Nexus 5 International Giveaway

by: Derek ScottNovember 10, 2013

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway! This week we are excited to announce that we are giving away a Nexus 5 (16GB) White or black, your choice. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by the good folks at BitDefender, check out our latest review of Clueful Privacy Advisor.

The winner of last week’s Nexus 5 giveaway is: Robbin Hegeman

Nexus 5 Specs

  • Size: 137.9 x 69.2 x 8.6 mm (5.43 x 2.72 x 0.34 in)
  • Weight: 130 g (4.59 oz)
  • Processor: Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800, Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Display: 1080 x 1920 pixels, 4.95 inches (~445 ppi pixel density) True HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Storage: 16/32 GB,
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 2300 mAh battery
  • Main camera: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, optical image stabilization, LED flash
  • Front camera: Yes, 1.3 MP
  • OS: Android OS, v4.4 (KitKat)

How to enter the giveaway

You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

  • (2) tickets to download Clueful Privacy Advisor App (Required)
  • (1) ticket to like the Bitdefender Facebook Page (Optional)
  • (1) ticket if you follow Bitdefender on Twitter (Optional)

*There are also 10 bonus entries available to each person who enters the giveaway. You will be given a unique URL to share with your friends or social networks. You will receive 1 bonus entry (up to 10 max) for every person who you refer to the giveaway using your unique URL.

Join Now!

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*Please note you will need to verify your email address, so ensure you enter a valid email address.

Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway and is open to everyone worldwide.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for any duties or taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • Malhar Ujawane

    First person to enter! Thanks guys for this giveaway :)

  • radi

    finger crossed…

  • Daniel Nasim

    If I win this, it goes straight to my pop! Happy bornday indeed!

  • Albert Loh

    Pray hard for this….

  • yogeshpatel

    Second Person to get this done!

  • Albert

    Give it to me…

  • Dehaha1

    Hoo boy, I’m hoping it goes better for me this time!

  • RomanZuke

    ive never used android but if i win this i certainly am going to leave my iphone for this, would be much obliged androidauth if you give me this phone.

  • Leonardo Petraglia

    even if i’ve never won anything,thank for this giveaway!!

  • Avenson

    this time!

  • Mahesh Kumar

    want to win this time.

  • Sudarshan

    Atleast want one this time ;)

  • Ace

    Im the next one :))

  • Velumani Palaniappan

    Oh Wow. .nexus. .. its for me!!!, that’s great

  • Sparks Jr.

    I want it!!!! :D

  • gphillimo

    lemme get it

  • Ali

    this one’s for me

  • Israk Nur Sami

    dreaming of the nexus 5

  • Arungoud

    im in

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan

    second time lucky!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nik

    Do it again and again, over and over again

  • Christos Demetriou

    im feeling lucky

  • Munya Chipo

    I really hope i win

  • Atul

    I am In

  • diveek

    Everyone dreams but one reaches success yet everyone enters the race :-D :-)

  • Russell Ridley

    Hope I win this time


    Hope I win

  • Niels Scholte

    Nexus 5 is such a gorgeous phone….

  • ♚Norie love♚

    Pleas oh please oh please!

  • ali bashir

    Always wanted a nexus 5

  • Muhammad Rizky

    Sent! i hope i win the nexus5! :D

  • Kanishq

    NEXUS 5!!!

  • Shahar Balaciano

    I will win for sure !

  • Teguh Pramono

    I ♥ ♡ ♥͡ ♡̷ ♡̨̐ ♡̷̴̬̩̃̊ Nexus 5
    Come to me please

  • dr.neelz

    Let the best human win.. Spread love n peace for the better of humanity!

  • Dan Chong

    once again…wuhoo

  • technick


  • Juan Carlos Cañón Mercado

    I wanna Nexus 5 so bad…

  • JiaYang.Lee

    how to verify your email ? =X

  • Mou Moutasem

    i hope i win

  • Stancu Simon

    all done

  • miduku

    Sure hope I win since my birthday is soon :)

  • Mark Slavin

    Winner winner, chicken dinner

  • FaKeeRa

    gimme that nexus 5

  • simon thomsen

    Want it so much!

  • gunpowder

    NEXUS 5 FTW!

  • Laborin_HK

    GL all :D

  • lethalfriend

    Will win this Insha-Allah :)

  • Alexander Tatevyan

    Wish it was mine :)

  • Patrick Batemann

    i have a good feeling … hope the nexus decides to come to me ; )

  • RunasSudo

    My Facebook email is different from my Google email… Is that a problem?

  • Traian Teodor

    Done! :D

  • MasterMuffin

    two Nexus 5 giveaways? And I still won’t win
     ( ノ ಥ益ಥ )ノ彡┻━┻

  • kasim ali

    I wish I had that phone for my birthday! 10th of November

  • Mark Woodcock


  • Alex Woo

    pick me!

  • Vu Viet Duc

    I’m feeling lucky :D I’m tired of my Galaxy S1 :((

  • Muhamed Nur

    Like share and comment

  • Zac King

    I really really hope and pray to god that i will win this awesome phone!!

