Nexus 5 International Giveaway

November 24, 2013

    Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway! This week we are excited to announce that we are giving away a Nexus 5. This week’s giveaway is once again sponsored by the good folks at BitDefender, check out our latest review of Mobile Security & Antivirus.

    The winner of last week’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 giveaway is: Kevin Cosa (Philippines)

    Nexus 5 Specs

    • Size: 137.9 x 69.2 x 8.6 mm (5.43 x 2.72 x 0.34 in)
    • Weight: 130 g (4.59 oz)
    • Processor: Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800, Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400
    • RAM: 2 GB RAM
    • Display: 1080 x 1920 pixels, 4.95 inches (~445 ppi pixel density) True HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    • Storage: 16/32 GB,
    • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 2300 mAh battery
    • Main camera: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, optical image stabilization, LED flash
    • Front camera: Yes, 1.3 MP
    • OS: Android OS, v4.4 (KitKat)

    How to enter the giveaway

    You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

    • (2) tickets to download Mobile Security & Antivirus (Required)
    • (1) ticket to like the Bitdefender Facebook Page (Optional)
    • (1) ticket if you follow Bitdefender on Twitter (Optional)

    *There are also 10 bonus entries available to each person who enters the giveaway. You will be given a unique URL to share with your friends or social networks. You will receive 1 bonus entry (up to 10 max) for every person who you refer to the giveaway using your unique URL.

    Join Now!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway and is open to everyone worldwide.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for any duties or taxes that you may incur.
    • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


    • Prateek Malik

      Yeahh ! Thanks for this AA :D Hope I win :) Keep up the great work !

    • Rahmat K

      hope I got that Nexus 5.. :pray

    • Christian T


    • sehe

      hope i win this time

    • Emmanuel van den Brûle

      Pleaaaaaaaaase may I win for one timeeeeeeeee !

    • shazatrix

      awesome phone..hope i win this time!!

    • Hugo Oskarsson

      Ok can everyone except me just stop entering these giveaways?

      • Seon-Ho Kim

        *except you and me

        • TheDiamondGames

          *And me!

          • zackanfield

            And me too!

      • MadCowOnAStick

        Not gonna enter, I have a Nexus 5 already xD

        • boby ghandhi

          i bet u any money u entered anyway for dumb sheer luck

          • MadCowOnAStick

            how much did you want to bet? :)

        • Theresa Dawn Harris

          Well I don’t so use my url or email to add an entry for me. or please I’m desperate.

          • MadCowOnAStick

            ….not a very good idea to post your email

          • M1LF

            HAHA who uses msn these days ??

            • Marsg

              Same people who post their email for hundreds of strangers to see on the interweb

            • Marsg

              Same people who post their email for hundreds of strangers to see on the interweb

          • kevinm2k

            get your spam filter ready…

        • Atish

          if u do win redirect me the one u won..i’ll gladly accept it :)

        • Niklas Ritzenhoff

          I have one too
          still enterd

        • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

          Good guy MadCowOnAStick! well done!

      • MasterMuffin

        I’d love to see that working :D

      • Marsg

        Lol if I was the only person to sign up for this giveaway, I would probably still lose with my luck.

        • Guppy Wadhwa

          Ha ha lol sam hea..hahaha

        • ghost_yuriy

          Doood you would still win even if i submited million entrees

        • Sava

          same with me bro :D

      • Aaron Arguelles

        A Filipino won last week that means I won’t win this week. They won’t pick a winner from the Philippines again. Sad. :(

        • Trevor Philips

          They do it randomly not by location

      • Ali Furkan Dağcı


      • Dolche Brandt

        LOL for me to win something would be like me getting laid… Just doesnt seem to happen…..

      • karthik nayak

        the probability is too damn low

      • Madhav Phophaliya

        dude if u alone take part then also someone else would get selected AA

      • Ali Furkan Dağcı

        nooo problem sinyoraa

      • Theresa Dawn Harris

        no I can’t so you can’t either lol, if you have a facebook page send Theresa Conner harris a friend request to help each other win. I’ve just started and I’m an ddict lol determined for money , gift cards, a lap tops a nokia cell phone, tablets, food, I’ve only won 2 nice te-shirts and a bistro cup that hasn’t came yet, my bestie needs help too Dena L. Campbell. LET”S WIN

    • Joss7088

      This is mine!!

    • Sulaiman Masumi

      God Help I win This I want so bad

    • Matthew ♚

      Thanks for great reviews Joshua Vergara. i hope i win this contest :)

    • Hussam

      I have an inquiry, if i have two e-mails. one for my social media and another for my android phone (which i use for download)
      which one should i use to enter the giveaway?

