Nexus 5 (Nexus 4 v2) again said to be a Motorola affair

by: Chris SmithAugust 20, 2013
Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4

A source knowledgeable with mobile plans for some companies out there, suggests that the Nexus 5 may be a Motorola affair, which is what some recent rumors have claimed as well.

Moto Nexus 5 rumors

The source is the renowned @evleaks, whose mobile-related leaks have been mostly accurate so far. This time around, he posted an image of the unannounced LG Optimus L9 II on Twitter, mentioning the Nexus 5 in the process:

As you can see, the Motorola Nexus 5, details are scarce to say the least. So far, only @evleaks and Taylor Wimberly mentioned the possibility, without actually offering any details about such a phone.

Wimberly, who has had a great track record with Moto X rumors in the months preceding its announcement, did not elaborate on a statement he made on Google+ after the Moto X was launched, in which he said that Motorola’s Nexus will not be a Moto X device, but a different handset.

Even in this PSA announcement, @evleaks isn’t confirming anything. He only says it “looks” like the Nexus 5 will be made by Motorola.

Interestingly, he suggests the phone may be part of the Nexus 4 family, a “Nexus 4 v2,” which suggests Google could stick with the Nexus 4 name for at least one more model instead of moving directly to a Nexus 5.

What prompted him to make this particular public service announcement?

LG Nexus 5 rumors

The other day, an image claiming to show the LG G2-based LG Nexus 5 hit the web – the other Nexus 5 rumor going around says that LG will make the device, which will be fairly similar to the new LG G2 flagship smartphone.

The photo below shows the back of an LG-branded device, with TechTastic saying that it comes from an LG tester and that it has “Nxs5” as a description. We’ll also note that TechTastic is also pretty reliable when it comes to mobile-related rumors, although the publication didn’t seem to be convinced the device in the image really was the Nexus 5. And it looks like this is the Optimus L9 II, if @evleaks is to be believed.

LG Nexus 5?

We’re apparently looking at a plastic back curved towards the edges, just like on the LG G2, but that’s where the similarities end. The LG logo is moved up – there’s no Nexus branding in there, which would be expected on Nexus devices – and the camera seems to be placed a bit higher, with the flash found on its left side (right side of the phone) instead on the right side, as it is on the LG G2.

The back buttons found under the camera on the LG G2 are gone as well, and they appear to have moved to the left side of the handset.

The bottom side seems to show a micro USB port in the middle flanked by dual speakers and what looks like a headphone jack, just like on the LG G2.

TechTastic has not received any information about this device from the alleged LG tester, except for the image here, which made us question the picture in the first place.

Recent rumors have suggested that LG is indeed making the Nexus 5 based on the LG G2, but they’re offering conflicting details at this point. One publication says that the Nexus 5 will be based on the LG G2, but ditch the Snapdragon 800 processor and 13-camera in favor of a Snapdragon 600 CPU and 10-megapixel camera.

A different rumor says the phone will keep the Snapdragon 800 CPU in place, but will use front and back glass panels, just like the current Nexus 4.



Both rumors agree that the back buttons will not be present on the Nexus 5.

That said, LG has acted rather strange when asked about the Nexus 5. At one point one official denied such plans, but then he’s statements were denied by the company, which wouldn’t say no to making another Nexus smartphone.

So what about the LG Optimus L9 II?

While the phone has reportedly been spotted at the FCC, and in a previous TechTastic leak, the handset is yet to be confirmed.

The phone is said to pack a 4.7-inch display with 1280 x 720 resolution (312ppi), a 1.4GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right out of the box.

We have no idea when the handset will be officially unveiled.

Wrap up

We would expect a fifth Nexus handset to be announced this fall alongside Google’s next-gen Android version, although this is just speculation based on Google’s way of doing things in past years.

No matter who’s making the handset and no matter what name it will have, we’ll be back in the near future with more rumors and leaks about it – in previous years the web was flooded with Nexus-related reports ahead of announcements, so we expect the same thing to happen with the fifth Nexus smartphone as well.

  • sivkai

    A Motorola Nexus would certainly be something to look forward to, however, I think it’s more likely that LG will continue the Nexus mantle. Motorola may just be “experimenting”, perhaps for the Nexus 6 or maybe its an old prototype for the Nexus 5. Either way, if Motorola was really building a Nexus phone, we would have heard more than one rumour about it.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Motorola’s strategy of overpricing it’s phones is the main problem here. The biggest strength of the Nexus 4 was it’s price.

      • mumusen

        True that.. what u said for N4 pricing.

      • sivkai

        Does the OEM have the final say on Nexus pricing? I always thought that was a Google decision. That was certainly the case for the Nexus 4, LG was apparently disappointed by its low price.

        • Luka Mlinar

          Yea but the S4 and the HTC One play edition aren’t any cheaper then the regular versions. I don’t know to be honest. I just hope the price doesn’t change.

          • Tony Hoffman

            Those aren’t nexus phones…

          • Luka Mlinar

            They are sold solely trough the play store. They got a clean OS on it. What’s else is the Nexus. It’s just a name of a line.

