Nexus 5 International Giveaway

by: Derek ScottMay 11, 2014

Google Nexus 5 black vs white aa 2
Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the HTC Desire 816 International giveaway is: Yaakov Tayeb (ISRAEL). Congratulations Yaakov, enjoy your new phone. This week we are giving away a phone that needs no introduction, a Nexus 5 White (16GB).

Nexus 5

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  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • Sanchit Stargazer

    DONE !!
    First to complete !! :)
    Hoping to win !!

  • Joey Huab

    Done and done! Hope I can win that hot Nexus 5!

  • Gomezgani Phiri

    i really hope i win this time im still rolling on an old ass samsung pocket

  • done guyz ! and i hope i win this awesome beauty made by google ( nexus 5 )

    i will just hope to win ! NEXUS 5 ( a perfect excellence of kitkat 4.4 )

  • Shark Bait

    I totally, reeeeally need to of these please!
    Good look to every one, its an awesome phone!!


      yeah good look to you too take a good look on the phone as you are givering alll good look

      • Aaron Cross

        GIVERING someone else crap about a mistake, then make one yourself. LMAO They should GIVERING you and award bro. GIVERING GIVERING GIVERING ME A BREAK GRAMMAR HYPOCRITE!!!

        • BrillianceOfAl

          lmao i love you for this, this guy has been lashing out on everyone commenting on this post

  • akash santhosh

    love to get the nexus 5……………am so happy
    “Thougth create things”

    • Daniel DS

      “Thougth” is not a word

      • akash santhosh

        Thoughts create things

  • addthebad

    beast phone

  • phlinuks

    Keep entering and keep not winning – still keep reading Android authority and enjoying it, big time!

    • Jayfeather787

      that describes all of us

      • MasterMuffin

        99,9% of us :/

        • Bilal Mahmood

          yup been entering these competitions for 2 years and no luck :( but i still love android authority!

          • MasterMuffin

            2 years? Are you from the future??

          • Bilal Mahmood

            lol i Have been trying for 2 years

          • tainekingi

            Hell 2 years I’ve only gone though 6 giveaways and I’m already giving up.

        • Mohammed Azoz

          99,99999999999 % :D

          • Guest


      • Rahib ALi

        :) :)

    • ofek

      The same thing with me. I lost count over how many giveaways i tried to win. something like 40 times. I just never win and that’s crappy because I can’t afford all these cool phones. I gave up on ever getting a phone like this, I only keep entering so if i’ll win at least i’ll be able to help my family in rough times. I used to be so thrilled at the begining but now after so many giveaways I didn’t win, I don’t even expect to win. I gave up.

      • John C.

        hey no offence but how is a phone helping your family trough rough times?

        • hidroman

          By reselling it



        • BrillianceOfAl

          Uh, maybe he’s like 14 or something? Did you ever think about that?

    • Deeco

      Well, there goes my entry!

    • manuel15rh

      That’s right, keep reading and enjoying! ☺

    • Lorddeff07

      i just enter for the hell of it… like why the hell not right?

    • Peter Prokudin

      Never won anything :/

    • elchuby

      Yeah I think we all would like the winner to stand up for once just to be sure this is legit

      • tainekingi

        Totally agree, if someone actually wins this, post it up on android authorities Twitter page just so we know and take a picture of android authority contacting you about and a photo of the phone as well of course.

        • Major

          I don’t really think that this is fake, I mean they have a own website and also they are verified on youtube. Maybe the winner doesn’t want to show off, or idk, it is a bit strange that every time you see a giveaway winner, they never really write a “Thanks” comment or a “OMG I won” comment, if I would win I am sure I would write something.

        • Ivan

          @elchuby I won on the 7 tablets for 7 days giveaway, they did send me a device with a faulty battery and in the end I still paid 75 Euros for it, but it’s better than 300…

    • Sfera Dev

      Same here…

    • Bharath Waj

      i am sure that i will not win…..
      but entering all the times ….

