Nexus 5 International Giveaway!

May 25, 2014

    Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the Samsung Galaxy S5 International giveaway is: Emma W. (UK). Congratulations Emma, enjoy your new Galaxy S5.

    Due to popular demand, this week we are giving away a black Nexus 5 (16GB).

    Nexus 5

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    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.
      • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
    • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
    • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


    • Akash bajpai

      I hope this time I win

    • Jeffrey Leung

      Always happy to see #international :D a faithful fan of Android Authority from Hong Kong

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope god give me a luck to win : LG nexus 5 # international # giveaway :

        • Major

          Haha, I don’t know why, but for some reason I still have faith, you never know, and even if you don’t win why not to enter the giveaway, I mean you won’t lose anything.

          • aakash006Sharma

            hope i win

            • Haik

              By spamming on each and every comment in here, you sure are not raise your chances to win,, but you do annoy a little bit, I have to admit .

      • Mohnish Daryanani

        im from hk too :D

      • Jonathan TAM

        Hey, I’m also a follower of AA from Hong Kong ;D

    • Saurabha

      i Hope This Time I Win Because It Never appens That Some One Win Sunday Giveaway From India

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope to win the LG nexus 5 # international # giveaway ! best of luck to me <3 <3 <3

      • Desi Munda

        Mee too hoping to win this time as there is no indian winner till now :)

    • Ali


    • Zameer Hussain

      best of luck for all

    • Anthony

      Best of Luck To Everyone hope I win and thanks for the opportunity

    • jojosmb

      After all these months on the market it’s still a fresh, gorgeous design! Good luck everyone!

      • aakash006Sharma

        love to win . happy to win and hope to win awesome device . love it

    • Chris Knopff

      Done. =) Would love to get my hands on this little device.

    • EpicTickles

      i never win :/

    • Udit Agarwal

      This time I will definitely win..for sure… #love # reviews # android authority. …

    • Jacob Block


    • Mark William Diano

      I hope i win my nexus 4 is getting old…

    • Nebico

      Please God, make me win this Nexus 5 and I will offer you 1 kilogram pizza!

    • Dis5889

      It’s Sunday, I’m back :p

    • Minura Gamage

      You guys are doing a great job!! All the best for all the guys who entered :D

    • aakash006Sharma

      hope to win the LG nexus 5 # international # giveaway ! best of luck to me <3 <3 <3

      waiting to use android kitkat

      regards , AAKASH SHARMA !!

    • bdhotels

      boom boom boom

    • Muhammad Atkins

      I hope I can finally win something

    • Sandeep Harikumar

      Win or Loose!!
      I always love trying luck… :) :P

      • aakash006Sharma

        always hope to win . but hope my luck works

    • saurav deb

      Ooo god, I want to win this!!!!!

    • aakash006Sharma

      hope god give me a luck to win : LG nexus 5 # international # giveaway :

    • Aman Surana

      this time i hope i win, dammit

    • Russell Ridley

      Want it

    • Rashpal Singh

      Wish to win,I d’nt have a mobile phone yet,Best of luck to everyone,Please GOD make me the winner ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Rashpal Singh

      I will share my link to the maximum extent to win this beauty,please do notice team ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Paolo

      I hope I will win it this time

    • aakash006Sharma

      I hope this time god help me to win LG nexus giveaway ( from india ) ! hope to win 1st time <3

      hope for best

    • aakash006Sharma

      win and win and win . hope to win from india a LG NEXUS 5

    • aakash006Sharma

      Hope to win . really happy if i win . hope god help me

    • aakash006Sharma

      love to win the lg nexus giveaway . a true and inspirational geek reader from india of android authority

    • aakash006Sharma

      Always happy and happy to see #international :D a faithful reader of Android Authority from india :D

    • Abdullah Naji

      I really hope I win the Nexus 5 this time! #NeverGiveUp

      • aakash006Sharma

        Always happy and happy to see #international :D a faithful reader of Android Authority from india :D

    • aakash006Sharma

      hope god give me a luck to win : happy to win LG nexus 5 # international # giveaway :

    • aakash006Sharma

      hope to win

    • aakash006Sharma

      i always positive and hope to win from android authority the best

    • aakash006Sharma

      hope hope and hope to win and win this #international giveaway

    • aakash006Sharma

      hope god give me a luck to win : LG nexus 5 # international # giveaway :

    • aakash006Sharma

      always hope to win . but hope my luck works

    • aakash006Sharma

      love to win . happy to win and hope to win awesome device . love it

    • Nivedit Majumdar

      Android Authority is seriously amazing. The reviews and vids are awesome, and giveaways like these are just the icing on the cake! Kudos from India, keep up the good work guys!
      Oh, and hoping to be lucky here! :D

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope i get first time

    • Ariel Abella

      I believe in lucky, I feel I am lucky now.

