Nexus 5, Nexus 7.7 made by LG for Google I/O, specs, features and prices leaked already

by: Chris SmithJanuary 14, 2013


You know how a few days ago we told you that LG is focusing on its new devices this year, new Nexus-branded gadgets included, and therefore it may have stopped Nexus 4 production?

Well, we still have no idea how that rumor started, but we have a new report for you that’s far more exciting, since it already talks about the future LG Nexus 5 and LG Nexus 7.7, a new smartphone and tablet, respectively, slated to arrive at Google I/O this May.

A Korean forum is apparently ready to spill the beans on these particular products – not that we’re surprised to hear again that LG may be in the front seat when it comes to designing a new Nexus handset, and even tablet – and we’re going to check them out for you, while holding on to a rather huge chunk of salt. It’s not that such leaks aren’t believable in the first place, but it’s just a bit too early to talk about devices that will be unveiled in May only – Google I/O takes place between 15-17 May.

LG Nexus 5

Not only will the next-gen Nexus smartphone be the fifth model in the series, but it will also sport a 5-inch display, hence the Nexus 5 name will make sense for more than one solid reason. The display will obviously sport a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution (440 PPI), which seems to be a display standard for high-end handsets this year, the all-new NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 8/16GB of storage, 13-megapixel camera with LED flash and auto focus and a 3-megapixel front-facing camera.

And we also happen to have pricing details for you: the 8GB model will retail for $299, which is what the current Nexus 4 model with same capacity retails for whenever it’s available in the Google Play Store.

LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 7.7

As you can guess from the product name, the Nexus 7.7 is a 7.7-inch Android tablet – this Nexus tablet naming convention will bite them in the ass in future Nexus 7.7 generations – and it’s also expected to be a budget-friendly high-end device.

The tablet will be priced starting at $299 as well for the 8GB model, and it will offer you a 7.7-inch WUXGA display (1920 x 1200 resolution and 294 PPI), a NVIDIA Tegra 4 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 8/16GB of storage and  720p HD front and rear cameras

While the forum doesn’t mention it, we expect both devices to run the next-gen Android OS version, which could very well be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Moreover, since we did talk about bezel-less devices the other day, we’ll also tell you that the forum post says both device will feature a thin (1mm) bezel.

Real or fake?

It’s too early to tell whether the leaks are based on actual products, but these specs and features make plenty of sense for such Nexus-branded devices. And the prices seem to be on par with Google’s 2012 Nexus-selling strategy, which will probably be adopted this year as well.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for future Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 rumors, but let’s hear it from Android fans! What do you want to see in your 2013 Nexus smartphones and tablets? Will you buy LG Nexuses or would you like to see Google partner up with other companies as well?

Thanks, Kevin!

  • Julius Taylor


  • chris125

    I’d take an asus tablet over an lg tablet anyway. Hopefully they can actually have a smooth ordering process this time.

    • cycad007

      I second that. I’m not impressed with LG. Their build quality is lacking and he Nexus 4’s battery life is way too short for me.

      • chris pinkston

        The Nexus 4 or my Lg optimus G don’t seem lacking in build quality. They both also have some of the best current android specs. Things like low amount of storage and no Lte are google’s choices for the device.Camera could be better though. I don’t mind Lg making nexus devices. They do need to step it up on capacity to deliver them though.

        • cycad007

          My two biggest gripes about the Nexus 4 are twofold:

          1. Build quality – Lack of impact zones…plus you drop your Nexus 4 more than 5 feet and I’ll make you a bet it’ll crack if it hits a hard surface.

          2. Battery life – I don’t disagree that this is a first-rate phone. But you really can’t use it fully the whole day. The screen, processor, etc.. will drain the battery rather quickly. The user has to monitor his/her usage. The battery isn’t removable so its not like you can swap it out.

          • markt9002

            I’ve dropped my N4 on asphalt from about 6 feet and only the chrome plastic was slightly blemished, nothing else is wrong with the device. With Franco kernel, I’m witnessing about 3.5-4.5 hours of screen time, and it easily lasts a day. If I leave it on unplugged overnight, only 3% of battery is used.