      • Bharath Waj

        don’t worry u shall win one day

        • Harut Hajin


  • Gil Cimering

    Even with the moto g – Nexus 5 is still the best cost-wise option.

  • Safouane Boudakkou

    Is there a way to know if someone used my custom link?

    • Jayfeather787

      You get another entry

  • Jukka Palko

    Nexus 5 is the best phone at the moment in my opinion and I wouldn’t mind having one.

  • Jayfeather787

    I want very much!!!!!!!!

  • Ephman

    Things I’ll do if I win this phone:
    1) love it for the rest of its life

    2) never handle it harshly
    3) keep it under my pillow after good night kiss :P
    4) take care of it, like its a miniature of myself
    5) never abandon it, unless it abandons me

    • Mike

      Oh wow.. make sure you always use a condom XD

      • Ephman

        I prefer the natural way :-D

    • 9Johnnyn9ne9

      If you keep it under a pillow it can get really hot and possibly catch on fire. Good luck with that :-p

      • qwedrg

        Radiation *caught*

      • BrillianceOfAl

        Wait what? Are you serious? My phones get hot and stuff but I didn’t think it could go that far :s

        • 9Johnnyn9ne9

          I meant while charging at night, I forgot to mention that sorry. My sister put her phone under her pillow and fell asleep charging it and it was really hot and she had to put it in the freezer.

    • bakakun028

      nexus 5 is love, nexus 5 is life

  • Terry Macchi

    the next this is as long ever had

  • Mike

    Great phone, I didn’t win something yet so let’s hope I can get this phone to finally get rid of my 3 year old phone >.< The Nexus 5 is a great phone with good specs and perfect (screen)size, I'd love to win this one! Thanks Android Authority for giving away these awesome phones every week!

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

    Suscribed on your newsltters, following via fb:Jens Ken Lundstrom

    and google+:Helena Oops

    and twitter:[email protected]

    Shared the giveaway via twitter:

    and also via fb:

    and google+:

    I cross my fingers!

    • Daniel DS

      Do you want a medal of something? :/

      • Jens Ken Lundstrom

        No…I want the prize!
        The medal is for you if you really deserve one!

  • DonaldHBrown

    The Nexus 5 is a great phone with good specs and perfect (screen)size, I’d love to win this one! Thanks Android Authority for giving away these awesome phones every week!

  • fgcchevy

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • john

    That is one nice looking phone! would hate to have to cover it up with case protector tho.

  • edd cabral



    i want this

  • dallasdave

    Would love to win!

  • Juan A C

    Wow ISRAEL winner! What do you say now you whiny bastards!? Face the 1 in 20000 odds and weep quietly

    • Victoria

      Dammit! So close! I’m from Israel too but I haven’t won :/

    • Daniel DS

      I’m also Israeli and I’ve actually won Android Police’s mega giveaway half a year ago, they sent me a 16gb Nexus 4 with the official bumper case and wireless charger :)
      So it is possible to win rafflecopter giveaways, keep on trying!

      • MasterMuffin

        If you win second time I’ll just quit internet :D

        • VIVEK L

          YUP DUDE…

        • Daniel DS

          Works for me >:) loljk

    • Israel Ramirez

      My name is Israel, does that mean i technically win?!

  • admir sehic

    i need new phone, my s3 is out date.

  • VAP

    great phone

  • GregOrevo

    Good luck everyone.

  • muddy46

    Love these contests, thanks AA

  • jane whelan

    Done, good luck everyone.


    Positive energy I’m gonna be the Winner

  • Shravan Shetty

    Taking a look at all the results of giveaway, majority is from USA, so others have a chance not a good one though.. Anyways looking forward for some new reviews..

  • Blowntoaster

    Epic Phone. Great site.

  • Dimitar Papazov

    sweet !