    • Lesley Smith

      I would love this so much!

    • justdoit9

      The app is good.. but could be better. it looks too plain..

    • Corey. B

      #International giveaways gotta lov em

      Australia Fan <3 Android Authority

    • Елена Маевская

      Best of Luck To Everyone!!!!

    • mohd sultan

      i wish that i win

    • Alin Berce

      No win again… but I got used to it.

    • Butts_McButts

      In the blue corner, representing New Zealand….

    • ShockWave

      I won’t win probably but good luck to everyone.

    • Mohammed Osama

      I hope I win it

    • JoanSé Castillo

      Maybe this is my lucky giveaway… i love seing all your videos #androidauthority

    • Hargobind Singh Duggal

      Ya me too but i never win

    • orville porter

      Well here’s hoping that I can win this phone. I’d be happy if I did. Good luck to everyone.

    • Piotr Rogulski

      I’m 99,9% sure I’ll win!!!

    • Rohit Karanjit

      Hoping for the best….really desperate for a new phone!!!

    • Jens Ken Lundstrom

      Thank you for this great giveaway!

      I m entering with pleasure!

      Folowing via twitter(@irjas1) and G+(Helena Oops)and fb(Jens Ken Lundstrom)

      Shared the giveaway on the 3 social medias:

      I cross my fingers!

    • Ayaz

      No one has ever won from Pakistan?? Try me

    • Izwan Rahman

      haha another week another lottery. nice!

    • Abhinav Suri

      International Giveaway! :D

    • Prabhaharan Ellaiyan


    • rushi why dont you go participate from this link?

    • xavi

      good luck: LG nexus 5 # international # giveaway

    • Kenneth Gaudinez

      Goodluck to us :D

    • Shark Bait

      Its a beast of a phone, have fun with it Mr winner, (I hope its me, them I can play fruit ninja on 2 at the samd time (evil laugh))

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope to be lucky

    • tony pazo

      I want to win this nexus 5

    • Kareem Ibrahem


    • Jervis Monzon

      Hope to win *Finger cross* XD

    • Auris Gerineldo Martinez

      Sorry, is mine.

    • elma

      i want this

    • Bang Nguyen

      never win

    • Paul Sequeira

      Fingers crossed ;-)
      Good luck to everyone that enters!

    • Mike

      Well, let’s give it a try again ^^ Really like this phone so all I can dream is winning it. Good luck to everyone!

    • Ashish Chavan

      This time it’s mine. If not then next time, it will be definately mine. :D

    • Laila Hermosa Mercado

      joined hope to win

    • Subham

      Indians nevr win dis sort of giveaways !!!! Whyyyy? I wanna dis time..

    • Christian T

      good luck

    • Fayad C.

      “Indians nevr win dis…”. We Bangladeshis, sir, don’t even participate for some fine reason that I am unaware of. This is my first time, and I sure as hell hope I win, although I’m pretty sure I won’t.

    • Jason Anthony Pineiro

      I hope to win it this time because every time i enter i dont win nothing

    • ASH

      This would be a dream come true…. I am locked in in my current contract, for another 18 months with an entry 4inch phone……

    • Benjamin Pavel

      Oh would love to win to replace my old aging HTC Desire!
      Good Luck to everyone!
      Nexus FTW!

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta


    • Jojo U.

      click here to earn more entries :D

    • Roshan Raj

      thanks for nexus 5 giveaway. i love this smartphone…

      • aakash006Sharma

        i always love nexus

    • Sanman Chavan

      i hope i might be the first one to win from india

    • Roshan Raj

      i want to win nexus 5.

