Nexus 6P (2) – Pixel C (2) – Sphero BB8 (3) International Mega Giveaway!!

by: Derek ScottJanuary 17, 2016

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

A big congratulations to last week’s winner of the Nexus 6P Giveaway: Akke B. (Netherlands), enjoy your new Nexus 6P brother man!

This week, we’re teaming up with Opera to give away 2 freshly announced Nexus 6P Gold editions, 2 Google Pixel C’s, and 3 Sphero BB8’s!

Pixel C 

Save data on Netflix by using Opera Max

With Netflix recently becoming available in 130 new countries chances are that Netflix is now available in your Country. That’s the good news, the bad news is that Netflix can eat up all your available data. That’s where Opera Max can help, by saving you as much 50% of your mobile data usage while using Netflix.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • Tyrone

    First? :)

  • jf-laferriere

    I’d like that awesome Gold Nexus 6P, Please & Thank you!

  • osa219

    this time should be me plz

  • Tyrone

    i hope i get the pixel c.

  • Zmaku

    Is it just me or the sharable link is pointing to a different giveaway?

  • Ryuto Arisato

    Lady of luck doesn’t like me but I still try to get along with her.

  • Gildenilson Silveira

    Nexus 6p wait for me

  • Dusan

    Need to sign up for more stupid stuff? Guess I won’t be winning anything from this competition.

  • Kalen G

    Another contest to not win! Haha hope that statement rings untrue for the nexus 6p!

  • RichSPK

    I was surprised and disappointed to find that Opera Max is incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0″. It’s old and kind of slow, but I still use it all the time.

    • Iheb

      Same here :/ with Tab 4

  • Eric

    Why netflix and not just opera?

  • Autumn Silvermoon

    I’m pretty dismayed that you have to show Netflix savings and not OperaMax which I already use all the time. Oh well for that part lol. Autumn Silvermoon aka Robert Marquardt

  • Raul Madan

    congrats Akke B for winning the new Nexus.. Cheers!!

  • Nahuel1988


  • John Matthews

    Hoping that one day I’ll win an Android Authority giveaway…it fills me with determination

  • Vineeth S

    All the best to all entrants. Hope I win this time :)

  • Sandipan Mukherjee

    Trying once again. Hope I win something this time :)

  • Frankie

    It’ll be great if I won the Pixel C!!!
    Thank before hand!!!

  • Jura

    Thanks AA, great giveaway!

    That Nexus 6p lookin’ suh-weet.

  • Sagar Wadhwa

    Let’s keep trying ?
    All the best to all and me :D

  • Alberto Recto

    Yeah right AA….here you go again….try to gain more subscribers….

  • Anything wanted to say? My device just supports Opera Mini, not Opera Max nor Netflix, if that was for Windows Laptop then i was going to download the Opera Max, i have already downloaded the Netflix in my Laptop

  • Belal Mohamed

    another chance to win , sent the phone to me please i need it from the last international giveawy

  • Iheb

    I cant install opera max cause netflix not available in my country :/

    • Anantha Krishna

      you can still save on youtube and usual browsing data

  • Yash Shah

    haha these people show a way that hope can be a great fuel to make people do things for you.

  • Mubin

    Fingers crossed!

  • Alif Ikhwan

    I hope I win this cause I need new phone..

  • georgekg

    Great giveaway! Thank you Android Authority!

  • Jwtiyar Nariman

    when i was child till now every night when i wana sleep i think about winning a contest :(

  • ffuucckk

    Loading please wait, inserting please wait, ejecting please wait……..

  • John Deere

    I would love to win a nexus 6p or a Google pixel c! ??

  • Siddique Nagarkar


  • Dexter Cruz

    Good luck everyone we all have a good chance.

  • Saket

    Whoa. Opera Max really helps :o
    And all the giveaways are so freggin good. I want them alll xDDD
    Thank you Android Authority

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    just want the nexus 6P as I don’t have a smartphone b’coz of which I couldn’t complete many of entries including instagram ,downloading OperaMax app and posting a screenshot. But hope it changes this time really in need of a smartphone.

  • Michael Hauge

    BB-8 please :-D

  • Christine Bray

    As soon as I win an Android phone I’ll be able to down load the app ‘fingers crossed’

  • capawht

    Never win but let’s try

  • NinoBr0wn

    When they do these giveaways, do they give a 64GB model?

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal

    Maravilloso sorteo y apuntadísima¡¡¡¡¡ Gracias¡¡¡

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Buen sorteo¡¡

  • Gent Bakija

    Good app

  • harry

    wish i had a phone to download opera max and take a screenshot

  • cristina

    great contest

  • David Fishbeck

    How do we enter the drawing?

  • Anthony Vecchio

    Cm on Android Authority. Hook me up!