          • Mayoo

            Google Experience and Nexus are two different things. Many similarities but you can’t compare them.

      • newsjunkieintl

        and the gen 3 Galaxy Nexus price was the same. Initially no, was $399, but they dropped it to $350 for the 16GB version and kept the same pricing structure for the Nexus 4.

  • Clyde

    but the Optimus L9 II has hardware navigation keys. Would Google forego this option for the Nexus? If LG were to make the Nexus, that is.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    probably a Nexus 4 v2 based on 4.7″ AND Nexus 5 for 5″ lover? quite a logical movement, everyone wins, while both LG and Motorola can release the handsets. Maybe the 4.65 Motorola Nexus will be the “budget” while 5″ LG Nexus will be the “expensive” version? might be the other way around, still, it’s a possibility

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      Still believing in a budget Moto phone? I bet GPE 5″ LG will still be less expensive…

    • newsjunkieintl

      No, because Google only releases one annual developer showcase phone. The Nexus phone is not a money maker for Google — it’s not designed to be. It’s just to show what Android phones should look like and be, according to Google’s vision. It usually has the latest specs and is as good as or better than the top smartphones on the market at the time. They have no need to release two such phones, at no profit or even a loss.

  • Oli72

    it will be the G2 but nexus 5 version. i’m excited

  • Nexus Forum and Blog

    Surely the Nexus 7 (2013) has given the game away for future naming / branding of Nexus products? Well, just as long as they only release one a year!

    One thing I’m pretty certain about, the 7th gen Nexus phone won’t be called the Nexus 7!

    • newsjunkieintl

      All the Nexus 7 and 10 show is how Google names their tablets. The PHONES predate that naming scheme and TWO were named after generation versions and still are.

      * Gen 1: Nexus One, January 2010 (outlier, it was the first); HTC – 3.7″ display

      * Gen 2: Nexus S, December 2010; Samsung – 4.0″ display

      * Gen 3: Galaxy Nexus, November 2011 (after October announcement); Samsung – 4.65″ 720p HD display, dual core CPU

      * Gen 4: Nexus 4, November 2012 (after October announcement): LG – 4.7″ 720p HD display, quad core CPU

      * Gen 5: Nexus 5, November 2013 (after October announcement); LG – 5.2″ 1080p full HD display, quad core CPU

      But the Nexus 4 and Nexus One both have the generation versions in their name. Google will keep that for the Nexus 5. After that, who knows? :) Coincidentally, it will have a full HD 1080p display of 5.2″.

      • Bryan Lo

        Are you sure Nexus One wasn’t just the result of HTC’s obsession with the word?

        • newsjunkieintl

          well, HTC didn’t name it, Google did. HTC manufactured it under contract for Google.

          • Bryan Lo

            I’m sorry but that just comes off as a little hard to believe. First if the Nexus One was named that only because it was the first Nexus smart phone, how do you explain the inconsistency between the use of words and actually numbers (e.g. Nexus 4)? Secondly, how often do you see companies naming their first generation products One, or 1? iPhone 1? Samsung Galaxy S1? Of course, none of those products are named that way because it just doesn’t make sense to put a number on something that is the only one of its kind at the time. And you mentioned that Google named it. Do you happen to have any tangible proof that HTC had no say in the product’s naming? Assumptions without evidence are just assumptions, no matter how complete and plausible they seem.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Are you just a troll, or are you really serious? Google trademarked the Nexus One name before the phone was even released. Nexus was chosen by Google from the novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” (from which the movie BladeRunner was made). One, of course, because it was the FIRST Nexus.

            As for inconsistency, don’t ask me to explain. Ask Google. They dropped the gen name/number until the 4th one and brought it back.

            Go ask Apple why they had 1, 2, 3, then started sticking letters after every other one? Companies can do what they want.

          • Bryan Lo

            One because it was the first nexus? You’ve just ignored everything I pointed out and went on to keep saying the same thing. You, sir, would make a great politician.

          • newsjunkieintl

            You haven’t pointed out anything except you keep asking if HTC named it and I keep proving they didn’t.

            You aren’t reading are you? I told you Google trademarked it in 2009 before releasing it in 2010. Google NAMED it.

            And I told why they named it Nexus and why they named it One. so, shut up TROLL.

          • Bryan Lo

            And Google trademarking it = Google solely naming it. That logic.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Yeah, that’s the way it works. Apple trademarks something, they named it. GM trademarks something, they named it.

          • Bryan Lo

            Well neither Apple nor GM was in a joint venture with another company. Anyway, you have NO way to proof that HTC didn’t have a hand in derivation of the name Nexus One despite of the fact that you think you’re doing it and having no idea what proofing something means. For now, I’ll save myself from wasting anymore energy on your retardation and stubbornness.

          • newsjunkieintl

            here’s one for you, idiot boy. Try showing some examples of HTC smartphones with the name One in them circa 2009 (when Google trademarked the name) and you might have some credibility.

