Nexus 5 International giveaway! [CLOSED]

by: Darcy LaCouveeAugust 31, 2014

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. Last week’s winner of the Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch is Ryton W. from Canada. Congratulations Ryton, we hope you truly love your Gear Live smartwatch!

This week we, we’ve again partnered with ARM to giveaway the first device on the block to get 64 bit version of Android, the Nexus 5! It’s very easy to enter, so follow the steps below for your chance to win what is still considered to be one of the best devices on the market.

Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is a device that continues to enjoy fantastic and fast updates from Google, and one that also has a huge developer following. Offering a gorgeous 1080p display and a powerful Snapdragon 800 SoC, it still flies as fast as ever, and looks good while doing it too. Most importantly, it’s powered by ARM. What is ARM? ARM is a semiconductor and software design company whose technology powers 95% of the world’s smartphones people use every day!

Great content from ARM’s blog – learn more! 

If you’re interested in knowing more about the great tech that powers all the mobile devices we know and love, then look no further than ARM’s robust community. It’s a great community where you can ask questions and learn more about developing for ARM!

How to enter the giveaway

You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

  1. [1 Tickets] Leave a comment on down below. 
  2. [2 Tickets] Tell ARM’s Facebook page what makes the Nexus-5 your favorite among smartphones!
  3. [10 Tickets] Refer friends to the giveaway. You will be given a unique URL to share with your friends or social networks. You will receive 1 bonus entry (up to 10 max) for every person who you refer to the giveaway using your unique URL.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.

Full terms & conditions and FAQ | Past giveaway winners

  • lg g3 of course :)

  • Emiliano Martin Dominguez Fres

    New Nexus and GN4

  • Gopal Bhaire

    Nexus 6 aka Nexus X

  • Really looking forward to Android innovation, and cool that ARM is this close to the game. Using the ARM Community site representing a partner vendor, and it’s a really interesting place to be. :)

  • Thomas Su

    Next Nexus!

  • GuyM

    may I be the first winner from Quebec ? I love pure android system !

  • Edward Hu

    Moto X+1

  • Khaw Kit Li

    note 4 :DD

  • Sujay Kadrekar

    HTC Volantis

  • jclgan

    A replacement for my aging Galaxy Nexus would be much appreciated!

  • Nabeel

    Nexus 6……………….:)

  • Nemanja

    Note 4

  • Bruno

    this is the phone I want!!

  • Fernando Garcia

    Samsung Galaxy Alpha

  • Wilkinson Viñas Occiano

    Nice Giveaway!

  • Ron

    Note 4

  • Huzaifa Khan Suri

    1 year old and still a beast of a phone. *_*

  • Vick

    I love Nexus 5

  • Rohan gupta

    I’m most excited about the next nexus. Most probably nexus 6 and the Note 4!

  • vince t.

    excited about the moto g2

  • Guest

    Love this phone!!

  • Jordan Clyde Lanuza


  • Jann Canlas

    Nexus 5!!

  • Ricardo A. Fragoso

    N5… my favorite handhled at the moment!

  • Joshua

    I’m excited about the next Nexus phone!

  • Mark William Diano

    OMG i want one! been wanting this since it came out… My nexus 4 is getting old…

  • Gerardo Castro

    Good luck

  • Deepak Bhasin

    Waiting for a 64-bit Android Nexus device!

  • Sav

    Great giveaway,thanks!

  • Leonard Wong

    Galaxy Note 4

  • juan hernandez

    suerte a todos :D

  • Hec

    Thanks for this! :D Awesome!

  • Tushar Kardile

    Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6

  • Edward Manson

    Good luck everyone

  • sairajendra1994

    Waiting for nexus x/nexus 6….

  • Stoyan Angelow’

    I can’t wait for the Galaxy Note 4

  • Stefan Caruana

    Im really excited for the Nexus 6. It will have awesome specs for a very affordable price, which is a win win situation!

  • Chris Wong

    been waiting for this! nexus 5!

  • Rafter

    The new Moto X

  • prateek sisodia

    For me

  • IntelCore

    i’m in

  • bob


  • Marko Obradovic


  • Allein DI

    Nexus 6 & Galaxy S4

  • Kyle Merritt

    The rumored Nexus X!

  • Elisha Lee

    I am most excited about Nexus 5 !!!!

  • nexttonormal

    Nexus 6 (?) or Note 4

  • Tushar

    Moto X+1, Apple Iphone 6, Note 4, Nexus 6

  • Muhammad Jaziem

    Been waiting for this..Give Me!!!

  • Brandon Nguyen


  • Eternalwisdom

    I think I’m patiently waiting for the Nexus 6

  • Newton Tugadi

    the next Nexus phone!

  • Izwan Rahman

    Yes another nexus

  • Jeremy Decker

    Waiting for the note 4

  • floogulinc

    One Plus One

  • Munchic Pham

    Of course I’m excited about this Nexus 5 ;P

    Good luck everybody ;)

  • Bianca Neguleiu

    Maybe Samsung because i own a s2 :(( lame..i want nexus so bad!

  • Droid

    Nexus X

  • cesar perez

    I would love a nexus 5 :)

  • Rhys Phillips


  • kashish

    Need one nexus 5 .
    Love this device and its going to be even more awesome after android l

  • Michael Marcarian

    Note 4!!!

  • Fotis bran

    I am most excited about the oneplus one and the nexus 5

  • DarkBlack22

    Nexus 6 and note 4

  • kugeekpotet

    Note 4!

  • kleeve

    Nexus 5! Sweet

  • Matthias

    Really excited for the Xperia Z3

  • Ahmed sadiq

    Im excited about the moto x+1 and ya that’s it

  • Adam

    Good luck peeps. ;)

  • bill


  • izzat mustakim

    LG G3 !

  • Martin Matola

    I own Nexus 4 but I’m exited about Nexus 5 and really whole Nexus line.

  • Sanford Lam

    Nexus 5 looks so nice!!

  • ForsakenNGL


  • limE777

    Retire my old phone for me?

  • Usha Kiran

    waiting for the moto x+1

  • cesar perez

    Nexus 6 and note 4

  • Łukasz

    wow, my favorite Android phone :)

  • ori

    hope to win

  • Clement Mooc

    The nexus 6 and whether or not its going to be a Motorola based one!!

  • Jesús

    Good luck! ;-)

  • I’m most excited for Xperia Z3.

  • Wilkinson Viñas Occiano

    Sony Xperia Z3!

  • Ramandeep Singh

    I am looking for the new one plus one, with cyanogenmod as it’s main interface

  • André Lieser

    LG G3 and i love the Nexus 5! I Want it :)

  • Subhadip Ganguly

    Need this peace of beauty the one flagship phone from google a cherry on the top to get it for free

  • Sepehr Naserkhaki

    Always getting the latest and greatest android has to offer makes not only the nexus 5 but the entire nexus lineup great!

  • Harsh Gupta

    oohh yeaahhh…

  • Brian Capili

    Cool color :-)

  • ARUN R.R.

    I am looking forward to Note 4,Iphone6 & Nexus 6.

  • Fluxs

    Hyped up ’bout the Nexus X/6/ whatever they are going to name it.

  • Shrikrishna

    Note 4, Apple iphone 6, Nexus 6, Xiaomi mi4, Asus Zenfone 6

  • Bull Winkle

    Most looking forward to Nexus 6 and Note 4. Really think I’m ready to give up lag & bloat. So, probably Nexus 6.

  • Marián Bednárik

    Sony Xperia Z3

  • Gu Xu

    Yes Nexus 5 !

  • Tarun Aggarwal

    I want to win this so baddddd

  • pytajnik

    what a bullshit, I tried it for 100 times and never managed to win shit

  • Nînäd Pätìl

    HTC M8 phunk ed and iPhone 6

  • jason ritson

    moto x +1

  • Fredrik Lans

    Nexus 6 and Oneplus One

  • Ale

    Nexus 6

  • jani venho

    Note 4

  • Nick Chaplin

    The nexus 5 is the perfect combination of performance and value. Thanks to ARM,Qualcomm, LG Electronics USA and Google!

  • Menyhárt Levente

    Nexus 5!

  • Tommy de Wilde

    Nexus 5 FTW!

  • Daniel Rosso

    Nexus 5 is a great phone, but I can’t wait for Moto X+1.

  • limE777

    Looking forward to phablet-sized nexus, if not, note 4

  • lalala

    note 4

  • Salma Ibrahim

    note 4 !!!!!!1

  • mirekk

    Nice phone, wish it had an SD card slot…

  • Samuel

    Excited about the Nexus 6!

  • Andrew Beeman

    I am excited about the Padfone S…it needs to come to America

  • T1TV


  • Pranav Koli

    Nexus. Definitely. Looking forward to what the future holds.

  • Tanmay Garg


  • chirag

    Nexus my first love…!

  • Erick

    can’t get enogh of Nexus 5

  • Karol Żmuda

    HTC One M8 :D

  • Yessar Rosendar

    Looking forward for the Nexus 6!

  • Theofilos

    I am actually most excited about the nexus 5!

  • tdario

    Nexus 5 is the top

  • Den

    Nexus 5 is love!

  • Eduardo Teixeira

    I’m excited about the Nexus X.

  • aribo

    definitely the note 4

  • Cho Min Kan

    I wanted to buy the Nexus 5, but now waiting for a possible nexus 6 instead!

  • Michael Nedoma

    Almost every Sharp Aquos phone family

  • Satyan Jacquens

    I’m really excided by the Moto X+1 if the screen is smaller

  • Edson de Jesus

    Nexus 6

  • Michael G.

    I Am really excited about the One Plus One because its just like the nexus 5. good specs for affordable price.

  • Kevin

    I’m excited for the next Nexus phone.

  • Glosh

    Doogee dg580 kissme

  • Andrew Vincent Day

    I’m hyped about the next nexus phone the nexus 6 i guess it’s gonna be called

  • Quinten Zee

    Nexus 6

  • Aziz

    Note 4

  • Alvaro Garcia

    Really excited about Nexus 6

  • Gabriele Berardi

    Hoping doesn’t hurt right? :D

  • Turbonerd

    New nexus phone & oneplus one

  • nate6

    nexus 6 i would say. as well as samrtisan T1 white verison.

  • Alexander Serov


  • Dimitris Boumparis

    I’m most excited about the LG G3!!

  • Milad Noor

    Most excited about what’s gonna happen with the OnePlus One and the Nexus 6/X

  • Filip

    Looking forward to the next Nexus of course!

  • Nipun Gupta

    i would lika a nexus 5 pls

  • Luke Kessler

    Z3, the quality is already great, I just hope they up the battery life

  • Ivan P


  • Nexus 5 baby!

  • Nexus 5 is a great smartphone with amazing specifications and with no bloatwear. The processor runs fast and the phone’s operativesystemen gets upgrades first. I want to win one.

  • Ash B

    Great phone, and it’s getting android L!

  • Jeremy Baeyens

    The note 4 and the nexus 6, I just hope that the new nexus isn’t to big! and The xperia Z3 I hope they increase the brightness of the display

  • Richard Ladiana

    Definitely the Nexus X!

  • Philips

    I wish I win

  • Abi Martinez

    Idk about galaxy phones but I’m hyped for the iPhone 6 regardless of all the leaks and rumors

  • Brian Yap

    it’s one of the only chances i have left to get a nexus 5………………

  • Alex Wilson

    Unfortunately, I do not have an android phone to date, however I am more excited for some of the smaller offerings that these companies have to offer, something like the HTC one mini 3, or the next Xperia compact. And of course the next nexus offering (should it happen) although I with they would have a bit smaller screens.

  • Дмитрий Лопатин

    So. “What Android phone are you most excited about”? I’m most exited about LG Google Nexus 4. Because it’s most beautiful peace of technologies after iPhone 4.

  • Muzaffar

    Great Phone….Need One…

  • Lucas

    Nexus 5 is awesome ;)

  • Harry

    I love android!

  • Jibbe

    Hope to win

  • Ray The Apple

    Most looking forward to the Z3 :)

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    Nexus 6 of course.

  • Andreas


  • Prince Kevin Caecy Guilatco


  • Ariel


  • Caloy

    Moto X+1

  • Catherine Cashew

    Yes to the Nexus 5!

  • Edward Aguilar

    Nexus 6!

  • derp


  • Abraham Vang

    I’m looking forward to the next Nexus phone.

  • Steven Parris Samuels

    The new note 4. Wondering what goodies Samsung is going to cram into it.

  • valapsp

    Nexus x, m9

  • hari

    The next big thing….Note 4!!!

  • Orr Arbel

    Next Moto G because it will be cheap and hopefully more powerful

  • Ivan

    I would really like to win

  • Daniel Hey

    I’m looking forward to the note 4.

  • 興崙 鄭

    ya , get me a nexus

  • jami vähäaho

    The new nexus!

  • Hyunsoo

    I’m sorta excited about the Galaxy Alpha

  • Ashish Chavan

    I’m most excited about the Xiaomi MI3 and MI4 which is going to be available in India

  • Pierangelo Munoz

    rumored nexus 6?

  • mustafamalik

    nexus 6!!

  • George21

    Nexus 5 for the win.

  • pkawalec91

    I love my nexus 4 for the design and speed and I’m looking forward for next nex :-D

  • Royce Wong

    Samsung Galaxy S6

  • I badly want this superb Nexus 5!

  • jmdf1214 .

    NOTE 4!!!!

  • Ralph Jason Villon Bucaneg

    I really want to have this phone because I also wanted to experience the pure stock Android at its best

  • I love the nexus 5 because i adore stock android experience. :D

  • Edo

    Without a doubt – Google’s Ara Project!

  • Mustafa Varkara

    enter me pls!

  • Evris K

    Excited about the upcoming Nexus 6 (or X)

  • AiRZ_Black

    I love nexus because isn’t too big and there are a lot of custom rom which i can try!