    • Rahul R

      Android Authority just Rocks.. Keep Going.. :)

    • lolwut (Carlo)

      I’m like dying right now just to win this phone… Can everyone just stop entering except me! PLEASE!

    • yasir

      its cool

    • Slobodan Zekić Bobek

      cool smartphone.. :) :) :)

    • adi

      We need a Google Play Store in Romania!pls

    • GasparIPerez

      I will like never ever win one of these things… :(

    • elena anzalone

      luck is finally on my side? in Italy it is not easy to find

    • Alain Lafond

      Gotta win this… Send it up north where white is the “à la mode” color…

    • Zi Farhat

      C’mon I have been trying since a year now u just gotta give it to me

    • Alen

      Break me off some of that kit

    • bruckwine

      Maybe this time – does it help if I tell the rafflecopter I live in a developing country lol?

    • ZAid niazi

      Tanks for such an awesome giveaway, I wanna win this time !

    • Андрей Препияло

      AndroidAuthority is the best! as always!

    • Sai Koushic S


    • Shark Bait

      Defiantly need this one ! (also i want white please AA)

    • Sirusho Follow me!

      i want to win pleeeeaseee :(

    • omar awad

      i hope i win

    • Omar Steele

      good luck to everyone

    • SeraZR™

      Nope never gonna win :S

    • bhavin mistry

      Thank you guys!! kinda bummed that didn’t win Note 3 :( Let’s hope for this…

    • Sudeepto Dutta

      I can’t seem to find the custum URL . Can someone please tell me where can I find it ??

    • Iki Taba

      Its hopeless but I try it anyway.

    • Mishraz

      hmmm … can you please give it to me ..this time .. please

    • Samuel IP

      Nexus….here i come

    • BeardoGomez

      Infinitely jelly of last week’s winner, good shot on that Note 3!

    • Sandra


    • Abdelrahman Rahmy

      I don’t know why I keep entering but theres a tiny percent that I could win if for some reason the system goes down and all the entries change v to mine…

    • Lakh Jhajj

      Okay ! Time to win this Nexus !

    • zeeshan


    • Manish Menghani

      please let me win this once please Android Authority team!!

    • DW Duck

      Gotta play to win, and it’s free.. Bonus!

    • Qhairie Razzinee

      i hope i win this

    • marcus damon

      No matter how many giveaways I enter, i never win .. but hopefully this one is different :-)

    • kamrantahir

      this dream phone for me please

    • Moshe Yakubov

      always wanted a nexus phone……may the odds be forever in your favor comes to mind…….good luck

    • Bianca Neguleiu

      I’m going to win this time :D

    • DiGrifter

      Early Christmas Present!? ;-)

    • Tarun PARASHAR

      People in INDIA are also fan of yours.
      PLease Consider INDIA also for give aways.

    • Oobiewan

      where is that unique url i can send to friends to refer? i cannot find it anywhere

    • tony solinan

      I hope to win the nexus5 its just the
      Phone ive been hoping to get,as i enter every week,to win whatever the
      Prize is!

    • erhan

      I want this one.

    • Bino Valencia

      Come on!

    • Christopher Calubaquib


    • tony solinan

      Please, i hope i win this time as i have
      Never won,maybe because i live in
      Ireland,anyway its an International
      Givaway,so heres hoping!

    • Damodara das

      Wow, I currently have about a 5 percent chance of winning. Pretty good! :)

    • Luciano

      hope never die :)

    • tony solinan

      I would love to win something; i will
      Keep trying each week!

    • Samik Parekh


    • Prashanth Sadasivan

      This is really cool !

      Name : Prashanth Sadasivan
      Website :

    • Janella Gatmaitan

      You’re awesome for doing this!

    • Lord

      The chance of win is 0.00048543689%

      • Meny Beth Terry

        It’s 0.000035260930888575458392101551480959% now LOL

        • Kevin Kuo

          Both of you forgot to multiply by 100 when adding the % sign. The chance of winning is (when I am posting this) 0.031511%.

          • sav

            0.0062391 % now

            • Tuấn Ankh

              How did it get that low? At this point of time, the chance is 0.0195455655998045 %. xD

            • sav

              I dont remember the number of entries back when I posted this comment but right now (Monday, 3:24PM, GMT+2:00) it sais total entries: 32812
              which considering that my chance would be one out of total number, 1/32812 would be a good estimate of the probability of my entry being selected among all other entries. Now, based on my calculator 1/32812 is equal to: 0.00003047665. I tried various other calculators including Google’s and they all almost agree that this number is correct. Now brace yourself! here comes the second part of the problem:
              considering that 1 percent is equal to 0.01 then 0.00003047665 is almost equal to 0.003. you can reach this by multiplying the resulted number to 1 and then dividing it to 0.001. Again all of the calculators I had access to agree that the number is 0.00003047665. the time difference between the time I posted my previous comment and now, and the presumption that the number of entries do not decrease over time, my probability of winning this prize has dropped to its 50% (please dont ask me to explain this too!) but if you ask the administrator of the website he/she might agree to give you the statistics of the date-time of my previous comment, then you can simply do the same arithmetic on the total number of entries there and let me know if you can converge to the same results.
              Hope this suffices.
              Thank you very much.