      • aakash006Sharma

        hopew to win

    • Karan

      0.001% chance of winning :P

    • A Zamari

      I’m happy with my wife Nexus 5 white color but used to be good if pairing with black one.

    • John Vicente

      Good luck to everyone

    • Sweta

      love to win nexus 5

    • John Vicente

      Google luck everyone

    • Ash B

      Need this phone!

    • MasterMuffin

      I hate all the winners. <3

      • aakash006Sharma

        i love all givers #giveaway #

    • phlinuks

      Whether I win or not, my nexus 7 has really made come to love these Google devices. Using the 7 to write this now.

    • Praneil Jadhav

      hoping to win this droid

    • Konstantinos Pap

      Always happy to see your international giveaways. :D

    • Ilias Majdi

      hope to win …. i really need a smartphone

    • Saurabha

      Good Luck To All My Best Wishes With You All Guys :) :D :P

    • Angelo Allegra

      I’m in! Once again!

    • Sumanth Samprathi

      Hope I win at least this time

    • Cila Diaz

      I referred this link to my friend but when she also joined th raffle i wasnt given another ticket.

    • David Foggia

      I want one sooooo bad!!! Give me the nexus 5

    • kodoku

      this giveaway way better than this

    • Alain Lafond

      Go on random Gods… It’s my week… Send one up north… As I’ll never buy that OnePlus, that’ll never ship…

    • Okpalaeke kingsley

      Hoping to win this giveaway.

    • loop6719

      love me some android authority app and all

    • lupoalberto12

      Thanks for this opportunity!
      ! :) !

    • Shaun Nicholson

      Nexus 5 FTW

    • Oliver Caballes

      Hoping my name would come out this time.

    • Jenosan Annamalai


    • Rohan Taneja

      I know it ain’t easy to win among so many people participating in the giveaway!
      Still Hopes are alive, fingers are crossed.
      Well when there’s a will there’s a way probably wish every person who has enter a good luck. :)

      • aakash006Sharma

        finger crossed .

        hope for best

    • Flip Jumpman

      I wish, I wish, I wish…

    • Alexandru C

      I hope i can win this Google treasure.

    • Rahul

      This site doesn’t work in opera browser…back to IE era!

    • Shaam Garg

      A true fan of android authority..!! Love the nexus 5 and dying for the results.!!!! :D

    • Birbir

      Good luck everyone!

    • Wesley Lim

      my god

    • Dane Saransan

      Choose Philippines :)

    • Cesar Raymond

      Does Anyone else see how weird the winner of the S5 is?
      The name is Emma W. And from the UK! Are you referring to Emma Watson?

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope to win from india

        • DevRocks123

          same here :(

        • rushi

          same here

        • arpit

          same here

      • Nebico

        LOL. Emma was busy attending her college graduation ceremony. Pretty sure she didn’t enter rafflecopter giveaway during final exam.

        • Lean Carlo Gamboa

          hahaha yeah right

    • districtjack

      I need a nexus 5. I’ve come to the conclusion that my phone is 3yrs old. I need the Nexus 5.

    • wezi427

      I pray to the Android Gods, bless me.

    • Juan Alberto Gutiérrez Flores

      Want this phone……regards!

    • Cozz Gutierrez Alcos

      i want this :)

    • Bojan Tomic

      I need one badly! :’( My Gnex broke, so I’m phoneless and broke. Sucks big time.. :S

    • zeeshan

      Android Authority are the best they do so much for the fans.

    • Anjani Nandan

      I got a feeling

    • Given Sutisna

      I’m going to pray everyday now, hope it works

    • Fariz Rachmat Kurnia

      I hope win
      One of your fan from Indonesia

    • Aaron Arguelles

      I’ve probably joined over a hundred online contests in 2 years and have not won anything. I hope I win someday.

    • Allen

      I am huge fan of “Android Authority”.

      I hope I’m lucky enough to win the Nexus 5

    • MrBase

      That phone would be so great to own!

    • thartist

      Yay, this time i got it!