  • Ayush Agarwal

    These stuffs are awesome and more awesome when given free :D :P

  • kalyan jyoti

    Good luck everyone ;-) ;-)

  • Aleks

    Twitter link is down :(

  • Best of Luck Everyone! :P

  • Ruchit

    this time its awesome!!!!

  • Rickinbsb

    It’ll be great if I won any of the 3 prices

  • Sonia Beltran Paris

    Genial, gracias¡¡

  • disgusting1


  • #MaxNetflix don’t supported in my super smart phone

  • Arch Angelos

    WOW NIce Giveaway.

    • DUdG

      WOW nice Comment!

  • Keith Taylor

    nope not going to do it …aint gone win.

    • Eddy Drgsn

      If you’re so confident, at least spell ‘gonna’ correctly!

      • DUdG

        going to!

  • Eddy Drgsn

    Whatever I win (if I win) I would be thankful of winning something! Good luck everyone!

  • Kevin A. Dunham

    Goin for the nexus 6p.

  • Aaron Honeycutt

    That Nexus 6P will help me use Android Pay a lot more!

  • Huey Tang

    I’ll be happy with any winning! :)

    • DUdG

      mee too!

  • Kevin Shin

    Guys you need to give me that BB8. It’s for my bffff and he’s crazy about Star Wars.

    • DUdG

      can we justgive it to your friend straight? hahahaha

      • Kevin Shin

        yeah that’d be great but it’s sort of a surprise gift lol

  • Sajid Ameen

    Great things are yet to come, ‘Just have a little faith’.

    • DUdG

      Have more Faith!

  • Bhavesh

    Man hope i win this time
    i type this every sunday lol xd

  • Cristiano de Oliveira

    Maybe this is my time :`P o/

    • DUdG


  • Raul Madan

    Congrats previous winner of Nexus gold. This is by far the best phone in the market. And thank you Android Authority for an amazing giveaway. You are creating reality out of dreams.

  • loop6719

    These contests are a pain since they switched from raffelcopter to gleam..ugh!

  • MeiSquawk

    Can I just say, I hate contests like this. It is not even about chance anymore.

  • Jay Kanakiya

    Best of luck….

    P.S. Hope I win..!

  • Marco Bairos

    I hope the potential winner actually used Netflix when they posted screenshot since its a Netflix themed contest. Just my thought. Regardless, good luck to everyone. I have my fingers crossed with this incredible contest. Thank you for it

  • Mozukortick

    Did a quick calculation and my chance of winning is 0.0176%. Yep, there is hope!

    • Marves Rivas

      Better than me at a 0.000048% chance.

  • Eylon Levi

    my LG V10 just got stolen 2 days ago… I had it for a month… I can’t get any more sad than I am…..

  • Asmit Bhantana

    am sure i will win lol

  • debojyoti kundu

    god i want that pixel c!

  • Thiru Vetti

    For once in my lifetime, I hope I am lucky to win a giveaway! :-)

  • Mikey Bee

    better chance winning this than the powerball lol stop complaining people! its a free contest

  • MeiSquawk

    When will the winners be announced?

  • Suzette Jansen Smith

    Would love to post a screen shot, but have no NETFLIX, YET!

  • Asmit Bhantana

    I would be grateful if aa will give its prize to people like me who is from poor country like Nepal where a good smartphone costs a whole salary of 2years

    • yo

      no mind game will work

    • yo

      don’t lie

      • Asmit Bhantana

        google it bro than you will know every bitter reality

  • Partha Roy

    Never won anything in my life. I still want to give it a try because I just love the V10 and I can’t afford to buy one.

    • Aditya

      There is no V10 in the giveaway bro

      • Partha Roy

        yeah, I just realized that this was for Nexus 6p.. I thought it was for the V10

  • Jay Kanakiya

    She. Will the results be out?

  • hamid cetinkaya

    do you guys know when it will be known who won? will it be next week?

  • iJutsu .

    Did I win air again?

  • Kevin A. Dunham

    Have they announced the winners yet?

    • Alina Shah

      Not yet!

  • Helena Oops

    Great giveaway!
    Would love to win!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Federico

    Gimme all the prizes

  • hamid cetinkaya

    Do you know when we will know of we won or not?

  • Little Man

    Where is the result?

  • Jatovi McDuffie

    One of these days I’ll win something. So far I am 0-30 in these contests.

  • Alberto Recto

    And the winner ìs …….no one!

    • Apple Boy bhushan

      opera giveaways r like this only , they dont declare the winners until every entrant has forgotten about the giveaway , collab with opera is causing public embarressment to android authority too

      • Andre Osti Sakaguchi

        do you know another giveaway from opera with no winnerS?

