google nexus 6 ad

If you needed another clue that the launch of the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 is nigh, three new animated commercials apparently featuring the devices went live a few hours ago.

While we can’t guarantee that the huge device one of the Androidified characters pulls out in the ad below is the Nexus 6, it sure looks so – the device features the general shape of the Moto X (just as rumored), the new Android L navigation buttons, and a new ringtone.

The idea of the ad itself is an acknowledgement by Google that the large 5.9-inch Nexus 6 isn’t for everyone. There’s a new slogan too – “Be Together, Not The Same.”

The Nexus 9 tablet is less conspicuous, but it still makes a brief cameo in the Bus Ride clip.

The third ad doesn’t feature either of the new devices, and it’s just promoting the together-but-different slogan.

The ads were first spotted by Google Plus user Christian Colocho while watching The Walking Dead online. Clicking on the ads leads to this page, which isn’t live for now.

As a refresher, several reports point to Google launching the new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 tomorrow, October 15, or on Thursday, October 16.

Who’s excited?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • etienne.jean.theron

    Can’t buy a Nexus in my country, can’t import it (unless you pay dearly for door to door couriers and import tax which would almost triple the price) and can’t have family members bringing it over as the official selling date is near 3 November(they return next week). So, will be getting the closest thing to it, the Nvidia Shield tablet. Any suggestions of other tablets?

    • TechyTee


  • BennyBrick5

    It appears that even Google is admitting that the new Nexus phone is HUGE. Not problem for me though, as long as this thing has a huge battery.

    Roll on Wednesday (or Thursday)!

  • Steven Elkins

    I’m glad the embargo at least lets you post this.

    • Anonymousfella

      Probably because it was user discovered.

    • Tay

      I’m guessing android authority themselves haven’t seen the nexus 6 yet?

      Sites like android central Engadget and the verge haven’t posted about this.. So clearly they have the device.

      • There is no embargo that I know of. Even if it were, embargos only cover the stuff that companies shared under embargo, so this is free for all.

        • Amrit Zoad

          Why do you even reply them? They are just Guests. And What we say to Guests? Nothing!

  • Anonymousfella

    Just release the damn phone already!

  • Nabeel

    The point for me might be pricing rumors claim 499$ insane for nexus

    • Spencer Walker

      I wouldn’t worry a bunch of people claimed the nexus 5 would cost 500 my guess is 32gb will cost 399 449 for 64gb

      • Nabeel

        that’s the reason why nexus got its fans may be 30% of ’em… reasonable price!! and stock feel

      • Nabeel

        What do say now Dude….:P…Justsayin

        • Spencer Walker

          I was wrong if 650 is too much there’s always the oneplus if you can get a invite or for 499 the new moto x

          • Nabeel

            Nailed it!! OnePlus FTW!! you are too honest spencer…:)

          • Spencer Walker

            Yeah but I’m gonna to get the 6 O want the huge display I’m gonna to sell the nexus 5 and 7 to pay for most of it

    • MJay

      $499 is more than reasonable if they improve camera, battery life, 64gb, and 2k display. The price has to go up when they improve hardware.

      • Nabeel

        what about 650$$…..:P

        • Spencer Walker

          At least it’s not near a grand looks at you apple lol

  • Kasi Viswanathan


  • Ken

    well the second one features a smart watch on the driver wrist too

  • I like them

  • The Doctor

    You got the wrong meaning.I know because I been there.
    It’s not about the size.It’s about custom color phone same as moto x.
    No wonder you Humans got only one Heart.

  • Keepie Uppie

    I want the HTC Nexus tablet but if the phone is as big as everyone is saying, I might not bother with the tablet and just get the phone when the upgrade comes. Having the phone at almost 6 inches, and shrinking the tablet a tiny bit puts me off buying the 2 devices even though I’ve not had a new tablet since the Asus TF101 tablet.

  • Joel Pinto

    I’m the only one to see a smartwatch in the second video?

  • Mathias Christensen

    There is a little hope inside me telling me that Google wants to let us know that there is more than one Nexus device this year. It is very little yet still hope…..

    • Sumitro Bhaumik

      We can always dream :)

  • Miha Belimezov

    am i the only one who got the idea of the commercials differently? i see it as google is going to present more phones not just fucking one. at least three different as i saw it. and a smartwatch. but obviously im not a tech reviewer so i know jack shit

    • Brandon Miller

      I don’t think the ad is for Nexus devices though. It’s for Android as a whole.

  • new_guy_around_here
  • Sharath

    “All kinds of phone for all kinds of folks”
    Does this mean that there will be 2 Nexus phones?
    A phablet and a normal size phone?

  • What is the name of the song ?

  • Patrick Barca

    I see 5 devices:

    – 2 Phones (big (N6?) and smaller (Nexus Droid Turbo?)
    – 1 Tablet (N9?)
    – 1 Ear-Plug (???)
    – 1 Watch (Nexus Watch??)

    Nexus flood coming?

    • 6 devices, the speaker in the dance party!

      • I see a headphone as well but I don’t think google will enter the speaker-market…

        • Dee Norbert

          Nexus Q?

    • matteo

      Look there

      • Android Developer

        The pink one has 2 cameras on the back? or is it something else?
        Maybe one is the logo of “M” for Motorola?
        The Teal device looks like an SGS …

        • matteo

          The pink looks like moto x desing…the teal an s5??

          • Android Developer

            so maybe there’ll be a Silver/GPE version of SGS5 ?