            BUT THERE ARE NOT ANY. The Nexus One (released in early 2010) is the very first time any phone manufactured by HTC has the word One in it. Here’s a list of all the HTC devices ever made:
            Go search through the list, look for 2009 and see any models with the word “One”. NONE. NONE. HTC never had an HTC phone named One until 2012.

            See, you lose. Your whole premise is HTC is obsessed with the word, and in 2009 they never heard of the word. Until Google used it.

            I can also show you an article from early 2010, when a reporter suggested the next Nexus phones would be Nexus Two, Nexus Three since it was VERY CLEAR to all at the time why it was called ONE.

          • newsjunkieintl

            I’ve proved it. Your whole premise was that HTC was “obsessed” with the word and HTC NEVER NAMED an HTC phone with that word until 2012. Whereas Google trademarked the name in 2009.


            If your theory were correct we would have seen a Nexus 2 and Nexus 3…we didn’t. It will be the Nexus 4, 2nd generation or Nexus 4 2013, just like we had the Nexus 7 2013. Screen size is the naming convention…not generation of device.

          • newsjunkieintl

            You really can’t read, can you? I said they only used that in two of the four phones. But since they used it in the first phone, then it was obvious in the 4th.

          • jimv1983

            The Nexus 2 was the Nexus S. The Nexus 3 was the Galaxy Nexus. Those are names that Samsung wanted. The 4 in Nexus 4 refers to it being the FORTH Nexus phone. Why else would they name it that? If it was based on the size it should have been the Nexus 4.7. The Nexus tablets are named based on the screen size but the screen size actually matches the name. The Nexus 7 is 7″. The Nexus 10 is 10″. Again, the Nexus 4 is NOT 4″. The name Nexus 4 has NOTHING to do with the screen size!

          • Lucas

            So, after Nexus 5 there will be a Nexus 6 and then a Nexus 7? It makes little sense.

            Nexus 4 was released at the same time as Nexus 10, some time after the Nexus 7.
            Making the number after “Nexus” have two different meanings would only confuse people!
            It may actually be a coincidence that the Nex4 was the 4th generation one, not the opposite.

            But those rumors about both an LG and Motorola Nexus made me wonder if Google could be reading a Nexus 5 by LG and a smaller Nexus 4 by Motorola. The Moto X has basically the same screen size as the Nexus 4 but feels a lot more compact…

            But well, it’s already October, so its improbable, since there were only leaks of the LG Nexus 5

          • Joshua Hill

            Yep, they’re a troll or they have serious comprehension issues.

          • D3Seeker

            They planned on multiple Nexi before hand

          • newsjunkieintl

            And I can show a news article where it was predicted the next ones would be Nexus Two, Nexus Three… It was obvious it was called Nexus One for the generation, NOT for the screen size. Same with Nexus 4. :)

          • Guest

            Somehow what he says makes sense kinda, I mean Samsung got the word galaxy in the galaxy nexus

          • newsjunkieintl

            NO, it doesn’t make sense because HTC did NOT use the word “ONE” in any HTC phones until 2012. If you don’t believe me, here’s ALL the phones HTC ever made.
            Go look at the dates. If anything, HTC got it from Google, not the other way around. Google trademarked Nexus One in 2009, released Nexus One in 2010, and HTC called a bunch of 2012 HTC phones “One”. If anything Google should sue HTC. :)

        • newsjunkieintl

          Your whole premise was that HTC was “obsessed” with the word and HTC NEVER NAMED an HTC phone with that word until 2012. Whereas Google trademarked the name in 2009.

          Try showing some examples of HTC smartphones with the name One in them circa 2009 (when Google trademarked the name) and you might have some credibility.

          BUT THERE ARE NOT ANY. The Nexus One (released in early 2010) is the very first time any phone manufactured by HTC has the word One in it. Here’s a list of all the HTC devices ever made:
          Go search through the list, look for 2009 and see any models with the word “One”. NONE. NONE. HTC never had an HTC phone named One until 2012.

        • newsjunkieintl

          HTC never used the word “One” in their HTC Phones until 2012. Google trademarked Nexus One in 2009. End of argument. Any more stupid questions?

        • Jim Phillips

          Ok, this is just a stupid trollish discussion, but I’ll weigh in.. Google announced the Nexus 4, 7, and 10 within a very short timespan.

          First, the Nexus 7 was announced in June 2012. Then in October 2012, they announced the Nexus 10. On the same day as the Nexus 10, they announced the Nexus 4. By the time they announced the Nex 4, they had already decided on a sized based naming convention, thus the above blog post, AND the subsequent Nexus 7 (2013) keeping the same sized based convention.

          If the next Nexus phone has a 4.x” display, then we will know for certain whether the Nexus phone name is size based or generation based. If they keep the Nexus 4 name, we will know it is sized based. If they name it the Nexus 5 despite a 4.x” screen, we will know it’s generation based (unless of course it’s a 4.99″ display in which case we still won’t know because some people will undoubtably argue that 4.99″ is basically just a 5″ screen).

          However, if the next Nexus phone has a 5.x” screen, and they name it Nexus 5, we will NOT have any definitive proof that it is either size or generation based, because it could be argued either way.