            I’m also using CSipSimple at all times, and I have an extension connected remotely. The screen time is about an hour longer than my Galaxy Nexus on average. The battery life on stock should be much better with the next minor release. However, it is extremely easy to unlock and install a custom kernel.

            The only issue I have with the device is the buzzing sound that can be heard in call. The build quality is rock solid. Anyone who says otherwise has never used or played with the device.

          • cycad007

            Thanks for the reply…but I’d have to disagree.

            First, its well-documented that the N4 lacks impact zones. Second, you got lucky. It really depends on what part/angle the phone hits the ground…but glad your phone came out well. Search for ‘Nexus 4 drop test’ on Google to find a less-than-happy ending. I’d have a hard time believing that Samsung, HTC, Asus, Sony, Motorola can’t build a better phone than this.

            The battery with stock Android has been less than satisfying. No…I really don’t believe it can last a whole day without some “conserving”. No…I don’t find the battery to be adequate. Playing a simple game like ‘PvZ’ drains it quite fast. Your experience may differ….but this is my opinion.

            But again, I will say that this phone is an excellent value for what it is. That is why I purchased it!

          • DasithWijesiriwardena

            My nexsus 4 lasts me for two days if I set the brightness to automatic.

          • Pier

            – I have dropped my Nexus 4 three times from about 3-4 feet on hard surfaces and it only suffered minor damage (no screen cracks).

            – Battery could be better but it lasts a day (stock), which is all I ask for.

            – At the time the Nexus 4 was released, LG were the best choice (technology) wise IMO. No one else was putting the S4 Pro in a phone, using zero-gap screen touch technology (apart from ipone 5) or using battery a 800 charge cycle battery.

          • markt9002

            Like I said. It is because of the kernel. I didn’t like the battery life I was getting initially, but with Franco’s kernel I am impressed. The screen looks better, and the wake locks present in the stock kernel are gone. I have also disabled google now and location updates in Maps. I have deleted all Gapps from /system/app except Gmail and Play Store and if I want to squeeze out a bit more battery

          • Al

            I dropped it from like 3 ft on wood and only the chrome bezel got a couple small nicks

  • mjolnirxz

    expected the nexus 7.7 to follow the $199 pricing strategy to be honest

  • Niall Fox

    300 is cutting close when it comes to “budget friendly”

    • Justin Winker

      Would you rather pay $600+ for an off-contract smartphone of the same quality, or $300 off contract for a smartphone? It’s less than half of most top-tiered devices these days.

      • Niall Fox

        I’m talking about the new Nexus 7.7, I’m wondering why the tablet price would go up

    • Bobaboo

      For what you’re getting, and compared to other off-contract phones, $300 is pretty budget

    • tux dillard

      300 is cheap what you live in a dumpster

    • tux dillard

      Sorry for being rude

  • paxmos

    Low price means nothing if Goo gle cannot deliver. Let’s just hope they don’t fxxx up this time.

  • casinrm

    I find this highly unlikely. One company making two Nexus devices at once is abnormal. Google also wouldn’t release another phone so soon after it released the Nexus 4.

    • Elmboughs

      Depends, since we don’t know Google’s logic. For all we know the Nexus 4 was essentially an experiment merging a new case design with the already-designed Optimus circuit boards, and the Nexus 5 is the next step. But this is just copying the Galaxy Note, and I wish they’d enter a space nobody else is going into. Nexus Mini, for example.

      • bdec

        Samsung already has an S3 Mini.

    • zephyr

      so you think samsung making both nexus s and galaxy nexus is abnormal ??

      • Not at the same time. Google wants to keep all OEMs happy: Samsung, ASUS, LG this year.

    • The reason Google wants to stay away from Carriers is because of the 2 year contracts that stick people in, and charge a lot if they want a phone within the 2 years. Google’s answer is to sell unlocked at a low price(on cost) which in turn would make it very easy for someone to upgrade often.

  • Filip Justin

    Only 16 Gigs of storage? That’s stupid..