  • Ahmed Khan

    M Still Trying Hard Android Authority :(

  • Luka Andrey

    Nexus 5 is like an iphone with android! It runs smooth and fast with no lag! I expected to see a new version this fall but until then! This will remain for me the best android!

  • Darshan Vaishnav

    nexus 6..!!

  • Vaibhav Jain

    Nexus 5 only <3

  • :D great giveaway

  • SuzukiRyo

    stock android is always the better retreat

  • disqus_KGEX0UXbAA


  • Sicran

    I guess next Sony Xperia line

  • stiveider

    nexus 6

  • MrEnderkiller

    I’m really excited about the OnePlus One, and the future phones of the OnePlus company.

    • Nenad

      Me too… Expecting mine to arrive in few days :D WOOHOO

      • Luke


      • Aditya Gupta

        Now that’s Luck!

    • pterdi

      me too

    • Matt CA

      Great device, indeed, but just pray you don’t end up with a dud. Waiting time for customer support is brutal!

    • Alex K

      Yeah, pretty exciting, though one already exploded

  • Razvan Paros

    I love this phone soo much

  • Heikki

    Google ara

  • Armand-Ilarian Nestor

    looking forward to the
    Nexus 6

  • Megh Jagad

    I would love to win this …..!

  • Abhirup Ghosh

    i love nexus..because i love stock android…..nd i love GOOGLE :D

  • John F

    The next Nexus I guess… If there Will be one.. And If It will be a phone.. Not a phablet..

  • Please just lete win this

  • patdud

    Nexus 6 ween and how much ?

  • Muzamal Abadullah

    nexus <3

  • hunki


  • Guest

    Wish this had the high-clocked 801.

  • Svn Oln


  • Shafay Haq

    I love google and nexus 5!!!!!

  • Aman Garg

    One plus one

  • ChanhTin Nguyen

    i’m in :D

  • Aldin Mulahusic Špico

    After long time looking for a new phone, i decided that nexus 5 is the phone i need

  • William

    nexus5 ftw! best value phone ever!

  • Miron Karim

    Htc Nexus

  • Kailee Mathews

    I would love to have, and im super excited about the Note 4, Nexus 5, and One Plus One!

  • Neema

    New Nexus Phone or Tablet!

  • aakash

    Awesome phone yet
    I haven’t seen more smarter phone than this

  • Freyyye

    Nexus x

  • Karan Bhullar

    Nexus X or Nexus 6 definitely.

  • ullas

    One plus one! The beast!

  • Väinö Santeri Törnroos

    It would be awesome to have nexus 5 beside the nexus 7! They are both fantastic devices!

  • Horatiu Chis

    nexus 5 is still the most powerful vanilla android phone out there

  • Bartosz Duda

    Now i’m looking for Oneplus One :)

  • Faraz

    the best phone n5

  • fahad

    i want nexus 5 it would make a great first android phone!!! “another giveaway another try”

  • jetish

    Galaxy Alpha, I love

  • Davide Del Sole

    Speriamo che vinco

  • Mihajlo Jovanovic

    I like Nexus 5 because a lot of custom roms

  • bloop

    I’m most excited about the Nexus X

  • Anirudh

    Eagerly waiting for the Nexus 6

  • Bogdan Cu


  • Siyad mp

    i like nexus 5 bcoz its cute,its fast and comes with stock android…really waiting for android L

  • nikdroid

    I want that nexus 5. My current device is Galaxy 3 GT-i5801 running on CM7. Thanks!!

  • Sudan Rai

    If the rumors are anything to go by, I am looking forward to the Nexus 6!

  • markvvaals

    I’m most excited for the successor to the Nexus 5, very curious to see what Google do with their next Nexus phone!

  • artiqus

    note 4

  • Dwane Almeida

    Android on a Nexus 5 is a perfect match

  • Noam Hofshi

    Another great giveaway! :)

  • Gary

    Nexus 5 the best and no one can beat him…=)

  • DebraExtreme

    Nexus 6 :)

    • Evg

      5 will suffice.

      • KaiserJay

        Exactly, especially as the 5 is at the sweetspot for size. Hoping the 6 isn’t bigger…

    • micke

      yeah, the nexus 6 with a 5″ screen would be perfect :)

  • Sense

    I always love Nexus!

  • Moon Spector

    I am excited to see the new Moto x+ and the Xperia z3

  • medu

    xperia z3 *_*

  • Paulo Silva

    Stock Android rules :)

  • Emir Erdoğdu

    Nexus 6

  • Kiran

    awesome phone

  • Tom Bowie

    Note 4

  • Fluturas Catalin

    Samsung note 4

  • Romius T.

    The nexus rocks

  • Tryston Sang

    The Motorolas Droid Maxx, all around a great device

  • Mike Burns

    Love to get one

  • Saptarshi Roy

    Nexus 5, it is the G.O.D smartphone! I don’t really need to mention much ‘cus you already know this device is a killer m/

  • Bharat Chhatre

    “comment” :D

  • Lauri Saarinen


  • Ayoub Hassan

    Waiting anxiously for the Nexus 5 successor!

  • Serotheo

    The next Nexus.

  • jjmorey

    The HTC One M8 looks to be a great phone but Google Project ARA will give everyone a run for their money.

  • Tai

    would love to have this because my old iphone 4 is out of date !!

  • To the Nexus X, i used the Nexus 4 and 5 and hope Google improve the battery live.

  • Crucialfix

    Project Ara. Dont think I’d buy one. But its nice to see something different to shake things up a little.

  • monkyben

    I am still waiting for a oneplus one :D

  • Aayushya

    I want the Nexus 5 real bad!
    Was waiting for the OnePlus, but it seems it’ll take quite some time to even get here.
    Also looking forward to the Moto X+1! :)

  • Elynor

    I own a nexus 7.

  • Nikolay Burym

    nexus 5 red looks awesome!!

  • Royce Tecson Sorosoro

    Nexus 6

  • zaphy42

    Live the Nexus 5, bit waiting to see what the Nexus 6 is like…

  • Булат Миннуллин

    very excited

  • Mathias Michael

    I still love the Nexus 5

  • Hemil

    Awesome Phone..

  • Adithyan Hari

    Whatever they say, this is a phone that’ll last long in the competition

  • SHokas

    One plus one :)

  • Liam Macauley

    Gotta keep hoping

  • Matee Jariyavorakij

    Nexus 5

  • Austin

    One Plus one

  • Andrei Boboc

    Great phone

  • Ridly2

    Oneplus ONE. Looks like its going to be a dope phone

  • Benjaminhft

    What Android phone are you most excited about? – Definitely the next flagship of the Nexus phone!

  • limjingyang1

    Nexus 5

  • Alex

    Nexus is Nexus, you have all attention from Google.

  • Given Sutisna

    I want to experience stock Android so badly!

  • Paulo FInix

    nexus 6

  • Aurelius Yu

    i am looking forward to upgrading to the Galaxy Note 4. i’ve been waiting for it and it finally it’s coming.

  • Adrian Willings

    Probably the Xperia Z3. If the specs are better.

  • Damion T.

    currently im waiting to see what the note 4 has to offer

  • dr.manish

    Nexus 5 is a monster….giveaway is awsum..:)

  • Kala1

    The Note 4

  • sweetwater

    cmon is it my time

  • Ando


  • eatingSurreal

    Nexus 4 is absolutely great, would love to sample the 5

  • _Catharsis_


  • Tom Batabi

    One Plus. Not the company,but the phone

  • Renato.o

    Samsung galaxy note 4

  • Ionut

    Excelent Phone, would love to own it, keep it up

  • Raphy Velarde

    Great giveaway. I love the Nexus Phones

  • Matteo Asuni

    Any flagship from 2014 now i’m using a 2012 phone :(

  • Amro

    note 4 for sure

  • Jakkapat Kosoltrakul

    Asus and other chinese phones. They are inexpensive but do the job far better than expected.

  • Nexus The Google Phone

  • George bran

    I am most excite for the moto x+1 and for the nexus 6

  • NoLabelBG

    I can’t wait to see Nexus 6!

  • Izzy

    64 bit :o

  • Ssin Liao

    So many N5 giveaways haha!

  • Mohd Haikal Shafiq

    Nexus 5 is awesome! Simple and elegant! Perfect with me!

  • DivyanshuSharma

    nexus 6/X

  • Yoyosugar Singh

    I’m excited about the nexus 6 and what future of Android will look like. It also shows what Google wants other oems to do.. Hope it will come with a good battery! Hopefully there is project VOLTAAAAA

  • armin sehovic

    Nexus 5 is my favourite phone, i never had…

  • nexus X

  • Misterio Sorteos

    Next Nexus!!

  • Andrei

    Moto X+1

  • vin

    Best Nexus yet!

  • _Catharsis_

    Wish this had the higher-clocked 801 instead.

  • Yahia Zakaria

    nexus 5

  • Gabriel Dominic Agbuya

    One Plus One :)

  • Hayden

    lg g4 :D

  • Michael Eng

    i have been and always will be most excited about the one plus one

  • raj rijhwani

    Im really exited for sony xperia Z3 and Nexus 6!

  • randyfromreno

    Nexus 6. (Unless it has a 6 inch screen.)

  • Rapsos

    Nexus 5 ofc

  • Kshitij Nagdeote

    I want to really win this phone !!!! It’s my Favourite ..oh god please !!!

  • Samuel Oates

    i’m really excited about the galaxy note 4.

  • benteers3

    I want this…

  • Peter Phan

    yes Yes YEs YES!!!!! looking forward for a note 4….

  • wrbl

    I’m looking forward into mew Motorola phones especially the next Moto G type phone. Since I own a Moto G I would Mike to get an updated version of it. Not excited much about those high end phones because I can’t afford them.

  • Guest

    Really excited about the Nexus 6 :)

  • Ivan Mabanag

    GIVE ME!!!!

  • Abi

    nexus 6…

  • Brandon Jury

    I’m extremely excited for the Galaxy Note 4 :D

  • VinTheDiesel

    This is actually my dream phone..what si great about is the specs is very similar to my lg g2 and its stock android…I Love stock android!!!hahaha

  • Quan Dinh

    Hey Yo

  • Mike Tan

    What I am waiting for is the Nexus 6 and LG G4 (it’s about a year later of course).

  • Razvan

    Very excited about the new nexus phone coming up! :)

  • Neflyn

    Project Ara. That is what I want more info on, we know what’s going to happen with normal upcoming phones but this will take us down a whole new path.

  • Jeremy

    Nexus phones are the best!

  • Killian Coffinet-Crean

    The moto x plus one

  • Krisztián Kis

    I always want a nexus 5

  • Shade Nightray

    Expecting good things about the peria Z3 And Z3 Compact!

  • Hamzah Naveed

    Need one

  • Sandro Karić

    Next Note from Samsung!!!

  • awundrin

    the Nexus 6. :)

  • Miltos Michalakakis

    I am pretty excited about the Nexus 6 and the OnePlus One.

  • John Mclean

    The one plus one cos love the new features


    HTC One M8

  • G-Senpai

    Most excited for Sony Xperia Z3

  • Alex Pun

    HTC M8

  • Willem de Vries

    Nexus 6 (aka nexus x) because of Android L

  • Kuldeep

    Note 4

  • Motasim Slehat

    Samsung note 4

  • Tomas Santos

    Nexus 6

  • AlavI

    Definitely the Galaxy Note 4, loved the original and am looking forward to the next powerhouse B)

  • Shubham Singh

    nexus 6 all the way

  • Paramjeet Singh

    This is the first time i am playing any giveaway on android authority…really excited hope i win this giveaway :-D

  • Janek Laansalu

    NEXUS 6

  • I am very excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  • Marjon

    i want to win this time, nexus is always a good device

  • Leonardo Petraglia

    I’m excited about the lg g3!!

  • Ангел Златков

    Nexus 6 and the new iPhone!

  • Fizzy Note

    I’m actually saving up for a Nexus 5 but i still have a long way. Oh and the phone that i really excited about are OnePlus One and Nexus 6. :)

  • admir sehic

    galaxy note 4

  • lefas

    Motorola x+1

  • Hussain


  • oliver lopez

    Nexus 6 or moto x+1

  • Kyle Beltran

    Been joining here a long time now. And I don’t have any phones to use. I’m begging.

  • Nahuel Siviero

    The Note 4

  • Rocky

    The next Nexus

  • Michael Devenish

    Nexus 6

  • Yuji

    I’ve been using my xperia e dual for 1 year I need a new phone pleaseeeeeee!!!

  • I currently have LG G2 and I didn’t find anything exciting in coming phones. Even LG G3 didn’t bring anything exciting :(

  • Marius

    Nexus 5 POWAH!

  • Hope to win this time!!

  • Ashish Patel

    note 4 and the nexus “shamu”

  • AB Aldo Payardu

    LG G Flex2 Google play edition

  • Catalin Serediuc

    Nexus 5

  • Pranay Prasad

    Note 4

  • Elvis Ziemelis

    I have a nexus 4 which is great phone, but upgrading to nexus 5 would be awesome.

  • Nic Wisdom

    Like the lg g3 but really excited for the next nexus

  • Still Dont Give A Fuck

    I can’t wait to get me a new phone. I am currently using the single core power that is in the Alcatel One Touch Evolve, the poor Evolve doesn’t even have an LED flash, it’s1400 mAh battery doesn’t even last half adday, it doesn’t support 4G, it rocks a 4 inch screen, and the CPU over heats easily. I was trying to get an Xperia Z2, but a free Nexus is always better than an Xperia that you dropped $600 on! And I’m so excited about IFA this week, i want to see the Xperia Z3, the Samsung GN4, the Moto X+1 and G2, the Huawei Mate 7, and next months unveiling of the NEXUS 6.

  • Angelo Marco Perfecto

    Excited about the next Nexus device.