          Regardless, this whole fight is stupid and pointless. We will know what it’s going to be called when it’s announced. Or when there is a verifiable leak.


        You’re wrong. The naming convention for all Google devices from here on out is by screen size. We will see a Nexus 4, 2nd generation as long as the screen is 4.x big. Only if the screen is 5.x will it be called the Nexus 5.

        • newsjunkieintl

          I dispute that. Since the Nexus 4 was NOT the first 4″ Nexus phone. But it was the gen 4 phone. So, for Google to choose the name Nexus 4 was OBVIOUSLY not related to screen size.

          Otherwise the Galaxy S (4.0″) and Galaxy Nexus (4.65″) phones would also have been Nexus 4. Ha! But they weren’t. So, the Nexus 4 is NOT screen size.

          * Gen 1: Nexus One, January 2010 (outlier, it was the first); HTC – 3.7″ display

          * Gen 2: Nexus S, December 2010; Samsung – 4.0″ display

          * Gen 3: Galaxy Nexus, November 2011 (after October announcement); Samsung – 4.65″ 720p HD display, dual core CPU

          * Gen 4: Nexus 4, November 2012 (after October announcement): LG – 4.7″ 720p HD display, quad core CPU

          • Bryan Lo

            Oh here’s another one. If Google is solely responsible for the naming of their Nexus devices, where did the name “Galaxy Nexus” come from? Are you going to say “Galaxy” was Google’s idea too? Please.

          • newsjunkieintl

            here’s one for you, idiot boy. Try showing some examples of HTC smartphones with the name One in them circa 2009 and you might have some credibility.

          • Mother Joker

            If Google tried to name your mom, it would be Nexus 500 lbs.

          • newsjunkieintl

            What does that have to do with the fact HTC NEVER had an HTC phone with the word “One” in it until 2012? And Google trademarked Nexus One in 2009?

          • newsjunkieintl

            HTC never used the word “One” in their HTC Phones until 2012. Google trademarked Nexus One in 2009. End of argument.

          • tillythompson

            Has nothing to do with the nexus 4 being the first 4 inch(ish) screen, it has to do with the timing of it’s release. Google likes to experiment and try different things before they settle with what is working best. The Nexus 4 name fell in with their screen size line up, as well as it being the 4th generation of a Nexus phone. They will either stick with 4 from now on, or move up to 5, where I’m sure they would remain.

          • Josue Rios

            I agree. But at the same time, we don’t know whether this new trend of naming by screen size is going to pass over to the nexus phones in the future. Next nexus is probably going to be nexus 5 anyways with either convention.

        • Joshua Hill

          That’s flat out wrong. They had 4″ nexus phones before the nexus 4. Why would they suddenly adopt this now?

        • anonymous

          HTC [T-Mobile] G1

          I know…it’s a “1” and not a “One”…lol.

      • Shaun Chaudoin

        You forgot the very first Google android phone, made by HTC… The G1! Followed by the nexus one by HTC…
        Samsung then had nexus s & gnex
        LG made the nexus 4 & the next one ( whatever it will be called)…

        • newsjunkieintl

          G1 in some parts of the world, HTC Dream in most parts of the world. And not the word “One”. He specifically said they were obsessed with the word “one” and HTC never had an HDT-branded phone with that word until 2012.

      • Shaun Chaudoin

        The phone names are agreed on between the manufacturer & Google… It has nothing to do with the “generation” of the phone…

  • Ian Dimare

    nooooooooooo! i wanna LG’s hardware in the new Nexus!

  • Mayoo

    After what I’ve seen from Moto X …

    • youmad_DUHWINNING

      You assume the Moto Nexus is based on the Moto X, when in reality, you dont know anything. Calm down.

      • sk8rat

        yeah but all motorolas phones have dookie specs

    • Alex Murphy

      Uh…what? The technology inside the Moto X (the X8 processor) is pretty revolutionary stuff. If they paired that with slightly higher end specs, a bigger battery (for closer to 2 days of battery life) stock android and a Nexus price, what the hell more could you ask for?

      • YoungHermit

        An SD Card slot

  • LiiIiikEaBau5


  • Joachim Nilsson

    Meanwhile in Japan …

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Guess we’ll find out when it drops…

  • blowntoaster

    Please, use the Snappy 800, and put in a 1080 LCD at least, or OLED 1080p if you can, along with the touchless (always listening) etc etc features. stick with the glass and put a 13mpx sensor or bigger in there. let the Nexus be all it can be, at a subsidized price…or else Freddy’ll cry…

  • Bryant

    Would it not be feasible for Google to release two separate nexus phones? A Motorola Nexus 4 (v2) and an LG Nexus 5? With all of these conflicting rumors that’s seems possible to me.

    • newsjunkieintl

      No, because Google only releases one annual developer showcase phone. The Nexus phone is not a money maker for Google — it’s not designed to be. It’s just to show what Android phones should look like and be, according to Google’s vision. It usually has the latest specs and is as good as or better than the top smartphones on the market at the time. They have no need to release two such phones, at no profit or even a loss.