      • MeTheDroidor

        If the Nexus 6 comes with 5,9″ I am going for the aluminium Nexus 9 by HTC and for the iPhone 6 or Lumia 735 as my smartphone.

        • Josh Gilman

          Enjoy your iphone. (heh, good luck with that).

    • Tjaldid

      And possibly a Android TV box

    • Oliver Hamilton

      … 2 watches
      – A square one on the driver
      – A round one on a dancer doing a hand-stand at the front, next to the wheelchair guy.

    • Anonymous

      The way I see it those may not all be GPE-Edition or Stock-Android devices; the slogan already says “be together, not the SAME”, so you could also look at it as an advertisement for the customisability of Android (and its skin etc.)

    • RAK

      blue one is definitely a Nexus 5 (camera placement) , watch looks like a smartwatch 3

    • wozandnic .

      Yeah nice spotting Patrick, I also saw these other devices, as Google always plays these little games, hiding their new devices in plain sight! Plus it goes with their new catch phrase “all kinds of phones for many different folk”
      1-smart watch
      2-nexus X 6 inch (iPhone 6 plus beater)
      3-nexus X 5 inch (iPhone 6 beater)
      4- smart ear? Blue tooth or stand alone device for calling, texting, tweeting, fb updates etc all hands free with “okay google”
      5-nexus 9 tablet.
      It’s going to be a landslide!

    • Dee Norbert

      And glasses :)

  • Bye Bye OnePlus, Hello Nexus 6!!! Since the Nexus 6 will be available before the OnePlus that’s the way I’m going!

  • Maurizio

    I might be wrong, but the pink phone in the Winnebago video, all to the left, does it change size while it’s in the droid-lady’s hand? maybe it’s not made on purpose… or maybe it is ;)

  • Peace Frog

    New ringtone?
    I’ve been using this ringtone for more than a year…

    • Fool

      Can you share it please?

  • Amrit Zoad

    One more revelation, Android Green Bot has FINGERS!

  • sss

    Well quite a bit cool and odd.
    Lets see….the whole ad is a preview to LMP?

    2 small phones (black)
    1 damn big phone
    1 Audio system / enhanced audio beats?
    1 Huge a@@ speaker = external speaker? or better sound on tablet?
    1 tablet
    2 phones – 1 pink, 1 blue
    1 watch
    ….and lotsa glasses :-)

  • Sam McAllister

    Anyone else seeing the link between the eclectic mix of people and Android Liquorice Allsorts????

  • Stachura5

    “Be together, not the same” I like this motto

  • ShockWave

    Well, that made me confused even more, first video says at the last all kinds of phones for all kinds of folks which means more than one “phone” and note that it says phone so basically it’s not only one phablet or one phone but supposedly it is more than one, then it says be together not the same in all videos which means there should be a change or something and we should try something else specially that the first video had a little droid with huge phone (a.k.a phablet) while the others held little plain phones with no new phones.

    • Keith

      You make the mistake that this is an advertisement for the nexus phones. These ads seem to be promoting the OS and the existing android phones by OEMs already for sale.

  • javallee

    Give me the damn N9 already…………

  • doode


  • Demonstration

    It’s going to be huge!!!

  • RAK

    The animations look similar to the ones Southpark uses to depict Canada

  • Mf Lye

    That’s a nexus 600!

  • John Garlits

    The N9 on the bus is silver/grey. Does that mean there will be a metal version, not just the black plastic? Silver/grey plastic doesn’t look so great, maybe a reason nobody does it much.

  • General Yuri

    be together.Not the same.
    love this

  • Ano1

    Did you guys notice the pink phone in N9 ad shrink and resize? I think good is hinting something here xD

    • Ano1


  • AbbyZFresh

    Why do they release these ads? I have never seen any of them on TV before.

  • Josh Gilman

    Lol – those are actually cool. The bus stop is best.

  • John Burg

    Although there’s 6 devices… Maybe everyone is over thinking the ad. I believe it’s just the nexus 6 and nexus 9…. I mean Google had to throw in others devices considering the nexus 6 or 9 haven’t been released yet… Lol if anything the ad is probably for the people that’s saying “im not getting the nexus 6 it’s to big”

  • WestFiasco

    Those last two ads were my favorite, love Google’s work.

  • John A

    Personally, I’m not really that interested in either Nexus device this time as I can’t see myself wanting either, going by all the leaks.

    But I am really looking forward to Android L and Android Wear 2.0

  • Google always teasing us with little glimpses via videos :(

  • Alex James Simon

    Wouldn’t be cool if Google and Samsung partnered up and instead of releasing a GPE S5, they made a simple way for current S5 users to ditch TouchWiz and go completely stock. I know I’m dreaming lol

  • crutchcorn

    Okay, other than the devices stuff that everyone is focusing on, these ads are brilliant. They adress the issue of “huge phone” stuff that we’ve been given hell for (which is now obsolete as an argument but hey) and they just seem fun and awesome! I like the new advertising scheme! :D

  • Collin

    It’s not a new ringtone in the bus stop ad… it’s called “Atria”.

  • Ace0518

    7 seconds into the winnebago video, what’s the kid in the middle holding? Mint green xperia z3 compact?

  • Kev Pilotton

    Yeah! Release the damn phone so I can buy a Nexus 5 for half the price! :D

  • ronald villegas

    Hilarious ads.. excited to get the nexus 6..