    • SuperKetum

      i hope i win :)

    • Kenny Rooney

      Hope I win

    • es82mod

      Crossing fingers and toes and wishes upon a star that I have a glimt of hope to win :D

    • Ashutosh Ghate

      wish i could get the 2nd entry as i don’t own any android devices and can’t download the app yet hope to win this one as my first android device

    • Muamer Hajdarević

      let’s try to win :)

    • DrJeevan kumar

      Just give me this time

    • Munawar Tirur

      Hope I win at least this time

    • Rafael

      Waooo espero ganarmelo desde que salió lo he querido tener , pero no se encuentra dentro de mis posibilidades sería un gran regalo y más con todo el tiempo que he estado siguiendo #Android #Authority :-)

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope to win

    • Patryk Kulesza


    • Kusin Erik

      Great phone the Nexus 5. Hoping for a miracle!

    • iANDROID08

      Hope I win this time :)


      I want it!!!

    • tri do

      Just hope can get my hands on this sexy beast! The Samsung galaxy s2 has been serving well the past 3 years, it would be good If can have a decent upgrade! Win or not thanks guys @ android authority. :)

    • Daniel Riddle II

      id love this phone im using a cheap android i dislike it alot

    • Sange Pedley

      Victory is MINE!

    • Daniel Riddle II

      ok entered everywhere i could! :)

    • Jin T

      for meeeeee ! :)

    • Tomek Gonciarz

      nexus 5 is amazing

    • Yan Gabriel Minário

      Gotta love the way your mouth says international.

    • mohsin

      Its fun but i have never won a contest like this :(

    • akitayo

      Excellent that you go international : I just entered to ‪#‎win‬ & you can too: “Nexus 5 (16GB) Black”. Enter the‪#‎giveaway‬ here:

    • John Greeneyes

      This oklahoma cowboy could use a humdinger of a phone like this. Ya never know when you might need to call your sweetheart when your out riding a horse.

    • En Hyudin

      want to touch Nexus 5.. like it.. <3

    • sead

      can someone help me, when i clicl on “Enter to win” it didnt do anything … i am doing this fist time so i dont know process to participate in this giveaway?

    • sead

      how this work?

    • izzulazim

      Never give up ! Hope.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      I seriously had a dream last night that at a party, people got nexus 5′s and I only got a second hand Galaxy nexus. And it looked like a BlackBerry :’(

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      My friends never follow the links! Don’t punish me coz they’re idiots!

    • Aries Santoso

      want it want it want it… Android Authority fan from Indonesia… hope for my luck for this.. hahaha..

    • Francisco Jose Almonte Disla

      hi, me lo quiero ganar :-D

    • Omar

      If you looking to win a nexus 5 check this give away from Android Authority Win Nexus5 if you lucky

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope i win for the first time

      • aakash006Sharma

        hope to be lucky from india to get # international #

    • Wency June

      I never win anything!

    • aakash006Sharma

      all the best to every individual . hope to win . love you god

    • Pratik Mishra

      hope i win

    • aakash006Sharma

      all the best to me to win first time

    • Liu Alan

      The best smartphone that i have seen. But i wish that Nexus can announce Living Room Computer like EZTV – , In my eyes,i need new product and creativity.

    • Reden P Villahermosa

      I posted the reffer link but there is no link!

    • Fern

      Good luck everyone!..

    • Arya Aja

      win win win …. is it real #thinkhard

    • William Soto

      If I win this, first I’ll be happy. Second I’ll sell my iPhone and buy a Nexus 7. And third I’ll be a very happy new android user :)

    • Gunn ‘em Down

      can you ship it to nepal?

    • Farzin

      I’m from iran-tabriz

    • Neil Coutinho

      Like Always Thank you AA. Please pick me. I have tried so many many your giveaways and have never won :(

    • djunkv7

      I love when you guys gift us with such giveaways…. Kudos to Android Authority!!!

    • Aliff Aminuddain

      I really hope that i would win because i need phone like this for my studies.. its frustrating when you cant view documents, emails on nokia asha tho :/

    • Manas

      Please I want one…..I’m dying have a nexus !!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you AA for making this giveaway international! I’m from France and l would be more than happy to win this technology jewel, l have been dying to get a new phone and the nexus 5 (with android kitkat!) would be just perfect!

      And I think you guys are doing a great job, + congratulations to the previous winners, lucky them!

