…..

    • ●•Josie Hernandez•●


    • antonio gayatinea III

      I’m not expecting to 1 of the wiki we anymore I just to watch Joshua doing droptest and reviewing new smartphones

    • Raj Sekhar


      • That Guy

        dude where did you get this picture from it looks like it has gone near viral! oh ya almost forgot to say it, dido.

    • raluca

      Hope I win now

    • Abhishek Kumar Singh

      I am playing your giveaways for a month and didn’t saw any Indian who won this

      • Juan A C

        So you participated in 4 giveaways, and there’s like 190 countries in the world. Think about it

      • Suzanne Gentle

        what the hell is your problem? Stop playing the politically correct card its disgusting. I haven’t seen a single member of my family win or a single inuit indian or a single camel or even a member of the royal family win. FGS that comment is moronic. Are you saying they should fix it so an Indian should win? Grow up and seek some therapy. moron

      • Mubashir Soomro

        I agree with Suzanne. I am also an Indian and I didn’t got one AND I don’t have any problem with that at all

    • Sharan Bahirwani

      wanted the new nexus since it released
      Thank you android authority :)

    • larryyrralcoke

      a tablet ? … good.

    • Marion Joan Helsdon

      Love to win Fingers Crossed!

    • Tahseen Noor

      Android authority not fair, plz let me win, i love u guys

    • Afrosnow

      Just once I would like to win SOMETHING!

    • Em-el Dinglasan-Antioquia Leon

      It’s good for gaming :)

    • Howard Matlock

      I still believe in SANTA

    • Sachin Chandran

      Hope this christmas brings me luck :)

    • dan

      I love your app.

    • omar awad

      hope i win this time

    • Shaquille Noel

      Congrats to Riza H……….. :/

    • Rahul Radhakrishnan

      my time is now.. is it?

    • Jogs

      Beware!!! I’m gonna win this one. ;)

      • Tinm

        Never, Its gonna be ME …..

    • Giessen

      I want it so bad..charrrrrrrr! :D

    • Brandon Foltz


    • brutalpanther

      Cant win if you dont enter.Still trying

    • Joey

      I’m in

    • Adarsh

      ME!!!! Please… :D

    • Jason Russell

      I hope I win !

    • TomSix404

      crossing my fingers for this one!

    • Chriss Porto

      Hope I win :) my dad wants a tablet for xhristmas

    • crazylame1

      Riza H. RIZA H. RIZA HAWKEYE. ō-ō

    • Abiram Panchalingam

      here we go again…

    • Sara Hughes

      the odds may be against me – but I’m feeling lucky!

    • ivansam

      And the winner is ….. Ivansam.

    • Zachary Tolksdorf

      I Still want my Mom to have a good Christmas this year she doesnt have alot of things people have i got a old laptop

    • Saurabh sharma

      3rd time didn’t work, will i be lucky the 4th time?

    • Ahmad Khatib

      My turn now, I need this Nexus

    • kamil

      It’s definitely my turn now :-)

    • T.K

      I’ve been participating in these giveaways for a while now & I’ve noticed that their are rarely any US winners which is discouraging. Perhaps their should be a separate giveaway for the US only along side the international one. Just a suggestion.

      • RanRu

        Because the US is just as special as every other nation in the world combined?

        • T.K

          Sure if that’s how you feel

      • Aaron Arguelles

        There are a lot of contests available for US residents only. Search them on twitter.

        • T.K

          Yes I know that, I was speaking in reference to the android authority giveaways

          • Chris Eager

            Pompous remark…wants an even more unfair advantage.

    • boby ghandhi

      no one else enter, theres already enough entries

    • sletten

      Womennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yeee haaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I want one of these too !!!!!!!!!!!

    • tony solinan

      I will

    • tony solinan

      I will be able to have a couple of trys as I have posted on my facebook wall
      About AA giveaway and the AA newsletter I get each day, so I will have to
      Try to win again!

    • tony solinan

      I will keep on trying to win something each week!

    • irratebass

      Pick me!!!!

    • Marinka

      entered!!! as usual.

    • Joanne Baldwin

      Great prize!

    • Shark Bait

      Already have one but let’s have another please. Good luck to all (mainly me)

    • RB Shah

      i want big bro to my nex 5 :D

    • Marcel Bernert

      Good luck!