  • liam ward

    There is only one phone I’m looking forward too, Nexus 6/X

  • Emi

    I’m really looking forward to the Note 4

  • david

    Nexus 6

  • Androidrules

    I already have one. But getting another will make me buy a nexus 6

  • Sander K

    Got to love the Sony xperia z3

  • Kiefer Rush

    HTC Desire 510

  • Vilius Balčiūnas

    HTC M9 prime

  • Ankur Gugar

    Lets see everyone will eventually say Nexus 6, but honestly speaking i am more curious about the Motorola X+1… Lets see what Motorola has in store for all of us tech fans. :)

  • Mivoe99


  • Nexus FTW!

  • SinDance

    LG G3 ;)

  • albert

    im exited about the samsung galaxy alpha looks really good

  • Kostas Adam

    I am not in the market for a smartphone right now since i have a xiaomi mi3 but i am looking forward for the moto x+1.

  • Björn Johansson

    Love the Nexus 5!

  • Radosław Greń

    Xiaomi Mi4

  • Jaren Thrash

    thanks so much, I hope I win! I look forward most to the nexus 6!

  • soeminnaing

    Xperia Z1

  • Zoltán Kolozs

    I need

  • EQ8

    Nexus 6 definitely :D

  • anthony

    Nexus 6

  • pachcool4

    I think the Nexus 6 I’m most looking forward to!

  • Xhevahir

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Hakan

    It’s going to be mine.

  • Altantur Bayrsaikhan

    Ok give me one

  • Andrei Agulescu

    Looking forward to the next version of the nexus smartphone: Nexus 6

  • Philips

    I want this

  • ray

    note 4 and nexus 6

  • Sandeep Harikumar

    High end phone’s..:)

  • antoni

    The moto g2

  • Vichelle Feliszza Bacalian

    Hmmm! First time I’ve heard about ARM! Seems interesting!

  • Marius Bodu

    Nexus 5 please ! ^^,

  • Parth Khurana

    I love this phone for so many reasons.Some of them are:-
    1:Its beautiful sleek design
    2:It comes in funky colours.Well i love the orange one.
    3:Because its a google phone it will get regular updates
    4:And so many more reasons.
    Currently im using Lg G2 and im looking forward to get this phone also so that it can satisfy my mind.

  • Zhengyuan Liu

    lg g4

  • Aman Surana

    I am really excited about ahm, various phones actully,

    Nexus 6

  • Abhishek Pabba

    i am curios about and eagerly waiting about note 4

  • Komeil Karimi

    Elusive nexus 6 or the Z3

  • I would like to have this phone because it had great specs when it got released and still is one of the best phones out there!

  • BeAsTxGeNEs


  • jimmy p.

    If im expecting a device to hit the market this year is with out a doubt the note 4.

  • Vinish Singh

    samsung galaxy note 4

  • Shaiful Haziq

    it will be awesome if i get the nexus 5 ! it’s sufficient enough for me :)

  • Sam

    Nexus 6!

  • Balvinder Makkar

    Moto x+1 and the new nexus

  • Sri Ram Ravi

    Nexus 5 I really want pls ….. I had never win a give away ….. Pls…. If I win this I will be very happy and I will tell my friends to subscribe Android Authority

  • Jo


  • George Oprea

    I am looking forward for the note 4

  • Zims

    note 4

  • NEXUS 6

  • Raunak Shirsath

    Hey Awesome phone Nexus 5 would like to have one of it.
    Very much excited about the next Note 4 and the Nexus 6.

  • Tbay3000

    Moto x plus one baby

  • Guest

    I’m so excited for this giveaway. Thank you so much Android Authority for making this happen!

  • Dragos Popa

    I can’t wait for the nexus 6 :)

  • FrOz3n

    Nexus! <3

  • Bins Chu

    Nexus 5 ftw!

  • olli

    Nexus 6

  • Ryton

    Note 4!

  • Cliff Mabesa

    I like the G3 but I’m also looking forward to the Note 4.

  • Luis Delgadillo

    I like the motorola’s devices whit a stock Android, so, I think I will like the Nexus 5.

  • Amritpal Sandhu

    Nexus X

  • Gr8!:-)

  • Toni Obice

    great giveaway!

  • Jaime

    I want it sooooo badly!

  • Arief Hanifan

    i just want a smartphone with huge amount of RAM, i haven’t change my phone since 2011.

  • Helena Mata

    Nexus 5 is my favorite! I hope I win this!:D

  • Amrit Singh

    The Nexus 6 to see how it will compare with the 1+ One

  • cy

    Nexus 5

  • keshav9293

    i guess project ara will be something different atleast.. :)
    thats what i’m looking forward to

  • Vivek Likhi

    1. Good performance 2. No skins 3. Quickest updates 4. Decent battery life……What else do we need (Y)

  • kranthi

    nexus 6 and one plus one

  • Abhinav Jolly

    OnePLus one :D

  • Dandevilfish


  • Aditya Gururaja Rao Karnam

    Nexus 5 is simply Awesome :)

  • Markus Johansson

    The OnePlus One :)

  • Alvin Tan

    LG G4, perhaps it would address some of the issues the LG G3 currently has.

  • Ng Yee Fatt

    Nexus 6! :D

  • NJG

    Nexus 6 xD

  • Vrishabh Sharma

    Moto X+1 not because of its hardware but because of its feature that it should it offer like the moto x

  • XZillA

    Nexus 5!

  • Giovanni

    I’d love to see the note 4. I’m curious if it’s going to have great new features or take the s5 route and be a pointless upgrade.

  • EJ S.

    Actually, I’m excited for this phone, the next nexus phone and the upcoming Moto X+1.

  • Wayne Wong

    nexus X

  • Patrick Panizales

    Hello :)

  • Adrian Ioanci

    Nexus X of course :)

  • Sunit Jagadeesh

    waitng for the Xperia Z3 and the Z2/3 ultra

  • Farid Mifthahul Rozaq

    Nexus X ? Haha

  • Abhishek Sachan

    Nexus me to this phone :)

  • James Arvee

    Note 4!

  • CooperXray

    Cant wait to see the Sony xperia z3

    • uriejarafa

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      • Jayfeather787

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        • AchillesPhazd

          That’s the first time I’ve seen spam on this site.

    • samthenexuswinner

      I need the nexus!

      • Me got the nexus!

        • Jody

          i want the nexus

    • Gregory Opera

      Hopefully the Sony Xperia Z3 will run the 64-bit version of Android, too…

      • Jeho Rivera

        i really hope sony improves the camera

      • Ryan

        Now that would be nice

    • Juan Sebastian Camargo Visbal

      I want the sequel to the Ultra!

    • Gogo

      me too, xperia z3

    • Aljon Del Rosario

      Yah so do I

  • hari vignesh

    nexus 6 and moto x+1

  • Yxorr

    I’m really looking forward to OnePlus One, and the future phones of the OnePlus company.

  • Jaromir KM Bracki

    I am waiting for Nexus 6, huge f¥ck yeah to this phone for supposedly killer specs, vast screen and pure Android – all of that for decent money! m/

  • tertinek

    nexus 5

  • Seb

    Let’s try this too.

  • mp

    thanks ^^

  • Adrian D.

    Nexus 6:)

  • Livinston Joseph Pato

    excited about the next nexus device

  • Saeed Maher Dali

    Nexus 5 !!!!!!

  • JW Wong

    HTC M9!!!Sense 6 is the snappiest UI out out of all UIs

  • Prabhav puri

    Nexus 5 gets update like no other android phone plus its fits in my range and my pocket.

  • Vasanth Kumar

    Nexus 6, 9 and moto x+1 !!!!

  • Josh Estrada

    Woah. Cool

  • kooocko

    I am most excited about OnePlus One, it looks like a great device for a good price, but the availability is still a problem

  • Aditya Deorukhkar

    moto x+1

  • Aritra Chaudhuri

    Since when does the nexus 5 have 64 bit.. Snapdragon 800 is not a 64 Bit SoC

  • Dinsdale Drummond

    Nexus 6

  • Ajay Chandran

    If at all I do win, give me the red one

  • Lasse Gammelgaard

    The next Nexus phone or a oneplus two

  • Razu

    OnePlus One with water resistance

  • Duke I.

    I’m actually excited about the successor of Moto X, and hoping that the customisation option remains to be a part of the “purchasing experience” and would be available worldwide. :)

    • zanalabdeen

      Note 4

  • Giorgio

    Nexus 5 is awesome!

  • Rahul Reza

    Nexus 5…

  • Sebastian Kisiel

    Xperia Z3

  • Edi Stancu

    I am most excited for Google phones in general.

  • Hawke09

    welp, it’s almost time for the next nexus

  • nexus 5.. ofcourse…

  • Andrew Derek Krishnan

    nexus 6 <3

  • Nahian Kabir

    Good Phone.

  • Jonathan Petersson


  • Axel Tidehorn

    The next nexus

  • MohdZakhri

    Maybe the LG G4? :D

  • Llewen C. Garcia

    Awesome phone, but can’t afford. Even if it is a budget phone

  • jaydeep

    Nexus 5…red…. just love it…..

  • VinTheDiesel

    I am really excited about nexus 5..never had a stock android phone and never known what can it offer than other android phone…

  • Allen Huang

    Sony Xperia Z3 is what I’m waiting for..

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    best camera and expandable storage and given that this was by far the best handset out there! A beautiful phone that sets a benchmark for Android.

  • Brandon C.

    I’m broke and I need a phone

  • Nicholas Lim

    I want the Nexus 5!!!!

  • Filippo


  • Llewen C. Garcia

    I’m really excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. They said that it might be bendable.

  • BobTheBuilder

    Samsung Galaxy s6

  • Emanuel Kardos

    Nexus 6/X

  • Ossama Tarek


  • Jobin Thomas

    Getting a Redmi 1s Hope to get this too…

  • Tim Dominguez

    Nexus 5 ftw! Woot! :)

  • Kaye Khaos

    Still the greatest phone on the market.

  • maxy

    Love my s4 but can’t wait for the next xperia Z or galaxy s6

  • Alex Oh

    Htc one

  • kiran

    moto s
    note 4

  • a.hamameh

    Nexus 6

  • Nivedit Majumdar

    Most excited about the Nexus X. Will be exciting to see what the latest Google flagship will offer!

  • Avikshith Np

    Next Nexus.!!

  • Gaurav

    Plzz this time i want it……

  • Jedi

    OnePlus One :D

  • Nikhil Chawla

    Nexus 5!

  • Dávid Bordás

    yeah i need a nexus 5 :D

  • Eden Gottlieb

    I’m excited about the Galaxy Note 4

  • lelik11a

    galaxy s6

  • FreyCR

    I need this phone!! IS PERFECT!!

  • Abdulla Ahmed

    I really like the one plus one. An amazing phone with really nice price.

  • jaskaran

    the new nexus phone

  • Zair

    Nexus 5! rally want it

  • Uzair

    nexus….king of android!!!

  • Arun Kennedy

    Im really excited about the Nexus 6 as always Nexus products bring the best android experience. They always have a very high standard of specifications and the build quality is absolutely amazing

  • nippe89

    Nexus 6

  • Mitchell White

    want note 4 :)

  • Gurpreet Chatha

    I’m really exited about the nexus 6

  • Sum Quis Sum

    Whatever the new Nexus 5 is called. And if that turns out to not to have a budget version, then I’m up for what OnePlus has to offer.

  • Carl Ponio

    The nexus x/6

  • brolly

    I can’t wait to see Shamu. Loved my Nexus 4, the Nexus 5, and can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • mikem22

    I like the OnePlus One but i really want to see how Nexus X will be.

  • Shaibaz Kasu

    Nexus 5 is the Beauty & Beast!!
    The most complete and clean phone from Google plus getting updates the first.
    It really feels privileged to own this one and would really look forward to win this one!!
    Super Excited!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  • Al-Mothafar M. Al-Hasan

    Excited about Sony Z4 :))

  • Thom Hutchinson

    My name is TOMMY H & I WANT A NEXUS 5!!!!!!

  • James Chung

    Me wants!

  • robbin van

    Nexus 6

  • I’d love the red nexus 5

  • bsgul

    nexus 6 :D

  • Ross Martin

    I can’t wait to see the Sony xperia z3 line up

  • Amrit Zoad

    Not partaking, as I want a 32GB Nexus 5 ;-)

  • zi

    Nexus 5 or the one in Google’s project ara

  • Vladislav

    interested in Z3 compact

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  • Ashveen Impett

    best android phone with very fast accessing for apps and web

  • Smit Patil

    oppo find 7 ;)

  • Ryan Tombs

    I’m looking forward to that Nexus 6…

  • Jashanbir Singh

    Want nexus 5

  • Vesnu

    I’m excited bout the latest Sony Xperia Z3. Expecting more features and high end specifications. I’m awaiting.

  • Ahmad Asraf Hashim

    I’m excited for the next Nexus phone and tablet

  • Vinner

    Nexus X

  • Stra_Cha

    Thanks for the amazing gift,greetings from Greece.

  • John Kervin Rivales

    Nexus 6

  • Alex

    I’m really looking forward for the oneplus one

  • Chisomo Banzi

    Sony Xperia Z3!

  • Daniel Giuliani

    The Nexus 6!

  • Gabriel Shaukan

    looking forward to the new nexus device, nexus 6? :)

  • Katana OS

    Love nexus

  • miki

    Oh just give it to me! ;)

  • Emanuel Janeiro

    Fantasyic device indeed.

  • Jack Littleworth

    i wanna see the motox+1!!

  • Jay

    The next nexus phone!

  • Sherome Centeno

    woah! nice!

  • Mohamed

    looking forward for a device that’s more look alike to nexus 5 but without any branding but Google

  • MegaCamu

    Really looking for a new phone to replace my old iPhone 4


    Oneplus one for me 2

  • Iwan Haniyoto

    Add battery capacity, SD Card Support. And will ber perfect Android Smartphone!

  • Satoru Oikawa


  • Kristijan

    I’m excited about oneplus one.

