Nexus 7 2 to pack Qualcomm processor not NVIDIA Tegra 4, new report says

by: Chris SmithMarch 19, 2013


The second-generation 7-inch Nexus tablet – which could have a strange name like Nexus 7 2 – is again rumored to pack a Qualcomm processor instead of a NVIDIA Tegra 4/4i SoC.

The current Nexus 7 model comes with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 under the hood, so the natural assumption would be that future Nexus 7 models will continue to use future generations of NVIDIA processors.

A new DigiTimes report on Monday said that Asus and Google have chosen a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor instead a Tegra 4, likely because the former chip also come with 4G LTE support. While Tegra 4i chip versions do have integrated LTE capabilities, they’re launching too late to catch up with Nexus 7 2 production needs.

The new 7-inch Nexus tablet is reported to be unveiled in May, most likely at this year’s Google I/O edition. By not being the chosen SoC maker, NVIDIA is said to lose “almost eight million processor shipments in 2013,” according to sources familiar with the matter.

Comparatively, the company reportedly shipped 6 million Tegra 3 chips to Google for the first Nexus 7.

Are you looking forward to buy the new Nexus 7 tablet?

  • Bone

    Tegra 4 was unrealistic both for May and for the price point. If it’s FHD I hope it’s Snapdragon 600, although SD400 is more realistic, either way, it has to have enough juice for smooth operation.

    Too bad it’s not a Nexus 8, I would pay some extra for the extra screen real estate, 8″ is perfect in size/comfort ratio. Unfortunately the Note 8.0 is way overpriced.

    • 8.0″ with 4:3 screen and higher resolution than 1024×768 … perfect ebook reader

  • igor bordelais

    I’m in love with it, and i will surely buy the new one, cause my wife want mine bad

  • Dulshan Kalpage

    No. After seeing those crazy benchmark results, I am seriously giving Tegra 4 a chance, after the disappointment that was Tegra 3. The Egypt benchmark alone that scored 57fps while the iPad 4 scored 30 something, is definitely worth considering, especially if youre into gaming.

    • masterjew

      The iPad 4 scored something around 45-50. The nvidia tegra 4 is just slightly more powerful than the iPad 4. The snapdragon 800 blows it put of the water

      • Dulshan Kalpage

        The only Snapdragon 800 bench result I have been able to dig up was from Antutu – and this is not for certain, it could be any chipset or fake. Anyway, the result was 32k+. Tegra 4 has scored 36k+ already. If you have any legit results on the 800, I invite you to share them with me- until then, the Tegra 4 will remain king to me.

        You are right about the iPad score however. It’s around 51fps. Tegra 4 got around 57, yes slightly ahead. And its just like Apple to throw in a device that will stay solid against generations of competition. I realised this, after switching to a new Macbook Air, I can tell you, Apple has performance nailed down.

        However, Tegra is Nvidia, Nvidia is gaming. Sooner or later, they will blow everyone else out of the water; they’re already doing it with Tegra 4, and their next gen roadmap is impressive in the least.

  • Ken

    My son loves his Nexus 7 that he got for Xmas. I cant wait to see the next version . I just wish it would come out before my next trip in mid May.

  • guest

    Nope, unless it got Tegra

  • SyNoSpam

    Google may very well go with Snapdragon 600 for its next Nexus 7. But DigiTime has been wrong too many time for me to put my trust in any report from them.

  • Cao Meo

    LTE on tablets? I don’t think it’s neccessary.

    Tegra 4 is way better imo.

  • patrik69

    I wish they would make it a 7.9 inch instead of 7 inch. I have a iPad Mini and a rooted Nook and the Mini’s form factor is perfect. I’ve always thought the 7 in. form factor is too tall and skinny. My Nook confirms this. My next step is to figure how to get Jellybean on my Mini. JB is simply the most elegant version of Android to date. Apple’s iOS really is a bit too simple for me. It’s so simple it’s boring. And I’m typing this on my Macbook Air. Apple seems to have stopped innovating. Maybe iOS 7 will knock my socks off but I some how doubt it.

  • Nexus7Rocks

    Nexus 7 2 without Tegra 4 sounds like a lot more than experiment to me…!!! My best wishes to ASUS and Google for this but seriously a piece of advice “don’t do it”!!!