  • John Bailey

    I never win anything so here I am not getting my hopes up ;/

  • Kelvin Xin

    I hope commenting here raises up my chances even just a bit. >.<

  • Leo Chu

    I’m waiting for this phone

    • frederigoxcz305

      My Uncle Jayden recently
      got a nearly new white MINI Cooper Roadster Convertible just by some part-time
      working online with a lap-top… look what i found w­w­w.B­I­G­29.c­o­m

  • mahesh

    Gave a chance.. Rest for God..

  • Neil Stephen

    How I wish I’d win

  • Giuseppe Marciello

    I want it so badly!

  • Felon Xtacy

    me me me !!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Please i really want it1

  • Vaibhav Chaudhary

    Please i really want it!

  • sudarshan

    Let it be me, a first indian to own a nexus 5, coz till now the device is not yet launched in our country. Please i want it badly. Ah! I Love this phone…………..

  • Dražen Buba Milković

    I need it!

  • AB Aldo Payardu

    Nexus 5 FTW..!!

  • omandev

    Nice Really nice

  • Ian Okeefe

    Nexus in general is pretty amazing…

  • Andrej Andonov

    I want the nexus 5 soo badly i hope i will win it

  • humle

    Like nx5



  • Catalin


  • Kel Tai

    i wan!!!

  • Emman Ymasa

    hope i win this now :<

  • anand balaji

    hope to win one

  • Marvin Ballack

    Ohh man I want it soo bad!! Mainly due to the fact that I my galaxy s4 was just stolen and im out of a smartphone. Really dont have the money to buy back a high end smartphone atm and wit the work I do I cant use a mid range phone. Fingers crossed!

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    I hope I win this Time :)

  • iAjayIND

    Its my 15th Giveaway,
    I hope atleast time i will be the winner… :-/

  • Great initiative :)

  • Samuel

    First Singaporean please ):

  • Marvin Ballack

    Hey i think i accidently entered twice since my other email address was in my browser memory. Please don’t penalize me for that. The email that im using to post these comments right now is the one I wanted to sign up with alone. I badly want to win though. !

  • Frisky303

    Come AA don`t let me brake my nexus line because we at Serbia don`t have Google play store phone and accessory option. Not in a position this year to spit out that much money on the new LG Nexus 5. (btw my favorite brand is LG and when i say nexus line i mean the LG line!) ;)

    All the best and may the luckiest one of thousands win!

    Frisky303, SERBIA

  • RazerdBone

    I want the black one

  • Daca

    Hello nexus 5.

  • Quiet

    I am from Serbia and there is no way for me of getting this device, so it would be great if I get it this way :D

  • Abu

    Really wanna have 1 free :D

  • Harkrishan Singh Matta

    I really want a nexus 5!!!!

  • AMJ

    Pls give me this nexus 5 I love this phone this nexus 5 is my dream phone:( please androidauthority give me this nexus 5 thanks

  • Roman Kudryavtsev

    Done stepps

  • tommy


  • GrUdGe

    I want to be the first one to have it here in Kuwait! BLACK please!

  • Chung Han

    White please!

  • Muhammed yusuf

    I want
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  • Praveen

    i want a black nexus 5!!!

  • Mohnish Daryanani

    aw man i want oneeeee im stuck with such an old phone its would be amaing to upgrade to a nexus!!

  • gabor


  • aditya anand

    i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muamer Hajdarević

    Hi :)

  • Sachin

    It would be nice to get the phone a little bit before it comes to my country. Also wouldn’t have to use my ancient Galaxy Apollo anymore.
    Black Nexus 5 please.

  • gokturk

    please give me my nexus 5

  • bhavin mistry

    Thank you for the Give away :)

  • Dan

    this would be a great upgrade over my galaxy S2

  • Vladimir Lazarov

    Good luck to all!

  • Haziq Ozil

    Shut up and give me the Nexus 5! Blck or white dont matter! Juz give me one! XD

  • kumar

    hope i win

  • jiehong

    I want ~

  • polayyan

    Nice, giveaway is very great, at least everyone got their chance of owning the device their dreaming of… More power guys..

  • Benjamin Pavel

    I would like my Nexus Black, just like my coffee hahaha. :D

  • krupal mehta

    Want to upgrade N4 to N5

  • Ali Furkan Dağcı

    this one is mine robbin h.

    • Maxim B.

      haha good one :D

      • Ali Furkan Dağcı

        ha ha thank you

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      man u r telling absolutely correct but i have to participate in this contest u don’t coz u r a rich man can buy it but i can’t afford it so i still hope that i might win it

      • Vedant Shimpi

        arrey madhav bhayya udaass matt hoona

        • undercoverduck

          i’m so confused like is it another language???? is it slang???? is it onomatopoeia????

          • Madhav Phophaliya

            dude it is Hinglish (Hindi in English) u won’t understand

      • Ali Furkan Dağcı

        no i am not a rich man and i am here since first givaway

        • Ali Furkan Dağcı

          and i cant afford it

  • Jovie Brett Bardoles

    Just hoping for a good one replacement for my Xperia Mini! Crossing my fingers xP

  • fayzan

    Im ready ro lose again.

  • Rahman Alasadi

    thanks a lot for giveaway … hope i win

  • systemupdate

    maybe this time…

  • Arpit Saluja

    hope i win, so love this phone!

  • sriabhi


  • Kyo

    Thank you android authority for these giveaways.