  • shielder1988

    Interested in LG G3! Financial issues stops me from getting it, but Nexus is good as well!

  • Kheminda Imbulana

    May The Stock Android Force Be With You. Well Sure As Hell Would Like It If The Force Picked Me..

  • peej

    Can’t wait to get my root on!

  • Mike Beard

    Waiting on that Galaxy Note 4!!! Excited to see what Samsung has done this time!

  • Anthony

    nexus 6 ftw!!

  • deepak

    nexus 5.

  • Elle

    Nexus 5!

  • Danny Johnson

    Note 4 :D

  • Pulkit Jain

    I got to get this one :D


    hey android authority

  • Darkness7148

    Nexus 6

  • James Bryan Agulto

    wow! nexus 5 is such a great phone :)
    I love the powerful snapdragon 800 in it!

  • Petre Sebastian

    LG Rullz! The Nexus 5 & G2 and now the G3! Good Job LG!

  • uriejarafa

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  • Goh Kaixuan

    Awesome giveaway :)

  • joe_nat


  • Pravas

    I like the HTC M8.

  • LeeTatHeng

    Can’t wait to see the Xperia Z3 or the Nexus 6. :D

  • Goh Kaixuan

    So excited for the Xperia Z3 coming up in IFA


    i love the reviews here

  • catex81

    note 4. I am going to love it for sure!!

  • sherry


  • Nexus4ever

  • simone falasca

    I want it

  • Johan Kosumo

    z3 compact, since i’m using z1 compact

  • Anx450z


  • SchwebendeWurst

    Definitely the OnePlus One. It is just the perfect phone, at the perfect price. However, the scren size of the Nexus 5 is the one I prefer.

  • LeeTatHeng

    The Xperia Z3 is nice so is the Note 4


    i am excited about MI4

  • Jens-Christian

    Looking forward to the new Nexus lineup. If there’s going to be one…

  • Lesy Fox

    Want! Kthnxbye

  • Manny

    I need this red phone!!

  • Nave Betzalel

    Nexus 5 Great value for money

  • Jeff Soohoon Yu

    the next nexus!

  • zolovski

    great device

  • Annon


  • Appurv Goel

    I am exited about the nexus 6 and also the the note 4

  • meanieweanie

    Waiting for Nexus 6 :)

  • Animish Mahanta

    I cant wait for the note 4

  • Adam Faulkner

    Its just way hard to beat stock android, so totally excited for the nexus X!

  • Dan

    Nexus 6 or X

  • Alan Tran

    Want to see the new sapphire display on the iphone 6!

  • Ante

    I’m looking forward to this Nexus 5.. duh! :P

  • shabeer vpk

    nexus pure android

  • Shia

    nExus 5

  • Inse van houts

    I would love to get the nexus 5 but I’m even more excited about the nexus x /6

  • Daniel

    i like potato. but i would prefer nexus 5

  • Stanley Anthonymuthu

    Nexus 5 would be a perfect shift from Lumia 920 :D

  • Adriaan G

    I’m excited for the Moto G follow up, let’s see if they can make an even better phone for the same price.

  • Kevin Espinoza

    nexus 6!!

  • henry

    I want the nexus 6!

  • uriejarafa

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  • Ανδρέας

    LG G3

  • Jason Lerado

    Nexus 6!

  • Jordan

    I really want the nexus 5 because I love the stock android experience!

  • David W

    Looking forward to the next HTC One, interested to see how much they can improve on the M8

  • Run Hau

    Android L

  • Palash Verma

    LG G3 all the way!!!!

  • Andrew Cheang

    Nexus 6!

  • Jimmarc

    I want nexus 5

  • Nexus 5 delivers an intelligently simple design

  • Mr Daydreamer

    The Nexus 6

  • optimus prime

    make IP67 standard a norm for all android mobiles… that’s one feature that can’t be called useless

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4!

  • Rvs Chaitu

    I am exited about One Plus One which is coming soon to India. I am using a Samsing Galaxy Y.So i wish to win this Nexus 5.

  • abdul sufiyan

    i love one+1

  • Alif

    What Android phone are you most excited about?

  • Tom Mannaerts

    nexus6 and note4

  • drago

    Can’t wait for the new nexus

  • yeshwanth

    nexus 6 and the launch of one plus one in India

  • linu

    EXcited about note 4!

  • Harichandra Shirodkar

    Me Being a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 user yeah definitely waiting for the Note 4…

  • Ruadhán

    Nexus 6

  • K. Gabriel L.

    Moto X+1 :D

  • Nikola

    I’m excited for the nexus 6

  • Jordan King

    Nexus 5!

  • Jarusiek

    Can’t wait to see Nexus 6 :D

  • Utkarsh Omer

    I believe One plus One is a Device Of my Choice and I definitely want to own it #Never Settle

  • Clayton Rodrigues

    I am looking forward to the nexus 6!!!

  • Curt M

    I have ‘phone envy’ as my lovely wife has one of these.

  • Peter Nicolay

    Old but stil a good device!

  • Muhammad Rafi Akbar

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 :)

  • Abraham

    In Android it would be the Nexus 6 And ios it would be the 5.5 inch iphone 6

  • Fer Adi

    I’m really excited about the Nexus 6, some rumors tell that the nexus 6 will have a 2.6 GHz quad-core snapdragon 805 processor, and it will have Android L running on it, i’m pretty sure that nexus 6 will be a beast on the market when it released

  • rendilo

    I can’t wait to see the next Nexus with L, but I’m also interested in OnePlus.

  • Rajiv yadav

    Great device

  • Tomek Grzyb

    Z3 compact <3

  • H.R. Tucker

    Nexus is a great line of affordable devices.

  • Suresh Jogesh

    Great !

  • PeterEccles

    I never win, it must be my turn soon!?

  • Anthony Tran

    Love this phone!!!

  • Ionel Nastase

    Nexus X

  • Matej Galič

    I’m really excited about the next Nexus!

  • joel

    nexus x

  • Revo Zaki Zufayri

    Nexus 6 and note 4

  • Chris Lazo

    Lookin forward to all Android phone.

  • Ste

    Can’t wait for the new moto x

  • Joseph Cortez

    The note 4! It’s gonna be a power house and have many features!

  • jepree espe

    Best software and hardware combo

  • Yuval Rozin

    The next Nexus to come! :)

  • jefferson Anckers

    I’m looking forward to the Galaxy Note 4. Probably gonna switch to a phablet

  • Colin

    I’m most excited with the upcoming Nexus 6 by Google!!!

  • Tanmay Pathak

    Nexus 6 :D

  • Akash Sharma

    Nexus 5: Always Google! Striking design, stock android and a motherlode of developer support. Waiting for the giveaway! :P

  • elbert88

    Nexus 6. I know it’s not coming out at IFA, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. Lol

  • kleven

    nexus 6!

  • smartkode0

    I would love to get my hands on Nexus 5 or even LG G3 would do :)

  • Daniel Zarin

    The next version of the OnePlus One that may be waterproof.

  • Milu

    iphone 6.

  • junaid

    The nexus 6!!! Can’t wait for that!

  • Ben Mechelmans

    samsung galaxy s6

  • Craigus

    A Nexus 5 ?
    I wouldn’t mind one of those… :-)


    Always wanted a nexus 5

  • Kong Hou

    Nexus =)

  • Jason Low

    Can’t wait for the next Nexus phone!

  • Aron vd Pol

    Nexus 6 (X)

  • Prathmesh

    With Nexus you live your life without any pauses.

  • Daniel

    Android 4 life!

  • robin14

    Nexus 6! I’m so excited about a new nexus !

  • chrone

    looking forward for ARM Cortex A57 on Nexus phone! hope Moto Nexus X will be next..:D

  • Jonatán Győri

    Nexus 5 is the best

  • A3hree

    Most excited for oneplus one

  • George

    The next Nexus obviously :)

  • Luvimin Rodolfo

    I’m excited to see the next Nexus phone.

  • Jost Rossel

    I’m excited about the upcoming iPhone… not. Actually I’m very excited to see the next Xperia lineup, luckily I don’t have to wait that long ;-)

  • Georgi II Sacramento

    Nexus X tho :D

  • salvino

    Amazing can’t wait to see who wins

  • New Nexus 6

  • Etaloche

    Nexus 6!

  • Stavros Siamandas

    Nexus ftw!!!!

  • Kaushik Vapiwala

    I am anxiously waiting for NEXUS X(6). The rumoured features brought me goosebumps o_O. Awaiting October desperately.

  • rishabh

    Hope i can win nexus 5

  • Steffen Hndrks

    I am excited about the nexus 6 the most!

  • A Siva Sagar Reddy

    Moto X successor. Moto X+1.

  • frederik

    I’m really hoping for a great Nexus device. Hopefully something a bit like Moto X.

  • Tassos

    The Xperia z3 is on the horizon! *-*

  • David Nie

    LG G3

  • Dries Guillaume

    Note 4 and Nexus 6!

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    Nexus X or 6

  • MHD

    Oneplus for sure

  • Ravi

    MOTO G2

  • André Santiago

    The successor of Nexus 5 ;)

  • hareeshr

    i need it

  • Amr Amr

    I own nexus 4 and my dream is to own nexus 5

  • Rohit Arora

    looking forward for the one plus one by cyanogenmod to launch in my country i.e INDIA .
    my dream phone is motorola ARA .

  • Divyanshu Khare

    MOTO X+1

  • skyhowoker

    Nexus 5

  • Kartikey Sharma

    I am really looking for the nexus 6, since it’s from google i shall not worry about the future updates , considering the fact that nexus line up boast some top end specs period The vanilla android experience is something you can’t get on other devices such as htc ,LG, samsung etc. it got to be the best thing from google.

  • hanh nguyen

    Nexus 6

  • Дмитрий Прокопенко

    Nexus X

  • KJeppo

    I’m excited about the OnePlus One and the Nexus 6.

  • Shakito

    nexus 17

  • imadn2008

    My best smartphone is note4

  • Thomas Panagopoulos

    Oneplus one rules…

  • Muhammad A. Khalil

    Nexus 6 (X)

  • hguhw

    Nexus 5!!!

  • Kosta Athanasellis

    Most excited to see the Nexus X (6)!!

  • H-man

    The Note 4 and the next HTC One

  • Bryan Miranda

    looking forward to the upcoming galaxy note 4

  • 2thunder

    I wan it! :D

  • Adrian O.

    For now I’m excited about the Nexus 6, since the LG G3 is already launched.

  • Vincent Phan

    Probably the Nexus 6 or the Moto G2. Also interested to see what the iPhone 6 will be like.

  • sami_22

    My Nexus 4 become old …

  • Respi

    I’m looking forward to a second version of the oneplus one which makes it…oneplus..two?

  • Claudiu Gabriel

    Nexus 6

  • elbrigat

    Nexus 6 should be awesome!

  • Kazuki Shiina

    Looking forward for Galaxy Note 4! XD

  • I hate Samsung.

  • X DoZ3R


  • Excited to see Nexus X!!

  • Ivan Perez

    Who can say no to a free Nexus 5! I can’t :) hope there’s also a motorola giveaway in the future.

  • Xiaomi Mi4 international version :D

  • Blue Cake

    Nexus 6 ofc c:

  • Sharath

    This is great!

  • James Enk

    easy, Nexus 6

  • Paulo Feliciano

    HTC One m9

  • Shalini Mishra

    nexus 6 ….. and note 4


    NOTE 4

  • Lathen Loibl

    I’m coming from windows phone….I’m waiting on the nexus x

  • spectremANDROID

    I NEED it.

  • Mantas

    Gl hf :D

  • Junius Cheng


  • Guest

    Xperia z3 tablet <3

  • Iddo Naim

    Really excited about the next Nexus, as well as the next smartphone from Motorola

  • Hashim Khan

    Love Nexus 5

  • Nebojša Shone Ćalić

    I can’t wait to see the new Nexus. I always loved the Nexus line of smartphones. :)

  • Ashu1307

    When will XSP get 4.4 update?

  • Durrell Angco

    The Moto Nexus!

  • Jim Obenieta

    Xperia Z3 <3

  • Jobelle Garcia

    looking forward to sony xperia z2 compact and winning this nexus 5 :)

  • Still waiting for the final version of the Android L and also the Paranoid Android update. I think it would be awesome.

  • Jeremy Ng

    Looking forward for the next Nexus phone, Nexus 6. Been rocking the galaxy Nexus, N4. A new nexus 5 would be sweet. Thanks!

  • abe sebastian

    The iPhone 6 because i want to know alot of the new fixtures that apple put into that smartphone

  • Saadain

    Its Simply Awesome !!!!!! :)

  • al_fateh

    Look forward for new moto x

  • Ante

    Note 4

  • Verdes Ion

    Guys, pls give it to me ;'( My Huawei is broken, and i don’t have money for a new android device ;'(

  • Ivan

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • vihanga sathsara

    Best source for android ever. BTW Joshua vergara is funny. Looking forward to win this. Don’t let me down this time. LG G3 is my most excited android phone yet.

  • Михайло Грицина

    The best Android phone for me is LG Google Nexus 5. When you ask me why, I tell you that it is maybe the smallest 5-inch display smartphone. It is true OS Android, which is updated by Google, and that’s really cool! Also low price, good performance and optimization.

  • Adam

    I cant really wait for new Nexus 6 and Note 4. I really hope that they will bring something new and that mobile segment wont stagnate.

  • phantom0308

    Waiting Samsung GALAXY Note 4 on 3 Sept 2014

  • Azmi

    Nexus 5 <3

  • user15496

    Nexus 6, definitely.

  • Internal

    Well, There is one hope but to win this giveaway.

  • Arunas

    OnePlus And Xiaomi Products

  • Harry Hill

    New nexus device would be epic; can’t wait!

  • Francesco P

    Note 4!

  • Pratik

    Just Wondering, What colour is the Nexus?

