More Nexus 5 specs discovered in leaked Android 4.4 KitKat build

by: Chris SmithSeptember 30, 2013

Nexus 5 render

A recent reportedly leaked Android 4.4 KitKat build has apparently revealed more details about the upcoming Google Nexus 5 smartphone, although these rumored specs can’t yet be confirmed.

Just like last year, the new Nexus smartphone appears not to be a very well kept secret, at least assuming these new leaks are indeed accurate.

As previously speculated, the Nexus 5 smartphone appears to be similar to the LG G2, although it won’t have the same features as LG’s 2013 flagship smartphone. From the looks of it, we’re looking at a smaller display, smaller battery, and downgraded camera.

Italian online publication Android World have gone through the leaked Android 4.4 file log that was reportedly taken from a Nexus 5 unit, and came up with the following list of specs, based on the references in the code:

  • 5-inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080 resolution) and 443 ppi
  • 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of storage
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera
  • wireless charging battery (2300mAh according to FCC documents, but not confirmed by the log file)
  • NFC support
  • LTE support
  • accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity, light sensors, barometer
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

In addition to what was discovered in this leaked Android 4.4 KitKat build, existing FCC and Bluetooth SIG documentation have already confirmed that the LG-D820 – currently the most plausible Nexus 5 candidate out there – will also feature Bluetooth 4.0 LE support, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac and support for a variety of LTE bands.

We’ll be back with more details about the Nexus 5 in the coming weeks, as the handset is rumored to be unveiled and launch at some point next month.

  • Guillaume

    Please be more than 2300mAh !!

    • Mikael Vidar Simon

      really hope its bigger for the final product! deal breaker!

    • NexusKoolaid

      Please offer versions that have more than 16GB !!

  • I hope Google is listening. This device will be rubbish if it doesn’t ship in a 32GB model.

    • Mozaik

      and bigger battery.

      • I trust them more with battery life now that they’ve got Motorola actually putting out decent devices. Motorola knows how to really get the most out of a small, fixed battery. Let’s hope Google has the sense to get them involved on this device.

      • samsparkin

        Not just big. Optimization needed too. My old S3 is much better than wife’s nexus 4 . N4 just eats through battery…

        • Epic Tea

          it’s funny how people don’t realize optimization is 1/2 the battle when it comes to how good a camera is how good the battery is and how smooth the software runs.

          Perfect example is Samsung’s touchwiz its better now but even then it still lags a little from time to time.

          • samsparkin

            Battery back up is better than n4

    • MasterMuffin

      And that 8mp camera mustn’t be bad!

      • It’s all about the software. I’ve seen rubbish pics from the 13mp cameras on some of the current flagship phones.

        • MasterMuffin

          Any camera can take a photo that’s rubbish, even a $1000 camera. And every decent camera can take a somewhat good photo. It’s not all about software or megapixels, it’s the combination of them and more that make camera (censor and other stuff too)

          • samsparkin

            And sometimes about who’s taking the photo ;-)

          • MasterMuffin

            That’s what I was trying to say with the first part of my comment :)

          • John

            Took this with my “mediocre” Nexus 4 cam.

          • Guest

            Yep. Megapixels are nothing but a number for marketing. Sure you can print larger, but the quality comes down to the size of the imaging sensor first and foremost. Compare the ol’ Canon 5D full frame sensor at 12mp to whatever cell phone you want that has 12mp. The quality is blindingly obvious.

          • On a Clear Day

            Plus, let’s also keep in mind that 99.9999 percent of all pictures we feel an impelling need to take will reside forever and a day on an SD card never to see the light of day again nor be viewed by an inquiring mind.

        • mikegonzalez2k

          Agreed. There are other important factores besides the density of pixels. An important one is aperture, also commonly referred to as “lens speed”.

          For example

          An 8MP image with a f/2.2 aperture will produce a better image than a 13MP f/2.6 aperture.

          As much as I love my GS4 this is one thing Samsung’s Galaxy S4 really needs to work on.

          • Epic Tea

            yeah I heard this will support sprint’s network from a lot of recent leaks and Filings, if thats the case I am selling my galaxy S4 and getting the Nexus 5.

        • On a Clear Day

          You are right. Yes, the number of pixels is to a certain degree an important contributing factor to picture quality – but gazillions of pixels paired with bad engineering and lousy software – still do not a pretty picture necessarily make.

