Nexus 5 International Giveway

December 15, 2013

    Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway! This week we are giving away a Nexus 5 16GB – White or black, your pick.

    Find out the winner of last week’s giveaway of the Nexus 7 (2013)

    Nexus 5 Specs

    • Size: 137.9 x 69.2 x 8.6 mm (5.43 x 2.72 x 0.34 in)
    • Weight: 130 g (4.59 oz)
    • Processor: Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800, Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400
    • RAM: 2 GB RAM
    • Display: 1080 x 1920 pixels, 4.95 inches (~445 ppi pixel density) True HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    • Storage: 16/32 GB,
    • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 2300 mAh battery
    • Main camera: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, optical image stabilization, LED flash
    • Front camera: Yes, 1.3 MP
    • OS: Android OS, v4.4 (KitKat)

    How to enter the giveaway

    You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

    1. [1 Ticket] Be subscribed to our newsletter. If you are already subscribed, no problem just enter your email address. If you haven’t subscribed yet, enter your email address, you will be sent a confirmation email be sure to confirm you want to join your newsletter.
    2. [10 Tickets] Refer friends to the giveaway. You will be given a unique URL to share with your friends or social networks. You will receive 1 bonus entry (up to 10 max) for every person who you refer to the giveaway using your unique URL.

    Join Now!

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    *Please note you will need to verify your email address, so ensure you enter a valid email address.

    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.
      • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
    • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
    • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


    • NaiKang He

      first one , awesome!

    • Alexandru Socol

      This is a BEAST !

    • The Doom Master

      Good luck to All..

    • Naven

      No G+ sharing option from mobile interface?

    • Luka Mlinar

      I gave up on this thing. There’s like a gđilion people playing.

    • Sri Mutia N.

      tryin my luck again and again

      • Alexandana Theng

        me neither. Hope that luck coming to us one day. I would be very happy and grateful to Android Authority if i will be the lucky person to get this special giveaway.

        • Muhammad Hariz

          same with me

      • Android Developer

        well i’ve never won any of those giveaways, but i keep trying too.

      • Bee

        it will be my second LG phone after LG P500..
        hopefully :D

      • Sagar Sanjeev

        Same Here

    • KaoriCamellia

      Agh! So much want! Would love to replace my GS4 with this.

    • Pro Pp’s

      Happy X-mass to me !?

    • Rogelyn Aquino

      hope to win.:)

    • admir sehic

      like alwais,hope i win.

    • Amogh Matt

      have been trying for the last 6 weeks to win a nexus 5!! hope this week its mine! fingers crossed :P

    • Veni

      Pick me plz

    • Xavier Torres

      In Terms & Conditions is mistake.
      Description: The ‘The Sunday Giveaway – October 13 2013′ (“Sweepstakes”)
      begins on 10/13/2013 at 12:00 AM (Eastern Time (US & Canada)) and
      ends on 10/19/2013 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada)) (the
      “Promotion Period”).

    • Nazem hammouch

      Luka Mlinar Don’t give up just try your luck every time after all your not loosing anything ;)

    • Rahul Radhakrishnan

      awesome pick me plzzz

    • Anant Sharma

      what winners do to win? i do every thing and never win

    • Abhinav Singh

      Please this time. .

    • Stargate94

      Pick me this time!

    • weslynash

      i need new phone so i i chose nexus 5 i hope i gonna win

    • sri kar

      Everyone trying for the giveaway like since 2 months… whatever you try.. you wont win.

      The best part… i wont win either :D
      All the best. :)

    • Jayfeather787

      Awesome device, thanks Android Authority.

    • Emmanuel van den Brûle

      I will never say never

    • Yogesh Dubey

      trying my luck again

    • SomeRandomDude

      Hope I win lol

    • nigga

      Why not just put the winner of last week’s contest here?

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!

    • Harshdeep Sarao

      Was thinking about buying this & ditching my HTC One.

      Hope I win this giveaway.Weeeeeee.Go AndroidAuthority!

    • Funny Jokes!

      Gimme :D Good luck everyone!

    • nigga

      I will always be convinced that this shit is rigged until I actually win.

    • eric10234

      Come on… entered multiple contests already… time for me to win one yeah

    • Anant Sharma

      please i wanna get ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • Ali Furkan Dağcı

      an other Nexus 5 which iam not gonna win

    • Ayyoub Boutaieb

      Another try, because why not?

    • Denis Toska

      i hope win!!!

    • bhavesh prabhu

      trying my luck again

    • Антон Жижин


    • Israk Nur Sami

      I hope I win this time

    • faris

      Really need a nexus 5

    • aasim

      ohhh … congrats who won the nexus 7 .. hope this nexus would be mine … thanks

    • Bob

      Hahahah, OH What a good deal, Freeeeee Phone.