  • Prashant Soni


  • Kieran Russell

    Nexus 6

  • Андрей Шиповалов

    nexus 6

  • SkyBoy Loy

    I want Galaxy Note 4 :)

  • Saadain

    Nexus 5

  • Marko

    I’ll never win

  • Hoan Nguyen

    Nexus 6

  • Edge

    Nexus are the best! So moto nexus x and htc nexus 8/9

  • Tani Singh

    I wanna see the Note 4 cos the Note is the leader of the phablets

  • Alexander Georgiev Stoimenov

    I wish this time I’ll win! The Nexus and the OnePlus One are the only Android phones I would use..

  • Qaid Joher Vora

    It gives out all the new tech news related to android so it’s a good source for reliable information

  • abc905

    Nexus 6

  • Luigi Puno

    Nexus rules!

  • Georgi

    Can’t wait for the Nexus 6

  • Ben

    Woud love a Nexus 5! My wife got hers stolen the other week and is phoneless!

  • Dimarco

    Nexus 5 is my fav!

  • Huy T

    Go Hammerhead!

  • Kate Finn

    The Nexus 5 would be a great phone to have.

  • RoHit BokaDe

    note 4 …although i can live with nexus 5 :P

  • Konstantin Stefanov

    damn nice phone, lvoe the nexus :)

  • Lee Kwok Hin

    The upcoming next generation of Nexus 5 (possibly Nexus 6)

  • winn

    Nexus X of course

  • Roshan

    No doubt about it.The one and only OnePlus One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saša Grujičić

    i like the design

  • Steven Lee

    The next Google phone..

  • Tan Lip Yuen

    Nexus 6?

  • Shiva

    Nexus 5!! The best smartphone ever

  • Raffa

    id love the get the nexus5! cheers

  • Return Fire

    Nexus 6 / X

  • Benedict Daisog

    give me that baby :)

  • Alin Cojocaru

    Motorola Nexus X

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    I like that since I bought it. It’s never let me down. Only the battery has but I’ve always kept enough battery in it to last me a day. So, I’m most excited about the Nexus X or 6 since I wouldn’t be able to afford anything else.

  • Khiry Turner


  • seraz ahmed

    Galaxy Note 4

  • William Yang

    i like how the black colour, is black all around

  • Kirill Demochkin


  • Bill melican

    keen for the xperia z3

  • Alex

    Come on! This is my time. I’m exited for the xperia z3.

  • gbbraganholo

    The phone I’m exited for is Note 4, of course! :D

  • constantin cristian dan

    cant wait to see the note 4

  • Faris Bukva

    I am looking forward to try next moto g phone

  • Le Thang

    I want this phone so much :) Hope i can win

  • Carlo Atanacio


  • George Kharbedia

    samsung galaxy s5 and nexus 5

  • Lukas Schaffrath

    Im looking forward to a new nexus smartphone… The nexus 5 is a very very very good smartphone… I love it! It works very smooth and i love the google interface! The processor makes it fun to play games, too :-) so i think a new nexus device would be just as good as the nexus 5 :-)

  • Guest

    OnePlus One. i know it’s already out, but so hard to get…seems like a great phone

  • Bipneet Singh

    OnePlus One..!!

  • BSTITAN1995

    I’m pumped to see how the Galaxy Note 4 will perform

  • Razeer123

    I can’t wait for new Nexus phone!

  • PoopinSnoop

    I’m looking forward to the new nexus phone :)
    that may or may not come out this year.

  • jitender kumar Jal

    nexus 5

  • Theo Miller

    The moto x+1 and the xperia z3

  • JaKinaBoX

    Nexus 5 One of the best $ – performance

  • Akshay

    waiting to see MotoX+1

  • Respi

    i’m waiting for the next version of the oneplus one…which makes it.. a oneplus two..oneplus one 2? i dunno *sarcastic laugh*

  • Sonal

    Just give me the damn phone :P

  • gokhan cakmak

    Waiting for the nexus

  • xtremevicky

    I need the nexus

  • Bruce Kizer

    I just want to win.

  • Zenstarlight

    Show me the Nexus 5

  • sai

    i want nexus 5

  • Justin Vazquez

    I can’t wait for the galaxy s6 it takes the most powerful phone on the market and squishes it into a smaller package :D

  • Karthik Sugur

    i wish i win

  • Elad

    can’y wait :)

  • Speedy

    Huge fan of nexus 5. Best android device right now.

  • Lam

    The most excited phone this year for me is definitely the OnePlus One.

  • Gorea Vlad

    Next Nexus!

  • Foobo

    Nexus 6 :D

  • nico

    nexus 5 is stil a beast

  • Anoop CH

    Thank you. Looking for a developer device.

  • Jesse

    Love to see the onepluse two

  • abool93

    sony Z3

  • Duplo

    Galaxy note 4

  • Adriane Jovir Dalisay


  • NgJoe Ee

    I want the nexus 5 because of its software and the fact that i can get androidL before anyone else.

  • Kartik

    Basically this phone was a the flagship killer before one plus one phone came in to the android club. I have been subscribing your channel and I loved it. Yours,unbox therapy,Marques brownlee and many others their videos are awesome android authority your team mate especially josh speaking about sony z2 had became viral and I enjoyed watching that video. Guys keep up your good videos.

  • Jit Dey

    I’m looking forward to Nexus 6..have high expectations from that phone..

  • Qboss

    I’m most excited about Nexus 6 (or Nexus X)

  • Domonique Johnson

    Please and thank you…


    I’m always excited about the nexus series… & this time also I’m waiting to see nexus 6 or the nexus X…
    but before that I want to win the NEXUS 5

  • Yogesh Kataria

    best phone

  • Anders

    The next Nexus – though I think the 5″ of the N5 is probably the biggest I’d want to go in screen size

  • Kazuki Shiina

    Looking forward for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Xperia Z3

  • Udit Harnal

    Galaxy note4

  • Paulo Coimbra

    Samsung Note 4

  • Andrei

    Nexus 5:X

  • Cid Ursal

    Nexus devices are still awesome in my book. My wife’s xperia ZR is barely usable now. It would be nice to win this for her.

  • jalamaters

    Can’t wait for android L!

  • Erik Sjöö

    Nexus 6 or Nexus 5 when Android L comes :D

  • Shivaram Kaushil

    Love to see sony xperia z3

  • Nam

    Really curious about the Galaxy Alpha

  • Raza Ali khan

    I phone 6 nexus 5 and xperia z 3

  • David T

    I’m still rocking the nexus 4, because I didn’t want to upgrade after just 1 year, but if it’s free, I’ll take a nexus 5 :D
    I’m also very excited about the nexus 6 (X ?), I just hope those 5.9″ rumors are not true, because that’s to large IMO

  • Chiorean Daniel

    Nexus 6 is the one I’m looking forward most to.

  • Ciro Pentangelo

    Obviously can’t wait for the nexus X!

  • Nexus is almost best

  • Felix Mack

    The new Motorola phones are going to be awesome!

  • Karolis Morkūnas

    Next Nexus

  • Levesh Preethrajh

    i cant wait to see the z3 compact or see the iphone 6

  • Pavel Drobinin

    Waiting for Sony’s Z3 Compact!

  • Alexander Kotelnikov

    I`m looking forward to Xperia Z3, because of great camera, waterproof and amazing design.

  • Judemar Z. Larena

    the next nexus 6

  • Tussa94

    Phones just keep getting better, can’t wait for the Samsung galaxy alpha!

  • legonz

    i’m excited about getting an LTE phone. Now that I’ve seen this. You’ve got me excited.

  • connor c-b

    I am most looking forward to the nexus 6

  • Lhay

    The Android phone I am most excited about is The Samsung Galaxy Note 4!

  • Jofell Gallardo

    I wanna win a Nexus 5 so badly! I need to experience Android L soon! And I’m super curious how the 64-bit ARM will play on the responsiveness of the new Material Design!

  • I would really like to replace my old Galaxy s2 with the nexus 5!

  • Mohammed Awad

    I love Nexus phones, and I can’t wait for Nexus 6 :)

  • Dominik

    OnePlus One / Two

  • Guest

    Im really excited about the OnePlus smartwatch

  • CAN’T waiting for the NEXUS 6

  • TJY

    The next Nexus phone and tablet

  • Florin Marin

    Can’t wait for the nexus 6

  • Internal

    I wish. I could win?

  • cr3wp

    I´m most excited about the next Nexus and the Note 4

  • Filip Pavić

    Nexus 6 (X) :)

  • Bram Sebastian Tampi

    Simple and stock android :), I want to try it

  • Caleb Whitaker

    Galaxy note 4 for sure !

  • Złoty Pstryk

    I like Sony Smartphones, so I can’t wait to see Xperia Z3~~

  • Cian Conde

    Nexus x all the way

  • Faheem

    Can’t wait to win…..

  • Adi Dima

    Can’t wait for the next HTC one.

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing what Google and Motorola have up their sleeves for the new Nexus phone! c:

  • Jeromy

    Hope I win

  • Alexandru Bugheanu

    I can’t wait to see the new Nexus 6!

  • paulie

    i have my eye on a OnePlus One

  • Charles A

    Ready to see what the ARM 64 bit can help me get done in the real world..

  • Abdul Moiz

    according to me the nexus 5 is the best among smartphones because the UI is smooth as butter and google guarantees me updates faster than anyone

  • Karen

    Looking forward to the Xperia Z3 Compact!

  • Can Yavuz

    One M9

  • Jonz96

    Nexus 6

  • Wadisthis


  • Vini

    Can’t wait for the note 4

  • Luis Cuyares

    Looking forward to the next Lumia flagship. I’ve never had a Windows Phone device but the cameras on the Lumia line are amazing and I’m big on taking photos.

  • Ανδρέας

    Nexus 6 of course!!!!

  • ihsan

    cant wait to see the note 4, so hypedd

  • Great giveaway guys!

  • Ionut

    i am excited about the new galaxy note… i think it will kick ass!

  • Mikkel Danielsen

    Im really excited about the OnePlus Smartwatch :D

  • Kaung Htet Wai Yan

    I hope I win!

  • Roy Lok

    the new nexus device

  • Karel Michael

    i really like nexus because of the feel of stock android

  • Anon

    This phone or the OnePlus One. My heart is torn between two lovers. ;)

  • forenuser

    For me ARM will always stand for “Acorn Risc Machines”.

  • Sandeep Shrestha

    Samsung galaxy note 4

  • aditya

    Nexus.the rawest experience of android… it!!

  • noah2828

    ok done

  • LamerTex

    well if the next nexus will have 6′ display this is my next phone

  • Awesome

  • Dragan Nikolić

    I’m excited about the upcoming android silver phone, which is supposed to replace the nexus.

  • Aljoo Kastelic

    nexus 5 ftw

  • Theo M

    Moto X+1

  • emyrol


  • Kosta Stanojlović

    Nexus 6 of course! But nexus 5 is nice to have as well :)

  • Ben Hen

    Nexus 6 :)

  • Neil

    I want the phone so baaaaad :(

  • Shawn Tan

    Love this phone but I can’t wait for the Nexus 6!

  • Montasser Ben Gadri

    I am really excited about the next nexus/silver google made smartphone :)

  • Aakash Kumar Gour

    I am excitd for th release of ONEPlus in my county*India’

  • samthenexuswinner

    Pweas nexus 5 i want :'(

  • Ashish Kumar

    Actually it’s main feature will be from gogle stock android version .so it will be a updated for at least 3 years.It’s red & orange colour look much more attractive.All in one it is areal son of Gogle so not much to say about this,and thanks for this amazing giveaways.

  • Lucas Sopena


  • David

    I hope win this.

  • Abir

    Wow, sweet. Love the fact that you guys are giving away the funky color N5. Im pretty exited about Note 4, new nexus lineup both tab and phone, also android one phones.

  • Timor

    Waiting for the xperia z3 and note 4

  • izwan88

    Whats new?

  • Mikel Maglonzo

    Im giving my Xperia Z2 to my sister because im looking forward to Xperia Z3

  • Mohamed Akram Ulla Shariff

    Samsung S6

  • Animesh Wandkar

    Project Ara is the most intriguing phone among all upcoming Android phones.. Very eager for it to be commercially released and to be featured in Android authority’s givewaway

  • Vladimir Griga

    The phone I like most (from the ones that are available at this moment) is definitely the Nexus 5 (reasons: awesome software, very zippy, good build quality). Talking about the rumoured phones which will be announced in the following weeks/months… Well, I guess the Note 4 sounds promising, but I am looking forward to the next Nexus (6/X), the next high-end smartphone from Motorola & maybe the Sony Xperia Z3.

  • noah2828

    note 4

  • Mel.K

    Nexus 6 :3

  • Ariel Jersey Jr.

    I hope I can win this awesome phone! :D

  • Michelle Austin

    NEXUS 5!!

  • Tyler Lee

    Really excited to see what. This “Nexus X” is like. Also looking forward to the HTC built Nexus tablet, and still praying for an HTC built Nexus phone :)

  • Tibor Kovács

    The Note 4.

  • sander

    Samsung note 4

  • 4444janus

    love the red

  • Vincent Vanhoutte

    waiting for nexus 6 :D

  • Milan Vasic

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  • Keith Thomas


  • Bitan Podder

    I like to see MOTO X+1 :)

  • david rodhouse

    One Plus One

  • Hussain Solih

    Good luck… to me

  • Paul-Ove Eidem

    Nexus 5 is finally availeble in play store in Norway.

  • TzeKiu Ha

    Looking forward to the Sony Xperia Z3, even though I already have a Z2 I just wanna see what Sony has done to step up their game.

  • Hieu Hoang Trong

    iPhone 6 and Nexus 6 in coming

  • praneeta

    I’m excited for the sony xperia z3 and one plus one in India.

  • oliver flettner

    most looking forward to iphone 6 and note 4

  • Don Martinez

    I’m definitely excited about the Note 4!!!

