Nexus 5 not an LG job, Google Edition phone not in the works either [Update]

by: Chris SmithMay 28, 2013

Sony Xperia Z vs Google Nexus 4 aa (25)

An LG exec revealed in an interview with a publication that the company will not make the LG Nexus 5 and that a Google Edition version of one of its flagship devices isn’t planned either.

LG Mobile Europe vice president Won Kim told All About Phones that while the Nexus 4 was a great marketing success for the company, LG will not make the Nexus 5. According to him, such a device is not necessary for LG’s brand and profits. We would disagree, but then again we’re not in charge of LG’s mobile operations.

The same exec also said that LG doesn’t plan to counter the Galaxy S4 Google Edition with a Nexus experience version of its flagship devices. Apparently LG strongly believes in the value its user interface brings to the table, and it’s not interested in releasing devices running stock Android.

LG is not entirely done with Nexus devices just yet, as earlier today the company did announce the white Nexus 4, a device that’s similar to the black version except for the new paint job.

Earlier this year a rumor claimed that LG may be working on a new Nexus smartphone, but it looks like the company is clearly interested in putting the chatter around a potential LG Nexus 5 at rest.

As for Google Experience handsets, while LG may not be interested in such a device at this time, word on the street is that HTC would join Samsung in releasing such Google Experience handsets this year with a Nexus experience HTC One model.

LG mentioned that its relationship with Google is a very good one, even though the two companies won’t cooperate on a new Nexus device.

That said, who do you want to make your next Nexus smartphone?

[Update:] In a comment to The Next Web, LG confirmed that it’s not currently working on the Nexus 5, but that it would still consider such a proposal from Google:

What Mr. Won Kim said is that we are not currently working on a Nexus 5, which is true. But that doesn’t mean we would turn down the opportunity.

  • harrold

    Samsung :)

    • no

      Umm no.

  • Vallhalen

    Samsung? Or oppo ?:>

    • Jack

      oppo no way

  • Motorola?

  • Motorola.

  • merlin

    Samsung. The prodigal son returns…

  • Gabriel Liboni

    HTC, fo sho

  • convict

    Motorola with the build quality of Droid 2.

  • SuyashSrijan

    HTC. Just look at the One, it’s a stunning device with powerful specs. I bet HTC can produce an amazing Nexus phone (just like they did before, Nexus One)

    • Ivan Myring

      Well hopefully it will have a snapdragon 800 and will cost the same/similar to the nexus 4

      • Cal Rankin

        If there’s any indication over Google from the last year, the next Nexus will probably hit somewhere between $300 and $400, or maybe we will be surprised and hit lower (or at least get an even bigger bang for the same price)!!!

  • Tjaart Blignaut

    Apple should make the next Nexus device.

    • Lol.. Ya

    • Cal Rankin

      They finally realized which OS was superior, and Google realized how to push updates directly to Verizon and Sprint customers

  • Kevin

    Nokia or Motorola please :)

  • Nicktrance

    Samsung or HTC

  • T

    Nokia needs to get in the Android game and show them how its done. if not then HTC.

  • There you have it. Everyone wanted LG to make it, well now you can start thinking of another Oem

  • Wasn’t it unlikely that Motorola would make it, seeing as the X phone is in development

    • OMGgary

      Unless it turns out that the Motorola X Phone is the 5 generation Nexus.
      If something more solid isn’t known or announced about X Phone come August/September/roughly the time IFA is held , then I’d be really starting to wonder about that prospect.

      • That’s the thing, so far the X phone has sort of sounded mid range, which cannot mean the 5th Nexus

  • I like Samsung but I don’t really want a Nexus that looks like the S4 type look

  • thomaso del kuzmano

    OK, it’s time to make it simple from now on.. SIMPLE, and for at least for 5 + years. I dig Google and nexus but ‘normal’ people/consumers are lost even if they would like to have “Google phone” at spectacular price. It’s confusing for them.. so it should be SIMPLE and SMART system for everybody!
    And it goes like this: since Motorola is Google, Motorola gets Nexus line and FOREVER! Yes Forever!…now ‘the rest’ get Nexus experience in a form of “Google edition” on their top/best phone like Samsung S4 or/and HTC One..or whatever Sony or LG top phone might be…..Get it so far?
    Then: Only two Google editions per year! And the two who win ‘the rights’, have to have Googly price and that means: must not be over $550! That way, if Samsung wants Google edition on S4 it would not be able to charge $649 for it but $550 or less. Same goes for all Google edition applicants. Mighty Nexus $349 and S4 $649? Hello? So: if you want Google edition -you must be ready to slash price for $100 and still make $- ( no cost of developing specific Nexus device and no marketing) You just put Google stock Android on S4 ! At $550 they’ll still make around $200 profit if we assume that Google is making around zero profit on a price of $349!
    This way Google gets two/three Stock Android experiences- lets say, Samsung and HTC designed hardware and Nexus with the same software but Google/Motorola designed hardware!
    SIMPLE! SMART! And Long term system so ‘normal’ people don’t get dazed & confused?

    Get it! No? Ok, somebody please: RUSH this post to Larry PAGE! Pronto!

  • AndroidBrian

    HTC sounds good to me. Almost everyone makes a pretty solid phone now a days. Doesn’t really matter who they choose.

  • SeraZR™

    NOkia or HTC

    sadly the 1st one isnt gonna happen :S :(

  • I want Nokia version of Nexus! LOL!

  • Ivan Myring

    I want a nexus that has a low cost and is based on the rumoured HTC 5 inch phone (HTC One +) with a snapdragon 800

  • Nathan Borup

    how about asus? They could knock out 2 in one… the phone and the tablet version of nexus

  • meme

    i think the nexus line is dead, there will not be anymore nexus 5.
    LG did not make any money from it, neither will any manufacturer.

    • Yeah. I guess the oems aren’t making money. Dunno what’s the future for Nexus..

    • Cal Rankin

      Google told us they plan to continue the Nexus line.

      It all makes sense now that people craving an out-of-the-box vanilla Android experience can resort to something other than just one phone. Now they can get stock versions of the latest Android phones.

  • Ed Jay Templado

    Just go for LG, better design

  • cycad007

    Yes…best news I’ve heard all day! HTC, Motorola or ASUS please.

  • Cal Rankin

    HTC!!!! Give us a Nexus to blow us away!!!!!!!!