      • phor11

        Well, if Moto is making one of them then they would definitely have reason to allow another manufacturer in so that they couldn’t be accused of playing favorites after explicitly saying they wouldn’t during their acquisition of Moto…

        Even still, I don’t think that’s very likely.

      • Edwin

        You like to spread the view that Google will never change in these comments. I’m not so sure if they will only ever release one phone a year. I can easily see two similar phones running stock Android with different screen sizes being released side-by-side. 4 inches or 5? Take your pick.

        • newsjunkieintl

          IF YOU want such a choice just to run “stock Android” , then that’s what the GOOGLE EDITIONS HTC ONE (4.7″) and the S4 (5.0″) is for — available from Google Play store. Take your pick right there.

          Whereas, I understand the history and philosophy of the Nexus phones. People who want two Nexus phones per year don’t have a clue. It’s a DEVELOPER SHOWCASE phone, which Google has helped design (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot).– introduced with a new version of Android.

          Understanding that, then TWO phones are a distraction, only one is needed. Google makes no money off this phone and if anything loses money… They don’t need to lose money on TWO phones to make the same point.

          Since I do understand the philosophy and history of the Nexus phones, that is why I laughed when some people claimed there would not even be a Nexus phone this year — due to the Google Edition S4 and HTC One phones. No, there’s going to be a Nexus phones. But there can only be one.

    • Cal Rankin

      The Nexus line is to exemplify what Android is, the pure version. Motorola could well make a phone that is cheap and is sold directly from the Play Store, but they could be part of their own Motorola brand, and not part of the Nexus line. Since Google own Motorola, they can make phones with vanilla Android that can be sold to all carriers (most carriers, like Verizon and AT&T, get software updates to Motorola devices very quickly, especially if Moto phones now have Vanilla Android) with the subsidy model. The Nexus line is for developers and Android lovers, and are sold closer to at-cost to be developer-friendly

  • newsjunkieintl

    There won’t be a another Nexus 4 — version 2 or whatever — as the 5th gen Nexus will be Nexus 5 and will coincidentally have a 5.2″ full HD 1080p display.

    And LG is making it, based on the LG G2. It’s been in the works since early this year. The Nexus 5 will be officially announced in October and actually released in November with Key Lime Pie 5.0.

    • mobilemann

      can you cite sources or this is just what you “think”?

      • newsjunkieintl

        Yes, South Korean LG sources have been South Korea media outlet Daum all year..

        From LG CEO showing Nexus 5 prototype to Google CEO Larry Page when he visited LG HQ in early May, to July specs of the G2 (which proved ON THE MONEY). And in that July spec report of the G2 — published a MONTH before the LG unveiled the G2 was additional internal LG notes the the G2/Nexus 5 were linked on the same development path.

        copy and paste these words into your browser: daum lg g2 nexus 5

        • nvitone23

          I believe you know something we don’t through a source. You seem to be very confident in all your posts that LG is definitely making the Nexus 5 and it will have the Snapdragon 800 in it. Am I correct in my thinking that you may have an inside source or is this just reasoning that you are doing on your own?

          • newsjunkieintl

            I work in the media, but in a technical capacity. However, I know how the media works — where real leaks come from and how the “echo chamber” (some outlets just repeating what another says) can distort the truth. I’ve been following this story all year long and I can separate real news from click bait crap.

            The rumors the Nexus 5 were coming in May were ridiculous. Google ONLY releases a developer showcase phone at the end of the year (except for #1, which was in January). There was NO way, ever, ever, it was coming in May. Some ignorant blogger just started that rumor.

            When the VP of LG reportedly said LG was not making a Nexus this year (note “reportedly”), LG quickly refuted that statement, saying it was a mistranslation. I mean, the next day. BAM. It touched a nerve. Yet, their clarification was VERY vague. Basically all they would say is (paraphrasing) “we are NOT saying we’re not going to do the Nexus 5… but we aren’t saying we are” — in a very Asian corporate syntax. Reading between the lines then was easy. In English corporate speak, it was “we can not confirm or deny” — which means yes. :) There’s a line between playing coy and lying, and with the mistranslation LG knew later they would be accused of lying unless they corrected it. Yet, they couldn’t say too much. With top secret project like the Nexus, it’s up to Google to make public statements, not LG IF LG was in fact working on it. That little corporate dance would not have been necessary if they in fact were not working on the Nexus 5.

            Then in May the Korean Times reported Google CEO Larry Page visited LG headquarters and LG CEO showed him a prototype of the Nexus 5. Then in July, Daum correctly reported the specs of the G2 — one month before it was officially unveiled — and noted that the G2/Nexus 5 were on the same development path.

            Also the fact that Google makes the Nexus specs be competitive and reflects trends in the market really makes a Nexus 4 v2 seem incongruous. Besides the fact that the Nexus phones seem to NOT be named after screen size…. Almost all the top Android smartphones this year (not all, but almost all) are 5.0″ – 5.2″. Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Samsung S4, LG G2. The only exception was the HTC One, and that was its only flaw. :)

          • nvitone23

            I do agree with your logic on many points and I want to believe that it will be an LG Nexus with a Snapdragon 800, however it surprises me that both Taylor Wimberly and EVLeaks have said that it will be a Motorola Nexus. Both are very often correct on the information that they put out.