  • Ciprian Pop

    the note 4

  • Josh

    I cannot wait to see the Nexus 8 as the Nexus 7 is a brilliant tablet so lets see what google has to throw at us in the nexus 8!

  • Alin

    Nexus 5 FTW!

  • Dan

    Erm yes please!! 64bit, Snapdragon, 1080p = Happy Dan

  • Daaaaang

    I’d love to see the Nexus 6. I’m really looking forward to it. Everything about it makes me…

  • Sherwin Facun

    May the odds be in my favor

  • Kash Miller

    I’m really excited to have Oneplus One 64GB. I hope I can have it before the end of this year.

  • Ishara Gurung

    Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Andreas Madsen


  • Jiten

    Nexus 5 is one of the best out there and I want one now please.

  • Sourav Jain

    Galaxy Note 4 <3

  • Mohamed

    i am looking forward the nexus 6 it mint be a bested phone 2015

  • Ayaan

    Really cant wait for iPhone 6(or iPhone Air)

  • Robin Steinberg

    I’m excited whether Motorola will nail it again with the next Moto X.

  • KRL

    The Sony Xperia Z3!

  • Abdul Moiz

    i would gladly replace my Moto G with a NEXUS 5

  • Tomas

    Looking forward to Note 4

  • Sarah

    The new nexus or moto phones

  • David Broadstock

    want to win

  • moldyshots

    Nexus 6.

  • Sarger

    Nice giveaway as always :)

  • Kimmy Neutron

    this phone’s such a BEAST period

  • Jagjeet Singh Gill

    pure android

  • vishal rai

    Thanks for this giveaway

  • Mario Dog

    im excited for the note 4

  • Razvan Horvat

    I want the Nexus 5 !

  • alisan

    Next nexus and the Moto X+1

  • schizophrenic

    The note 4 is what I am waiting for. But a free nexus 5 will going to be awesome!

  • Karen Ham

    nexus 5

  • Razique

    One plus two!

  • dean

    nexus 5 still rocks

    • Al

      Definitely agree with that.

      • Mattia Francesco Moro

        mee too!

  • Jan Eckert

    64bit smartphone … intresting

  • Julien B


  • Leo Boscutti

    really excited about the sony xperia z3

  • gensler

    Sony xperia Z3 all the way!

  • note 4

  • Julee N.

    Ahhh want one! Pick me!

  • Bob

    I hope i win a nexus 5.

  • I wanna Nexus 5 because I think it is the best phone Google ever made!

  • Ramish Ahmed


  • Janekkubek

    Z3 compact is the phone i’m looking forward to see. It’s gonna be unique in size and even better than Z1C.

  • blakeharrold

    Can’t wait for the NEXUS 6!! Woo

  • Sourav Jain

    great fan of note series ..waiting for note 4..i am also a big fan of google’s stock Android of nexus 5..I am definitely looking forward to nexus 6 or nexus X

  • Samuel Bétrisey

    Note 4 :)

  • bnn_y

    Would love to see a new nexus!

  • Domenico S.

    C’mooon, good luck!

  • Moussa Shaaban

    Xperia Z3 is what im looking foward to.

  • Xperia Z3, Moto X+1, Nexus 6

  • Guest

    I hope win this.

  • Đăng Hải

    Man I cannot wait for the Nexus 6…..absolutely a big fan of the nexus 5 and cannot wait for the 6

  • Luke Langford

    Would have to say the Oneplus because It could somewhat start a new chain of smart phones on the market which would be awesome to see.

  • Julien B

    Motorola moto x+1

  • Lawrence amoah

    Google nexus 4 damn cool

  • Nexus 6

  • Pratik

    I love Google and I love what ARM has done to mobile technology. I wish them both the very best and gift me this fantastic Phone please.

  • Xander Berkein

    The Nexus 5 is a beautiful phone with nice specs, running stock Android. I really hope I can win one!

  • Ashpreet Singh

    Waiting for the NEXUS 6…. :)

  • Dragan

    I am most excited about Samsung Galaxy Alpha!!

  • Karl

    I cant wait for the new nexus Phone :D

  • David Broadstock

    nexus 6

  • David

    I hope win this giveaway.

  • undercoverduck

    Definitely the Sharp Aquos Crystal

  • Patrick Henry de Dios

    Looking forward to a Nexus 6.

  • Ravneel Ram

    The One Plus One is what I’m most interested in cheap and choc full of features.

  • Ashish B

    Nice giveaway

  • dean

    i am looking forward to moto x1

  • Charles Kevin Lim

    How can you not love this device!

  • kishan kumar

    Fully psyched for moto X+1 and one plus one launch in india

  • Jacky

    I hope I win a nexus 5, That would be so coollll!!

  • Aleksi Pakkala

    I’m waiting for the first phone to come packed with Tegra K1, I’m in love with my Nvidia Shield Tablet (:

  • alun phillips

    Nexus ftw

  • Bogdan

    the next nexus is what I expect the most. don’t know what the name is going to be nexus 6, nexus x but I don’t care, I’m curious about it

  • Thomas Moore

    I can’t wait for the nexus 6!

  • Kostikas S.

    I’d love this!

  • Guest

    Looks colorful! My old S2 running Cyan 11 is heating so much! If I want some tea, I can just throw my phone in the teapot to boil water…

  • Gianni

    Can’t wait to see the Samsung galaxy note 4!

  • Eyad

    Nexus # (next nexus)

  • Harris Thanos

    Can’t wait to see what happens next with the Nexus line

  • Nana Kofi Owusu

    Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trevor Johnson

    Note 4 :)

  • James Stewart Lambert

    I’m loving my nexus 4 and I can’t wait for the nexus 6. I always wait two generations to upgrade. The nexus 5 is perfect and left pondering how they can improve it with the next model.

  • schemdele

    I Hope i win

  • Stuart Fox

    Loved my Nexus 4. Would love a 5!

  • Jeffrey Tan

    Nexus 6 and xperia z3

  • Mille

    looks nice :)

  • Yuan Yan Chan

    Omg. Stock Android the best. :D

  • Mithun Kannan

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4..!

  • LG G2

  • William Yang

    excited to see whats in-store for the galaxy note 4

  • Vincent Gaylie

    I want it!

  • julian

    The Nexus 5

  • Aarosh Kode

    i am most excited about oneplus one

  • Michael Lin

    Of course the new nexus

  • Giannis Kav

    moto g2. especially after the leak about front-facing speakers, micro sd, small bezels.

  • Shahidul Islam

    Galaxy Note 4

  • han yuksel

    IUNI U3

  • Mike

    Only the Nexus 5

  • Thomas Carter

    Even since my Dad got one and I saw just has fast and snappy the device is, it has made me want a Nexus 5. Would also love to put the Android L on it :)

  • arjun sachdeva

    I want an android device and nexus 5 is one of the best hope i win thnks for the give away .

  • Тарас Пасічник

    My old S2 is heating so much! Running Cyan and can boild waterby throwing my phone in it. That Galaxy is the reason of global warming… Looking forward to see Galaxy Alpha in action. Hope that camera won’t disappoint.

  • Waveen

    Z3 hype!

  • Jeremy

    I really want this phone so bad

  • Kristjan Krumpak

    note 4 of course

  • Brian V.

    galaxy note 4! :))

  • Yuan Yan Chan

    Xiaomi MI4. With it, you can have the best of iOS and Android. :D

  • MoWe

    Oh, I so need this for a jump in Audio Quality compared to my N4… ;-)

  • Jorge Vilela

    Nothing like stock android.

  • APMS

    I love my Samsung S5 but the updates are terrible…

  • Oliver

    Nexus X

  • SkyBoy Loy

    Note 4 I can’t wait to see it.

  • pomstazlesa


  • Danny Newman

    Mmmmmm… Nexus

  • samed

    Ohh man hope I’ll win

  • Barnabás Schenk

    It would be good for me to win this time, because my phone’s screen just cracked however it still works.

  • Maryann Miller

    Can’t wait to have this phone

  • pomstazlesa

    moto g2

  • Sarah Ashkenazi

    Samsung Note 4

  • Rudy Salameh


  • Shashi Mohan

    cant wait to get nexus 5 on my hands

  • Abhishek

    the phone u always deserve!

  • Lorenzo Strozzi

    I think the z3 will be a killer phone

  • br0nas

    please give it to me :(

  • cape

    i want the oneplus one but nexus 5 is more than enough

  • mary heald

    HTC One M8

  • Sawan K. Nag

    Any Andriod device.. :-)

  • weppekroka

    Nexus 5, of course!

  • sebastian

    cant wait for the nexus 6.

  • Matthew T

    Xperia Z3

  • Grzmisław Rzabiński

    The note 3 with the endless stylus possibilities

  • Sergei

    Nexus X (or whatever the next)

  • KEKA1997

    I’m looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Hope I’ll win the Nexus 5.

  • Andrew Bryant

    i can’t wait for the samsung galaxy note 4 and S6 also the Iphone 6

    • Andrew Bryant

      NEXUS 5 BABY!!!!!!!

  • Suhail

    Sony Xperia Z3 (and Z3 compact)

  • Tamal McDonald

    nexus 6

  • Dhruba

    Would love to get a Nexus 5 :D

  • Paula Johnson

    Note 4

  • Lucas V.

    New nexus devices and I want to see what apple has done.

  • The new Nexus definitely.

  • imthewinner

    Really love xperia z2

  • Abhinav

    I am not an android fan but I’ve heard about #Nexus5 . I’ve seen many video reviews and I am quite impressed with it. Currently I am sporting a windows phone but this thing is tempting me very much . I would in future would like to shift to android and of course that would be a #Nexus.

  • Pieraziel

    Nexus 5 rules!

  • Mikten Lama

    I need nexus 5 plz give it to me

  • Bagus

    i would love to have a oneplus one, if i can get one

  • Madankumar Balakrishnan

    Nexus 6 FTW!

  • rafaeloredina

    i am really looking forward to how the moto X+1 will turn out to be and especially it’s price

  • Harkirat Singh

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 :)

  • Zack Stewart

    Really excited for the new note! Hope it’s something different.

  • Harry Lister

    Keen to see the nexus 6!

  • albotross

    Meeeeeee plz

  • Amit

    Pure Android experience

  • Bhumi

    I own a Sony Xperia z1 Compact but would love to have this one for me.

  • Kate

    Excited for the x+1

  • Michael Johnson

    Android rocks and the Nexus 5 leads the way.

  • bill

    wooot note 4

  • Raquel Pardal

    I like the red Nexus 5.

  • Rainyboy

    really like nexus 5 becoz it enough…for me…

  • Raylin

    I really hope I get the opportunity in winning this week’s giveaway

  • the mad finn

    sony xperia z3 <3


    It is not an easy quastion. Maybe 1+1 has excited me more, because of its price and no minuses.

  • Max Nevins

    I’m excited to see the Sony xperia z3 and the new nexus phone :)

  • Fabio

    I really love Nexus 5!
    It is minimalist, powerful and friendly.
    Nexus 5 is style!

  • Chiranth

    I’m most looking forward to the nexus 9 tablet. Leaked specs wise it’s a killer combination of top of the line hardware and android L which is gonna blow all the competition away!

  • Harshit Singh


  • Sajan Shetty

    Please I need this!

  • lukasz

    I want to buy this phone my girlfriend. Please let me win this phone.

  • jakub wolinski

    oneplus two

  • Erik

    I’m really Excited about the nexus 6

  • helmi derbali

    I am excited about the note4, it will be the best.

  • Amelia Kennedy

    All Nexus are great – I’m sure the Nexus 6 will be great, but I’d love a Nexus 5!

  • Majkl Hr

    yes, one of the best, and i want it

  • Alex Nesterenko

    Waiting to see the next Nexus :)

  • Tamas Szigethy

    I really need this one :P

  • Lukas Jakubėnas

    Nexus 6 ofcourse, can’t wait for that!

  • Lukacs Evangeliuma

    c’mon man let me win this time

  • Thomas v.M.

    I’m looking forward to a non-invite/free to buy OnePlus One. :)

  • Rohan Mehta

    its about time for someone to win. THAT’s ME!
    i really hope that more phones roll out from the house or google as their basic ideology of providing the latest tech at much less cost and a future proof gadget is a thumbs up!! only thing that goes wrong among this is its or for a matter of fact any high end device is its ridiculously high prized when it enters India. every company should do to fix this , its in both company’s and buyers interest. \ //

  • Amr Azm

    Waiting for Mobile with 64 bit processors. And to win a giveaway

  • Anmol kant

    I cannot wait for the moto x+1

  • Chloe Perera

    Crossed fingers for a new phone :)

  • Vjex

    I adore LG G3…LG has really step up their game…but I am very excited about MOTO X+1…that is gonna be great device :D

  • Sankit Acharya

    i say nexus 5 and oneplus one for it customized cyanogenmod :)

  • lukasz

    My xperia Z2 is the best phone I ever have

  • Thomas Bodlaender

    I just can ‘t wait for the next Nexus phone and tablet! Especially because HTC might make the tablet!

  • Vitalija Tumė

    waiting for sony xperia :) please… ;)

  • Freddy Nieves

    i need a nexus 5

  • Atreya Bardhan

    Moto X+1 and Nexus X! Would love to what innovations Motorola brings again to the X+1.

  • Tenny Nuestro-Ursal

    I love the red!!!

  • Andrey Kupreychik

    Want to see what will be next nexus!

  • Josh

    can’t wait for xperia z3

  • Suyash Kamble

    i cant wait for nexus X

  • Juho Kiiski

    No better than Nexus

  • ben

    i’m lovin’ it

  • Marian Melinte

    Nexus 6 or Nexus X

  • bran

    Best for development!

  • mikee

    Nexus 5. Vanilla android :)

  • iamDGK

    ts Nexus 6. For next Android and the phone itself


    i want you, Nexus 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sahil

    hope i winnn

  • Sagar Modi


  • Sally

    I hope I win!