  • Stockbrot

    Want to win so badly! :)
    Just bought my Nexus 4 half a year ago, thought I had more time before the new release.

  • Brian

    Thanks everyone and all the best to all

  • Rahman Alasadi

    hope i win nexus5 balck !!!

  • Sharath

    Atleast this one!!!

  • Daryl Castrudes

    hope i got one

  • anvarius


  • edward cross

    lucky robbin..yyyuummm

  • Mark Berry

    Lady luck, win me this phone!!!

  • Revanth

    wow . at least this one

  • Salman Abid

    Oh damn it I want the nexus 5 now!! Please let me win this one

  • marycontrary

    Okay, 11th time lucky… *pleaseohplease*

  • Sergiu Clipei

    Let’s go!


    god make that damn good awesome looking phone mine pls pls pls pls pls pls make me lucky make me lucky pls pls pls last time i wasn’t lucky make me this time pls pls pls i will be very good to you god i think you are listening to me and my words help me out if you do i will do what ever you say

  • Tandroid Ahmed

    I’m not saying I want it. Just that I’d pray for you good health if I got it.

  • allen idwer


  • Aleksandar Petrović


    • Aayush Thakore

      why? it’s international..

      • Aleksandar Petrović

        Yeah, but every 2nd guy here is Indian. Tired of looking and finding indians participating everywhere. Buy something

        • Aravind J Nampoothiry

          All of the Indians may not have truck loads of money to spent on phones, but we do have a good brain, and this is an international give away, and you don’t decide who participates. Its Android Authority who decides.

          • I dont decide. Not every Indian have a good brain (where did you get that?). Everywhere I go, there you are. This is international giveaway, not 80% Indian giveaway. Seriously.

          • Aravind J Nampoothiry

            Who said this is an 80% Indian giveaway???? this is a country with some 1.2 billion people,and you may have seen some of us,that’s not our fault, and seriously, why are you talking unrelated things in an Android websitewebsite??

          • SSDROiD

            Watch out, we have a racist over here!

          • Everywhere you go there we are, running your country and helping you people grow economically. We dominate in quality and quantity buddy…u jelly? :D

          • Nikon

            I am sure as Heck you DON’T have the good BRAIN God Gave a Chicken! You should really try to invest in a good nuggin and not a phone. You can’t have a smart phone if you are not smart. I am sorry.

          • Aleksandar Petrović

            Why is everyone downvoting me and saying I’m a racist? I’m not a racist. I’m just telling the truth that no one wants to/is afraid of saying.
            There is too many of you. Like there was Chinese people, now it’s the same here. Honestly, I won’t even argue anymore because that’s my point of view and you can’t affect that.

          • Akshat Gupta

            go around and see our majority in world… YOU RACIST!

          • Krunal Rindani

            It’s not an Indian’s fault that their country is so populous… You don’t like the giveaway, don’t participate in it. Keep your problems to yourself, wake up, broaden your mind otherwise you will be left behind in this fast moving world.
            -An Indian

          • rob

            I would have to disagree with the statement, that it isn’t an Indians fault that the country is so populous. Indians have sex with other Indians, and out come more Indians. There is no one else to blame but Indians for that bit.

          • Krunal Rindani

            Well, no Indian wishes to do so. The fact is that anyone living in India (and therefore having their children stay in India) would be basically considered as an Indian. Also, what many people presume is that all brown people are Indian; be it Arabians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis etc. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you Rob, but it is thoroughly unfair to blame Indians in general to be responsible for the excessive population. Moreover, the population of India seems so terribly gigantic due to the simple fact of lack of space. If you have ever been to our country, you might have noticed the sheer congestion that our cities have. I am sure that if India would have a larger area to accommodate its massive population, the actual population density would reduce. Concentrate the population of a place like America into the size of India and I bet the chaos and congestion would be utterly uncontrollable and unimaginable. India’s political system is crap, this is one of the reasons why proper healthcare and awareness about high population is not created. Not going into further details, I would appreciate if you would research about India and then comment. Thanks.

          • paul neal

            Racism is not cool

          • Trinsky Harkness


          • Ilyas Esmail

            Yup agreed @aleksandarpetrovi:disqus its an international Giveaway. Too bad if you don’t like it. Lets all just continue being AndroidAuthority fans!

        • Rishikesh Prasad

          He is just too butt hurt.

          Apply ice to burn


        • Aayush Thakore

          why are you participating then? go and buy your own stuff

          • Aleksandar Petrović

            I already have everything I need. This is just for fun because I know I will never win anything

        • Akshat Gupta

          what is the problem of Indians participating in contests/giveaways??

        • Aayush Thakore

          you could do the same

        • Aayush Thakore

          also, have you ever seen an Indian person winning a giveaway?

      • ryan najeeb

        What do you want it to be ?

      • Mon

        makes me wanna know the percentage of applicants by country

    • Akshat Gupta

      You had problem with Indians… now every Indian participating in this giveaway is gonna down-vote you :p

      • Aleksandar Petrović

        I couldn’t care less.

      • Aleksandar Petrović

        P.S: Why didn’t everyone reply to Anon666, but they did to me?
        P.P.S: I don’t hate everyone that is Indian. I just hate to see you everywhere and a lot of them are begging for prizes, even though that won’t help ’em. Oh, and grammar… oh God

  • Man Of Steel

    I sure would be happy to win the Nexus 5 this time around, “crossed fingers”.