    • Laura

      Wow, another Nexus 5 giveaway :) It would be a great gift for Christmas…

    • Lizandro

      I hope win. It’s my first time.

    • Nitin Hassija

      Good Luck every one.

    • Paolo Galvan

      Someday we will win! ;D

    • Romarico Carreon

      it might be my christmas present this year… who knows??

    • Moaga Florian

      Nice to see people who are hoping to win from the first try. Cmon guys…i am here each giveaway but luck dosen’t help me.Anyway, good luck everyone.

    • luca

      I hope i win because because my nexus 4 fell on the ground end the screen is complete shattered and not useful any more to fix it it cost €200 and that’s a shame I like the nexus devices alot

    • Saleh Manasra

      Good luck :)

    • zAhEeR XD

      Really want to win this and replace it wid my s3 mini :) + IF i win it would be my first win in any of the giveaways ;)

    • Si-En Tan

      woaahhh mama. Good luck to everyone! :D

    • Gunnar

      No luck for me either…. I think its time for Sweden to get a win soon :-)

      • Magnus Kongsmo Karlsen

        -Or Norway :-P

    • Mohammed

      This is the 3rd time ive entered for this phone.

    • Vitaliy Prystupa

      I desperately need a smartphone!!! Hope I will win.

    • Marc justin Constantino

      okay, i know i will never win this phone. xD

    • MasterMuffin

      Can’t buy a Nexus 5 yet just in case I win…

      Who am I kidding, I should just go buy one :D/D:

      • Johnny B Goode

        heeeeeh ME too :(

        • MasterMuffin

          Tomorrow’s the big day!

    • Hashir Nasir

      Goooooood luckkkkkk everyone :P

    • Sandesh Byanjankar

      this is the most sexiest phone i ever seen . wish to win this

    • Theodor Serbanescu

      Would be the best xmas if i win :D
      Never won a single giveaway in my entire life.

    • Shahriar Islam

      trying for the second time and wishing to win

    • akki

      i want

    • Shark Bait

      Trying again, me please ! ( also good look to every one else, I already bought 1 )

    • Samik Parekh

      Never won anything… But want to try

    • RhinwelAngeloOng

      Hope I win this time!

    • jayesh chandran

      Definitely want to win …

    • Anthony Porrata

      pick me

    • Dehaha1

      Winning this just once would be great. Preferably on a recent Nexus device, as it would be that much easier to develop for, and I’m willing to take any and all the help I can get in this regard.

    • Major

      Never won a giveaway, but you still never know if you will win or not, I will give it a shot!

    • Bianca Neguleiu

      i must win!!!! so many chances

    • antonio gayatinea III

      me too try en try

    • Cayennurff

      I want that awesome phoooooooooooone!

    • Motaz Alqaqa

      My turn!

    • antonio gayatinea III

      I’d like white color

    • Joseph

      :-) android authority

    • sai ruidera

      happy holidays!

    • jed

      win the LG G2 in Yugatech’s index finger challenge

      • ShailaKrishnaraj

        soooooooooooooooooo beautiful video May GOD Bless You :) :)

    • RajeeV

      none has won so :

    • Aditya Paul

      Never won. I hope i win this time :)

    • Victor Rueda

      Awesome initiative from AndroidAuthority to do this international giveaway. Keep it up guys. You rock.

    • Rajan Kumthekar

      Tryin Again………….

    • Анастасия

      Очень хочу выиграть

    • Abhitej Sarode

      Good luck to us all!!

    • Hillary Rugut

      Wish to Win!.

    • phlinuks

      I have to visit the States in the very near future and am after a SIM free device to use during my visit to stay in touch with my family… wouldn’t it give you sublime peace of mind to know that your giveaway item is serving a great purpose? OK; I tried…

    • Islay banishing

      Hope you all loose so I can win!!! Yeah I just said that because all the people are saying things like ‘good luck to everyone’ but they don’t mean it obviously they want to win and hope the other people aren’t lucky. It’s like they are trying to get good karma or something but hollow words can’t get you karma only killing swaggots gets you karma. Btw drugs.

    • Brian Perry

      Let’s try again. Thanks for the great articles.