            • sav

              I dont remember the number of entries back when I posted this comment but right now (Monday, 3:24PM, GMT+2:00) it sais total entries: 32812
              which considering that my chance would be one out of total number, 1/32812 would be a good estimate of the probability of my entry being selected among all other entries. Now, based on my calculator 1/32812 is equal to: 0.00003047665. I tried various other calculators including Google’s and they all almost agree that this number is correct. Now brace yourself! here comes the second part of the problem:
              considering that 1 percent is equal to 0.01 then 0.00003047665 is almost equal to 0.003 % . you can reach this by multiplying the resulted number to 1 and then dividing it to 0.01. Again all of the calculators I had access to agree that the number is 0.003047665. the time difference between the time I posted my previous comment and now, and the presumption that the number of entries do not decrease over time, my probability of winning this prize has dropped to its 50% (please dont ask me to explain this!) but if you ask the administrator of the website he/she might agree to give you the statistics of the date-time of my previous comment, then you can simply follow the same arithmetic steps on the total number of entries there and let me know if you can converge to the same results.
              Hope this suffices.
              Thank you very much.

            • Tuấn Ankh

              Ah. I see. You only made one entry. Cuz if you have 4 entries, you get 4/32812.

          • Marsg

            I like your percentage better than the other 2 lol

      • Tony Rimos

        ACTUALLY, mine is 0,0079787234042553%

    • brian

      I will win this week.

    • tony solinan

      I would love to win something,anyway i will just keep
      Trying each week,i get the AA newsletter,each day,as i like to know
      Whats happening each day!

    • Loris Ayoub

      another week, another opportunity :-)

    • tony solinan

      AA always keeps me informed each
      Day,so i will keep entering eachtime
      There is a giveaway!

    • Jatin Beniwal

      Good job android authority !!
      Pls look forward towards india…

    • Jason Russell

      I hope that I am lucky

    • Chintan

      Hope I win it, as my birthday is coming on Christmas.

    • jitu

      I wish to santa that this could be a nice gift from you….

    • jitu

      Hope there will be a chance for me…to win this.

    • Amjad Saleh

      I want the black one

      • MadCowOnAStick

        the D or the Nexus?

    • John Bailey

      I’d love to win this bad boy, I would sure put it to good use!

    • Rahul Radhakrishnan

      hope this time i am the victor :)

    • Soua Yang

      I need a new phone.

    • Amandeep Singh

      Awesome Phone GIVE IT TO ME

    • Sudeepto Dutta

      I can’t seem to find the custom URL . Can someone please tell me where can I find it ?? The URL that is unique to your username .


      Good Lucky For Everyone,But I’ll Win.

    • Karanvir Singh

      The share button doesn’t appear on this one. D:

    • Rodrigo Lozoya

      Hope this one comes to Mexico.

    • Humberto Hernandez

      Ahhmmmm, the links does not work. I mean, the App link.

    • Joonas Mattias Laur

      One day I’m going to win something I tell you!

    • alirafiyan

      we can’t have access to Google play in Iran so i hope i win :-(

    • Johnny B Goode

      Nexus here I come, here I go ;)

    • Jordan

      I want the nexus 5 so badly!

    • Sonny Grasso

      Want so badly

    • HHH

      Black plz

    • Tyler-Jay Morin

      Dreams come true

      • Preetam Nath


        there.. yours just crashed

    • Gast

      Give me Give me Give me Give me Give me Give me Give me Give me

    • Murilo Cesar Ponce Oliveira

      I don’t have an android device, how come will I download mobile Security? I have a nokia E63 with symbian…

    • Edinson Esp

      White please

    • Guest

      I want this piece if beauty. #Nexus5

    • Malcolm D’souza

      I want this piece of beauty. #Nexus5

    • Paul Schrank

      I want it! :D

    • Lañado

      you never know

    • Nick Leavitt

      Consider me in! I want a n5! Love you AA!

    • tony pazo

      Please let me win this one!

    • Acaa Aca

      Congrats to Kevin. Mabuhay.

      • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

        Thank You. Mabuhay din sayo kapatid. :)

    • Thiago Luiz Gonzalez


      its really funny the comments !!!

      if u dont win cuz u r in
      Ireland, friend TONNY STALION!!!
      what i have to say that i am in GREECE, stop traing???
      noway u never know, and as u say ITS INTERNATIONAL!!!!

      Givaway,so heres hoping!
      that is my still working phone that i still use it

    • Gourav Mopidevi

      black please

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta


    • Rajvir Singh

      “I had won one of these giveaways once!”
      Said no one ever!!!

      • Ryan Castle

        Said Kevin Cosa and his Galaxy Note 3 :)

        • Humberto Hernandez

          Where’s Kevin?

          • Marsg

            Prob still celebrating his win lol

            • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

              HAHAHA. LOL. :)

            • LJ.

              Bad luck Philippines, New Note 3 but no house.

            • sdda

              What the hell LJ, only a few cities got destroyed.

            • Arvin Jhann

              Hey LJ, if there’s nothing good you can say, just shut up.

            • Marsg

              Yes that was a pretty bad joke, 15-20 thousand people died or got injured

            • Arvin Jhann

              Hey Kevin, nice one. enjoy your new Note 3. Hope to win also. hahaha

            • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

              Goodluck to all of you. :) Hope u win also. ^^

            • Miguel Silva

              Food guy Kevin! :D Enjoy your great Note 3!

            • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

              Hahaha. Thank you! I will enjoy it for sure. Maybe if the Note will come to me. Hehehe. :)

            • Jeio Moldez

              Hey Kevin, congratulations! Can you help me? I don’t know where to find the url to share to my friends. Please let me know, thanks!

          • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

            I am. :)

          • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

            Im here. :)

            • guardian_eyes

              congrats kevin :)

            • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

              Thank you! :)

            • Ruben Alamina

              Congrats for the Note 3 win!

            • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

              Thanks. :) But my problem is didn’t receive any emails from Android Authority. Tsskk.

            • vMACHETEv

              Congrats pre swerte mo, sana ako nmn s nexus 5

            • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

              Hehehe. Sinwerte lang bro. :) Sana nga ikaw na ang susunod. :)) Good luck!

            • Aaron Arguelles

              Ure so lucky!

            • Man Of Steel

              You are one lucky dude, now give me some of your luck and send me the Galaxy note 3 if possible…. Just kiddin’.. No really, send to me.

            • SowmyaGuru

              Did you really win?? Cuz I never get picked! :( Sob Sob…

            • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

              Yes my friend. Sorry for that. Better luck next time. :) Just keep on joining. :D

    • Dmitriy Sukhanov


    • John Briceño


    • Steven Jolliffe

      I really need this phone my phone won’t stop restarting all the time maybe because it’s 2 years old but anyway really hope I win it would make my year

    • huiol

      Count me plssss

    • Andreas

      nice prize. good luck all

    • Faizan Jamil

      How do we notify Android Authority if we are netitled to giveaway entries?

    • Daniel Ross

      Hope to get it!!!

    • Russell Ridley

      Pick me

    • Charlie Marschall

      Hope I win xD

    • Ali Furkan Dağcı

      sunday bloody sunday

    • Cal Rankin

      I want the Nexus 5 so bad!!!!!!!! This and the Note 3 are the best phones anyone can buy. And fortunately the Nexus 5 costs $349 off contract! I will NEVER want to sign a 2-year contract again!

    • Tyrone Cheers

      A Nexus 5 would be awesome to have. I could surprise my wife. with a great phone

    • rsimon24

      KitKat’s UI on Nexus 5 made me wanna upgrade my Nexus 4!

    • Marc Moreno

      My wife needs a new phone and it will be perfect ;)

    • Daodmin

      Black Nexus 5! One, please!

    • Rakesh Ramachandran


    • Angelo Allegra

      Black Nexus 5 for me! :D

    • Jei

      Well here goes another wish to the wind :) i just hope no more than 1K people enter so the odds are not too high :) maybe this should be made on a vote basis, I vote for me to win :P waiting for all other votes :D

    • Pratik

      wheres the unique URL for social media AA??

    • Gennaro Amura

      I’ve never won anything.. I try just for fun! :(

    • nasa akbar

      The best and the most trusted team of reviewers on youtube! Huge fan ! please keep up the good work ! And this giveaway is just an iceing on the cake… I mean delicious kit kat cake!! :)

    • Don Jason

      Good luck to you all, and hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving!

    • Stafin Duncan

      I keep downloading apps for you guys. where’s my reward?

    • Ricardo Faria

      lets see if this time i have more lucky, waiting reading a magazine

    • Jose Cruz

      Nexus 5 one of the best Android Devices out yet!