    • Josue Carrion

      yo yo yo yo la quiero la quiero

    • what

      Why do always people from Singapore win??

    • Sava Ivanov

      me me me me

    • MIRY


    • Martino Podzinkova

      Hey there! I’m waiting for the gift! Dear Santa Android Authority Claus… :D

    • Jeffw223

      Congrats to all the winners…I wish everyone could win.

    • Izwan Rahman

      singapore just beyond the straits, maybe next time its Malaysian turn? ;)

    • Domen Šincek Nedeljković

      Ouu. Love this tablet!! :D

    • atanael beltran


    • Domen Šincek Nedeljković

      Best 7-inch tablet :D

    • Maida

      hope i win #fingerscrossed… congrads Risa :D

    • tony pazo

      I wanna wins at least once in my life lol

    • Gimicks

      Do they actually give these items away?

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        Of course we do, Gimicks! We give away devices each and every week.

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jonathan Ho

      Don’t get why people whine about not winning. It’s a competition! Don’t enter it expecting to win! If you really want the prize then go buy it somewhere. Besides you’re entering for free anyway, not even have to pay for a raffle ticket…

    • Paul Picaso Sterling

      My source for “All things Android!”

    • Beyar Asketchian

      You have recommended this tablet for student and I’m a student :)

    • Tommy Liu

      One day I will win something.

    • Emil

      Good luck everybody!

    • Jay D Sal


    • Todd Moore

      Love AA

    • Danni Ouk

      It international that a long shot from winning but oh well one day.

    • Manu Lopez

      can i join the giveaway if i am 14 years old??

    • Patryk Fussek

      yes, but you shouldn’t if you cannot read properly…

    • Eli S.

      Great giveaway! Good luck to all!!

    • Russell Ridley


    • mohammad khaled

      nexus 7

    • peeps

      I’m a college student n I would love to get this tablet!!! <3

    • matt

      I’ve never won anything so there is still hope!

    • matt

      Please enter so I have more chances. .who knows I may get home Internet if I win!

    • Sal

      I have entered this time only because you guys aren’t forcing to download some app first. Yay back to the basics!

    • Fear Őȍ

      And Another One

    • Liju Scaria

      Do I’ve to login with email? the widget used fb to login automatically. Trying to log out & it’ll automatically login again using fb.

    • Simon

      Back in 6 days. See ya

    • Ronald Mendez

      great job guys for all those give aways and i hope i win one i never had a tablet or win a giveaway before!! :) keep it up guys

    • Rantek

      Twitter referral link broken? I’m getting a problem loading page, SSL Certificate error using Firefox.

    • Andrew M Sweeney

      Very cool I want the 2013 nexus so bad! Hope I win!!

    • Mohammed Azoz

      hopes of wining Every time is high :D but never won Tho :P

    • Dieter

      C’mon.., gimme gimme gimme .. ^_^

    • Youssef Smaan

      please let me win :D

    • devoncatt

      I participate and hope, but it seems that there is always a winner somewhere else in the world

    • Eufrasio Lopez

      Please let a Spaniard win this time!! ( not sure but haven’t seen any winner shortly from Spain:(

    • ツ ツツ Владツ ツ


    • Matthew Jackson

      I’m starting to think nobody is actually winning these giveaways…

    • vonNexus

      My first N7 dropped and Asus declared that I needed to BUY a brand new one. My iPad was repaired 3 times and needs a fourth due to my son dropping it. Yeah, Nexus 7 was $284 down the drain, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

    • Yuheng Loh

      hey yo

    • Chandra Mohan

      I shall win surely this time

    • Mohammad Khizer Khan

      Please give it to me…!!!!

    • sai prithvi raj

      gimmee one….

    • Eyeon Cydia

      looks like android authority is the new Santa

    • Kirtesh Kuckian

      I want to win…:)

    • Anggie Aziz

      Next Century. Hell yeah m/

    • Sri Mutia N.

      trying my luck again c:

    • Antony Rasubala

      never quit hoping ^^….