          The strength of the Nexus phones and the popularity they have enjoyed is a direct function of their having features that compare favorably – or even equal – those of phones costing twice as much.

          I like having the flexibility of taking a picture with my phone – but no one who is serious about photography is going to kid themselves into thinking that they are going to get professional quality from a phone.

          The hype about pixels is more about positioning the phone in question sales wise and trying to differentiate it from the countless other offerings out there against which it is competing. It is nice icing on the cake to have lots of pixels but of little true practical import.

          • Epic Tea

            i like nexus device and android, but i have honestly never seen one person walking around with a Nexus 4 nothing but iphones galaxy S phones and Note 2’s.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Don’t know about rubbish, but it’ll still sell out and yes they should bring out a 32gb version along with the previous 16gb as expected.

  • Utku Birkan

    2GB RAM , 8MP back camera and 1.2MP front camera, 16GB also 2300mAH battery???? Goog joke google. Keep going this way

    • Mayoo

      You seem to forget 4.4 is supposed to run on anything with as low as 512Mb of RAM. The Kernel is supposed to be updated too. All this will likely also mean lower battery consumption. So maybe 2Gb is just quite enough. Innovation doesn’t always come with bigger hardware.

      16Gb is probably either only the base model or a test model. Why would devs need 32Gb?

      As far as camera goes, I do agree it is a little low on the specs. But we’ll see how it performs.

      Now this is really cliche but : “It’s not the hardware that counts, it’s how you use it”.

    • Epic Tea

      optimization, optimization, optimization

      It’s the reason devices like the Moto X can run smoother, the battery can last longer and the device overall work better than a galaxy S4. Also it’s the reason you can improve camera quality with simple OTA updates just as HTC One and Moto X have both received, and they have greatly improved photos.

      Specs play a part but they are not the End Game.

  • DX89B

    For this spec the price may be even lower that his predecessors!

    • Tuấn Ankh

      That would be nothing but awesome.

    • Epic Tea

      hmm never thought of that, maybe they are trying to get it close to Nexus 7 price range maybe $300 for 16gb and $350 for 32Ggb?

  • Harsh

    If no OIS I’m probably getting a HTC One or S4 GPE.

    • cycle454

      also phones without ois

      • Harsh

        One has OIS. S4 though doesn’t have OIS still is the one of the best cameras in the market.
        Apart from that they have their own Pros like Build quality for One, replaceable battery, AMOLED screen and expandable memory for S4

  • Mayoo

    All the information each leak gives is killing me. I don’t care if the conference and the release date is later than expected. I just want dates, this is killing me!!!!

  • n11

    I already got my MotoX so all I’ m really waiting for is 4.4 to arrive on it : )

    • Oli72

      You will get ur update of 4.4 next year. If not nexus products all others next year for update.

      • Epic Tea

        that alone is worth sacrificing top specs, the Moto X is a great exaple that Specs isn’t everything.

        • Oli72

          Totally agree. It all comes down to preference.

          • Epic Tea

            yep and I will gladly sell my galaxy s4 for the nexus experience some would see that as a downgrade but I will sacrifice a few better specs for instant updates and a device strait from google, plus I root and flash roms anyways so all the samsung features are useless to me.

      • Epic Tea

        that alone is worth sacrificing top specs, the Moto X is a great exaple that Specs isn’t everything.

  • Kostas Tsek

    3000mah battery,gRam,32GB version and they can have my money

  • Carlos Paixao

    32GB or no deal, Google.

  • NeedName

    let the whining begin!

  • RedBeaVeR

    From the looks of it, we’re looking at a smaller display, smaller battery, and downgraded camera…
    …5-inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080 resolution)


    How is 5″ would be smaller than G2?

    • jessem1323

      Uh, G2 is 5.2″

      • RedBeaVeR

        Oh lol… I see.

        Sorry I was off by 0.2 inches.

        I thought anything above 4.7″ is in the “HUGE” category :P

  • Lee

    Moto X’s breathing feature and it’ll be awesome!

  • elpcmaster

    You cannot expect the phone to be top everything and expect to pay $299.00.
    From the specs we will be lucky to get it for $399.

    • Wavefunction Collapse

      The issue is that many people are willing to pay more for 32gb and even 64gb, but they are less likely to be available. The expectation is not low price, I’ll pay the price if they make them available.

    • Oli72

      Totally agree. I expect $350-$450 with these specs.