    • antonio gayatinea III

      josh can have that this this time…nexus 5..plss

    • Alan Kurt Yong

      why i can’t share the contest

    • ishmane4

      I have so much bad luck

    • Don Jason

      Good luck to everyone and happy holidays!

    • Pollo Loco

      This would be great to win. Maybe it would get me to come to the Android side! :)

    • Saurabh sharma

      Now it’s time to Wait and Watch

    • José Jesús Sotillo


    • Youssef Smaan

      black :D

    • ELVIS

      HOPE I WIN (:

    • Sahil Tiwari

      Hope to win!

    • Ravi Kiran Gowda

      nexus 5 ..i need it…

    • arvin amuin

      i really wanted this one!!!

    • sai ruidera

      gimme gimme gimme please! :p

    • Rogelyn Aquino

      let me win this ;)

    • Malik M.

      Hope I win :)

    • Harry Skiff

      I’d love to have the Nexus 5, my iPhone 4 is so bad! I never win these things but y0Lo

    • AdaDuku

      Okay let’s bet my luck again on this one.

    • Hello_Its_Me

      I won! everyone stop entering, this giveaway is closed!

    • Mike Williams

      I’m way out in Guyana and follow android authority and I really want this phone :(

    • Emil

      I so need this, haha.

    • Kacper Kajetan Walasik

      The black one looks perfectly. If you’re waiting for Watch Dogs you know what i’m talking about. Best wishes from the Poland.

    • Akwasi Asabere

      I just want something cool for free.

    • Nico Berrutti

      Ohh man! I need a phone!

    • Maximiliano Ortiz Ramirez

      Pls i need this phone I LOVE ALL THE NEXUS DEVICES PLEASE GIVE ME ONE!!!

    • Arya C B

      win win win … is it ? … just keep on dreaming :(

    • Marvin Ballack

      Man I will never win one of these things unless God brings me some kind of miracle… we always think we will get better luck next time around no matter how much times we loose… lolz

    • JuanK

      why never me???

    • JW Wong

      Hope i win this one…:)

    • Majid Javed

      hello pals!
      any shipping through pakistan??!!

    • TopGun904

      Dang it I accidentally hit the enter key as I was typing in my twitter handle. Now it’s like a third of the whole name.

    • Izwan Rosli

      swagg muffin

    • a

      The winner of last week’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 giveaway is: Kevin Cosa (Philippines)

      im from the philippines too… OMG i have a 0% chance to win

      • jfiosi

        You have a keen understanding of reality, my friend. Now, you have my sympathy. Don’t give up hope, there are other giveaways on this site and, uh, others.

      • Kevin Antiquera Cosa


    • Jose Garcia


    • Chad Fernando


    • Tyrese

      Good Luck!

    • Yvena Roses

      want it !!

    • Anto

      I never win anything lol.

    • Tushar Kant Naik

      Please guys make me the first to win this awesome Nexus 5 from India

    • Francois Foote

      My Nexus 7 need a companion…

    • MaestroRage

      where’s my unique url?

    • Qhairie Razzinee

      I want it

    • Niroshan Ranjan

      I want this phone now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O Pls pick me

    • Nukos Mananquil


    • levin

      It’s anyone’s day at equal chance!

    • Anibal

      Could we pay for the difference so we could have a 32 GB version?

    • Juan Manuel Marin

      I never win any of this giveways… but who cares i gonna keep participating!

    • Little Carter

      I need this phone OMG!!!

    • John Conatser

      omg I would so love to win this one

    • Edmund Lee

      I love the nexus 5, it’s sooooooooo beautiful!

    • BlueFireBlades

      Nexus 5 Is The Best.

    • victorcruz

      I really need this win i need to upgrade from my flip phone

    • Luis Felipe Bustillo Velasquez

      Omg this is my favorite Phone

    • Shre Sharma

      gimmme thaaaaat

    • James Bond II

      I’m a college student and I need to get a phone. Hopefully I can win a giveaway, even though I won 2 out of 1000s in my lifetime TT TT


      my name ruby carol souwitzsky my age 76 I could do with one of those magic phones, new technology it could assist with my new/old brain function. 0761771788
      thank you.!!!!

    • ankit lunia

      Thanks for this giveaway

    • Neil Coutinho

      Thank you guys would love the white one :) Would be an awesome Christmas gift

    • Joseph B.

      Its almost my bday next month, i would glady appreciate it. Thank you Android Authority. :)

    • edgar garcia

      Awesome I need this phone

    • Sander Urva

      Never won anything bigger than a bowling gift card :/ never going to get anything from here too I guess. But who wouldn’t want to enter for fun?