    • Manuel Campos

      I need that , I dropped mine two days ago and the touch screen doesn’t work at all …Wish me some luck

    • Fahad Al Kahtani

      Again, I cannot close my eyes because of androidauthority

    • R E N

      Merry Christmas Android Authority, hope I win this. :)

    • daniel perez

      Please help me to win this

    • Mohammed Osama

      I hope I win this tab

    • Wanda Tracey

      I really want to win the Google Nexus 7…..Thank you

    • sai ruidera

      happy holidays!

    • Khairul Izzat

      I need this thing so badly.haha.good luck everyone

    • Vinit Nair

      superb tablet. one of best tablets right now

    • Mohd. Noorazlan Fitri Md. Dali

      Please let me be the lucky one this time


      God of tech ….pls give me this one… ;-)

    • Asriel Rusdyawan

      Nice Giveaway! I wish to win This One!

    • Daniel Herrera


    • Rob Narcisse

      Congrats to the motto g winner. Good luck y’all.

    • Suhail Ft

      Hope I win this

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!

    • daniel faiz

      U should choose me becoz i havoc

    • Kvn

      Small chance but I’ll take it. I may not won the moto g but maybe this time I will.

    • Jesús Francisco Almaraz

      Would love it for xmas :)

    • Arya C B

      please win … please win …

    • dayanandamurthy N

      Maybe this prize only for western countries..not for India…I hop it ‘ll be applicable for Indian people’s also ..thank u ..

    • Ezekiel Robinson

      I really need a tablet, would be much better to watch my favorite youtube videos on

    • Malcolm Wang

      But one day into the future, Nexus 7 (2013) will be gone.

    • Tabatha

      I want to win and I will…

    • Miftah Rizky Ananta

      when will i win?

    • Miha Belimezov

      i love the nexus 7. i dont like the nexus 4 or 5 as much… i wish sony would make nexus 6 !

    • Dave Bhavin


    • Abhineet

      Was expecting a bigger giveaway…btw congrats on 500k subs on youtube

    • Shiva Prasad Veerapaneni

      i will win this time

    • kalaiarasan.v

      expecting this time..

    • Jagdishraj Padubidri

      Hey Hey..Derek Scott .!!Thank you very much for this opportunity. I want 2 make my Life “TOUCH SENSITIVE” not PUSH NEEDED. Now I am in Black and White world. I want 2 make my life colourful. I want 2 TOUCH my dreams of a Beautiful tomorrows .I want 2 make my life beautiful victory. 2 me Nexus 7 is a POWER BEAUTY and SOUL. If I won Nexus 7 ,then , I feel The whole Beautiful world is with me. Life is so complicated. nexus 7 gives solutions 2 every problem. Nexus 7 Expand our mind and change our life. Sophisticated revolution. My search ends here. Nexus 7 reach out and TOUCHES each and every ones HEART.

    • Ivan Rybtsov

      I wanted one since its release but could never spare the money. Haaa well there is still a 0.0083% chance of getting it here. Might be lucky :)

    • memole78


    • valid1993

      hope to win one, the chance are 1/12031

    • JohnyNightcore

      christmas music in background :)

    • Shubham Singh

      When I will win!!!!!

    • Abdullah Naji

      I always participate in giveaways, please don’t let me down on this one! I’d love the Nexus 7 :D

    • Rusu Cornel Gabriel

      That’s a very nice phone you have there.
      *fap fap fap fap*

    • Addison

      Need this, so i can change my old android :D

    • Anonymousfella

      Please atleast this time

    • aasim

      hope so any pakistani will win this .. congrats riza

    • Teodora Kazakova

      Good luck to all

    • Noam Ventura

      My name is Noam!!!I need this tablet because we don’t have a computer or TV!! My parents need thet wily wily much !

    • Peggy Hughes

      thanks for the giveaway!

    • Rajan Kumthekar

      Hope and Greed for free stuff are two things That Bring me Here Every freakin’ Week :-)

    • Sarajuan Gilvary

      want it

    • lenst


    • lana

      The point is:we are told that someone won it!! We have to believe!! As far as I know many sites that claim offering prizes just for participating in a free draw, INVENT winning names, to let you keep hoping for next time!! I never met or knew a real winner,,So the site is running its business by advertising products, attracting audience to participate in fake DRAWS,earning CLICKS on ads, I wonder if this site is one of them? Is it??