    • Jojo

      I haaaave a dreaaaaaaam

    • Jento Pieters

      would fit perfectly with my Nexus 7 :)

    • Gerry Ng

      i will never win this…

    • Admir

      It could be my lucky day after all. :-)

    • Jagdishraj Padubidri

      Hey Hey..Derek Scott .!!Thank you very much for this opportunity. I want 2 make my Life “TOUCH SENSITIVE” not PUSH NEEDED. Now I am in Black and White world. I want 2 make my life . I want 2 TOUCH my dreams of a Beautiful tomorrows .I want 2 make my life beautiful victory. 2 me Nexus 5 is a POWER BEAUTY and SOUL. If I won Nexus 5 ,then , I feel The whole Beautiful world is with me. Life is so complicated. nexus 5 gives solutions 2 every problem. Nexus 5 Expand our mind and change our life. Sophisticated revolution. My search ends here. Nexus 5 reach out and TOUCHES each and every ones HEART. :) :)

    • Paul Schrank

      I want to win this one…

    • Berthoni

      ohh , i hope i get thiss !! . Please :) #hope #hope
      #andhope . Wish We Luck !

    • Jurgen Jurgen

      Great price!!!

    • tcogan50

      Hope I win. :-)

    • Johnny Shipp

      I want

    • Kyle

      I hope I win, I have never won one of these but always enter becuase i have hope in eventually winning

    • Youssef Smaan

      black :D

    • ilijamitev92

      I want the N5 so bad! I hope I win this time! :)

    • Ivan Martin

      In new in this.. im suscribed and i share the link in twitter .. thats all? or i have to do something more?

    • ShailaKrishnaraj

      Trying again :( :(

    • MAT

      You guys are awesome!!!!

    • Rio

      This is my first time in my life.because i like so much this phone

    • Cory McIntyre

      May the force be with you all. xD

    • Sambit Biswas


    • B Sullivan

      One more try.

    • Manmeet Singh


    • Josh Gully

      I sure do hope I win this (:

    • Josh Gully

      Thank you guys for the chance to win, it means a whole lot!, even though its going to be hard to win, I’m still taking ny chances and supporting u guys ! Thanks again, and I hope I win one day(:

    • Zack

      Nexus 5 International Giveway >>> Join now! >>> ENTER TO WIN!!!

    • Miguel Almeida

      Done :)


      go home guys there is no giveaways it’s only for me

    • sejin

      i need one

    • Francois Foote

      Here we go again

    • junior 123

      Hey been writing u 4 my special giveaway…. Any way please give me this first

    • PhantomPatriot

      Cool Phone !

    • Jayshree Sharma

      pick me

    • Alain Lafond

      Maybe… Maybe the random Gods will hear my cries…
      Thanks for your involvment…

    • jimz alabis

      hope to win again and again ^_^

    • Anthony Böttcher

      I think the 1 entry giveaways are the best just because it is so easy and everyone has the same chance. Hope I win this Nexus 5 would be a awesome christmas gift. To be honest the only thing i want this christmas is a nexus device :)

    • alex

      Let’s try.

    • jacque jones

      maybe its my time

    • Dariel Silveiro

      I’m going to win!

    • Harry AV

      Beast in the android business. Pray that I win it.

    • Vladimir Lazarov

      You guys rule, many thanks from bulgaria!

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      man any of u have ever won anything from these giveaways?
      asking coz i have started to loose trust on AA

    • hamad Mohimeed

      I hope it will be for me

    • Thakela Hadas

      Me me me……!

    • Barry

      good luck!:)

    • Joseph kuk

      I also like to watch comparison between nexus 5 and moto x

    • Raaj

      ME.. Me.. meeeee!!! :-D

    • Ronnie Ryan

      This Giveaway seems to be a fail for me..1 is to infinity luck

    • Utkarsh

      it will be me….

    • nativeevil

      Sigh…I so want to win this…

    • lefty22


    • Mohd. Noorazlan Fitri Md. Dali

      For the 100th times

    • Udit Dokania

      Fingers crossed :D

    • Sharath Vasishta

      lets see… i havent won anything, probably this could be a good year

    • Shivam Ralli

      may the odds be ever in your favour… :)

      • Eran Murat

        Well, at least I don’t have to die to have a chance to win this giveaway :)

        • Shivam Ralli

          true..but instead of dying.. the android authority team test our patience till our death.. ( or till the end of the week :P )

      • SContrerasMer

        My name has etered just once between 20k+, Odds are not exactly in my favour

        i wish i could just wait until some has been selected and shout “I VOLUNTEER!”

    • Karann

      Back off ppl. This post is meant for me.

    • korockinout13

      White would look so nice, especially with the snow.

    • thereasoner

      I’m in, would love to have this phone!

    • PinRewww

      I hope one day every Android user will get his favorite smartphone, for free.

    • allen idwer


    • hitesh

      Merry Christmas

    • sammidam

      32742347098242th attempt at an AA giveaway :P

    • Bandela Abhishek Chakravarthy

      Hey please atleast this time…..