    • Dave

      dude you’re superman, you don’t need a phone. besides shouldn’t you be busy working on the next movie?

      • Man Of Steel

        Hahaha, good one. Good luck to you to.

  • Rameez Shaikh

    32 gb gone okay, 16 gb I’m coming for ya! If you go away too, I’ll even wait for an 8gb one to come out ._.

  • Alberto Debsia

    I wish to win I will make it a try ..

  • raffons

    I want iiiiiiit!!!!!!! :P

  • Jaybamias

    please, if i win i would like the black one, thanks tecbuffalo team.

  • Luciano

    hope to win this time :) I need it

  • abdoulwahed

    i hope i win this phone

  • Rockgrg

    Nexus 5 Magnet is waiting for it.

  • Juhan Jufri

    I want this baddass beast right now to kick out my htc one x+ and accompany my lonely nexus 7 2013

  • Sherwin Anthony Tolentino

    It’s good to have a second chance.

  • I didn’t win any of your giveaways, I’ve been trying out every week for as long as I can remember. And this Nexus 5 is my dream phone, I really want to win one this time! Hope I win, and good luck to the rest too.

  • I used to want it, now I need it!

  • That glorious thing, I want that Nexus 5!

  • Gimme gimme hope I win!

  • brian

    Nexus 5 all the way here in the Philippines! Cross fingers x

  • SYZ123

    Hope that i have luck in winning the nexus 5. Really like android authority’s videos and the phone!

  • I’ve been dreaming of the Nexus 5 since the Nexus 4…damn, I need a hobby.

  • Where’s my lucky when I need it? Hope I win this second chance!

  • Zaid Fariq

    figures crossed

  • J

    I already bought one for myself, this is for my little sister…

  • Alejandro Meza Flores

    I want to get a nexus 5 insted of my useless iphone 5

  • Emmanuel Espinosa

    Give me my Nexus, jejejje

  • Md Ahasan

    best of luck everyone

  • Christian T

    good luck to all.

  • Johnny Makk


  • Rexon George

    i want you so bad ,,phone of my dreamss

  • Mathu Sivakumar

    nexus 5 would be awesome!

  • Arman Rüzgar Tokgöz

    Please give it to me

  • Ali Alina

    ♥ im in love with this phone. Good luck to everybody from Germany :)

  • CharleBronx

    It Would Be Nice To Win The Nexus 5….. In Need For A New Phone! I’ve Never Won anything In My entire Life! God Bless!!!!!

  • Kirtesh Kuckian


  • hope to win this

  • Shaifudin Baruchah

    I hate hopes but i hope to win one hehe!

  • Vishal Khedkar

    Never won from AA :'( and not even from any one else… I am such a huge fan of you, make me feel special at least this time! :/ fingers crossed! :)

  • rahul batra

    I need this !

  • Frank Medina

    Segunda vuelta xD

  • omkar patil

    every sunday rises hope fr geeks, one get it. others get shit.. ;-)

  • vicky

    gud luck 2 everyone

  • ahmed fisher

    good luck everyone)

  • Stefan Marinescu

    good luck guys!

  • milmar89

    black one please

  • rachit shah

    Hope i win this time

  • Believing for a miracle this time

  • Imanol Delgado

    I hope to win this spectacular device. Black is so cute

  • Smitesh Suresh

    nexus 5

  • TalemakerHavanese

    Winning would be something new but if I did I could convert an iPad user with my old device. They don’t know what they are missing!

  • Victor Rueda

    Come on Nexus 5, come to daddy.

  • Qhairie Razzinee

    i hope i win !

  • Qhairie Razzinee

    can i win this!

  • Qhairie Razzinee

    i want it!

  • Qhairie Razzinee

    i need it :D

  • Qhairie Razzinee

    please ………

  • tony pazo

    hi i want to win the google nexus 5 in black i need and upgrade!

  • Qhairie Razzinee


  • Qhairie Razzinee

    give me……..

  • Qhairie Razzinee

    need it…

  • ryan najeeb

    Thank you Androidauthority you are the best channel in youtube , I subscribed to your channel from a long time , I’m not an American guy but I know English well , and I ♡ Androidauthority , and I’m wating for all thing android.

  • Rex O Parreño

    Im a verrrrrryyyyyyy big fan of nexus and nexus5 im dying to have it….hopeing…:-)

  • Gaurav M

    yeah :)

  • Sava

    pretty please

  • Jason Tan

    i want it !!

  • TechDisk

    I really want it! Always loved the NeXus series but couldn’t buy one because of the money.

  • Avinash Kumar

    Entering my last giveaway.
    I have never won any giveaway, so this is gonna be my LAST..
    God speed Good luck!!!

  • Nashit

    Ples this one please. ……I want it

  • Nashit

    Send me

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Oh well, another week trying to win =S


  • Soua Yang

    Good luck to everybody.

  • huiol

    Count me pls

  • Yusei Amos

    This phone sounds interesting

  • godson2009

    Need this in my life!

  • Jared

    It took me 17 minutes to enter on my phone. Please, let me have this!

  • Nicholas Curtis

    I have an LG Optimus L9, which by no means is a beast of a phone. Praying that I can win a Nexus 5!!