    • William Komba

      I really want to win this!

    • Sukhith RG

      Thanks for this opportunity

    • arabianNights

      Give it to me plzz (*_*)/

    • Ruben Alamina

      Good luck to everyone!

    • Raymond Yang

      why I don’t get unique URL to share?

    • Bui Nguyen Quang Huy 002410

      good luck guys

    • marycontrary

      My current chance of winning: 0.014040999719180005616399887672%

      Well.. this is probably the 20th time I’ve entered a giveaway here, so let’s see what happens. 20th time lucky, maybe? :D

    • Mark Brian


    • Hector Agraz

      All requirements complete! I cannot get this phone anywhere in my country, I’ve looked everywhere… terrible how we are always so far behind from the global north… hope for the best! =D

    • Sohana Haider

      No urls to share with friends?

    • ashwin p

      i want it
      i got tired of my old galaxy mini :(

    • Marc Kenta Orque

      PLEASE PICK ME! :)

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!

    • Muamer Hajdarević

      Hi :)

    • varun

      ill never win….like usual

    • varun

      and no one from INDIA has or have ever won

    • Vaibhav Chaudhary

      It’s been a long time since i start entering giveaway and i haven’t won a damn thing

    • Shashwat Pant

      Thanks a lot :) Haven’t won anything till date so giving another try :)

    • Amassine Omar

      there is no link to share with friends :(
      thanks android authority :)
      hope to be the winner :D

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      within one& half day 32000 enteries just awesome
      this time god please select me

    • kunalwanvari

      god knows if ill ever win one :(

    • vicky

      gud luck 2 everyone

    • Poopinsnoop

      i want a black nexus 5! good luck to you guys too!>:)

    • Arvin Jhann

      Hope to win this.. :’) God Bless everyone.. :)

    • Krisztian Kovacs

      My Galaxy Nexus died. I need a new Nexus device. i hope i win the black one. Good luck for everyone!

    • Jeio Moldez

      Where can i find the URL?

    • Karl Joshua Bernal

      0.00012589305% chance of winning :D
      Better Than Nothing Though :D

    • Jens Ken Lundstrom

      thank you for this awesome giveaway!
      i m entering with pleasure!
      Also folowing via G+:Helena Oops

    • tashi598

      hope I win this one!

    • harsha vardhan

      Lets say ‘yay’ and be the winner for a white edition:)

    • JohnyNightcore

      black nexus 5,thx android authority and bitdefender :)

    • Sameer Khan

      I live in Saudi Arabia ..the nexus 5 is not available here :( I am die hard fan of nexus. …Let me have it as an early Christmas gift B)

      • Tony Rimos

        i think that Saudi Arabia don’t selebrate Christmas because they are muslims, isn’t it?

        • Sameer Khan

          Yeah its a Muslim country .. but its not Prohibited to celebrate Christmas .

          • Tony Rimos

            by the way, am from Algeria

            • Sameer Khan

              thats nice …!!

    • Ahmed Ath-har

      I hope I win the Nexus 5..:)

    • Mohammed Osama

      I hope I win this phone

    • Miguel Silva

      It’s almost impossible to win, but we will try until death! :P

    • Aldrin Malveda

      voglio vincere questo telefono!:D(from Italy)
      ahahahahah @ndr0¡d 4ever!!

    • Luka Djurdjevic

      I would be soo happy if i get the nexus 5.

    • Meshal Saleh Alduhaim

      nexus 5 is great devise, I will win.

    • Ixi

      It sucks that I can’t enter, I have an iphone, but want to go to android

    • chelseax

      yes please.

    • Archiwhm

      really need it .. nexus 5

    • Manduh

      I sooo want to win this! Thanks for the chance :D

    • Vid Bregar

      I really love this phone!

    • Kamil Stasik

      Please give a little chance to Poland

    • Dane Saransan

      Mabuhay !!

    • Naftali Indra Prasta

      impossibru ! still believe lol

    • John Agwazim

      Thanks. I like white.

    • Sal

      Another nexus 5 giveaway one that i will not recieve

    • Yaseen Baitalmal

      Even if I didn’t win anything I’ll still be afan of this show!!

      Wish me luck guys!!

    • Filip Pešić

      If I can only once win one these giveaways.. I don’t even have a smartphone.

    • kasem

      Its going to be me right
      Hh! I wish im a big fan!!
      And kiven congrats bro

    • shah rasool

      I m in baby

    • Sam Glxy

      Great Nexus 5… I want it !!!

    • Man Of Steel

      I sure hope to win this sixth time round. I know I’ll win. Just watch.