    • kalyan kumar

      I know I know, Just making an entry wouldnt get my name as a winner. But still cant hold back from participating..! Hope..!!

    • Karanveer Arora

      Hope to win…this time

    • Armon

      I hope I’ll be able to win, if not it’s okay there is always a next time.

    • Fred 忍び

      I legit need a new phone. The charging port on my GS3 is broken :(

    • djsuddenstop

      Good luck, everyone!

    • Zi Farhat

      I try again n again but i never win…… But u keep trying dont ya

    • Ben Baker

      Good luck to everyone :)

    • Brandon Smith

      I’m going to win it and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • Micky Rastogi

      com on let me win this…:DD HOPE never dies..

    • Fadel Fouad

      Bad luck, everyone

    • Rishabh Rastogi

      I have never seen a nexus device in my life…:-( maybe this time..:-/

    • Abhinav

      fingers crossed :)
      Thanks Android Guys

    • Nana Kofi Owusu

      Good luck and merry Christmas to everyone. Stay blessesd!!

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta


    • Theo van der Sluijs

      I really would like to replace my Note2 with this Nexus!!!

      • bahehs

        You have a note that is more than enough!

    • Adam Nazir

      I would like to win please.

    • Jesuslifestoryisajuvenilelie

      What’s that… A hot POS?

    • Slobodan Zekić Bobek

      Nexus 5- is a great phone :)

    • Robert Carrillo

      I never win anything, ever. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

    • Brian Aldape

      hopefully i have first time luck

    • Georgi Nikolov

      Yes Santa, I’ve been a really good this year ;)

    • Manuel Campos

      I hope I have the luck on my side

    • Ali Mahmoud

      I think i will never win any giveaway. I have very bad luck

    • girish

      Hope for the best

    • victorcruz

      Here we go trying again right here pick me

    • Maximiliano Ortiz Ramirez

      If i won this im going to be so happy!!

    • Gitta

      good luck! :)

    • boby ghandhi

      I have a dream, that one day…

    • farex aldo

      i want to win anything in my life XD

    • Lucian M

      Once again

    • tony pazo

      Nexus 5 sounds good to me I’ll take the black one thank you lol

    • Ananda Fauzan

      finger crossing :P

    • Matthew Hollins

      One day I will win something

    • Isaiah Resendez

      Ugh just give it to me already, dying of anxiety…. But really it would be nice 0_o

    • JohnLClark

      I need a new phone. This will do.

    • Nashit

      i want to win black one

    • Jimmy T


    • Bendix Roehl

      I want it . I need all my money to live.

    • Andrei

      Trying my luck this time.

    • Saurabh sharma

      4th time? will this be it?

    • Mukul Mudgal

      It’ll be so cool if i win this xD

    • izzulazim

      Dont lose hope

    • Mouna Ibrahim

      He’s look like pretty Awesome phone!! I want win!

    • mickey4mice

      never won anything before, but I may just get lucky this time hehe

    • Jibin Raju

      Hope to win this time

    • ezhil

      One thing I dont understand. AA kindly reply. the Widget does not ask for the country name when we enter the giveaway, then how do u know the country of the winner ?

      • Maryam Wakili

        thats obvious, they contact the winner via email or through facebook to get his or her address

        • ezhil

          I dont think so, the Widget gives out the entry number along with the name(not country) roughly after 3 to 6 hours from the time draw ends. when they post the next give away in the morning(6 to 8 hours after draw ends) everytime they specify the name and country. I dont think they send email and know the country so soon.

          • Abiram Panchalingam

            They know where the email was registered and where it has been used from you email account.

    • Ervin Dinh

      This will be a great gift for my poor cousin who had his phone stolen. Have an N5 32 andlob love it. Wanna share the goodness.

    • Little Carter

      Nexus 5 am here!!!

    • Bob Smith

      hopefully one day i will win

    • Jerod Cinco

      I already have a Nexus 5, Im just ruining your chances of winning this by 0.0000001%! I know, I’m evil.

    • Ricards

      This would be the best Christmas present EVER!!!

    • Roberto Floro

      Be my Santa this Christmas! :)

    • jt

      Nexus 5 white pls

    • Brandon Jerz

      I really need this thing! Fingers crossed!

    • Jay Monstrous

      Hope I can win one of these for my girlfriend. She needs a better phone.

    • Alex Joshua Garcia

      Black Nexus 5 for Christmas!

    • Neil Coutinho

      Nexus 5 again woohoo ! Merry Christmas Android Authority. Thank you for the awesome giveaway. Hope I win.

    • Arya C B

      keep tryin n tryin … n tryin n another tryin … and hoping

    • Melvin Mun

      i want a black nexus 5!!!

