Nexus 5 status update: 16GB models out of stock, initial orders shipping now [Update]

by: Andrew GrushNovember 1, 2013


When the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 arrived last year, it was a nightmare to say the least. Not only did stock on the Nexus 4 dry up nearly instantly, the entire purchasing process was full of errors and other issues along the way.

So how is the Nexus 5 holding up in comparison? Considerably better. Having one device on sale instead of two likely made things easier for Google to handle, and it seems that Google learned more than a few lessons from last year’s launch.

We can’t yet speak for all Google Play markets that saw the device launch yesterday, but at least in the United States Google has brought their A-game in terms of handling the traffic and demand of the Nexus 5. Not only did Google Wallet handle all the orders with relative ease, the first batches of Nexus 5 units have already started shipping!


Nexus 5 Availability Update

Google did a great job keeping things in stock throughout most of yesterday, besides a brief period of time at the beginning where the 16GB white Nexus 5 showed it was out of stock. Shortly after that it returned, though the shipping times had slipped.

Of course we knew the stock would run dry eventually. Now that almost a full day has passed, the 16GB models are currently listed as sold out. The white and black 32GB models are still available, with shipping times pushed back to 2-3 weeks.

With a high-demand device like the Nexus 5, it’s not a surprise to see stock run out or shipping dates slip. The real shock is just how smoothly the process has went when compared to past endeavors.

We can’t say for sure when the Nexus 5 16GB models will return to stock, but so far it looks like Google is doing everything in its power to meet demand and ensure a smooth delivery process. Still, for those still interested in nabbing the Nexus 5, you might want to hurry and grab the 32GB while it’s still available.

Were you able to get your order in for the Nexus 5? Did you run into any problems or was it all smooth sailing?

Update:  As of the time of this writing (4:15PM EST), the 16GB Nexus 5 is available for order again, though the dates for the 16GB models have been pushed to 3 – 4 weeks. The 32GB models are still expected to arrive in 2 – 3 weeks.

  • AsakuraZero

    not mine QQ

  • Andrew

    got mine at 1:05, in the mail (maybe)! WOOOO!

  • Cao Meo

    16GB version is out of stock first, that means people don’t care about storage as much as some geeks put it.

    • bozs13

      I agree with you. I ordered the 32gb but I’d say most people just want the cheaper phone and will use cloud services for the rest if they run out of storage.

      • xlSamsonlx

        I care more so about expandable storage, I don’t ever see me using 16 GB internal, But I have a rather large music collection I keep on a micro sd, if only the nexus 5 supported that :(

        • Mystery Man

          cough google play music cough

          • xlSamsonlx

            Cough on sprint lol!

          • sluflyer06

            What does sprint have to do with it?

          • xlSamsonlx

            When you live in an area with terrible 3G….using a music streaming service (that needs good data) is difficult.

          • krym73

            Sprint service sucks, im suprised everyone doesn’t already know that by now.

          • Cole Raney

            What about when you aren’t on WiFi and have a data cap on your data plan. Or what if your internet reception is horrible? Nothing can quite replace enough physical storage.

          • adam evans

            Best Google service

          • justin

            People don’t have unlimited data outside the US. For some, if not most, that’s simply not an option. Also, given the fact Play Music isn’t available everywhere.

      • Yami4E

        I am a geek but never ran out of space with my 16GB GNexus. But i ordered 32gb to because 50€ Mord ( or in your Cass $) is a great deal

    • rdeleonp

      There are many different usage scenarios. Personally, I was feeling the crunch with the 16 GB N4, so I splurged for the 32 GB Panda Edition, without even blinking.

      • Simon Belmont

        I got the same capacity and color. First white phone I’ve gotten since the white T-Mobile G1.

        My G’Nex served me fine with 16GB of space, but apps and games aren’t getting any smaller, so I grabbed a 32GB. This should last me a long while.

    • MikeParker

      You are correct assuming that equal numbers of 16GB and 32GB phones were available. However, I’m sure Google forecasts the sales and according to the forecasts, not equal numbers of each model. In the forums I’ve looked at so far, people reported ordering the 32GB model about 3:1, but that’s just anecdotal.

      • MikeParker

        *manufactures according to the forecasts

    • Ben

      I think storage capacity does matter to people, but like me they are not willing to hand over 50 extra bucks for 16GB.

      I’m also pretty disappointed that there is no 3000mAh battery. I think if the 32GB had that it would be the one sold out.

    • AndroidBrian

      16gb is more than enough storage for a phone. Tablets in the other hand…..

    • APai

      possibly a lot of people do not use media stored on their devices, or they listen to a few albums at a time and have found it convenient to live by syncing often. and the low price for a fantastic device in a difficult economy is pretty enticing isnt it ? people have learned to cut corners

  • Zeshan Ahmed

    Anyone know where UK orders are shipped from!

    • flubberpants

      ireland. but mine hasn’t shipped yet :(

      • Zeshan Ahmed

        Mine neither..
        For $9.99 I would expect a better service.

        • flubberpants

          Some phones ordered from CPW last night have already been delivered apparently.