    • Akashdeep Singh Saluja

      Try to give away for an Indian …. ANDROID

    • iANDROID08

      Hoping to win this (-/-)

    • Akashdeep Singh Saluja

      Never seen an Indian winner on giveaway… May be i m tbe 1st.

    • Akashdeep Singh Saluja

      I desperately want this beast

    • Thomas

      Where is the URL to the bonus 10 entries??

    • Ben Davenport

      Thanks for another great giveaway A.A.

    • Alkshendra

      Entered! hope to win it. :)

    • The Hech

      i know they are never going to send it to Pakistan! Anyways lets see….

    • Tony Rimos

      god damn it i really want to win this phone because am currently without a phone

    • Bashan Quentin Everett

      well I entered. and I wish u all luck

    • Craig Lawrence

      a bit late

    • Beyar Asketchian

      I really would like to win , plz plz i’m really completely unconditionally want that phone , i know you would love to help cheer me ( syrian guy ) up with a cool phone :( !

    • Rifath

      this is like the 90th giveaway I’ve entered in the past 2 months and I haven’t won anything…pretty sad

    • Vivek Amin

      I think that what Android Authority does with giveaways like this is awesome….if only i could actually win one…(sad face)

    • Humberto Hernandez

      The link does not work =S i mean, it does not open a thing…

    • Kirtesh Kuckian

      Will i win this time??

    • shah rasool

      I hope I win ;)

    • ghost_yuriy

      I really really need a phone cuz i have like samsung old phone not even smartphone. My parents even though they have money dont wanna buy it! =(

    • 6String


    • Deepesh

      where will we get the url?

    • nikyle braxton

      Everyone’s all calm entering the giveaway and I’m over here like

    • Jzy

      Hope to win!!! i reaLLy Like this device… Nexus 5

    • Manmeet Singh

      please me this time……

    • Gabriel Hwh

      I really in need of a new phone

    • Faiq Siddiqui

      I need a new phone badly. I’ve been using a phone with android 2.3 for a long while now

    • Nikola Velinovski

      I hope It’s me :D

    • Muhammad Hariz

      this time please lets me win… i just wanna upgrade my xperia x8 that i use almost 3years…

    • Technook

      How about I win this time? for a change? please? KARMA, WHERE YOU AT?!

    • Atish

      never win :(
      or is it never available in my country nepal :|

    • JiaJin


    • Jocelyn Nuisa Macaspac

      I really need this i dont have a phone

    • Thomas

      Where is the 10 bonus entries??

    • Ali Mahmoud

      My chance of win is 0.00002422657%

    • Rustom John Ajose

      please android authority

    • ps3helper4life

      hey I won

    • Johnny B Goode

      Nexus 5 come to papa :D

    • Kaushik Kumar

      You guys are just awesome

    • Dragana Virijevic

      Tnx for another giveaway :)

    • Richard Borkovec

      That White Nexus 5 is calling my name! I can hear it now :)

    • Mel.K

      Me wanna win!

    • José Jesús Sotillo

      I hope to win…. It could be the firs or one of the firs LG NEXUS 5 in Venezuela.. so, i want to get it

    • sai prithvi raj

      black please…….

    • Russell Ridley

      I need this

    • Ravi Kiran Gowda

      waiting nexusb 5

    • Hicham Jaber

      hi give me my phone

    • Sammy Sung

      Wow awesome!

    • sinoako

      Win win win…more more more…bangon leyte…fight ormok…go go.go. tacloban…pinoy…laban…

    • babymharz

      where’s the unique URL?

      • babymharz

        any response?

    • hardboil

      For the 42,851 people that lost, your plan B should be buy the Nexus 5 than sell the phone 1 year later.

    • jimz alabis

      Please let me win thanks for this opportunity to own nexus 5 ^_^

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      this time also i write same statement “Hope to win this time”

    • Kirtesh Kuckian

      Mineee…… :D

    • vipin

      good luck to all lets see who’s got X factor

    • Agam Sethi

      nexus 5 plz

    • panagiώtis

      thanks for the international giveaway

    • abd elbasset t.r

      me.hhhhh it’s impossible to win. but i give it a try

    • JohnyNightcore

      I don’t have luck :(

    • Floyd

      This time…wish me luck!

    • Marius Oprisan

      Another chance of getting a Nexus :)

    • sharkyftw

      i can;t download antivirus, i have windows phone :(

    • Fear Őȍ

      Waiting For My Nexus:D

    • Anonimen


    • sri kar

      hello.. i am here to win this giveaway.. and so is everyone.. so cheers to all of you.. giveaways are a sense of excitement.. cause they make you so desperate for the things you don’t have..