  • Damanjit Singh

    So far the best Android phone I’ve ever seen. Simple, Powerful and elegant <3

  • keyrocerebro

    for me as well ………. But still want that phone



  • Deepak Moses

    Android authority totally rocks :D


    this phone is the best smartphone

  • A Zamari

    I don’t care what’s color. just get it free, thank you

  • Harkrishan Singh Matta


  • Jim DroidFan

    Come on Authority, authorize me to win one! :/

  • Aditya

    Ok now I think you’re just being racist Android Authority.. not once have I won.. just because I’m from India!?! I demand answers.. and probably another phone.



      • Aditya

        Woah! Calm down mate. You’ll scare away all the good people at Android Authority.

        • Chirag Jain

          -_- this is lame. This site has more traffic from USA than INDIA, hence we see most winners from USA and if you think they are being racist, the last giveaway’s winner is from ISAREL which probably has even less traffic than INDIA. Rafflecopter chooses a winner at random, so don’t cry.Enjoy the content on AndroidAuthority.
          P.s. I am an Indian too

    • Aaron Cross

      Even if they were, which they aren’t because it’s random, it would hardly be racism and you clearly don’t know the meaning of the word. Discriminatory maybe but that still isn’t racism. That’s pretty laughable to suggest. Raffle copter picks it at random so if anything is taken into consideration it’s within a computer algorithm. Last time I checked those weren’t alive so they can’t be racist. It’s pretty petty and childish suggesting racism anyway over a giveaway for a phone. I hope someone who deserves and will actually use it wins it over a chud like you.

      • Aditya

        Yeah thanks for clearing it out Professor. It’s called being sarcastic and having a sense of humor, which clearly, you aren’t aware of. And don’t bother giving another “morally” right answer, coz it isn’t going to help you win the phone.

        • Aaron Cross

          Well junior, If I wanted a new phone bad enough I would go buy one. Like June 11th when my contract is up I’ll go pick out a nice new Galaxy S5 or something similar, hell I might wait till fall and get a Note 4. I might go crazy and wait for something else entirely like the next Nexus. I won’t be creeping around the comment section accusing them or raffle copter of being racist. I’ll be holding a new phone in my pimp hand and squeezing girls butt cheeks with the other son, that’s just how the Professor rolls.

  • Abhishek

    Hope to win it
    fingers crossed :)

  • wezi427

    If only………. ;-)

  • siddude11

    Who ever wins it, just root it and post some sexy pictures in the forums. ;)

  • Dorian Kraja

    Subscribed to your NewsLetter.
    Following on Facebook Dori Kraja.
    Following in Google Plus: Dorian Kraja
    Follow every video of yours and every news on your site.
    What do you want more to do :P :P

  • Craig Hulett

    Win me up !!!!!!!

  • Prabhaharan Ellaiyan

    Nexus 5. :D

  • Alain Lafond

    Please, random Gods… Look here….

  • Jay

    Stock android over everything

  • SContrerasMer

    I need a new android!

    Seriusly, my GSII is unrepairable, (well, it can be repaired but it costs over $200, not worthy on a 3 year old device)

  • Irene

    i would love to win :))))))))) my phone is ugly :(((((

  • Sabik Biswas

    Hope at least this time i win…

  • Vishal Khedkar

    No Indian will ever win… -_- Let’s see if I be the first one! xD

    • Android Developer

      That’s what I thought about Israel (and we have a tiny country compared to India), and apparently I’m wrong…

    • Aaron Cross

      You don’t deserve to because all you guys do is whine in the comments. Get a job and buy one if you want it so bad.

      • Vishal Khedkar

        Who’s whining? And who are you decide who deserves it? I just said no Indian has ever won so no Indian will ever win. And I already have two, an Xperia Z and a Moto X but getting one as a prize for free feels something more pleasurable than buying it.

        • Aaron Cross

          Dude that’s sick. I don’t care what you do with your phones in your private life but keep that to yourself.

          • Vishal Khedkar

            Can you just mind your own business? I want to win it, you have a problem? I have two phones, why do you have a problem? You said get a job and buy, so I said I already have two. And what I am gonna do with it is that, I will use it for development. I make Android themes, and wanna dive deeper into that. Having a Nexus facilitates this. You have a problem? Even if you do, fold it up and keep in your pocket.