    • JayCee842

      here i go

    • districtjack

      I need it as much as I want it.

    • Javier


    • Naveen

      Hope the Nexus 5 giveaway continues till I win one:P

    • Shiva Prasad Veerapaneni

      Thank you very much

    • Shehbaz Jafri

      Never lose hope

    • Bill Li

      I’m never gonna win

      *enters the giveaway*

    • Chandramani

      Good Luck Guys :D

    • Betty Jo Streeter

      i would love to win

    • Omar Steele

      this would be a great Christmas gift

    • Sultan

      Never won anything in my life, hoping for the best :D

    • Mohib Sheth

      White!! :)

    • Mo

      International giveaway! Finally a giveaway in wich i can particpate!

    • Gil Cimering

      Best cost wise option!

    • Adrian

      Let’s try now !

    • Anggie Aziz

      Hit dat button, leave it, when you see the winner. It’s not you …

    • Ken

      I’ll give it a try don’t usually have luck with these contests either.

    • Ghythybhy

      Nexus 5 ! つ ◕_◕ ༽つつ ◕_◕ ༽つつ ◕_◕ ༽つつ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    • Chris Knopff

      Always up for something like this. The odds are against me, but I will prevail!!!

    • Stato

      I wish I could win this fabulous phone!

    • Stato

      This is my third attempt to win this phone…..I just keep on trying my luck…..

    • Arvin Jhann

      Done.. I would love to win this.. :) Adv. Merry Christmas to all of you esp. to Android Authority. :)

    • Saibal Banerjee

      Lets see… My luck…
      My first entry here in the giveaway…..
      Best of luck to me

    • Roman Kudryavtsev

      Done steps, thanks

    • ImAnurag

      Done (y)

    • Steven Jolliffe

      Would love to win saves me saving for new phone and since I haven’t won in the 15 days of giveaways

    • Aditya

      I am burdened with a glorious purpose.. and that is having a Nexus 5. This will be mine and only mine!!!

    • Oliver Richards

      trying again :D

    • Antony Rasubala

      Keep hoping n praying.

    • Cookieman9000+

      For each and every one i failed but we ain’t no quitters-

    • Jonathan Fernandes

      Dear JESUS please pick me.. ☺

    • soulriver

      entered over 20 giveaways . still no device .. y u no giv me? :P



    • Say Yap

      Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas ♥

    • 振鸿

      The delivery man!Welcome!muahahah

    • Rudy Carrillo

      Let’s see what my luck is like in December.

    • Piyush Mathur

      Wow just posted a day ago, and already 200 + comments? amazing! I also joined for fun, i doubt ill win though!

      But, i can’t count myself out just yet! Who knows right? Anything is possible :)

    • Pawan Chamling

      am i lucky?

    • Lisa Hoang

      I soooo want the black one please! Hoping my holiday will be merrier… Happy holiday everyone

    • Aleinux

      Try again, hope in more luck this time

    • Miftah Rizky Ananta

      Good luck everyone :)

    • Manoj

      I want the Nexus 5 :D

    • MatthewMauri

      I’ve entered so many things to win this phone, i should really just earn the money :P

    • talha

      May be lucky this time :(

    • anvarius


    • Filip Eliáš

      One more for me :)

    • Basema

      I keep sharing and sharing trying to win ;)

    • okaygooglefuck

      fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

      • disqusguitar

        And Fuck again.

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!

    • Tarun PARASHAR

      Some one please give me this phone.
      i’am unable to like or comment on videos of android authority, due to lack of smartphone.
      my nokia 5800 xpress music doesn’t support the youtube app. :(

    • dvir

      Would be awesome to win! inlove with it since the first review!! =]

    • Hafiz Halwi

      I really want it. :’(

    • Jay D Sal

      Awesome Want want want thanks for all the awesome giveaways you guys are the best hope you and your families have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

    • Russell Ridley

      Once again

    • Ronald G

      I really enjoy the ability to win the cutting edge of tech you keep giving us.

    • Natalia Pichuzhkina

      + Cool

    • Ahmad Khatib

      I want this phone :)

    • Alex Chai

      really need a new phone ! I dropped my old one couple days ago and it doesn’t work anymore, I wish I could win a Black Nexus 5…Although I probably don’t even have the chance to win it, but oh well… wish me LUCK !!! :)

    • Josanne

      Positive thoughts, positive thoughts: This week I will win this smartphone.

    • sid

      stay positive anyway can get it!

    • mos948

      I would love to win a N5

    • Toni Tammela

      I want this phone maybe i need buy or i win this ;D

    • Lokoman

      it’s either I win this phone or I win this phone -,-

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      272 comments? That escalated quickly.