        • Apple Boy bhushan

          Same thing happend in operas giveaway of nexus 6p named ‘ROAD TO KONTIKI CONTEST’ still winner not announced, after 1month of ending of the giveaway

        • Kimberly Solon

          I joined one time from Opera Mini’s phone giveaway by installing the app, dec 26,2015 was the draw date.
          I checked the app again, it doesnt show the giveaway banner anymore, i searched thru google, no results for a dec giveaway from opera, not one.

    • Lazo Lazarov

      they have this problem some times.. I dont know why! :)

    • Wendy Hutton

      people do win

  • This is my last contest. I never win…

  • syed mustafa

    winners not yet announced?

  • Badelhas

    Does anybody knows who won?

  • Jean Luis Reinoso Abreu

    So, who won?

  • Juan Tadeo

    yo who is the winner???????

  • Randy Bissessar

    Your #1 Source For All things Android

  • SalPicão

    “Nexus 6P Giveaway: Akke B. (Netherlands)”
    All prizes to just one person? =/

    • Apple Boy bhushan


  • Ajay Ramsunder

    Hey are the winners announced yet, I really want the phone

  • Axell

    who won?

  • Android Authority, atleast announce the winners already. BTW, where you are announcing the winners??

  • Kevin A. Dunham

    Anyone know who won? The suspense is killing

    • Alina Shah


    • Žydrūnas

      Well, don’t give it too much of hope, there were a lot of entries!

  • Alina Shah

    I need to win this :(

  • Samendu

    who won

  • bASRED


  • Mikey Bee


  • hamid cetinkaya

    With????? Who wins????

  • Badelhas

    I think the winners should be drawn on a live youtube video feed, dont you?

  • salah

    How did win

  • Sidney Henrique Duarte Martins

    Fake giveaway.

  • Borce

    Just got a notification about e-mail from AA, i got that positive feeling in my guts saying I’ve won something! Turns out it was just their weekly e-mail for subscribers. Oh, well :D

  • Francis P. Mateo

    Hi AA! When will you announce the winner for this giveaway?

  • akshay

    who’s the winner!

  • Steve Kujo

    look like a fake giveaway. no winner has been announce although the contest ended more than a week ago.


    Evidently they seem to have forgotten that this giveaway requires the names of the winners to be announced for it to be an actual giveaway, seeing as it’s been 4 days since the results were supposed to come out. WHAT HAPPENED, ANDROID AUTHORITY????

  • akshay

    when you guys are announcing the winners ……..i think my dream of owning a nexus 6p will still be a dream :(

  • Popescu iulian petrisor

    the winer???

  • Alberto Recto

    Well I guess maybe there’s some part of the rules they’re not telling us…….LIKE SOME CONTEST ARE LEGIT AND SOME ARE NOT. SO KEEP ON PARTICIPATING ON OUR GIVE AWAYS….really AA…

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    Hello, and winners where and when?

  • Wynn Harvey

    Who wins?

  • Cleide Xavier

    When it comes out the winner?

  • akshay

    i lose this better luck for next time :(


    I think i speak for everyone who lost when i say:
    Well fuuuck.

  • Mikey Bee

    we should all spam the shit out of android authority and opera’s twitter.. who’s down?

  • jerome lee

    … == no winner announced?

  • Cleide Xavier

    Never gain :´(

  • Arch Angelos

    Damn I didn’t win.

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    :( I did not win! ;(

  • Garrett Johns

    Where are the results?

  • Bruno Tapia Zúñiga

    Hey everybody, i won. Got an email from Derek Scott 4 days ago saying I won a nexus 6P and asking for address to ship. I haven’t had an answer back. Is this normal? Does anybody know about this kind of giveaways? How long will it be till they ship it? Or answer?

    • akshay

      wait the product may be on the way or it might be a fake giveaway

      • Bruno Tapia Zúñiga

        He answer yesterday. Said ha has my information to ship it and when they do it, will send me an email. I’m so excited, I can’t wait ?

        • akshay

          Congo bruh !! and may i know how many give away you tired before you winning this ??

          • Bruno Tapia Zúñiga

            Ooh yeah, they were a lot man. I tried every competition I saw since November. From every YouTube channel about Android i know and HTCMania. I never won there. I’m so happy I finally won, and a great prize :)

          • akshay

            cool burh hope i win some day :) do share after you get the phone :)

          • Bruno Tapia Zúñiga

            Sure ?

          • akshay

            bro you got the phone !!

  • Wendy Hutton

    thanks received my sphero BB-8 today awesome

  • Randy Clendenin

    Hello, the Blu Vivo 5 smartphone looks great, and appears to be able to do just an hour anything you’d need it to do! Thanks Android Authority for this wonderful sweepstakes, and thanks for the “HOPE”. Take care, “GOD Bless”, sincerely, Randy.