          • Aaron Cross

            Absolutely, when you quit posting whiny PUBLIC comments on a PUBLIC forum. Two jobs, obviously none involve much thinking but even further proof you can afford and don’t really need it. Like a lot of these terds who do win it sell it off. If they give to anyone it should never be someone like you. Someone who is without could really appreciate it, that’s who deserves it. Plus you don’t need a Nexus to develop themes specifically, that’s a crock of crap as devs do it all the time. You WANT it, very few people NEED a phone. It is a luxury, a convenience made necessary by the removal of payphones for the most part. I may as well say I need it because I need to watch Youtube on a Google branded phone, it makes as much sense. Fold that up and put that in your pocket Mr. Vibrate, or where you’re really sticking those phones. Makes no difference to me pal.

          • Vishal Khedkar

            By diving deeper I meant to say develop apps too apart from only themes. And here Nexus does make a difference. And stop talking bullshit now, I see you have a special problem with people everywhere ’cause you have same comments everywhere. Such a jerk! Get a life! Chuttad saala!

          • Aaron Cross

            Ok Flipper, dive deeper in that pile of bullshit you just pooped out and drown in it. No it doesn’t make a difference. You just WANT it like I said. You’re not going to win and neither is anyone from India now. I fixed that for you. I dabble a little myself brah. Get ready to plop down some overtime if you want that Nexus boy. I don’t speak your gutter language so keep that shit to yourself, Slutdog Dollarmenuaire. Lol

          • Vishal Khedkar

            Yeah dickhead, I don’t deny that I WANT it. I never said I need it. Why the hell do you love an argument? You keep shitting like this on the web whole day? Have no other work to do? I am not gonna die even if I don’t win it, I seriously have no problem. Asshole! -_-

          • Aaron Cross

            It is my work, boy. It’s what I do and some shady skin grifter from the mean streets of Kalyan isn’t gonna talk smack to me. Oh I got you, “Krazzy Vishal”. You best shut your little whorish mouth before I slap you and your momma down a rathole. You’re the one wanting another phone to stick up YOUR butt, not me asshole so you shut your yap. Unless you want me AND Hulk Hogan to come to your school and let Hulk a mania run wild all over you. When our outreach program comes to town boy we will be punching cows and slappin brown butts all day every day, NWO 4 LYFE. Now I’m gonna make it a point to roll up on your chick and show her what a REAL brown man is while I kick sand on your face. I’ll shit on you, don’t you worry about the web you shit that up yourself with malware infested apps. They don’t call me Black Einstein for nothin. I got your number now you shyster. I’m gonna take your phones too and stomp on them right in front of you too. Lol No more UCCW skins for you to crap up Google Play with and you ain’t gonna win any raffle copter drawing in any site EVER. You should have never messed with Black Einstein, you big eared prick. Now you’ll see what the price is, buttchugger. Keep running that mouth Vishal, make it worse on yourself. Sometimes it’s good to know when to shut the hell up.

          • Vishal Khedkar

            So you think reading my information from the links that I myself have provided and entering those in a filthy comment will frighten me? Okay listen, I give up. I don’t have that much of time like you. Congrats and have fun! ;)

          • Aaron Cross

            You don’t have a clue boy. Real talk, it’s gonna happen. This happens same time ever day so don’t act like I comment all day to you, drag queen. If you had half a brain you’d figure it out. See you in class, dummy.

          • Vishal Khedkar

            Nice, nice, very nice! But what is gonna happen?

  • MasterMuffin

    Always love to see that word “international” :)

  • NonMac

    Great Scott!

  • spade

    …and here i am again, entering your weekly giveaway.. LOL

  • I have LG KP500, Please give me LG Nexus 5 :)

  • Johnny

    can’t believe they actually do giveaways.

  • Johnny

    2 submissions per second

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    happy to get this and thanks for the giveaway

  • IvIr Fa-Di


  • Shravan Shetty

    Looks fair enough for me…

  • Noy

    One can only hope , good luck to all .