          • newsjunkieintl

            and yet the latest LG leaks come from Vietnamese tech blog site which shouted the Moto X stuff even before Wimberly. They have a better track record than him, as their contacts are in the manufacturing plants…


            He doesn’t know anything. He’s a troll just looking for attention.

          • Alex Fischer

            I want to believe what you say. Also, this is what I think, if Motorola makes the $299 1080p 5″ Snapdragon 800 Unlocked Nexus, then their Moto X will be a failure. When you can buy nexus why spend $200 for a contact phone with mid range specs from the same company.

            And if LG/Google prematurely spill out that LG is making the nexus with G2 specs, then LG will lose on potential G2 sales.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Yeah, so LG and Google really wanted to keep it secret.

          • CapnBoost

            Because the developer phone and commercial phones don’t sell in the same market to the same people. Kinda like how the Nexus 4 sold for ~$300-350 while the LG Optimus G has an off contract price of >$700.


          In other words, he’s guessing. He has no confirmed source. There have been conflicting rumors about the ‘Nexus 5’…some saying Motorola will make it, others that LG will do the honors again. But for now it’s all speculation. In fact the most trustworthy source from past leaks, @evleaks, says Motorola will in fact make the next Nexus. This ‘newsjunkieintl’ is just a troll pretending to know more than he does.

          • newsjunkieintl

            And yet the sources I cited are more trusted than your sources. Who’s the troll? ,:)

    • j7.deville

      actually google just did a $100 price drop on the Nexus 4 8gb and 16gb so now ony $200 and $250 which is a good sign it’s coming sooner than expected. New info suggest it could be the same week as the unpack event for the Galaxy Note 3 int he first week of september which is next week.

  • 60Kg000

    Not LG?

  • devoncatt

    The LG G2 -You want a 16GB phone with non replaceable batteries and no sd card?

    • newsjunkieintl

      BASED on the G2. Google changed a few things on the Nexus 4 BASED on the G last year.

    • Mayoo

      Nexus never had an SD card and never will. Your argument is invalid.

      • Erusha Tiranagama

        Galaxy Nexus. Your argument is invalid.

        • Mayoo

          I currently own a Galaxy Nexus and there is no SD Card on it. Can your bring proof? I can’t find any.

          • hkklife

            Nexus One was the first and only Nexus phone to have a microSD slot. The Xoom tablet was, in Wi-Fi form, essentially a Nexus tablet and it also had a microSD slot.

          • Mayoo

            Yes your are right, Nexus One was the exception! Xoom isn’t a Nexus though, even if close.

          • Cal Rankin

            Xoom was just a Google Experience device, but just about every Honeycomb tablet had the vanilla UI

          • Mayoo

            Yeah ok, but is it just me or everyone doesn’t know what a Nexus is, Google Experience or not. There have only been 7 so far, everything else is not a Nexus. Nothing to discuss, that’s a fact.

            Nexus One (HTC) – Removable battery, SD Card
            Nexus S (Samsung) – Removable battery
            Galaxy Nexus (Samsung) – Removable battery
            Nexus 4 (LG) – Battery not removable (officially)
            Nexus 7 2012 (ASUS) – Battery not removable
            Nexus 7 2013 (ASUS) – Battery not removable
            Nexus 10 (Samsung) – Battery not removable

          • newsjunkieintl

            And we are only discussing Nexus phones, not Nexus tablets. Those are a different beast.

          • Cal Rankin

            I never called the Xoom a Nexus. I called it a Google Experience device, which is the buzzword Google made up to sell Honeycomb tablets.

        • newsjunkieintl

          I have TWO Galaxy Nexus. NO SD card. Don’t post ignorance.

          Plus in 2011 Google has said they will never do an SD card on the Nexus phone as they think it’s better to keep the memory together in one place.

          “We got tired of seeing OEMs include many GB of internal storage for music, while users were still running out of space for apps and data. This approach lets us merge everything on one volume, which is way better.

          — Dan Morrill, Android engineer at Google”

        • Cal Rankin

          The Galaxy Nexus has a removable battery, but the Nexus One is the only Nexus that has had a memory card slot.

        • smokebomb

          There was no SD card in the galaxy nexus.

  • vperl

    More, no news. Fantastic.

    N5 will be mid range no 800 snappy dragon, hopefully with 4G LTE .

    • newsjunkieintl

      If you want a mid range phone, go get the Moto X. But Nexus phones are ALWAYS top tier phones. Always. The have the specs to be as good as or better than anything on the market at the time.

      The Galaxy Nexus (made by Samsung) beat the SII and iPhone 4 which were the top phones on the market at end of 2011.

      The Nexus 4 (made by LG) matched or beat the SIII and iPhone 4S which were the top phones on the market at end of 2012.

      The Nexus 5 will be the same.