    • Loves2spoon

      Thank you!

    • Francois Foote

      If hopefully I somehow win this giveaway, my niece can have my old Nexus 7 (2012)… fingers crossed :-)

    • Oscar Miranda

      Good luck!

    • Antonio

      I have invited 3 people to this, and i still have 1/1 entries .. is this normal?

    • Tanishk Nalamolu

      GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, Its pretty awesome gthat they give out awesome stuff like this :)

    • Derrill Fox

      Today is National Pastry Day!

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      never an indian could win this

    • Ricky Singh

      Jst Wnt THisss………nthng else i need

    • kindshah

      Expectations Hurt. This is pure luck.

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!

    • Russell Ridley


    • izzulazim

      dont lose hope

    • cerdes

      what’s up with the entries? gave my link to a bunch of people, some entered, but the entries counter doesn’t go up.

    • asterixis


    • Subhajyoti Golui

      Again finger crossed..

    • sismu

      hey dudes this time its my luck wins the tab wish me gud luck

    • inna


    • Hello_Its_Me

      i win

    • Nick John

      Wow a Nexus 7 – What a mega gift for the wife?

    • ZAid niazi

      this guy is mine…

    • Hasithdis

      me me em!!!!!!!

    • Jenny Esplana

      followed all the rules. already subscribed :)

    • Reynard Putra Imawan

      Sorry for my bad english before,badluck always with me will this giveaway break my curse?Even i can’t win a single callendar in every giveaway

    • Natalia Pichuzhkina

      I are participating :)

    • sajjad tareen

      always participated always lost have guts for this and will win it all

    • sajjad tareen

      cheer up guys one day all of us will win so just cheeeeer!!!!!!!!!

    • Sava Ivanov

      pleeeease ive entered all giveaways and noting

    • Jörgen Malmgren

      Im in to , also this week

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta


    • Chimi Rinzy Dema

      fingers crossed

    • Vasil Nikolovski

      awesome show :D

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!!



    • Animaxtor

      Would it help if I say it’s for my mother?

    • supriya

      entered // hope to win……… love it.

    • abegail vergara

      want it.

    • decp

      Guys where there’s will.. there’s hope ;) Good luck to every1 of us!!

    • Justin P.

      Joined also on all giveaways now I dont know which email I had used to register. :(

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!!

    • Suman Sresta

      pick me guys

    • Donna Kent

      Happy Christmas Android Authority. Thank you for all of your great giveaways this year.

    • martin_64

      Maybe one day I’ll win.

    • michelle bennett

      Maybe it’s me this time :) good luck all x

    • Ruth Hedges

      Fingers and toes crossed x

    • Abiram Panchalingam

      Let me win this time. Nexus 7 best tablet on sale now!

    • tharaka from srilanka

      I cant afford one. I hope I win.. :(

    • Jörgen Malmgren

      Almost time for the next try

    • Jesus lares

      Dude I always wanted a phone

      • Jesus lares

        I mean tablet

    • Hafiz Halwi

      I want it!!!!

    • dashmesh

      Time is gettimg close..
      Jesus please bless me with good grafes and a nexus device :-)

    • dashmesh

      Indian winner this time please
      I mean me

    • Shahriar Islam

      trying for the first time hoping to win

    • vicky


    • something ‘R.’

      Screw this! I’m changing my name to something ‘H’!!!
      Have some chances of winning!

      • hitesh

        yeah right.. something’H.’

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!

    • sajjad tareen

      why cant i win cuz u Americans only pick Christians us Hindus or Muslims never get a chance dude

      • Nathaniel William Philip

        First of all you can’t even confirm that Brendan H. is a Christian, he’s name is in English, but he can be an atheist (as most Americans are) or even a Muslim.

        Second, it’s totally random.

        Third, since AA is based in America, most of the viewers must be American. Thus have American names. The chances of an American getting are higher since there are more of them.

        Fourth, even a person who is Indian or Chinese can be a Christian.

        Think before you assume..

        • sajjad tareen

          thnx for the information geesh do u speak like this at home

    • Petar Pandža

      One day….Still hoping… One day…

    • Sri Mutia N.

      you have no idea how much I want this new nexus sir XD