  • Eduardo Laguna

    Come on!!! I need one

  • coffeexs .

    nexus 5! the best !

  • Jonathan Sosa

    nexus 5

  • john portilla

    I’m over due running galaxy nexus. Were is the luv

  • Bone


  • Alex Fischer

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  • Chris Graves

    fingers crossed

  • victoraps


  • Dusan

    While I appreciate your giveaways, you’re this time asking me to download some 3rd party app ONLY to unlock the other 2 entries?
    No thanks, I’m not that desperate to get free stuff, and you just lost quite a bit of credibility in my eyes.

    • Thomas
      • undercoverduck


    • Alex

      Couldn’t agree more. Advertising is one thing, but this is just too much. If anything, it makes me NOT want to download that damn thing.

    • Paul

      Geeeez, calm down, if you looked, the giveaway is sponsored by the 3rd party app so they are the ones who brought this giveaway

  • Izwan Rosli

    i hope i will get this monster…

  • Bri XD

    Good luck!

  • Jesper Thorius

    Please, send one to Denmark! :-)

  • David Wagelmans

    Nexus 5 to Belgium please…

  • Magnet

    Wish the nexus 5 giveaway goes on till I win one:P

  • Shravan Sivakumar

    again! :D recovering from a theft of my beloved s3 :( would be nice if i can win this


    GUYSS!!! I need to win this for my 1st good phone ever!!!WAITING…..I thought of buying nexus 4, but i couldn’t….so, i am excited about this!!!

  • Asif

    plsss give it 2 me :’O

  • Jordys

    Leave some for us robin h

  • Anon666

    Too many indians in this giveaway, just gtfo and let some other people have a chance

    • Raja Iyer

      If this is the reaction to a few Indians being on this getaway, I wonder what should be said of the Europeans who are populating the Americas, Australia, New Zealand etc. after displacing the local population.

      • Kudzie36

        Wow man lets all agree on one thing we need that phone nomatter what ethnicity so stoooooop with all the hate I believe in one race only that’s the human race

        • Aleksandar Petrović


  • Gail R.

    Send one to Suriname!

  • kuzemoe

    please be mine~~ >.<

  • Jacques Shakavibes Black

    I really need to win this phone. God bless me

  • Clarence Miller

    Let’s try this again. …

  • Mike Newitt

    Please Please

  • Akshay Poojary

    please this time me!!!!!!!!

  • JohnyNightcore

    need it,very much :) in special the black nexus

  • DrCarpy

    I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control, and I think I like it! I’m so excited and I just cant hide! I know, I know, I know, I know I want you, I want you !(Nexus in mind!)

  • irfan kobber

    i am from bangladesh (not indian or a part of indian) i should deserve the neXus 5

  • Thanks Android Authority and Bitdefender for this giveaway ;)

  • Faizan Jamil

    Let’s face it we ALL need this Phone, but all we can do is hope. Good Luck to Everyone.

    • Daniel DS


  • Cristobal Garcia

    Hope I win! I have been in need of some new tech.

  • Jarl

    i want my first nexus!

  • Super Chan

    Please send me the Nexus 5

  • TheLastStand RS

    hope i win >>>>> Thanks a lot dude !!

  • Pascal

    My O2X is really old :(

  • TheLastStand RS

    chose me man

  • Yani Krystev

    Again a requirements to download an android app and I’m still with my alrady 5 years old Symbian phone…

  • JS Vrees

    Hope 2 win this awesome smartphone!!
    Win #Nexus5

    My #Nexus7 #2013 needs al little brother :P

    • Tony Rimos

      leave a chance to the one’s that doesn’t have a phone at all

  • Cecep M. Taufik

    Oh My God! It is on Its way to my house!!

  • SkyWorld M

    hope i win !!!

  • Gaurav Agarwal

    Indians are best!!

  • Gaurav Agarwal

    i want it ship one to india

  • Edd Trevino

    The white one looks amazing

  • Erico Rocha


  • tecmike

    White white white white white please, good look to everyone and have a nice and waitful week

  • Hiwa Habibi

    Where do put my info for the giveaway?

  • Trey Rinaldi

    It’s so google! Want!

  • Pramod Mitra

    i want it

  • Jay

    Good luck to everyone!!

  • akash0000

    These time hope so.

  • Nana Kofi Owusu

    this one is mine!!!!!
    Android Authority i have got my eyes on this one.please pick me.

  • Hassan Khan

    i luv gewgle. seriously though, i like nexus phones – they’re awesome.

  • Christopher Calubaquib


  • Dane Saransan

    Choose Philippines :)

  • Micaiah Reese

    Alright. Let’s hope I win this. really need a upgrade from the galaxy nexus.

  • Michael Brooks

    High the five, Sweet.

  • Laurentiu

    White please!

  • Nexus5Winner

    You guys have no chance because this phone has already been shipped to my house

  • jt

    I want a nexus 5

  • Akashdeep Singh Saluja

    Want this phone like hell…………

  • MadCowOnAStick


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  • Angeloale1

    This one is mineeee!

  • Matt Cool

    Hope we win

  • Maxim B.

    Hope to win this time :)

  • Hector G Godoy

    I was the only one in my highschool that had the nexus 4. Seriously , I was the only person out of 3,000+ to have it. I’m trying to be that person again !! Because everyday people would ask my what phone I had, or say “damn your screen is big” – iPhone user

  • Gil Cimering

    Very nice!