    • Prathamesh

      Haven’t even won once hope this will be it

    • Sharan Bahirwani

      Atleast this time :/

    • larryyrralcoke

      and the winner is ..the user above

    • Pushkar Kurhekar

      Yeah, would be really happy if I won this one. Who knows how many times I’ve participated.

    • Veljko

      how do we know to which country u dont send?

    • schewbe .

      I would love to win this phone.

    • Acaa Aca

      come on win this one! =)

    • Hatim Dhilla

      Another Giveaway, Hope i Win, need to know the feeling of winning a Giveaway

    • Dianne

      OMG surprise meeeee muehehe

    • junaid1788

      i am not using multiple email addresses but is it ok if i tweet with multiple twitter accounts ? :

    • Shaun Nicholson

      id love to win it…ill keep my fingers crossed

    • Jinav Satra

      Nexus 5! Thats my dream phone! wish i win the contest! Thank you Android Authority for this giveaway!

    • Izzat Ismail

      Please I want the Nexus 5 BADLY. Please Joshua Vergara, please give me the nexus 5. You will be blessed.

    • ron fowler

      I could win this to go along with my N7 (2013)

    • Kaushik Kumar

      I hope I win this one atleast.

    • Matt

      Hey :) I kinda lost my phone and for a new one i need to pay. So please could i win this ?

    • Stafin Duncan

      The ever beloved Nexus 5!

    • Duff

      Nexus 5 please.

    • Gunnar

      Hmm, my comment dissapeared, aa hates me :-( Its about time a Swede wins… But got luck to everyone else to!!!!

      • MasterMuffin

        No Swedes, the Finnish should win >:)

        • SContrerasMer

          Europe?, neh a South American hasn’t won yet

          • MasterMuffin

            Pretty sure someone from there won (he was from Brazil if I remember correctly). No African has won yet

      • Jörgen Malmgren

        Japp Sweden wins now or newer

    • Terrell Grant

      Alaska Neva Wins but we gotta keep trying

    • IronHeart

      I am very confident this always…

    • iANDROID08

      please let me win :(

    • Dennis Johnston

      This would be the perfect Christmas gift…

    • jonathan irreño

      hope i win (its been 3 nexus giveaways i’ve participated)
      but i keep trying

    • Benjamin Zamora Alfaro

      someday, good luck!

    • Chintan

      Just entered for this giveaway! I really want this phone! Whenever there is a Nexus 5 giveaway, I always enter them in hope of winning, I know (or I think that I know) that lucky draws like these are very hard to win as the winner is randomly chosen, well, here’s to hoping that this time I am the lucky guy with a Nexus 5, this might be my belated birthday gift from Android Authority (my B’day was on 07/DEC)!

    • Robert Gerstendorfer

      let’s see what’s gonna happen this week.

    • Sita Madu-Wynn

      Entered once again, Fingers crossed.

    • Marc

      One, please! Thanks for the great giveaways.

    • Diego

      I really want to win coz no company sells Nexus 5 in Brazil

    • jagadish naidu

      plz make it a winner from india no buddy from india has ever one in android authority plz i beg you make me a winner i love nexus 5 and you site

    • tony solinan

      Well the Sunday giveaway is here again,so I will have to try again, to win
      This Sunday giveaway!

    • OverfiendUK


    • simon


    • Freddy Salazar

      Can’t wait to win! Not.

    • Hayley Wynn

      fantastic prize

    • knightsbud

      I would love a chance at this prize!!!

    • Dave Dman

      What what Nexus 5!

    • mike

      one day ill win
      *wins in the lotto
      damn i really wanted the nexus 5

    • wins4me

      This is on my Christmas list, thank you for the chance to win

    • azimboss

      Crossed my finger when i did it. Can someone tell me wjen can i see a shooting star i wana make a wish

    • Savita Dixit

      Being a social worker it is very useful to me

    • daniel faiz

      Give me chance to win lah..

    • brian2020lee

      I lost my phone and i hope i can win 1

    • Josh

      I never win so I don’t know why I keep doing this

    • Wan Hanan

      i want it so bad :(

    • khaled

      First time ever ^_^ I hope I can win this

    • Imanuel Got Racks

      White nexus 5

    • Sahil Singh

      Nexusssss 5…pls pls pls pls give it too mee :D

    • sohil naik

      Good luck from Toronto!

    • Shivam Amin

      trying trying trying!!!!
      hoping hoping hoping!!!!

    • Harvie Galenzoga Boles

      I’ve never won any contest before so here I am trying my 0.0001% luck. :)

      • ArLu Gino AguiLar


    • Sean Uy

      Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try maybe in 30 years i might win ….. or not :( but still hoping :) GoodLuck everyone :D

    • Sean Uy

      Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try and Try maybe in 30 years i might win ….. or not :( but still hoping :) GoodLuck everyone :D

    • Qhairie Razzinee

      if only i had it

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!