  • kevin

    The only reason i think the next phone will be called the Nexus “5” is because seeing the newest trend with displays, they all are mostly 5inches. And the Nexus number signified the screen size so nexus 5 with a 5ish inch screen seems most logical. Unless they pull a sumasung and make their screen 4.99inch lol. Then they can still technically call it the nexus 4. I dont mind either. But the Nexus 4 (2013) and keeping at 4.99″ seems like a better idea because then each name has a distance of 3 apart (Nexus 4, 7, 10). I just personally think it reads better. But eh name doesnt mean shit to me. Just hoping the LG G2 is the base model. But that doesnt make a big diff to me. The only reason id upgrade from my current nexus 4 is if the battery life of the 2013 nexus phone is killer. 1080p vs 720p screen, eh its nice doesnt warrant an upgrade. Better processor? I dont really need a snap dragon 800 for internet browsing, facebook, email, and other gapps. I underclock my cpu as it is to conserve battery. But yah, The next big innovation in smart phones should be the damn battery life. Im getting kinda tired of these phones crapping out 3/4ths day in if heavily used or needing to switch to verizon for the droid maxx. mAH is just as important as mm on a phone. Keep the phones slightly thicker (anything below 10mm is comfortable imo) and pack a bigger battery or atleast give us the options to do that. (Galaxy s4 has this option with the extended battery but those arent optimized and make the phone humongo. like 12 or 14mm which is too thick)

    • jimv1983

      “the Nexus number signified the screen size”
      That is NOT true for Nexus phones. Only tablets. The Nexus 10 tablet has a 10″ screen. The Nexus 7 has a 7″ screen. The Nexus 4 has a 4.7″ screen and has nothing to do with the screen size. If the Nexus 5 ends up with a 5″ screen that would just be a coincidence. I don’t know where people get this information or why they keep spreading it. NOT TRUE!!!

  • Jeff

    I would be thrilled with a revamped Nexus 4, in the vein of the new Nexus 7. My wishlist would be removing the glass back, maybe making it a little more ergonomic and bumping it up to 32gb of storage. I mostly say this because I think the current Nexus 4 is plenty fast I and personally don’t want a 5″ or greater screen.

    • newsjunkieintl

      go get a Moto X and let us have our kick butt Nexus 5. We do want a faster phone with a bigger screen.

      • Edwin

        Surely having a bigger screen isn’t always the best thing in the world. It’s a mobile phone, you have to be able to hold it… to carry it… to put it up against your ear without your head looking small in comparison. There will come a point where your dream Nexus will no longer fit in your pocket. Useful.

        • newsjunkieintl

          True, at some point the upsizing will have to stop. But not yet. :) 5″ is the new 4″. And with LG’s superslim bezel on the G2, 5.2″ screen doesn’t seem too big.

          But for the past year my wife and I have had two 4.65″ 720p dual core Galaxy Nexus (gen 3), and I’m ready for something bigger and faster. We didn’t upgrade to the Nexus 4 because it was only 4.7″ 720p. Not enough difference to justify spending another $800 (2 x $350 phones + shipping + accessories) just a few months after we bought the 2 new Galaxy Nexus.

          But 5.2″, 1080p, quad core Snapdragon 800. Now THAT is an upgrade!

          • jc

            i have a gnex too and couldn’t agree more, the g2 based nexus 5 is the perfect upgrade.

            my wife has the nexus 4 so one of us will always have the latest nexus device.

  • Laurențiu Selei

    they made two phones with HTC, two with Samsung, two tablets with Asus so my guess is that they’ll make another phone with LG and another 10″ tab with Samsung and then switch

  • BlueDevil

    Oh for god’s sake, have you guys not realized yet? There will be 2 phones, a Nexus 4 v2, by motorola, with a 10mp camera and a Snapdragon 600 with 4.7 inchs 720p display starting at $300 AND a LG Nexus 5 with a 13mp camera, Snapdragon 800, 5.2 inches 1080p and starting at god knows what price ( maybe something around $450 or $500) .

    • phor11

      So moto is going to sell a phone with better specs than the MotoX for $300 when they’re charging $600 for the MotoX?

      Makes total sense.

      • youmad_DUHWINNING

        Doesnt matter. Nexus phones are sold direct to market. They were never meant to be blockbuster hits. The Nexus 4 surprised even Google. Most people who will buy the Moto X do not care about specs they care about personalization.

        • phor11

          It’s not the fact that they might make and sell a nexus phone that’s unbelievable, it’s the price he seems to think they can hit. The nexus4 is still minimum $350 yet he thinks they can up the specs AND knock $50 off the price?

          It’s just not going to happen.