  • maonus

    Hope i win!:)

  • Danni Ouk


  • masthan

    Congrats to the winner….in advance!

    • Andrew

      Thanks cause that’s me :D

      • H5ire

        haha Sure..
        and me too.. ;D

    • Hugo Oskarsson


    • Madhav Phophaliya

      thanks dude

    • Sujith

      yea …yea iam over here

  • Jordan Kartalov

    Great app, very useful for all android used!!! Good luck everyone. Regards from Macedonia.

  • Felipe Lucena

    Congrats Robbin!! Now let’s see who gets lucky next sunday!! Good luck to everyone, but I hope that nexus 5 will come my way! =D

  • Anshu Prabhat

    Robbin h better not enter this again…. I want this!

  • Mat

    U guys are awesome! (I want Black)


    folks!!!!!!!! its nexus 5!!!! LOVE YA!!

  • disqusguitar

    Great giveaway thanks count me in please great tablet black for me….

  • Farhan Yan

    me wanna win!

  • boby ghandhi

    More than 30,000, i may not be a pessimist but i sure am a realist…i ain’t winning this s**t………..thanks for the giveaways authority folks

  • Jay Lee

    I really want it!!!! Prease!!!! It really is awesome that you guys are doing these giveaways. Thank you. Hopefully I win and can stop using my iphone 3gs

  • sai ruidera

    do want!

  • Scott Ebbage

    Gotta try again! :)

  • ariful

    Can this be for kids too, like a 12 year old?

  • Mauricio Borja

    Me memememee i

  • Mauricio Borja

    I have to win it jajaja ill win it for shure

  • gal dadoun

    Good luck to everyone :)
    I hope I finally get a nexus

  • Jon Roy Chowdhury

    me too play in

  • PrinceR

    can’t wait

  • Ed S.

    Thanks for the Nexus 5 giveaway. Please make mine black if I win! ;-)

  • NabSal

    i like to win this giveaway



  • Rahul Krishna

    Keeping my fingers crossed

  • aditya

    I really want this phone I wish I win it As my old phone sucks

  • Tay

    Fingers crossed!!!!

  • Shahzeb

    Plz Give It 2 Me !! Its Still Not Availiable In India !! Plzzz !!

  • munaibh

    Here’s hoping I win! Good luck everyone!

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    I want a Nexus 5 so badly!

  • Rorix

    Didn’t like this giveaway method so i’m going to pass it, you guys used to be cooler than that.

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    Good luck everyone!..

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    good luck people!!!

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    I hope i’ll be randomized ^^

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    Hmm.. for some reason if you enter on android (unsure on windows or iphone) it doesn’t force you to download the app.

  • Milo Mrtinz

    sii quiero este celular

  • Mukul Mudgal

    This is My time, Hey Robbin Im gonna win this xD

  • Ivan Marincic

    Why you complain about your device they dont care if you have 10$ phone or anything just stfu and enter giveaway

  • sehe

    now is my time to win

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    Would be so cool to win this dude.

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    Im waiting for the nexus 5, heheh

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    Good luck ppl! ;)

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    Nexus 5 love to have one

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    I want kit kat

  • Peter Blanco

    I would love this, but I don’t like the downloading of a 3rd party app. come on AndroidAuthority.

  • Egar Astawiguna

    Awesome! I have a chance to win! :D

  • Arya C B

    I want it so bad … Pleaseeeeeee #prayingnhoppinghard

  • May the best person win….

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    pick me need a new phone soon

  • Hendry Suryanto

    just hoping

  • sobralense

    I need it!

  • steve barboza picado

    I hope win this awsome nexus

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    Pls give me I have an iphone 3gs which is very small and choose someone I singapore

  • Radhakrishnan

    Hi I am waiting for Winner announcement :))

  • normal_guy

    ohh please let me win. let me win…

  • Petra S

    Running a Nexus S. LONG overdue for an upgrade. This would be so sweet!!! Thanks for the giveaway AA

  • Alejandro Maldonado

    I live the nexus5

  • tenzin dorjee

    sorry guys i will win this phone jk anybody can win this phone but not me cause i aint got no luck!

  • rocker


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    Enter me

  • Jason Tadeo

    Crossing my fingers and going to win the Nexus 5

  • Muhd Faiz Farhan

    Perhaps a winner from SouthEast Asia now? :P

  • Naftali Indra Prasta

    goodluck for me, and all of you :p

  • rreich49

    I’ll take one.

  • Acaa Aca


  • ajm531

    I don’t understand why all these people are whining and griping about FREE STUFF!! Ok so they’re asking you to download third party app so what?? Boo hoo go cry me a river. Don’t enter it then and give the rest of us who would appreciate a free phone that we probably couldn’t buy otherwise a better chance . I mean geez just install it then uninstall. Not that big of a deal. Also bit defender is providing it so they have some of not all the say when it comes to the requirements.

  • Moses Yosia Pranata

    best of luck to everyone

  • w1z

    Come on AA! Now you gonna make us download shit apps for your heavy pockets?

  • fayzan

    Nexis 5

  • antonio antony

    I am waiting for nexus to came to Romania.