  • Julius K.

    Hey Guyz, I was wonderin’ if there’s somehow a way to hack this randomize protocol 4 the win.

    @androidauthority:disqus whatever the answer will be,

    Btw, just kiddin’ around.
    It’s one of the best giveaways ever in my opinion.

  • Mauritz Van Zyl

    Please… Just please… I have an ACER phone ffs

  • Anton

    I need this phone

  • bharat

    Nexus 5 is an amazing phone..

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Never won anything. Never win. Still participate. I think this describes 90% of us.

    • Mur

      More like 99.999%

  • hassan hassan

    I already own a red nexus5 ,still can’t stop entering this competition…….. Good luck to u all…



    • hassan hassan

      Good luck bro…..

  • elma

    come on!!! me me me me

  • Arif Raza

    Thank you #andriodauthority for giving us opportunity to win Nexus 5 :) Fingers Crossed :D Liked Shared Joined!!!!

    • Gabriele Bonomo

      for 7 days …

      • Arif Raza

        I’ll do always remember #Adnroidauthority if i won :P

        • Mike

          #Adnroidauthority ftw

          • Arif Raza


          • Mike

            For the win

          • Arif Raza

            its hard to win among 40K entries, Luck by chance…

  • thartist

    I’ll lick AA’s ass with a heartmelting comment to win this phone right now!

  • tony pazo

    I wanna win the nexus 5 yay

  • Ali

    I’m from Morocco, and i’ll win this nexus 5 .. or not :D

  • Daveon Jackson

    Ooooh gimme gimme gimme

  • Sultan

    Will, I really hope I win the Nexus 5. pl0x.

  • Bogdan Sebastian

    i’m in :D

  • Ananay Mehta

    u never make an indian win..:( but still i am ur big follower..!!

    • Mur

      Android authority is secretly racist! :O

    • Aaron Cross

      There have been a few winners from India. If you’re so impatient hit ebay or Google Play, whiny ass. It could be they do actually hold them back from you guys because you whine so much in the giveaway comments it isn’t funny. I don’t blame them.

      • Ananay Mehta

        go get a life dude..u dumb ass..stop peeping in others life..!!

        • Aaron Cross

          Oh I have one but these are public comments, I’m not “peeping” in anything. It gets old looking through here and every contest “waaah, you never give Indian’s a phone” when they have and there are at least five crybabies/leeches everytime. Quit crying, learn some social skills, or buy a damn phone.

  • Дмитро Швець

    I am in

  • Jeroen

    I want this phone soo bad! From The Netherlands

  • Ashish Chavan

    I know I am not going to win. But still I will keep on trying.

  • Maryam Wakili

    depressing, when will i be the one to scream yay!!!!!!! i won. in your face doubters :D

  • Ostap

    Thank you android authority for a chance to win this awesome gadget!
    It’s pretty expensive here in Ukraine :3

  • Waterdroid

    I wonder how they’ll verify if the winners only have submitted their email once.. I logged in through rafflecopter and when I was done I let my brother on my phone to do the same thing. If it’s verified by IP adress, does it mean I’m not eligible to win anymore?

  • Jasper John S. Cecilio

    Good luck to all!

  • Ian Calvin

    hope i can win…….

  • Rocky45

    I always join big giveaways like mobile phones or expensive stuff with no luck like the majority of people xD.Hope to win this time ;)

  • Kosta K

    Good luck to all that have entered..well not too much luck as that doesn’t leave any for me..but good luck anyway..just not all of it..cheers

  • tony solinan

    Its the Sunday giveaway time again so I am going to try again like I do each week to hope to win sometime?

  • tony solinan

    Its giveaway day again so I’ll try to win again,like I do each week,I have the app
    And the daily newsletter as I love all things android,which most of my apps are
    Google,Android,and technology, that is why I have the AA app,the longest on all my phones and nexus 7tablets 2012+2013 32gb+LTE 3g&4glte,

  • Khin


  • tony solinan

    So I’m going to try to win like I do each week I have the daily newsletter and have the AA app,as all my apps are Google and Android +technology apps,so I like to know what happens each day on the mobile tech world,and your app is the one I go to each day to see what’s happening in the tech news!