          • newsjunkieintl

            Educate yourself. The minimum price right now for the Nexus 4 is $299, NOT $350. $299- 8GB. $350 – 16GB. So, no one is knocking off $50. Rumors are same pricing for the minimum and maximum memory, whatever configuration Google chooses. Memory has gotten cheaper, you know. :)

          • BlueDevil

            Like the newsjunkieintl said, the Nexus 4 8gb price is $300, and google doens’t have to advertise the phone, worry about customization and it wouldn’t have the X8 system neither the engineering, software and optimizations behind it, so, yes it think it is quite possible…

            Btw, the hardware I described is pretty similar to the Nexus 4, just with an upgraded processor and camera, so it is quite possible to release it at $300, being that the almost one year old nexus 4 was released costing just $300…

            The Nexus 4 v2 wouldn’t present competition to the Moto X, they are designed for totally different markets and with totally different features. Please get your facts straight before posting.

    • Cal Rankin

      If Motorola is making the Nexus 5, LG is not involved. Google doesn’t sell the Nexus devices to make money (which is why they are sold so close to, if not at, the actual price to manufacture it). They are examples to show everything Google. Vanilla Android, no bloatware, fast OS updates, etc.
      Most likely Motorola will crank out their own Vanilla Android phones with extra features and be sold to the carriers, and the Nexus will stay away from carriers as the freedom from the carriers and contracts.

    • newsjunkieintl

      Google will never release two Nexus phones at the same time. It would dilute their message.

    • sk8rat

      no there wont dumbass google only releases one device of 7 and 10 inch tablet and phone. The nexus is a developer phone for the most part that is purely what google intended android to be. It’s not to make money

      • BlueDevil

        Well, google has 2 tablet lines, 1 for small tablets (7 inches) and one for big tablets (10 inches). Why can’t google showcase how “small” phones and how “big” phones should be using a 4.7 inch and a 5.2 inch devices?

        • sk8rat

          Didn’t mean to call you a dumbass my bad but idk I just don’t see a point in them making 2 size phones. I would like an 8 inch nexus tho lol. I don’t think there’s enough difference between 4.7 and 5.2 (because if its made by lg they have ultrathin bezels) so the jump to 5.2 would be like the size of the galaxy s3 or s4. Which isn’t too big although I can’t reach the opposite corners with one hand

    • Josue Rios

      Doubt it but it’d be nice to have that kind of choice. Like maybe a 5.5″, 4.7″ and 4.0″ phone for people to choose from in the future would be awesome.

  • Cal Rankin

    I actually wasn’t wanting LG to make the Nexus 5. the G2 has actually brought me around to the idea. I would still very much like HTC to do it, because of their great work on the hardware front lately, and because HTC needs this to stay afloat and make future fantastic devices.

  • sk8rat

    If it doesn’t have a 4.7-5.2 inch 1080p screen and a snapdragon 800 you can kiss my shiny metal ass nexus

    • smokebomb

      Totally unrelated but I just want to say, if i was even interested in it, the gold iphone can kiss my glorious golden ass.

      • shadowstewie

        Futurama reference there maybe? ;)

    • j7.deville

      720p resolution, 4.7 inche screen, 8mp camera and 1.6 ghz is more than enough for any smartphone to do everything you need it to, anything with better specs and hardware is just a bonus not a necessity

  • Kromeo

    nice phone..

  • JC

    How about a moto nexus with a 4.3″ screen and an LG nexus with a 5″ screen allowing Google to cover all sizes with the moto x at 4.7″ screen

  • D3Seeker

    Still no XPERIA Nexus so.. blah

  • Kris_pacific

    what if there is two nexus devices in the making……….. I’d Love to see them both on the wild …….

  • Junaid Ansari

    The reason I love the Nexus Devices are because of its specs and software stability and the attention Google itself gives it. I like Motorola but please…. Dont make the Nexus phones MOTO!

  • Sanyi

    What if they make a Motorola Nexus 4(v2), and an LG Nexus 5?

  • Adam Outler

    I really hope they tell LG to shove it. LG couldn’t build a good phone if their business depended upon it, which it doesnt. LG is not a good phone manufacturer.

  • waiting for L9-II

    im rooting to L9-II

  • 26

    I just want NEXUS 5 based on G2!

    Please send it to Google, AA.

  • brendan soliwoda

    Motorola’s time has come and has gone. They no longer make any good phones. The Moto X is a “muh” phone at best. Doesn’t really offer anything groundbreaking. To give them the next smartphone is not only stupid but shows favoritism on Google’s part. Should we call them Apple now? If they were smart they would either stick with LG or go with Sony (which, I’m hoping they do for the next one)

  • j7.deville

    Am i the only one that notices a problem with naming it the Nexus 5?

    If its going to be called the Nexus 5 what will happen with the Nexus 7 phone comes out years later? You can’t have 2 nexus 7 devices. At least apple has a clear naming system.

  • Kevin Ucantfckwitme Rodriguez

    I just hope the rumors aren’t true and Motorola isn’t making the next nexus. I hate Motorola they suck there Canberra is always trash and no matter how packed their phones are in specs they always run like a low level device with lag everywhere for absolutely no reason at all. They were big back in the 90s but their smartphone game is anything but. as much add nexus is my go to project environment l would not upgrade to a Motorola… I’d rather switch to Apple

  • Max Morse

    I have the LG G2 on at&t and this is by far the best phone out there,put on some protective cover and wala a smoker of a device!