  • mike

    i would like the black one,thanks

  • william komba

    i soo wanna win

  • Neil Coutinho

    Thank you AA !

  • Shmogon

    Dream Phone D: Since my poor galaxy nexus aint getting any updates anymore – and is super old by now, i wish so hard i get this new version of my beloved nexus device :3

    Still – Good luck everyone (:

    • Jayfeather787


      • Shmogon

        Is it a (stable) 4.4 ROM?

        • Jayfeather787

          Its not stable. Unstable is fun.

          • Shmogon

            there are a couple of 4.4 ROMs for the GNex but i’ll wait till theres a stable or at least something like a Beta and not just Alphas

          • Jayfeather787

            Okay, that is a good choice if you want a kit kat ROM as your daily driver.

          • Shmogon

            Thanks anyway! :)

  • yash1229

    Downloading an app just to enter a contest? Come on, guys. :/

    • Jayfeather787

      Totally worth it.

  • Shahabaz

    give it to me this time :-)

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    Good Luck Everyone

  • mohd sultan

    i wish i could this one the last chance for me

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    Hope to win :)

  • Hope the next winner ;)


    waiting 4 RESULTS!!!!!!

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    hope to win it but the possibilities are low as i am an indian

  • Anant Sharma

    great giveaway

  • Anant Sharma

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    i want white

  • Kaushik Kumar

    Thanks for another giveaway.

  • Camille

    I want a Nexus 5 for christmas, new year, my birthday, valentines, graduation ahhhh!! whatever i want a nexus 5 every occasion!! I’m stuck with my Galaxy Y for 2 yrs now!!! it sucks!! Hope to win this one!! im from the PH ♥

  • lukalrpro


  • lukalrpro

    nexus 5

  • lukalrpro

    nexus 5nexus 5

  • lukalrpro

    nexus 5

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  • lukalrpro

    100 000

    • Aleksandar Petrović


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  • lukalrpro


  • lukalrpro


  • lukalrpro

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  • lukalrpro


  • Jayfeather787

    Nexus 5.

  • Isaac Ndavi Kennedy

    i’ve done everything else except downloading the app i hope you guys know that not everyone has an android phone hope to win

  • Zee Malik

    I wnt tht nexus 5,,,,, God plz give me tht by ignoring my sins

  • Tony Rimos

    i really which to win this phone cuz i dont have a phone :'(

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    Please please please pic me i love this channel please white i love it i hope you pic me

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    God please atleast let me win this time…

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    guyz u r just amazing conducting giveaways every week helping some needy people like us to get a chance to win their dream products.
    But i don’t know y but i feel that even if u”l giveaway 10 to 15 products in one time my chance won’t come, but we can’t do anything so i just can believe in you & hope that this time my life would get amazed with this amazing phone, hope that this time i may get selected

  • Alex Lam

    THIS IS NEXUS!!!!!!!!!

  • Julian Safo

    Are you able to ship to London

  • dergis

    Here we go this one has to be mine, bring it to the dominican Republic Please!

  • Julian Safo

    Is this better than the Galaxy S4

  • FaysalXD

    all we can do is hope… Good Luck to Everyone!

  • Nikon

    How can I download the app?! I need the Phone first! XD

  • Drew

    I would like one because I’m NOT on Verizon…

  • Nathan

    Nexus 5

  • Dustin Kear


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    It’s so nice… I can’t imagine life without google

  • anonymous

    my nokia n95 need a rest
    it’s mine dw

  • David Kim

    lol I made a twitter account just for this

  • Gp ybc

    Hope I can win this. Can’t wait for the result

  • Craig HouseMusic Earnest

    I hope I win it. My Galaxy S III is on its last breath. Glass is cracked, screws up all the time. I could really use this, although I never win anything, so I’m not holding my breath.

  • chuncaso90


  • Rohan J Singh

    fingers crossed.

  • Vladimir

    I live in Serbia, and i have no idea why do i even try to get this, when they will never send it to Serbia… Also google play store is not available in Serbia, so it is not possible to buy this phone in my country… :)

  • Little Carter

    I am phoneless for 3 months since my phone got broken..and I need a phone real bad..and I did everything u asked please help me win this..and even if it’s not this phone and it’s any other low phone I still need it..please…I need a phone…white..

  • Russell Ridley

    God I need this

  • ShailaKrishnaraj

    Hey……Derek Scott .!! Thank u so much for this opportunity.Now I am in Black n White World ,I 2 make my life colorful. I want 2 make my Life “TOUCH SENSITIVE” not PUSH NEEDED . I want 2 TOUCH my dreams of a Beautiful tomorrows .I want 2 make my life beautiful victory. 2 me Nexus 5 is a POWER BEAUTY and SOUL .If I won Nexus 5 then , I feel the whole Beautiful world is with me. Life is so complicated. Nexus 5 , gives solutions 2 every problem. Nexus 5 ,expand our mind and change our life. Nexus 5 is , Sophisticated revolution.MY search ends here. Nexus 5 reach out and TOUCHES each and every ones HEART.