    • Whats_all_this_then

      When I win, make sure you get me the white version, region unlocked, with a nice little bow tie around the packaging. Oh and give my regards to old man Santa, he still hasn’t got back to me.
      Thanks Android Authority.

    • Uveraj

      I hope i win the Nexus 5… I wanna win it…Im from Malaysia !!!!!

    • Maryam Wakili

      Winning this would make a great christmas

    • Shamya Bhattacharya

      winning this would be gr8 4 christmas
      please choose me as the winner
      my dad will never buy me one please please

    • Rajith Maligaspe

      Hey I got the newsletter verification email. How will I get the unique URL which i can use to get more entry tickets (as per your second step in the instructions)?

    • jaisonsaji

      passed my driving test today. Gonna try my luck again :P

    • Shivam Ralli

      19546 entries in 2 days.. let’s see if android authority can get upto 200 k entries.. then it will totally rock.. but is will lessen our chances our winning.. but on the brighter side.. there will be better giveaways coming our way.. :) :P

    • Murilo Cesar Ponce Oliveira

      Damm I am getting tired of Symbian, I’d love to trade my Nokia E63 for a Nexus 5

    • Ali Furkan Dağcı

      choose some one from Turkey ex: me

    • jared stanley

      I really want one to rub in the faces of all the iphone people at my school.

    • Rantek

      Entered and shared!! Hope I win! Good luck everyone!

    • Yayu Huang

      i would love one and hope i could win one

      never won any on the giveaways, never had the luck to win one

    • Yayu Huang

      I would love one and i hope i could win
      never win any of the giveaways and never had the luck to win one

    • Arya C B

      just keep tryin … just keep tryin … just keep tryin … just keep tryin

    • Ezekiel

      Where are you luck?

    • Joanthan Embaye

      I hope I can win this one…. or the next one…. or the next one :)

    • Lukaz Rhan Santos lima

      I can’t buy one yet so, hope I win this time.

    • Muhammad Reno

      just trying! haha
      it’s only for me

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!!

    • Melody

      Hope I can win ~

    • Nathan Saltarin

      And yes, yet another give away that needs luck.
      How many times did you guys give these away?! Can’t remember.
      Might as well try again this time :D

    • Rajith Maligaspe

      I already logged in once yesterday. When I check back in today it seems i have to log in again. Doing so wont affect my entry in the giveaway right?>

    • Faiq Siddiqui

      I’ve entered hundreds of these giveaways and I don’t think I’m even close to winning one of these

    • Vasil Nikolovski

      Maybe this time :D

    • achmad

      tying my luck .. i want this phone

    • Badooo

      Tryian again & again & agaain !!! Hope to win this time

    • Slobodan Zekić Bobek

      Hope I win!

    • ajit saha

      at least give someone from India! really need this. i am still using nokia 1200

      • Nishant

        big LOL man. So who is using ACE?

    • Brandon Hodgen

      i entered to win the moto x, but i ACTUALLY want this phone! a new developer on the rise needs a nexus device and this could be my chance ;)

    • Ghanshyam Nakrani

      each and every single thing of you
      i loved to watch and now im master in mobile information in my society
      thanks Andy Authority
      <3 <3

    • Omar Terol

      give it here! i’m sick of my shitty 2011 xperia pro….

    • Fabiano

      I hope that you guys choose me and I can change my Galaxy S II for the Nexus 5.

    • Gil Alexandel German Zorrilla

      Yes… I Want DAT Nexus 5 like everybody here :O

    • Abinandhan

      Those who comment here, Never Never wins. :)

    • Sri Mutia N.

      you have no idea how much I waaant this new nexus sir XD

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      have anyone ever won anything from this competition?
      i hope i become the first person to win

    • Advait Sontakke

      NEXUS 5 !!!!! TOO HAPPY IF I WIN :) :) :)

    • vighnesh kadam

      never losing hope …..ive taken part in all of the giveaways of android authority and will keep on taking part …..unless i finally say “ohh f*** this shit …im gonna buy it now !!!!

    • Rahul Sharma

      must say that Android Authority is just getting bigger and better..kudos !

    • iDroiD

      Can you guys ship to Egypt?

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!

    • Thiago Luiz Gonzalez

      hope to get it!!!! good luck to all!!

    • raju ashok

      These giveaways encourage a good nexus between we android fans… Android rulez

    • Bharath Shankar

      Trying Again…

    • sri kar

      Thank you AA for this giveaway. I will win this for sure :)

    • Suhas Darsi

      Great Way to Boost the Views and Clicks for the website by making false promises!!