  • I liked the previous idea of Nexus devices- one device so everything was clear-now if it’s true there will be several nexuses with problems with delivery and smaller dev support (fragmentation).

    • More devices doesn’t mean fragmentation. They will all use the same software versions, and receive the updates together. the only essential difference will be screen size and Grid layout.

  • Tahir Mushtaq

    not LG nexus again….!

    • Elmboughs

      They’re desperate to get into phones, so they probably offered Google an insane revenue-sharing deal. Samsung can afford to turn Google down. But you’re right-I wish they’d gone with HTC to make a Nexus X.

    • I hope it will be a next Galaxy Nexus generation

  • Oh sweet mother of Jesus! Its been only 20 days i use my Nexus 4 and can’t wait to get my hand on Nexus 5 from LG! All i want and need to say Nexus 4 is the most beautiful smartphone ever.
    What a beautiful design!
    What a beautiful quality!
    What a beautiful screen!
    What a fast smartphone!
    Sphere rocks!
    Last but not least…great loudspeaker than Galaxy Nexus!

    • ratnok

      I love my Nexus 4 and couldn’t care less about the Nexus 5. Besides, it probably won’t launch until November again.

  • Jayd

    Fake. LG can’t keep up now. The nexus 4 has not been available here art all. Always sold out. Why choose a company without manufacturing capability?

  • Al Chandler

    This is really hard to believe. The nexus 4 just came out and they are going to sell a better one (yes some people will not want a 5in phone) for the same price.

    • Elmboughs

      My theory is that basically the reason the Nexus 4 was produced in such a short run is that it was a ‘quickie’ product, using the Optimus core assembly and fitting it into a new case. But I don’t see why anyone would prefer a Nexus phablet to the Galaxy Note: if you want that size you want the UI customisations to match.

      • What if, at Google I/O, along side with the Nexus 5 and 7.7, Google launches the Android 5 (KLP), that has resources equivalent to those provided by the Galaxy Note’s UI, natively?

        • Google is trying to Kill fragmentation. Guaranteed that Google will not release a phone with a different UI. Which is why ICS was made, and so on and so forth

          • But it don’t need to have a different UI for the different devices. Only some functions that only can be use in some devices, but are implemented natively in the SO.

            The Android tablets have some functions that are not available on the phones. But the system is the same.

  • Bob Someguy

    Really? A Korean forum is your source for legitimate Nexus information. I can see a new Nexus 7 device in May as the ones in November were just upgrades, but not a new phone. It just came out and they can hardly get enough supplies to fill their orders. While the Nexus 4 looks cool a bird in the hand, Galaxy Nexus from Verizon, is better then 2 in the bush. I’ll be checking 4chan for my official Samsung info.

    • Well it kind of makes sense… They are made in Korea….. Only a secret few know of upcoming products at Google(they leak, they get fired)…..Factories arent the most secretive places… Plus i feel like a Nexus 5 in May, wont just be a successor but a different product(Google knows not everyone wants a 5in screen), and continue selling the Nexus 4 as a more budget friendly phone.

  • Sarah

    we have to waiting for Motorola Phone X … LG Nexus is fu……….

  • Harjifangki

    LG again? Seriously Google, are you trying to kill yourself?

  • ter576657567657

    I’m not suprised there will be a Nexus 5 with all these great gadgets.

  • Brian

    This is legit, what was showcased at CES ties in with rumours about the LG Optimus 2 having a 5.5 inch screen and the 7.7 inch 1200p screen which will be provided for the Nexus 7 II tablet. Only LG aren’t actually making the tablet, but Asus again with LG being the supplier for the screens with a higher clock speed using Tegra 4. The only bit of information that doesn’t tie with everything else is the Nexus 5 Rumor.

    • BrianSHall

      Also, the bit about the bezel being only 1mm are also true, LG was supposed to have shown a prototype last week at CES but in the form of 5 inches, but the actual size is similar or smaller than the Nexus 4 thus having a 4.7 inch edge to edge design but the size of the screen itself was more akin to 5-5.5 inches.