  • Mikhael Ramirez

    im not giving up until i win!!

  • Khiry

    Just let me win once!

  • izzulazim

    Never give up !

  • Adrián Cid

    Can I have phone please. Hope android authority had a good happy Mother’s Day with their mothers lol. Good luck to everyone in this giveaway

  • Sedrich Noble

    Never won anything from any contest! Good luck everyone! Android Authority FTW!!!

  • Noah

    I want to win soo much. I would finally have a phone! Good luck to all!

  • Jeffrey

    I hope someone from other than USA wins… :D

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan

    nice… giveaways are always fun :)

  • Pinterest

    I bet the previous winners still join the giveaway, can’t you just be happy with your free phone?!!!

  • Allan Francis Xavier

    I have entered every give away.
    Fingers crossed
    Lets see

  • Sumanth Samprathi

    Thanks for conducting all these giveaway

  • Luis Carlos Robles

    bad luck everyone!

  • Jacob Block

    Please let me win need a good phone

  • Daniel


  • nitin

    they actually never give anything to anyone…what are the proof beside the names…

  • xAxis

    If I win I will love it for the rest of its life :D

  • Avinash Kumar

    My Precious !!!
    :P :P

  • Amadou

    good luck everybody

  • Gunjan Mathur

    Lemme know when to provide my shipping address ;)

  • Favian Orozco

    I would like to win.

  • Flip Jumpman

    Here we go again. I want to be a winner, not a loser AA…

  • Muerte

    It should be easy to win ;-)

  • Ananth Preetham

    Does the winner even comment

  • ak

    how long till i receive my bonus point lol

  • Елена Маевская

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  • Ion Dobre

    hope to win

  • Nexus_Guy

    This is an awesome company/website as you are willing to give free phones every week! I thank you for the opportunity and I hope to win!

  • T-ReX

    why not the 32gb one?u cant afford it AA?

  • Mohammed Osama

    I hope I win

  • Neil Coutinho

    If your gona pick me I have a tiny lil request, please add the AA logo to the phone :) Love you guys Keep up the good work, Android power !!!!

  • rishabh harmilapi

    Hope i win havent won anything yet in any giveaway

  • Ro


  • Rejeeve Smith

    Hope I win. Good luck to everyone who entered. ^_^

  • TidFe

    I really wanna win this thing… 2nd time entering in a nexus 5 giveaway

  • landyz

    hope to win this time… never givin up to your sunday giveaways…

  • Kostya Finchuk


  • Julia Bercaru

    Great sweepstakes, good luck to everyone! If you want more chances to win every day check out

  • Harshdeep Sarao



    I need one…

  • Jonathas Junior

    i dont have a Smartphone anymore =/

  • mickeyasamoah

    Guys, I Have read the site but i dont seem to understand. So if i share my url, does my friends have to just visit the url for me to get a ticket or they have to visit and participate for me to gain a ticket? Which is which?

  • matteysan

    Only recently been watching you’re videos on youtube, amazing competition!

  • mickeyasamoah

    Guys, i dont understand something here. So if my friends visit my url, do i get 1 ticket or they have to paticipate in order for me to gain a ticket.

  • carlao

    Hope hope hope

  • mickeyasamoah

    Guys, i dont understand something here. So if my friends visit my url, do i get 1 ticket or they have to paticipate in order for me to gain a ticket.

    i just want to understand the giveaway better..thatsall.

  • Kirti Ranjan

    I’m from India and I know nobody is selected from here ever, still trying my luck. Nevertheless, I enjoy every uploaded content of Android Authority. Great videos for all. Keep up the good work. You guys rock! :))

  • James Jordan

    i will just hope to win ! NEXUS 5 wow

  • emyrol


  • Piotr Pawlik

    keep hoping.