  • thelancashirecat

    Guessing I’ll be the same as a lot of other people. Nexus ‘6’

  • Deshan Silva

    I can’t wait for the Moto G2. I think that there should be more high performing budget phones out there, so anyone can afford a great experience on Android. I would LOVE a Nexus 5 though. I’m an Xperia acro S owner, and a high end smartphone would be a dream come true! Please pick me, I never win anything, and this would be the best way to start!!!

  • Anuk De Silva

    Great giveaway!

  • Ricardo Rocha

    I`m looking for Motorola X+1

  • Lawrence Amoah

    Nexus 4 damn cool. I really like Google products

  • Savio Miranda

    Can’t wait for the Nexus 6!

  • LevizX

    Moto X+1 is da phone.

  • Nyasha Mushambi

    The one plus one is truly an amazing phone

  • Sunny Jain

    nexus 6 google’s stock android

  • Jason

    Note 4!

  • sahil

    really excited for the new google phone that will come

  • aranonyx

    Really excited about the new Nexus and Android Silver line!

  • Asaf Moraz

    Best android device.

  • kocsisb98

    I’m excited about the next nexus :D

  • Petre Turcu

    Very nice.

  • David Connell

    Yes nexus 6! no bloatware

  • Mariagrazia Patania

    All nexus phones are awesome but please add memory card support!

  • Carlo

    I want it! Still the best there is!

  • Optix

    Clean Android on Nexus 5 ! :)

  • Tjalle Jacobs

    cool phone

  • Internal

    I wish I could win :3

  • Boris Rosengarten

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Aditya Yellamilli

    I love the nexus

  • Dino Ramkisoen

    Oooh…nice. Give me that please

  • Abdulla AlMarkhi

    Can’t wait for Nexus 6

  • sheldon

    Am looking to the next HTC one

  • Jason Tan

    Of course is the next nexus !

  • Amir Firdaus

    I find the Vibe X2 and Vibe Z2 to be interesting. Especially 2k HD on a 6 inch phone (the vibe Z2)

  • Ceiko

    the nexus 6

  • Ragu Ram

    NEXUS 5!!!!!! PLEASE GIVE THAT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Exec76

    Galaxy Note 4

  • Rufus101

    Nexus 5 and… I don’t know… That’s all…

  • [email protected]

    I cant wait for note 4

  • Kash Miller


  • Claudio Zhan

    Very nice

  • Darius

    I’d love to have the Samsung Galaxy S6 ! <3

  • Mystik

    Nexus 6

  • Orcan Tiryakioğlu

    i need a nexus 5

  • andri


  • I’m looking forward to the Nexus 6.

  • Connor

    I would be so lucky if I won the nexus 5 I just love how smooth and bloatfree it is. I hope I win

    King regards -Connor

  • Arvind

    Really excited about “oneplus one”, they can make a good stand in today’s market!

  • Constantin G

    The new nexus 6

  • Just to try, i don’t even like the nexus 5…

  • Lenny

    I’m really looking forward to the nexus x:)

  • matt

    I love nexus

  • Ashish Kumar

    I am really excited to own the next Nexus device. I think its a game changer. Nexus devices are the one stop power packed device one will ever need. Hope to win ! :)

  • razorgary96

    can’t wait for sony xperia z3 compact

  • Clancy

    Moto X+1 :D

  • vamsikrishna tallapudi

    I Love Nexus 5 as it is the Best way to Experience The true power Of Android with its stock Android, without any bloatware unlike others. Hey Android Authority, This One’s for me, Please :)

  • Alexandros

    Another great gift.. Thank you..

  • I’d love to see the next version of Nexus.

  • Mich

    Can’t wait for the new oneplus phone.

  • steftsabino

    Nexus 6 definitely..

  • Leong Chee Cong

    Lets win this awesome phone!

  • Andrew Cusworth

    I love the nexus range due to the fact they are running stock android and are the first to get updates. I have had a nexus 4 since just after its release but a nexus 5 would be nice


    I can’t wait for the next Nexus

  • Pierre Lampey

    I am looking foward to the nexus 6 because in the rumors they say that it has a 2k display and a 64bit processor.

  • Melvin Mun


  • Tumo Mere

    most excited for nexus 6 hopefully it has card expanssion

  • Grant Gerald Luciano

    Just WOW! i need that

  • Brendon

    OnePlus One :p

  • Mike K.

    I love Nexus 5! Good luck everybody!

  • Aaron Korsh

    Would love to win it!

  • Alejandro

    Cant wait for the note 4

  • Linus Yeong

    Well I cant buy a nexus device in my country, so why not? ;)

  • Hds

    best phone ever but hoping someone wins from India

  • Arman Keshishian

    Good luck guys!

  • Mohammed FADOUS

    Nexus 6 and Moto G2

  • Miguel Ángel Juncos Marcos

    Can’t wait to see the next Nexus, i’m very excited.

  • Benjamin

    Nice phone :)

  • Labhrás Hernon

    Nexus 6/ Nexus X

  • Yassine N’hari

    looking forward to oneplus two :D
    thanks again androidauthority

  • Faiz

    A Android Authority Phone. In Future

  • Galvin

    One Plus one!

  • Jimmy

    HTC ONE M8 great phone. Appreciate the giveaway

  • vp

    beast phone “

  • scogan

    Xperia z3

  • Razvi Filimon

    I really need that nexus :)

  • Feeth

    nexus x definitely. im almost 100% certain i will take it as soon as it comes up.

  • Ayash Ayahs

    what’s the probability that i will be getting this?

  • Andreas Jensen

    xperia z3

  • Juri

    Motorola Moto X+1

  • Osvaldo

    Nexus X

  • I am most excited about Google Nexus 6 which is going to launch Android L.

  • I’m especially looking forward to the Moto X+1. Hearing about those optical lens rumours and very good overall specs makes me excited for that one. I’m waiting for the Nexus X too, though, it’s probably based on the X+1 so it might be even better.

  • Lisa Marie

    HTC one (BEST phone EVER) with dual SIM!!

  • Alejandro

    Cant wait for the note 4 to come out

  • likeaph03nix

    I can’t wait to see the new Nexus :)

  • Wartle Sasam

    Nexus B-)

  • siddhesh keer

    “Nexus” the android heaven

  • Don

    I hope I win the Nexus 5! Big shoutout to ARM and Android Authority from the Philippines!

  • Harish M

    This is to feel only android…..!! :) Awesome

  • Nishchay Sachdeva

    I love this phone like hell! <3
    if i win this contest.. i'll be damn happy.. ill dance all night! xD
    :P i'll just hope for the best! :)

  • Tom Grieve

    the nexus phone 2014. cant wait

  • maheshn

    Cant wait for the next nexus flagship…:D

  • Josh Lopopolo

    Would be great to have one Nexus in my pokket

  • Diana Klein

    can’t wait for the Nexus 6

  • Corey O’ Dwyer

    Can’t wait for the moto x+1! The moto x was really underrated!

  • Jehan Kateli

    Looking forward to Xperia Z3!!

  • Kren

    Nexus 5

  • bmi

    very excited to see how te first smartphone with the 64bit processor and to see the Android L version

  • Nirvana4


  • ali rafiyan

    New nexus phone and tablet

  • mrx

    Saving up for g3! Though nexus 5 n one plus one are quite tempting…. :)

  • Lordin

    Need it! :P

  • Syed Sarhan

    What Android phone am I most excited about??
    nexus 5 of course, as my current smartphone is nexus 4 & I love it, would love to own nexus 5

  • Sorin

    Oneplus one :)

  • Guest

    Please select me! :)

  • Casey Eggers

    Love that red one!

  • Michael Angelo Guico

    Nexus 6!

  • Essam Arif

    What Android phone am I most excited about??

    LG G3 :3

  • Jeffrey

    Nexus 6 or X, whatever that is! Xperia Z3! :D

  • Moath Tabaza

    Wish to win this amazing phone ;)

  • Jcb123

    Nexus 6 all the way!

  • Parth

    want to win o_o !!!!

  • Wr Ah Wr

    looking for a developer device!

  • James Delchar

    Interested to see what the Note 4 will have to offer. And whether the rumours regarding the HTC M8 Prime ever come to fruition (unless they’ve been debunked…idk if they have yet).

  • ﺈﺳﻤاﻋﻳﻠ ﺈﺒﺮﮬﻴﻤ

    Waiting for Xperia Z3 <3

  • nexus_5

    Nexus 5 all the way!!!

  • Игорь Красуля

    Thank U for these giveaways!

  • Mihai Moraru

    nexus 6, of course

  • Vincent

    cant wait for Z3 aaaaaand Nexus 6!

  • Martin Verweij

    nexus 6 nexus x what ever theyre gonna call it:D

  • Koen

    Can’t wait for the new HTC flagship! I’m wondering what innovative features they’ll come up with :D
    (Also can’t wait for the HTC Smart Watch, but that doesn’t count :P

  • Rahul Prasad

    nexus 5……………………….

  • Filip Ganyicz

    Next nexus of course ^^

  • Max

    Sony Xperia Z3

  • Mark Nambatac

    nexus 100000 AHAHAHA. SONY XPERIA Z3

  • Von Carmelotes

    Can’t wait to see what Motorola-Lenovo has got.

  • Vincent

    Looking forward to the Moto x+1, September 4 come to meeee!

  • James Akister

    Nexus 6

  • Ash Marchkins

    Have the z2, mostly interested in what z3 brings to the table..

  • Марио Цинцароски

    The next Nexus is the smartphone that will take away many developer’s likes.

  • Manmit Mitbawkar

    Most excited about the One+ One

  • Filip


  • Xatwik Thor

    I am excited lg g4

  • Relax and waiting to get this nexus 5 :)

  • Majd Koshakji

    Give me my nexus 5

  • Jason Ho

    the next nexus

  • Aman Ray

    waiting for the note 4. need i say why?

  • Kneeko

    Hope Nexus 6 will be better than 5 in all ways possible :)

  • Krešimir Pangerčić

    Please pick me, i dont have smartphone! :-(

  • Random


  • Fabio Sava

    :) !!!

  • Marian Daniel Ionica

    Nexus 5 is the best

  • Avik Bhattacharyya

    nexus 6

  • Reudig

    i would love to see some real innovation in the smart phone market once again. i bet that OnePlus, Motorola or another “small” company will deliver on those innovations. i fear that big companies won’t take the risks necessary.

  • Guest

    OnePlus Two!

  • Rishabh Kothari

    I want the stock android and I have a samsung note which now really sucks and lags so please give me the Nexus 5

  • Souske

    Lg g4. That should be a nice phone

  • I love LG Google Nexus 5!!! I really want one.

  • Luka Djurdjevic

    Would be good to change the Galaxy s2 I have

  • Ishaan Rajiv

    The new Nexus iteration.

  • Gaurav Chawla

    I am looking forward for the next nexus smartphone.

  • Rafael Vasconcelos

    I’m really hoping for a great Moto X+1!

  • Oz Millman

    oneplus one

  • Daniēls Doze

    I need a new phone and Nexus 5 is the best price/performance for out there in my opinion, plus i’m a broke student and really would love to win this :)

  • Enixlight

    I’m so excited about the next sony xperia z3 :) !

  • Philip Wallette

    Motorola Nexus X :) hope it’s 5,2″ and not a 5,9″ thou!

  • Mia

    I need that Nexus 5!!!

  • Shahid Navid


  • Chetan Kakhandki

    I’m waiting for Nexus 6

  • Jessy

    i love nexus5

  • Pavle

    Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2

  • Anant Golechha

    give it to me

  • Jayw95

    Nexus 6!

  • Dhave Gatchalian


  • José Luis Moya

    One Plus One

  • Krishan Patel

    Such an excellent phone!

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Moto X+1 and Nexus 6
    Cannot wait!!!

  • Juan Mendoza

    Really Excited about the Nexus 6!

  • KG

    Nexus 6 of course!

  • Krishan Patel

    Note 4!

  • Ng Yew Teck

    Cant wait for nexus 6

  • Tobias

    Nexus 6 :)

  • Bruno Pereira

    Motorola/Google Nexus 6/X

  • Michal

    Nexus X :) Because nexus is the only one smartfon with true android… :)

  • Job David Manalang

    Im excited to see the nexus 6 (x) whatever its gonna be called :)

  • mukul

    looking for nexus 5 ..superb phone …excited about nexus 6 with upcoming new android L with more high end specs

  • Simon

    Nexus x!!

  • Constandinos

    Looking forward to the Nexus 6 :)

  • Ghanesh Karthick

    can’t wait for these phones nexus 6 and moto x+1

  • Akshay Jain

    Nexus 6

  • Nexus 6!

  • Ryan Cyrus

    New Nexus 6 or X…whatever they wanna call it :D

  • Dominic Edcel

    want thissss

  • Shrikanth

    Stock android is the best. I want this Nexus :D

  • Oskaras Stankevicius

    Cant wati to see the new Nexus 6 or whatever the new one will be :3

  • Bailey freestone

    Awesome! I want one Haha!

  • Georgian Valentin

    Sony Xperia Z2

  • rin

    Wouldn’t mind winning.

  • khaozboy

    Sony Experia Z3 must be awesome!!

  • Oj3570

    Would be a nice upgrade from my Shitty ass Lumia 520 :| Hate Windows Phone now

  • rakeshkhabiya

    ME !!!!!!

  • Dee-Ker

    Nexus 5 ftw

  • Gel XXVII

    Excited for Z3. Sony <3

  • opilitza

    It’s mine!

  • Parth Patel

    Nexus 6!!

  • Next version of Nexus is going to be awesome.

  • Hodor

    Oh man! I definitely want one of these. Hodor needs some lovin’!

  • elvi

    Nexus 6

  • Bradley Lewis

    Nexus x because it is rumoured to have 64 bit processor, 2k display and a 5.2″ display

  • Lovelol

    MOTO X2!