    • slkie

      I should win this time… I know I said the same thing last week.. But this is my week… I can feel it!

    • Adam

      Thank you AA for making this giveaway international! I’m from France and l would be more than happy to win this technology jewel, l have been dying to get a new phone and the nexus 5 (with android kitkat!) would be just perfect!
      And I think you guys are doing a great job, + congratulations to the previous winners, lucky them!

    • fiezan firhal

      U know I have been at this for so long….and I’m crazy about the nexus 5….well I hope luck is on my side this time around….but my loyalty has always been with u guys…anyway keep u the good work peace and love all the way from Malaysia guys…and congrats to the winner for the last one enjoy….haha

    • Jkindle

      # international # giveaway hope 2 win LG NEXUS 5 PHONE!

    • Alēks Kħaøs

      Hooray, let me have it!

    • Sudipta Sarkar


    • sai prithvi raj

      always in for a nexus 5!!

    • Shraey

      You guys have great content :)

      Follower from India :D

    • Vipul Chauhan

      Amazing Nexus 5….. :)

    • Vincent Goh


    • Uday Raj Biswas

      #fags only i can win !

    • Udit Agarwal

      Need this beast….fed up of using galaxy y….people say dreams come true. …lets see…galaxy y –> nexus 5

    • Annu Dogra

      DONE. every step wish to get lucky. :)

    • AJ Aquino

      I have honestly never heard of Nexus before. But hey, it’s free so why not?

    • Dhanman Gupta

      hope god give me a luck to win : LG nexus 5 from
      Android Authority #international #giveaway

    • Tanya Gulati

      Im a die hard fan of Android Authority. Im 23 and Im from India! I TOTTTALLLLLY HOPE I WIN. I have never had a smartphone despite knowing everything about android :(

    • Jake

      Not going to win for sure

    • Rishikesh Jha

      I would love to get my hands on the nexus 5

    • Bhushan Bandekar

      plzz give me can i win

    • aakash006Sharma

      hoping for best to win the beautiful lg nexus 5 ( 16 gb ) ! loving it . great for my brother birthday gift .

      a fan ! love you guyz for #international #

    • Avilash Paul

      Not even a single Indian guy has one. Cmon Android Authority. :P With love from INDIA :)

    • shawn

      lg nexus 5 with a 2.26ghz quad core processor and a snapdragon 800 with 2 gb of ram this is quiet a phone :)

    • Pablo Calero

      this time is mine!

    • Michael Kachor

      cannot download the app unless I win the phone! darn catch-22

    • Ans kayni

      So Hoping to win. fingers crossed. :)

    • Vinnie

      grad gift maybe? long live androidauthority.

    • Harshdeep Sarao


    • Laxmi Prabhu

      I want one android phone desperately and saving to buy one

    • Syed Sadman Hossain

      Let me win! *fingers crossed*

    • Loredana Battista

      hope to win

    • Mohamed Sayyaf

      hope i win atleast this time

    • Carol Oddy

      Would love to win, is it a phone? Thank you for the great contests!! Do not own a smartphone and would have fun learning everything it does!

    • Deborah Petrillo

      beautiful …. email

    • Symon Caliandro

      Woow finger crossed!

    • Sasha Shake

      i want to win nexus 5.

    • Magda

      Good Luck

    • sead

      can go to “enter to win” when i click it doesnt do anything, is it normal or ..?


      So want to win one of these for my son, he has had his nexus now for 2 ish years and has loved it so much, but to get it updated would be totally awesome. :)

    • Aditya Thakker

      Ahhh Nexus 5.
      Thanks Android Authority to give such a giveaway.
      Fingers Crossed.
      Hoping to win this giveaway.

    • Herve Massok

      Big phone from a guy who is living on a small Island!

      all the way from Malta!!!

    • Steve George

      Hope i Win…..all the best to all of the participants.

    • Sush Arora

      done. refer so many frnds :) wish to be lucky, fingers tightly crossed .. ANDROID AUTHORITY <3 :) :D

    • Cheewii

      Uh…weird thing to ask but, how do I un-enter the giveaway? Not that I expect to win, but I’m only entering these to replace my mom’s old phone and I don’t think the Nexus 5 will suit her so I’d rather not take someone else’s chance away.