  • Elmboughs

    Not convinced this is such a great idea, if it’s true. I think unless Google have a lot of tricks up their sleeve the Galaxy Note’s customizations make it a much better choice in this size range-I’d assume the Nexus concept works best in the smaller range, like the Nexus 4. But I guess Google are jealous of all the money Samsung are making, so it’s possible.

  • Nixon

    Announced in May. Released in October/November for 100 000 people total. Then add 50-100 000 more every month. Say nexus 6 in January 2014 and run out of numbers for the phones. Everything apart from running out of names – the routine that is sounds so much like Call of Duty that I wanna cry atm…

  • fghfghfg

    nexus one 1 inch screen. no way. nexus 5 is 4 inch. nexus 4 is simply the 4th nexus device

    • NicholasMicallef

      Makes a lot of sense, that’s why Nexus 7 came out before Nexus 4 + 10…

  • Eric

    If so can we at least get 32gigs out of it ? Pay the price to be the boss !

  • Garry DeWitt

    I would have expected them to go with samsung for two reasons:
    1. the N4 disaster, jesus LG
    2. the S4 is going to be announced in 1H 2013 (probably), and they usually choose a recent flagship phone to base the nexus line off of.

    But if google thinks LG deserves another shot…

  • fenrir

    Google will go back to Samsung for nexus 5.

    Going nexus partnership with LG and Asus are only temporary, as samsung get patent war with apple, and some nexus device got affected by that.

    Google know LG is safe from apple patent troll, so they want to secure at least 1 nexus device with it.

    Samsung is still the preferred android oem for google, It’s clear when they chose Samsung for recent Nexus 10. Don’t forget Eric Schmidt also visit samsung hq last sept.

    • Google kept all of them happy by making different devices this year

    • cycad007

      Perhaps not…

      It was publicly stated by ASUS that Google enjoyed working with their team over any other Nexus company (that would include HTC, Samsung, LG). Whether this is true or not is up for debate.

      In terms of Apple lawsuits, HTC is the safest manufacturer. They can now add Apple functionality freely (as long as it doesn’t violate Apple’s “look and feel”). Why would LG be safe from the Apple patent troll?!

      If Google wants a new partner, I think Sony would be ideal. Great hardware manufacturer…just plug in great software (Android)….and you got a winner.

      Sure, Google can go back to Samsung. But why would you (Google) partner with someone (Samsung) who wants to introduce and control their own platform (Tizen)? I believe we’ll see Samsung shift more & more resources to Tizen to compete with Android

  • drwilli456

    Google needs to cave in and offer a micro-sd card slot. That’s my main issue with the Nexus devices.

    • tomn1ce

      or make the device with at least 32GB of storarge…

  • This is FAKE! Why?

    1. If you’ve followed LG’s CES announcements then you would know that there is neither a 5″ 1080p nor 7,7″ 1920*1200p display made by LG, but a 5,5″ FHD and a 7″ WUXGA one.

    2. The Nexus 4 was “just” released so it doesn’t make sense to announce its successor in May (especially since the N4 is hardly available due high demand)

    3. IF LG is making a new Nexus then this would be a N7 successor with a 7″ WUXGA display, which could be announced in May along with Android 5.0 and could compete with the rumored higher res Ipad Mini.

  • Alu Zeros

    Not the upgrade im looking to.

    • Alu Zeros

      Want a battery that last all day, LTE, and higher storage options. When is Google going to really impress me. I love the fact they come out with a phone that is very affordable unsubsidized, but how about creating a high end phone for enthusiasts as well. They should have a 8gb with lowend specs, 16gb with midend specs, and a 32gb with highend specs.

  • But… but… What about Motorola? … :(

  • Larkhillv

    For the love of tech, DO NOT give the next nexus phone to LG again.

  • Aaron Honeycutt

    who will be the carriers for the Nexus 5 please?

  • Jennifer

    My #1 wish would be that Nexus 5 would run on LTE!

  • Troy Means

    I would have to say that this is probably only gonna be a rumor this article even says they don’t even know where the rumor came from so idk why everyone’s tripping…and I won’t lie I’ve never been a big fan of LG and I was disappointed by the manufacturer delay of units also but I was able to get a Nexus 4 and I am greatly impressed with LG I love this phone over all and all android phones have crap battery stop complaining about it.