    • Fabron Calvin

      Hai android authority. Have been really wanting this sick phone for weeks! Currently on Xperia TX. (Xperia T version in Malaysia) So can u send this awesome phone to Malaysia since the Note 3 is going to our neighbour the Philippines ;)

    • Fauziyansyah Yomi

      I really really hope to get it. Because here will sell for $500,maybe more :’(

    • dardan

      well is great when bitdefender is real antivirus for PC and smartphones :)

    • Gwen

      I wanna win so bad. I want a new phone; I can’t really play that much games with a Samsng Galaxy Y. I bought it since it was cheap.

    • David

      I want to win the n5 and or n7.

    • Yvena Roses

      enter me for this giveaway and then pick me and only me lool

    • Gaurav M

      We humans, goes for every little possibility :D
      P.S. : @post_time probability is 1/48094

    • Namelesske
    • Arush

      Android authority if you read this then then make me win plllleeeaaaassseee. Ive participated in Every single giveaway but haven’t won :-(

    • Javier

      O sea, no puedo participar xq no tengo un android y lo necesito!! nunca tuve ni tengo un smartphone, entonces cómo puedo ganar? / I mean, I can not participate because I have not an android and I need it! I never had or have a smartphone, then how I can win? It’s like the paradox of having experience for a job but never will because it never worked. And I don’t have money for one of these

    • Sid Vyas

      LG Nexus 5 is probably the best phone by LG ever made. When you are carrying LG Nexus 5, I remember the classic phrase “Neighbour’s Envy, Owners Pride!”

    • Raymond Yáng

      why I don’t get unique URL to share? pls someone tell me

      • zackanfield

        Yeah, I have the same problem.

    • Brandon

      I hop I win

    • bhavesh prabhu

      Hope to win :/ lets give a try :)

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      hope this time i would get selected, got many of my friends in this competition hope Android Authority have noticed , fingers crossed

    • Saurabh Somanath

      i hope i win the black nexus 5 :)

    • Anoop Uttarwar

      HOPE 2 WIN

    • Don Jason

      Good Luck EveryOne!!!

    • Sougata Kundu

      Participated for the first time ever. Finger crossed.! X

    • Ravi Kiran Gowda

      need it..

    • Sharan Bahirwani

      win win win!!

    • indy


    • Caylee Raz

      PLS PLS PLS :((((

    • Caylee Raz

      Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5! Nexus 5!

    • Caylee Raz

      Nice specs! Love it!

    • Caylee Raz

      LG Nexus 5 for me pls.

    • Yvena Roses

      want it

    • Jose Garcia


    • Chris Knopff

      Good luck all. Bitdefender already on my current device. Downside, I have a need for more memory for my device. Would much prefer something a little more up to date and supported by the manufacturer.

    • zackanfield

      Where can I find the URL?

    • zackanfield

      We were born from slight possibility of million sperms. So, slight possibility is our nature

    • Matthew Boudinot

      Pick me!!!! :)

    • Rizky Albantani Tumiba

      Where I can Get Url To Get more ticket >.<

    • Mahdee Dollie

      Android Authority is the best ever they make awesome reviews

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

      Nexus 5 :YAY:

      • Puk Popa

        its mine dont be so happy

        • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

          After I win and use it for at least 2 years, then you have my permission to take it.

          • Puk Popa

            ok , you’re so generous . for this my friend u can have it . i expected some hateful comment but it didn’t happen

    • Dinesh


    • justdoit9

      I have always been unlucky at these ..but never to give up;-) I made my bid yet again. :-)

    • vipin

      i dont know why but i feel like i am gonna win this :-)

    • Ged

      I would love to win this, pick me rafflecopter! :)

    • Kapil Kalra

      I really wanted This Nexus 5 I just love it and Need it

    • Russell Ridley

      Please mePl

    • Daniel

      Perfect Christmas present for my dad!

    • Slobodan Zekić Bobek

      choose me

    • CityofChampionshipS


    • Jordan

      Knowing my luck any Sunday giveaway that’s out I will never ever win lol

    • Arvin Jhann

      Mark R.? From Philippines again! hahaha. Congratulations to you bro! Nice one.

    • Mark Russel

      Whos ,mark r?

      • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

        Maybe you? You should get an email from Derek Scott.

    • Sandy

      I saw the specks and photos…I think this will be the best phone ever I have seen. Currently I am having samsung s4. But from the specks I love this nexus phone.

    • Theresa Dawn Harris

      oh and a note 3, and PILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rolando Garza

      Never tell anybody or wished them that u want this phone or that phone always give them a compliment and about ur business if I could this Phone well it would help me find a better job or even an education for me and my kids .