Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X get big temporary discounts in Europe

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 27, 2016

nexus 6p vs nexus 5x aa (8 of 25)

Following the recent price cut/credit voucher on the Nexus 6P and second price reduction on the Nexus 5X, European Nexus fans are finally getting some discount love too. The Nexus 6P is getting a 100 Euro discount on all models and the Nexus 5X is getting a 80 Euro discount across all models, but only for a limited time.

Unfortunately, the term “Europe” is a little misleading too, with not every EU country seeing the discount quite yet. It might still be coming, but the UK Play Store isn’t currently showing any change to Nexus prices. For everyone with access to the sale though, the discounted Nexus offers begin today, January 26, and continue until February 12, 2016.


With discounts like this, you might want to consider splitting the difference and getting the larger capacity model instead of just taking the discount. For example, you can now buy the 128 GB Nexus 6P for the same price as the 64 GB before the sale and the 64 GB version is now 50 Euro less than the 32 GB version was yesterday. Meanwhile the 32 GB Nexus 5X is currently cheaper than the 16 GB version before the discount.

Will you be picking up a discounted Nexus? Have you seen any other good device sales lately?

  • jimborae

    Probably working out on how they can shaft us again on the exchange rate between Euro & £. As I bet they won’t do a 1:1 rate like they normally do. ;)

  • Dominick White

    Isn’t it only the gold 6p that’s discounted?

  • Samuel Hauptmann van Dam

    Source? Because it seems completely wrong? I don’t see any discount.

  • Jeff Moreira

    Definitely not in the UK at the moment.

    • Pez Smith

      It won’t be coming. Google has to recoup its recent tax deal with HMRC.

      • Andrew Bruce

        They got off so lightly they should be giving them away to us in the UK

    • thoroc

      ye this is the message on the UK page: “Buy a Nexus 5X, get a £20 Google Play credit and a Chromecast on us”
      Meanwhile the German page shows an entirely different message: “Sichern Sie sich 80 € Rabatt beim Kauf eines Nexus 5X und 100 € Rabatt beim Kauf eines Nexus 6P.

      Beschenken Sie sich diesen Valentinstag selbst: Das Nexus 5X (16 GB) kostete bisher 429 € und ist jetzt für nur noch 349 € erhältlich. Das Nexus 5X (32 GB) kostete bisher 479 € und ist jetzt für nur noch 399 € erhältlich. Das Nexus 6P (32 GB) kostete bisher 649 € und ist jetzt für nur noch 549 € erhältich. Das Nexus 6P (64 GB) kostete bisher 699 € und ist jetzt für nur noch 599 € erhältlich. Das Nexus 6P (128 GB) kostete bisher 799 € und ist jetzt für nur noch 699 € erhältlich. Das Angebot gilt vom 26. Januar bis zum 12. Februar 2016.”

  • Benedict

    So they learned the hard way that nobody buys them? At least they can be happy they didn’t run out of stock for months this time. The trick wasn’t providing more units but overpricing. Good job!

    • Arman

      Yup seems they are still stubborn with their pricing in Canada and don’t want to have any discounts at all. Well I’ll pass on 6P then and look forward to the upcoming 2016 phones.

  • Badelhas

    The discounts are available in Portugal

  • Dan McSweeney

    In Ireland the entry level model of 5X is €349 and 6P is €549 at present, so for once we seem to be in on a deal!

    • Kevin Doran

      Yeah I saw that. It’s an absolute miracle. I still think it may be a dream though…. Could this be really happening?

  • Virtual Anomaly

    Please….please…I want UK prices to go down

  • Robert Delahunty

    Astounded as I was debating whether to fork out the obscene price for the 6p. Decision now made but what accounts for the ridiculous mark up in Europe..

  • Nickname303

    Well you won’t see me buying a 6P no matter what price it is. The glass camera visor on the back of the phone has been cracking for many people for absolutely no reason. And neither Google or Huawei are willing to do anything to fix it. So I’d advise people to steer clear of the 6P unless you like the idea of buying an inherently faulty product that won’t be fixed under warranty when it breaks. Nice to know that as soon as they’ve got your money they’re not interested in your problems.

  • Concerne9

    So 30 € off here in Holland for the entry nexus 5x. I still saved over a 100€ by picking mine up in Florida in Dec. ;-)

  • Christos Mamalos

    In Greece Nexus 5X 16GB €340 and 32GB at €449.
    Nexus 6P 32GB at €620

  • φnux

    Well in France, from Orange in late december, I got a 32GB 6P discounted at €462 with the right plan. Essentially had to subscribe to a €39/month 1-year plan with unlimited call/text + 8GB data, +€16/month to finance the phone (therein lies the discount, down from €21/month normally), initial bill of €269.99 thus 270+(12×16) = 462€. (about US$500).

    I’d have happily shelved an extra €50 to get the 64GB but sadly it wasn’t an option. I’m thinking Google wanted to sell a bunch of phones fast and thus struck that deal with Orange, that €140 discount (that’s close to 25% off!). It was a web-only deal too, no such dice in brick-n-mortar Orange stores.

    I’m thinking it was a terrific deal, sadly not available anymore (I don’t even see the nexus 6P on that carrier’s web shop anymore). And after a year I can freely downgrade that €39 monthly plan to a more reasonable 30 or so (I still need north of 4GB/month, that inevitably costs *something* above the regular €20 plan for *just* unlimited calls/text).

  • Virtual Anomaly

    Well,if it goes down in the UK I’ll buy it,if not I’ll buy it anyway,but I’ll wait for now