  • can’t they see that 5″ screen is too big?

  • Stephen Locker

    I can’t see them using the Tegra 4.

  • Rahul

    Seems legit to me, considering the 18 months production cycle of a phone. However, I doubt Google will chose LG again, given the fiasco in supply of Nexus 4. Still, if it does so, many potential buyers (like me) will think twice before buying it from Play Store!

  • sdsdsd
  • shang

    of course moto!!!!!!

  • Jared Persinger

    I would be coming from the droid razr maxx hd so I won’t buy it unless the battery life is very good

  • minhnodda

    It doesnt matter if the rumors are true or not. Now demand for nexus 4 is extremely high. If a company can sell a device for a profit for example 20 dollar and demand is now like 200000 or sell a device 10000 for a profit 100 dollar. I’m maybe not a math wizzkid, but i will choose a profit of 4 million dollar over the 1 million. As company I already know. not only the profit but you can also create merchandise for the device. Hello $$$. Plus LG brand will get a major boost. Dont make me laugh about rumors about nexus 5. Google i/o is in May and now is just january.

  • Guest

    It doesnt matter if the rumors are true or not. Now demand for nexus 4
    is extremely high. If a company can sell a device for a profit for
    example 20 dollar and demand is now like 200000 or sell a device 10000 for a profit 100 dollar.
    I’m maybe not a math wizzkid, but i will choose a profit of 4 million
    dollar over the 1 million. As company I already know. not only the
    profit but you can also create merchandise for the device. Hello $$$.
    Plus LG brand will get a major boost. Dont make me laugh about rumors
    about nexus 5. Google i/o is in May and now is just january.

  • satrn

    What about antenna specs? for some reason, antenna details are always left out of these articles, and are critical.

  • I’ve been with htc since 2004 or something with htc touch but the last couple of years i was disappointed with their support. I own a HOX and game my sister my sensation which doesnt seem like getting a jb update because it’s not the flagship anymore.. so i think nexus 5 will be a great device for me…can’t wait..

  • jon

    Biggest problem with LG i see is that they have had production issues, Went out of stock many times unlike nexus 7 by Asus.. and also the build quality by Asus seems to be solid…
    Although i would be very happy to see Samsung devices as Nexus with flexible screens etc..

  • Russ

    Absolute bullshit :)

  • Dan Andrei

    I bought Asus nexus 7,I fell 1 m crack touch screen not working.I did not seek repair.Worse google nexus

  • Allen

    If you keep posting stuff you hear from a Korean forum, you gonna lose creditibility pretty quickly.

  • bdec

    I’d really like to see dual mounting SD cards on stock android. unmounting SD everytime is a pain in the ass.

  • “A Korean forum is apparently ready to spill the beans on these particular products” Oh come on. What next, “man in a bar overheard saying..” Tech sites will print any old nonsense these days.

  • Bone

    Why LG? They’re sh*t in manufacturing, the Nexus 4 launch was a complete failure.

  • Al

    tegra 4 nexus 5? unlikely… I’ll say more, makes no sense at all for LG to cannibalize itself just a few months after releasing the nexus 4 and optimus g. And even less sense in light of recent news that LG says N4 shortage is going to end in a few weeks, why would they allocate resources to a product that’s going to be killed by the nexus 5 and whty would they kill the higher margin LG phones with a lower margin N5? It’s all ridiculous. The 7.7 tablet is possible but given the fact that the rest of the rumour is so ridiculous, I’m inclined to say it’s all bullshit.

  • azrull

    I dont think it was LG this time.

  • awesomebase

    Please please please… Nexus 5 with 32/64GB and/or microSD slot option. Sorry… 8GB shouldn’t even be offered… 16GB should be the minimum with other options to boot…

    • It would be nice to have any SD slot, but I think Google is just trying to push people to use their cloud services instead.

  • eYe

    We all want to see devices with more than 8 / 16 GB of internal memory. An SD slod would be as well more than welcome.