  • Kishor Rajani

    Strange everyone won here in the give away never comes and acknowledges his price. I think its all Fake have been trying so many times with no result.

  • Kishor Rajani

    Strange everyone won here in the give away never comes and acknowledges his prize. I think its all Fake have been trying so many times with no result.

  • Suhail

    Hope this will be mine

  • Vaibhav Yadav

    I want it very badly !! :D

  • Jacques

    Honestly I think the Nexus 5 is the best at the moment. Stock Android makes a big difference.

  • Saurabh Somanath

    nexus 5 ftw

  • Karan Arora

    hell yeah…beast of a phone that is !!!

  • Windy96

    Does international include Portugal?

  • Barba O Paulo

    trying again

  • Wency June

    Hope I win.

  • Rahul


  • Guest


  • Uly

    I so need a new phone

  • baba

    i need this phone!!!

  • harh gandhi

    Ya I donno even if this is real or not?

  • Rahul


  • loom

    Indian people seem to be very angry in here :)))

  • Hope I win this time, I’ve always been entering Nexus 5 giveaways.

  • Shubham

    i seriously want to win this Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’)
    In love with Nexus since birth of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*

  • Amal

    I hate myself not being lucky. I am happy for someone at least someone is lucky.

  • Oren

    Here we go again! !

  • eguy83

    Am a follower of the android authority for a while now,Very good reviews ,i hope i win this one..

  • Brucebrasil

    I hope I winner one day, try many times :)

  • Caynex

    I gonna upgrade my n7000 to nexus 5.

  • Ahmed Raza (Im’too real)


  • Mouthing Trumpeter

    Been entering these giveaways for a LONG while and have never won but hey, maybe I’ll get that %0.00001 change and win! Never hurts to try a legit giveaway :D

  • bravo

    not winning ..:(

  • paul marx siena


  • aashish

    Lucky ths time maybe lol as always expected

  • Vipan

    the winner should be selected on a random selection rather than entries so that we can blame our luck not our laziness :P

  • srgonu

    Nexus 5. good

  • seraz ahmed

    Maybe this week you guys should choose a winner from South Asia, Nepal most particularly :)

  • parth

    I want it

  • Zhixe

    This would be my second entry now :) Hopefully, lady luck is smiling at me

  • Fikri farhan

    feels like a habit to me, i do this like every week and just hoppin’

  • Aditya Jaiswal

    One More Giveaway best of luck to all hoping to win atleast this tym.

  • Harvie Boles

    Keep Calm and Brace yourselves! LOL

  • Ragul

    I have downloaded the app. What I have to do next to enter the giveaway

  • Hashim Ali

    1 out of a million chance.
    Eh it’s worth it

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    great :))

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    Feeling Lucky! ♠♣

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    My time to win!…

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    love to win this phone! nice!

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    Would really like to upgrade this nokia 1616 (:

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    fingers cross xD

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    i hope i win some day….

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    i wish i will be the lucky one….

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    astrele sunt cu mine :)

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    i love this device because i watch reviews of nexus 5 on androidauthority


  • Prabhjot Sohal

    i love this device because i watch all reviews of nexus 5 on androidauthority


  • hope guyz i win ! this is absolute beaty ! i never win from you

    but still hopes up to win ! win : please

    regards , twitter : @aakash006sharma ! ( nexus 5 ) too cool

  • toni1992

    Good Luck Everyone

  • NEXus 5 hope to be my NEXt phone

  • Ashwin Rao

    entered many giveaways, thinking of giving up

  • Vikas Sarwa

    No matter how hard they hit us , we will keep trying until our last breath

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    I WILL WIN IT! :p

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    Android authority app is getting better :)

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    white nexus 5 come to your daddy

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    I hope to win this time. pls pls

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    i would like to enter the contest tks

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    if i win i will puch my self ten times to see if its real or not

    • Vladimir Lazarov

      im serious

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    I want it badly

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    how to know who is the winner??