  • karan lamba

    Damn I’m so torn apart on deciding whether I should get it for stick with the nexus 4 the weird thing is I was disappointed with nexus 4 low storage options. But after being forced to use the cloud I got so used to it and don’t mind having 16gb of course that helps when you have unlimited data! I have 6gb spare still. I’m waiting on battery life usage for n5 and how KitKat runs on nexus 4. I’m sure it will run near flawlessly! Still the nexus 5 is the best phone you buy on the market with that price!

    • The Android Enforcer

      Go for nexus 5… its a better investment.. in a few weeks the value of nexus 4 will drop a great deal
      im going to compare both over at

  • karan lamba

    Does anyone know how if the nexus 5 supports otg?

    • Ørjan Baglo

      No not out of the box, but there are apps that enable it.

      • karan lamba

        Ok thanks, so something like nexus media importer?

        • Ørjan Baglo

          Yes thats a good one.

  • iamtravis182

    No problem ordering the 32gig black version. Should be receiving it in Ohio on Tuesday. Very excited!

    I have decided that I will be using this phone for the long haul, so going for the 32 gig option for an extra $50 made sense for me.

    • Simon Belmont

      Same here in regards to the long haul comment. The Nexus 5 32GB should keep me happy for a while.

      I’m upgrading from a G’Nex, which I still love and will throw CM11 on and use as a backup phone. Good times.

      • The Android Enforcer

        Same here. .. I’d rather have too much space than not enough.. nexus 5 is a phone that pleases all
        Im going to post my review over at

  • n532GBw

    My one has been collected from the warehouse and is in transit :D

  • Wezi427

    Verizon should take note of this.

    • iamtravis182

      A major reason I am leaving Verizon is to get the N5.

    • utilitybelt

      Google will probably never work with Verizon again.

  • WOW factor

    no WOW factor at all and whats up with that battery size? this isn’t 2012 were moving to 3000mah+

  • solstice1221

    I balked at ordering at first. I closed my browser a number of times just before pressing the “order now” button, but I did eventually order the 32GB version in black. The only downside is that my expected delivery date went from 1-2 days to November 8th because I hesitated.

  • Simon Belmont

    My 32GB white Nexus 5 shipped this morning. I got the slower shipping, too. :)

    Looking forward to receiving it by next week. My case and screen protectors arrived today. ;)

    • David

      What case did you order?

    • grumpyfuzz

      Really? What time did you order it? Here I ordered it at 2:11 eastern, 32GB Black, also slow shipping, still hasn’t shipped unfortunately :(

  • Reg

    I’ve ordered mine earlier today. We can’t buy the nexus via the playstore here in Belgium … so I had to buy it from a online retailer. It was rather fast out of stock but new orders can be taken. I should get mine Tuesday. Yey! … very impatient to get my hands on it.

  • Christian Koch

    Maybe a good message for some people:
    I ordered my Nexus 5 like 2 hours after launch, when the Google Store said “Will leave depot by the 8th”. Just got the email that it was shipped! Super excited.
    (by the way, that is in the UK)

  • David

    Anyone know any good cases for Nexus 5? What have you people ordered?

  • trwb

    Mine still hasn’t shipped and I ordered within the first 30mins of release!

  • Alain Lafond

    Both phones were out of stock in Canada less then 2 hours after they went on sale…
    Is there someone at Google that will realize that there’s a need for Nexus phones, and there’s buyers also…

  • HitokiriX

    I tried purchasing the 32gb model but my order was canceled twice and I have no clue as to why. I emailed customer support and is been over 24hrs with no reply. So fuck it. Must be a sign.

  • WasPow

    2:10 EST for Black 16GB and White 16GB models.

    White 16GB ship date is Nov 5.

    Black 16GB is listed as “pre-ordered”. Google customer support told me not to expect it to be shipped until Nov 22 at the earliest.

    Pretty terrible shipping estimate for the black version ordered less than ten minutes after release.

    • WasPow

      Scratch that. Just got an email that both phones have shipped (11/1, 9:35 pm EST)

  • Just received the UPS shipping label. Will be here Monday! Woot!!

  • The Android Enforcer

    I bought the 32gb model because I would not want to run into a storage problem

  • The Android Enforcer

    Ive reviewed many different phones this month, got to test run them for a few days and the nexus 5 RULES!!..
    I love the minimal yet sleek look & the fact that the front of the phone looks like 1 solid black slate when screen is turned off…
    im going to post my review & thoughts over at

  • GadgetDeputy

    Battle Of The Titans: Nexus 5 Versus HTC One

    Which is the smartphone for you? The newly announced Nexus 5 or the ever reliable HTC One?

  • Guest

    How nice of Google to let someone buy six phones when lots of people are just trying to buy one. Retarded policy.

  • Zeshan Ahmed

    Got mine this morning…
    Very impresses.
    Camera is good,

  • MadCowOnAStick

    16 GB has been pushed to 4 – 5 weeks

  • Zeshan Ahmed

    Black 32gb-

    We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.