    • Slobodan Zekić Bobek

      This is a BEAST ! :) :) :)

    • Brad Clarke

      Sign me up! Good luck everyone!

    • Caylee Raz

      Pick me! Pick me!

      This is too heartbreaking T.T

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      wanna win

    • Sergey

      I mast WIN!

    • Pravesh Mull

      Nexus 5 Black! :D Crrazy for it since it’s release!

    • daniel faiz

      i want change my galaxy ace plus. Choose me

    • jasmeet singh

      I want thiss soo Badlyyy///…i wont have any smartphone till yet…..

    • hohoho

      Please let me win

    • p@poii ≧﹏≦

      just trying my luck…

    • Amogh Matt

      I’ve never used Android OS before and was hoping to switch, what better option than to get the latest from Google! The Nexus 5! Read too much about it! The stock vanilla android, the camera, the ok google now features, the apps, the whole android integration! Basically the complete Android Experience sounds exciting! Hoping to win one! Thanks :)

    • Luis Miguel Gutierrez

      if i win i’ll be as happy as i used to be in christmas when i was a child :p

    • Adam Rasmussen

      Would love to win a Nexus 5!

    • nitn

      tryin my luck again and again

    • Juan

      I hope I win this time… would be a great gift :D

    • Wan Hanan

      me please

    • salutcemoi

      My dad needs a new phone and that would be the perfect gift for him

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!1

    • amal james

      i hope this time i win..

    • talha

      never saw a muslim winning

    • Mayo

      Would be lucky, if get a chance to win Nexus 5. It certainly has impressive specs!

    • Danny Hutabarat

      another try..

    • Kacper Kajetan Walasik

      why not nexus 5 for first nexus?
      (the black one is perfect)

    • reti

      total entries :)

    • michael

      i really would like to win this phone in white
      please choose me, the phone i have is currently quarters

    • Hector Agraz

      Another Roll out! lets give it a shot!

    • tony solinan

      I will try again to win the giveaway’I enter each week and will keep on entering I might win one week!

    • Guest


    • JD McKie

      Barely made it x_x

    • VolkanTanyıldız

      I’m so excited.. I can’t wait :(

    • Izwan Rahman

      lucky i just remember its sunday and here in asia +8, still 4 hour to go!!

    • Rahul R

      To be the luckiest person, 1 out of 22294 and still counting… crossed hands…

    • jaisonsaji

      1 hr 23 min left :)

    • Jörgen Malmgren

      1 h left to my old phone can retire and i get a new one … Haha

    • ZAid niazi

      o allah help me [pls] !

    • Chetan Chaurasiya

      tryin my luck again and again

    • Jundel Betinol

      Who won?

    • Wan Hanan

      i hope i’ll be the first muslim to win this

    • Vasanth

      Guys, when would the results be out?

    • Wan Hanan

      i’m still gonna work hard on this giveaway because it means a lot to me

    • Wasim Memon

      I want to win I think it is best phone ever… :-)

    • Vignesh

      So wen is is the winner announced

      • Andy

        we’re not going to win so just don’t bother lol

    • Rahul R

      1 out of 22355.. Hands crossed….

    • Jibin Raju

      It will be a perfect Christmas gift….. :)

    • rezwanrrr

      am I the winner ? :P
      w8ing…….for a miracle to happen

    • Amogh Matt

      gaaaaaaaaaahh… cant any wait longer!! too excited

    • nchaimg

      notice that the terms and conditions state that you’ll get one
      1 (#) winner(s) will receive [ 1 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (16GB) ] (approximate retail value or “ARV”: $650)

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!

    • Vladimir Lazarov

      who won?????

    • Chirag

      sunday ends in 50 mins in India(+5:30 GMT),where are the results :P

    • Joel Inwood

      So, who won? It’s Monday now here in Perth, Western Australia :P

    • Johnny B Goode

      We are waiting for the winner :D

    • Jei

      One more try, one more try, one more try!!!!!

    • Ryan Khun

      Plz plz im a winner . Need a new phone =(

    • frankie

      Im not lucky at all lol

    • Rajith Maligaspe

      Oh snap… Ah well at least there will be more giveaways… Congrats entry number 6643: ‘gyoo’!

    • Shree Krishna Shrestha

      Hi, I’m from Nepal. Here, buying gadgets like this is pain in the ass. So, I’d be more than happy and blessed if I ever win this giveaway. I pray the good lord to choose the one who deserves the most. No, matter if that doesn’t include me. Thank you.

    • GYoo

      hello. how do i claim this prize?

    • Christian Lacanilao