  • Shuau Shareef

    My first giveaway entry XD

  • Raphael Florendo

    i skipped the n4 waiting for the right phone for my needs. may this be mine

  • Guest

    plz give me

  • Vedant Shimpi

    im the poorest geek in the world
    plz give it to me

  • pallavi

    Dream phone…:) :)

  • Ankush Sharma

    Never won anything, by luck. (See what I did there) :'(

  • Sieber101

    47 thousand entries and still 4 days left.. good odds.

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    Plzz let it be me

  • Please I gotta win this thing, I’m starting to lose hope after all those entries lawl!

  • miquelone

    Wow!, Clueful Privacy Advisor App is aaaweeesooomeeee! I feel like a winner just by having downloaded it. Oh, thank you, thank you so much, androidauthority. Clueful Privacy Advisor App… I want to marry you in Minseotta, close to a Dunking Donut Shop, Both naked under the rain.

  • Sanket Panda

    This is literally the 5th giveaway I’ve entered…lets go!

  • Muhammad Atkins

    Good luck people!! I hope I win…

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    This one is mine so stay away

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    i just want it so badly :(

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      bad boy i need it very nicely

  • Inadequatesquare

    please i can have!

    • Vedant Shimpi

      no its mine

  • Vedant Shimpi

    i have participated in all giveaways of yours but never won a single bit
    plz give it to me this time

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    give it to me!

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    how would i know if i gained bonus entries?

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    Please be mine~ >.<

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    i love nexus 5

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  • Best experience of getting Android !! Nexus 5 !!

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    super gern dabei :-) und habe bei Facebook geteilt

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    wish to get the white phone

  • EJ Ellis

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  • Kartikey Sharma

    Thanks for the opportunity android authority , great job guys, this thing is still not available in my country and you are giving us this chance to win this great piece of engineering :)

  • Russell Ridley

    N5 is mine

  • Rithvik Chand


  • Felon Xtacy

    me me me!!!!!

  • Maxim B.

    Hope to win this time :)

  • novybajwa

    i have not any smartphone and i installed the app on my laptop with the help oh bluestacks . BADLY NEED PHONE

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    Iyi sanslar

  • Paul

    Please, if theres a God…

  • Duwryght

    Listen man ,the app is alright I could see if they ask to download candy crush or some silly stuff like that but I like the app

  • jvsanshu

    All the best, fellas!

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    This one is mone. So back off.

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    probability of winning = 0.007%

  • G££K PRINC£

    C’mon pls lemme win this

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    me me me!!!!!!

  • Isaac Ndavi Kennedy

    wow so much competition here………hope I win #androidaddict here

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    I am hoping to win. #FingersCrossed

  • Nar City

    The CPA app may not be compatible to my device. Force close every time.

  • Marvin Ballack

    Wow.. its not even funny how bad I need this phone…I really really really really hope I win.. that will just be the next think ever!

  • Sujith

    don’t dream so much because its mine dude

  • shmizan

    good luck all :D

  • Hope I win! (fingers crossed)


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  • Gp ybc

    I wish I could win this

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    Good luck everyone!

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    Now this means so much to me :'( ^_^

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    I want……. :/

  • Felon Xtacy

    me me me !!!!

  • Russell Ridley

    Nexus 5

  • guardian_eyes

    i hope i win this phone so i could upgrade the memory of my low end smartphone & can possibly download your apps without needing to delete other apps :)

  • harsh patel

    It’s google’s nexus.PRobability of winning is 4/51988 currently.

  • Jordan Kendziora

    Fuck me I always lose.

  • Borce

    I have ordered mine yesterday, but i would’t mind one more just in case :D

  • Wade Pierce

    Awesome thanks guys!

  • sanjayyadav

    I m waiting for it….this one will b my first smartphone

  • Sean Mcalpin

    I hope I winnnn!!

  • Connor Angell

    I want to win this giveaway because I have never……EVER won a free giveaway, and I want a smartphone. May I plz have the nexus 5 as my smartphone!?!?!

  • Jonny Bravo

    Nexus nation!!!

  • Jayfeather787

    Thanks Android Authority for giving this away.

  • B.barf!

    15min to go …… of luck!

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    Who won?

  • Hector G Godoy

    Forgot about this…

  • Vladimir Lazarov

    who won

  • Sparks Jr.

    I want it! Please :(

  • Vladimir Lazarov

    who won


      I tnk we hav 2 wait 4 sme hours……

    • I_didn’t_win


  • I_didn’t_win

    Lucky Sean

  • Felon Xtacy

    me me me!!!!!

  • dibyajyoti

    Last time’s winner Robin H… This time’s winner Sean H. wtf? I’m changing my name to something H.

    • Kawel

      Dibyajyoti 8.

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    another giveaway another failure now i doubt whether i”ll ever be chosen

  • Sean Mcalpin

    I WONNN!!!!

  • Andi fitriyanto

    saya tidak mengertii katanya dapat nexus 5 caranya bagimana….?

  • Guest

    caranya dapat nexus 5 free bagaimana..?

  • raamy maretan

    i hope i got it..amin

  • Lev Polunin

    Lucky Sune and Sean H.

  • Prasanna

    You guys are awesome. Best & easiest instructions to Root on N7!

  • sletten

    I need another android device. Mne was damaged by blunt trauma. I must win.Please send me one. Merry Christmas !

  • sletten

    Awesome device. White is my preference because
    it is easier to see in the dark

  • Pritish Joshi

    just crazy about nexus 5

  • Guest