      • Simon Belmont

        Hmm. I’d pay that if it had 32GB of storage.

        If Google thinks 8GB is a reasonable starting storage amount in this day and age, then they better have another think coming. 16GB minimum and (at the very least) a 32GB option.

        • Oli72

          Totally agree. We will see. I’m excited.

    • Epic Tea

      yeah every comment section on regarding Nexus 5 specs leaks seem to be nothing but people complaining, they want the specs of a Note 3 for half the price.

  • James Sarino

    If both the storage isn’t 32 gb, and the camera/software combination isn’t up to snuff, I may be going to the LG G2, rooting and flashing a custom ROM and calling it a day.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Thy don’t put this phone on contract. I’m from South Africa and was wondering if it’s possible. Or is cash the only way with a nexus?

  • Jamil

    The only thing I need is a 3000mAh battery. My N4 sucks in this sector.

  • Jok Joa

    that’s pretty big bezels

  • Oli72

    I’m all over this.

  • jeddo45

    I can’t wait! If this phone is worth it, I will ditch my note 2 for it!

    • Epic Tea

      same ditchin my GS4 if it comes out well.

  • Simon Belmont

    32GB option, please, Google. I’ll pay the premium for it, seriously.

    16GB better be the base option. Just saying.

  • mux

    the 8mp sensor is not so relevant, as the manufacturer… some rumors reported that n5 optics were to be made by Nikon. Now, surely hardware is less important than the photographer, but ISO performance and apertures are 100% hardware related and no photographer can compensate them.

  • Sunny

    First with KitKat OS,but poor specs never a best seller.

  • ProudToBePinoy

    This will hurt us waiting for the nexus 5

  • keenmay

    For significantly lower battery capacity than the G2, it better have removable battery.

  • iTriune

    I’m not waiting another year for 32gb of storage. If it doesn’t have that then I’ll just keep my GS4 GPE. If Google doesn’t want to give more storage, then support expandable memory. It isn’t that hard. Smh

    • Epic Tea

      why do you need a Nexus when you have the best of Samsung and Google with removable back and expandable storage, better specs and Google’s stock android experience, with instant updates??

      • iTriune

        Honestly, I don’t like the build quality of the GS4. After having the Nexus 4 for so long, I got used to having a solid phone and the GS4 is anything but that. I’ll give up the expandable memory and 13MP camera sensor for a great build, streamlined updates (because even the GS4 GPE is a bit behind) for great build quality, the very first updates, and the price point. It’s a fair trade off for me.

        • xoj_21

          nexus 4 is more fragile, every single nexus 4 i seen both bad and front are glass

          • iTriune

            I take great care of my devices. I’ve had the N4 since Dec 2012 and there isn’t a scratch or blemish on it. I just like the way it feels in hand. Feels solid.

  • abhay

    Is it Only me who thinks that this looks really bad and poor piece of Lack of design ??

  • Allanitomwesh

    Lol,1080p plus 2300mAh.This will not end well.

  • Austin2222

    I thought Vic Gundotra said that it would have a Nikon camera…

  • brett

    just give it expandable memory… please….

  • HoeyHimself

    It continues to surprise me how many people site such a strong desire for a 32GB phone. In my opinion, it’s insane that 32GB isn’t standard across the market, simply for how cheap storage is compared to three of four years ago, but pretending it’s more expensive than it is, I still don’t find 16GB to be hindering.

    Regardless of storage size, I never keep music or downloaded videos locally on my devices, and while I take a lot of photos, I end up deleting duplicates and shots i don’t want, and not for the sake of storage space, but just out of habit.

    My Nexus 4 currently has a little over 4GB free and I have apps and plenty of photos and recorded videos cluttering up the place. I suppose a better camera would result in larger file sizes to store, so I can certainly see 32GB being justifiable, still not sure it’s make-or-break for me, though.

  • Kenny Strawn

    All I can say is, despite the 8MP issues here, comparing one of the supposed leaked photos of the back of the Nexus 5 to one of the G2, the actual points of light entry in both (the G2’s, unlike that of the Nexus 5, has a larger pane of glass covering it, so you have to look beyond) are the same size, indicating that the sensors themselves must also be of the same size (annotated image attached).

    Which can mean only one thing: the individual pixels in the Nexus 5’s camera must be larger. Uh, yeah, we all know what that’s meant to take on

  • RayRayRAy

    Is Elise a man? My camera is 1000 mp