      • AJ Aquino

        Aw, how nice!

    • dick

      They give it away because it sucks. If I get it. I’d give it away to.

      • Sriram

        Ha, Nice try DICK! :P

    • drnbrk

      I want… But red.

    • Nana Kofi Owusu

      fingers crossed

    • ashfaq hingora

      I need nexus 5 so badly. Hope I win this.

    • Nazia Iqbal

      Entered , wish to be the lucky one, thnx for arranging such a nyc giveaway :)

    • Cogito Ergosum

      enter me, please! all done! :)

    • Renato Zgorelec

      Im from Croatia, can you ship packages to Croatia?

      • sead

        mozes li mi objasniti kako da mi omoguci da udjem u ovo takmicenje… kada idem “Enter to win” nista se ne dogodi, da li je tako i kod tebe ili …?

    • saykunal

      Android Authority I’m your biggest fan ..

    • Danail


    • Captain Xperia

      Hoping to win from India… :-)

    • nena

      I never win a contest ever . so unlucky me :(

    • Sumanth Samprathi

      Please god let me win at least this time

    • Chander Shekhar

      I wish if I can retire my ailing HTC desire V now … come home baby :)



    • Anastasios

      I hope I do win because I have always desired a Nexus device and have been entering Android Authority giveaways for ages consecutively.

    • Anastasios

      I want to be the first Greek winner!!

    • sweta patels

      Mee too hoping to win this time as there is no indian winner till now

    • Brian Dozie

      hope i win :)

    • preeti anand

      Entered , wish to be the lucky one n win this

    • Ben Sedgwick

      longtime uk android authority subscriber thank you for the #international giveaway :)

    • Karl Berg

      My turn now?

    • Anthony

      Hopefully I will be able to be a winner since my phone is on its way out… ive looking to get back into android since the last android I had was 2.2

    • Chiko R Ch

      wish i win yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terence

      It’s my nth time to join AA’s contest. But still hopeful! Hope I can win this giveaway this time! :D

    • Rick McClenthen

      I am sooo glad this is android phone giveaway instead of a piece of fruit.

    • mihali valer

      particip si eu !

    • Bhanu Garg

      everyone is expecting to win from india….lets raise a bit of heat for them…!!!

    • christopher santineer

      i join this giveaway everytime but i never won is it they wont give it to indians

    • Nebico

      Go Android Authority GO!
      Come Nexus 5 Come!

    • John Swaroop

      man want that phone badly

    • Lean Carlo Gamboa

      I hope I win :( I really like this phone.

    • Bobby Mathews

      If I win this, I’ll surely buy a wireless charging dock! ^_^

    • Faheem Ahmad

      some retard replying to each comment… get a life man n stop spamming

    • Stefano

      Hope to win :( My Gnexus starts to be a little tight to me :(

    • Muhammed Jazir XTz

      Dnt u thnk, an indian winner iz rquird….

    • Harpreet

      I definitely sure I will not win

    • Slobodan Zekić Bobek

      hope i win

    • wollac11

      I enter every single one of these giveaways. Hoping I’ll get lucky one day!

    • John Swaroop

      chances of winning of a person are 00.0124937531234383 that insane

    • Nimesh Aaa

      International Giveaway is like INTERNATIONAL LOVE.

    • carlo

      hope to win ;((( im still using samsung galaxy s1

    • Shamsheer Verma

      all the best everyone :)

    • Josh giacone

      who won

    • Guest

      Who the fuck won?

    • Guest

      Who won anyway?

      • Бирщуйцик

        Really? Who won?

    • Sahan Abeysinghe

      All fucking right! Who Won?

    • Lasse

      I am guessing that, they are waiting for confirmation from the winner.

    • John Q.

      Could you do another Opera Max giveaway?
      Really enjoyed that one!

    • Ronald James

      these giveaways makes me cry

    • ONeZetty

      Congratulations Enache O.!!!

    • Evin

      mmmm… is that emma watson ?

    • Michael Wilson

      I have S4 Galaxy Mega now it’s an awesome pho-tab . I’ve been blessed hard enough trying to read text with S3
      Seriously Sweet but. Do need to upgrade ….

    • MObiLeCRacKErS

      so who are the winner?