Nexus 5 now available from Sprint — get it for as low as $50, available in Canada too

by: Andrew GrushNovember 8, 2013

Google Nexus 5 drop test aa 10

While many Nexus fans took to Google Play last week in order to grab the Nexus 5, some of you have probably been holding out for the device to arrive to your local carriers. In the United States and Canada, that day is today!

In Canada, the Nexus 5 is now available through Telus, Rogers, Bell, Fido and Videotron. The outright pricing for all carriers is around $500. The first five providers are selling the device with contract for a little under $100. Fido will charge a little more at $200, and Videotron is offering the device for just $49.95.

Looking to the United States, currently Sprint is the only carrier packing the device, though T-Mobile is expected to get the handset in time for the holidays. Technically the Nexus 5 is $199.99 through Sprint — but you can actually get it for as little as $50.

There are two ways to snag the handset for just $50 on contract. First, you can deal directly with Sprint and get instant savings, a web-only switch & save discount and a mail-in rebate that all work together to drop the price down to just $50.

Looking for a less complicated route? Best Buy is now offering the handset for just $50 on contract for both new and existing customers. There’s no rebates, switcher discounts or any other hoops to pass through to get in on this deal.

So how about it, anyone planning on picking up the handset via contract or would you rather pay the full price on Google Play and have the power to move freely between different carriers if you so please?

  • Andrew

    What would be the advantage of buying the Nexus 5 unlocked on the Google Play store if I plan on staying with Sprint for at least another 2 years (I’m on a good family plan)? Will the Sprint released devices still get the os updates as soon as the Google Play devices?

    • Warren Marshall

      All Nexus phones are sold UNLOCKED whether you purchase it from Google Play or your carrier. Updates will also be rolled out the same way

      • Andrew

        Thanks for the info. So it sounds like, if I get tired of Sprints coverage, I could cancel my contract, pay the etf, and take my N5 to Tmobile if I needed and start a monthly plan

  • Angel

    I think you got it wrong best buy has it for $150 while amazon has it for $50

    • Andrew

      Do you think BB would price match Amazon for this?

      • Angel

        Nope best buy doesn’t price match amazon with contracted phone anymore.

  • smokebomb

    $50 on sprint means it’s gotta be $0 down on T-Mobile. They’d be stupid to not go that route or at least match the up front payment.