  • Marcu Ioan

    Can’t wait for the nexus 6

  • G.H.

    Next nexus phone

  • Hafiz Alias

    Im waiting for the nexus 6..

  • bboy jhayyar

    I am really excited about the iPhone 6!

  • uk

    The Next NeXuS

  • Mesay B.

    Can’t wait to take this phone


    Nexus 5!

  • Seth Sanderson

    The Nexus 6 is the phone that I’m really looking forward the most this year. The reason is because the Nexus Series always pack with top notch specifications and good build quality and of course first in line of newest Pure Android version plus best Android experience you will never find on any other smartphone which is something I really like about it. I’m actually saving up for the Nexus 6 but The Nexus 5 will do for me :)

  • Rice C

    The new OnePlusOne the phone is absolutely amazing value for money and still manages to be a heavy hitter!! That phone is an S5 killer. I love it.

  • Tristan

    More nexus 5 !! I want one :))

  • raf93rly

    Ofcourse the red one

  • Jeprox Magnet

    Nexus 5 simply the best.

  • Joel Verweij

    nexus 6… obviously :}

  • Yehoshua Deitel

    Excited most for the next Nexus, Moto X+1 and OnePlus One

  • Janek

    Cant wait to see the Samsung Note 4

  • Rasheed Hall

    i wanna see tjhe htc one prime

  • Osho

    i want it !!!!!!!!!!!!! pls ;_;

  • I’m waiting for the nexus x

  • Vinay kumar.B

    Nexus devices will get all android updates. So, I like them most..

  • Roel

    I’m really looking forward to the xperia z2

  • Vinay

    Nexus is always ahead in the herd, it is the first smartphone to get latest updates. I’m going to win this.

  • Dolev Isaac

    Cant wait to see the Google nexus 6/x

  • Nguyen Quang Huy

    Simply love it

  • HelpfulRPGHero

    Be awesome to win this, ive never owned a smartphone! Good luck everyone!

  • Viral Kadam

    would love to have one…been wanting it for soo long

  • Kenton Benfield

    At least with the Nexus 5, I would have had the latest version of Android instead of being stuck on 4.3 on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II.

  • Allan Skipper

    Just need a 6 inch nexus running android plz…

  • Liam Robson

    cant wait for the note 4

  • Filip Cernak

    I would love to win nexus 5! :)

  • Mario Felaco

    Vanilla Android always :)

  • paras mokha

    I want nexus 6 but give that nexus 5 for now

  • Vicente

    I’m definetly lookng forward for the note 4

  • M Shehzan Mohtesham

    Now, I am really looking forward for OPO.
    otherwise Nexus is also great, I will be looking forward for next nexus. Thanxs.

  • Greg B

    Yo yo yé

  • arpit


  • Βασιλης Βασιλειος

    I love Nexus series!

  • Davey Kulter

    Nexus fan, want a Nexus 5 :D looking forward to the Nexus 6

  • aerostride

    I’m most excited about the Project Ara phones.

  • I’m the most excited about the new Motorola phone (dubbed X+1). Since Google’s acquisition or Motorola, I like their devices, I hope Lenovo does not give it a complete overhaul again.

  • Daniel Saucedo

    ID LOVE A NEXUS 5! One ticket please.

  • LordOfShitSkins

    I’m looking forward to see the new nexus/google device :)

  • Claire Nutman

    Oneplustwo………anticipating big tings x

  • stalematee

    Cant wait to see the Moto X+1

  • Marc Sarri

    Yay Another givaway!!!

  • Mirza Arnaut

    Just and amazing phone, love it and want it :3

  • Vineet Beniwal

    one nexus 5 please..!

  • Anant van den Berg

    nexus 6 is really cool

  • Mohamed Clio

    Iphone 6


    I love nexus 5

  • Alex

    Nexus 5 is comfortable to hold, the display looks great, it’s extremely fast, and it never slips up or stutters.

  • marinos gal

    Awesome giveaway!!!!

  • Nerijus Bukartas

    My girlfriend also wants N5! It iš that great!

  • Michael O.

    Android Authority rocks!

    • Michael O.

      And at the moment the Nexus 5 is the best phone, because it gets the newest Updates first and all bug fixes and it doesn’t lag at all

  • Ryan Raven

    I’d love a free N5 since my S4 is done for!

  • Ken Garcia

    Nexus 5 is my dream phone

  • Joseph Martinez

    I can’t wait to see the HTC ONE M9!!
    – ps. i never win :/

  • Novee Edicto

    Xperia z3

  • Anthony K. Twumasi

    Looking forward to the Samsung galaxy S6 :)

  • Sinoùù MiLèw

    Samsung galaxy S6 of course

  • Mick

    The note 4,the leader in the spec war!

  • julio estevez

    The xperia z3 is actually the phone thad im most excited to see

  • August Krebs Hessellund

    Can’t wait to see/get the new htc one :)

  • Anas L


  • Mike Newitt

    Don’t know. Don’t have one.

  • Greg B

    The future ones from HTC. I like their design guideline

  • Dako

    Most excited about Nexus 6.

  • hamza

    Always trust a man in a big white van.

  • Akshath

    The Next Necus ;)

  • Ricardo Hassan

    I am waiting for the nexus6 aka shamu aka NX

  • Erick

    I can’t wait to see the next Nexus phone! :)

  • Dave Squires

    Nexus X and Note 4

  • David Loanzon

    I’m most excited for the the next nexus device. Lots of talk about it having the K1. That should really make it a beast of a machine.

  • KeptDream

    Galaxy Note 4

  • ed wilson

    nexus x

  • KicktheKidS

    Must.. Have..

  • Anupam Majhi

    I already have Nexus 4. But I want this tooo ..*evilgrin*

  • јυṉÿυαṉ.

    Looking forward to seeing Android Silver devices, just to see how well Android L will run on some low-end phones~

  • Alphaeus

    Mine! :D

  • fifthtaker

    Moto x 1 !

  • Gintech

    Well, I hope google or samsung buys over apple so that we can get iphones with android OS :3

  • Alphaeus

    I’m looking forward most to the Galaxy Note 4! The S Pen is sexy!

  • tarik

    Note 4

  • Anju Drew

    great giveaway, hoping to see the next nexus gadget. thank you.

  • Guest

    Nexus 6, of course

  • mauritsd

    Hope I win!

  • Airell Almario Cidro

    Someday I’ll win !!

  • Ramtin Mesgari

    Android L

  • Carl Valbuena

    Nexus 5!!

  • Anthony

    excited for the next nexus

  • Rahul

    Nexus 6 with Android L!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Haven’t had a phone in a year so I hope I win

  • Isaiah Lee

    cant wait for lg g3

  • ashish

    Google <3

  • hennie williams


  • me waiting for mi4

  • Kilstor

    Nexus 6

  • Craig Dowdall

    The Nexus X for the Price/Performance Ratio

  • Darius T.

    iphone 6

  • Nikhil

    Obviously nexus 6.

  • daniel

    Absoloutely amazing this nexus 5. With the promise of the quickest timely updates you really can’t go wrong. Especially with android lollipop on the way.

  • Vijolite

    Can’t wait for nexus 6

  • Alexandroid

    Since when is my Nexus 5 64-bit capable??

  • Cristian Cernescu

    Nexus5 / OnePlus One / Note 4

  • reymart

    I wish I have this nexus 5
    This is an awesome phone

  • Niño Niel Manulat

    I was wondering how a 64 bit smartphone performs. :-)

  • Great Giveaway, hope to have a chance!

  • Luqman Halim

    Nexus 6.

  • Collinson Prince Alphonse

    right now i’m waiting on motorola’s shamu (nexus 6) my two favorite models motorola phones and nexus devices :D finally back together that battery life will be killer!!!! if its anything like the droid line up battery, the tech in motorola’s battery saving is by far the best. and the voice commands would boast well for a nexus device with the material design that is intuitive as the moto x

  • Dipto

    nexus x

  • Maris

    I’m excited to see what will be on the iPhone 6

  • John Conatser

    Had a nexus 5 and sold it. Regret it to this day:(

  • Raven

    I could really use some stock lovin

  • Jacob Swetmore

    Moto X+1!!!

  • abhi shrikhande


  • Jeanfrancois Joseph

    One plus one.k zoom. Lumia 5 !

  • amtzone

    nexus 6 and note 4…hope got chance to win this time… :D

  • arslan

    i know i wont win……….

  • Jasper Sebastian

    Android L

  • Dragos Lucian

    I’m waiting to see the Nexus 6. I think it’s gonna be awesome.

  • Lumberjack003

    dude the xperia z3 is like the phone im most looking forward to

  • Public_Enemy52

    Nexus 5

  • Thirumurugan Rathakrishnan

    Pure android experience from the nexus 5

  • paul H

    Nexus 5 is a good looking device!

  • Filip

    New Nexus.

  • Desent Wasi

    Nexus 5

  • Czifra János

    I very like it! I need it!!!!! *_*

  • Nexus 6 is obviously the one to look out for ;)

  • Chunx~

    C’mon… Nexus! 3 years strong, my Galaxy S2.

  • Guest

    Great contest. Hopefully I win :)

  • Jason Wong

    I just want it.


    i really like to see future flagships of one plus one

  • shafiq

    nexus 6

  • Corey B

    Nexus 5 be wanting 1 for ages

  • Rui Abelha

    I hope i win if you guys do one with xperia Z3 xD

  • ryan c

    definitely leaving a comment! woot woot nexus 5

  • Stephen

    I’m most excited about the Android Silver phones, whatever they may be. They seem pretty interesting.

  • Mateusz Skrzela

    I’m most excited about LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  • Xbossman

    Nexus 6 Will be “the next big thing”

  • Byron Adonay

    I already have one. Wouldn’t mind having another :P

  • Christoph A

    i want to see the the next one by one plus. maybe the two…

  • Luigi Puno

    Cant w8 for nexus 6

  • JC Dizon

    I like pies and a Nexus 5.

  • Rishabh

    Can’t wait for Nexus 6

  • Shriraj

    Give it to me already!

  • Dalibor Stanković

    Moto X+1 and Nexus X…

  • Jay Warren

    Gotta love android authority

  • Javad Kashefi

    Project Ara

  • Migui Mendoza

    Nexus 6

  • Miloš Jakovljević

    Can’t wait for next Nexus phone.

  • Tomer Yehoshua

    HTC one m9

  • Dablek

    Nexus 6

  • Guest

    I want that Nexus 5!

  • Ramón E. Fernández

    I can’t wait for the Note 4

  • Malek Kassem

    it will be a awesome

  • Andrei

    I can`t wait to try the Note 4

  • Mohnish Daryanani

    nexus 5 is the best!

  • Refai96

    I’ll give it a try, thanks.

  • Dreagosh

    i am excited for the oneplus one , and i cant wait to see the next oneplus phone

  • Nikola


  • Манчевски С.

    Note 4

  • jatin iyer

    i want it

  • Nick Vyle

    Can’t wait to see the XZ3 Compact

  • lean

    This in my hands!..:)

  • MrDatacable

    I am excited about Note 4 :D

  • bruckwine

    Can’t wait I love the freedom of using a nexus

  • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

    Nexus series rocks

  • Alex

    I need this thing)

  • Moussa


  • meiravtk

    The Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition sounds very interesting but I would have to give it to the Nexus 6.

  • Sofia Patoulidou

    Nexus 6!!!

  • Pero

    Nexus all the way

  • Couldn’t be bothered with the Xperia Z3… All it’s gonna be is a Z2 with slightly better specs. And as an Android fanboy I don’t care much for the next gen iPhone though it’s nice to see Apple finally make use of NFC and notification LEDs. What I am looking forward to though is the One (M9) if that’s what it’s going to be called. Let’s hope HTC sees some sense and upgrades that paltry 4 “Ultrapixel” shooter at the back.

  • Jordi Gordillo

    The new Nexus!

  • Shubhang Tiwari

    I just want this device!!!!!!

  • So, here I am, trying to make a good friend the best day of her life. I want to see her play with the apps. :)

  • Ajay Kumar

    Nexus 6

  • j4m3z

    Waiting for Nexus 6!

  • Tom Muir

    New Moto X

  • Adis Mešić

    Nexus 6 or X or whatever it’s going to be called

  • CraigA97

    I currently own a broken iPhone 4 (don’t hate me) but I’ve been wanting an android device for quite some time now. I’m mostly looking forward to the Nexus 6 as it could improve what the Nexus 5 didn’t quite perfect. Whether it be the poor battery life, average camera or the average speakers, the Nexus 6 could address these problems and become one of the best phones on the market.

  • Calin

    Nexus 6

  • Marcin

    Moto X+1

  • eagerly waiting for #xiaomi mi pad

  • Mark Maranon

    I’m waiting for either the Nexus 6 or the iPhone 6!

  • Julz

    Xiaomi Mi 4 in the PH.

  • Christopher Cheong

    Nexus 5 is a gorgeous phone…looks even better in my hand!

  • chintan choksi

    Can’t wait to win the Nexus 5 and to see the upcoming Note 4

  • Ali Mohammed

    Xperia Z 3

  • Tóth Richárd

    I’m waiting for the next nexus device.

  • Wan Mohd Amir Asyraf

    Well.. No Phone perfect, just Nexus 5 suits me for now…

  • OnePlus one NO 1

  • Rich Paige

    Nexus 6 or note 4

  • Syeduzzaman

    The iPhone 6 because it mainly the screen
    And also the nexus 6 because of android L

  • Emanuele Martini

    I’m a Nexus user, curious to see the next one

  • nebsif

    Samsung Akbar

  • carpov alexandru

    this time, i will surely win :)

  • Aditya Gaikwad

    Pure android experience with nexus is the best thing !!!!!!

  • uechy

    Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 yah, iPhone I think Apple i going to surprise

  • TrannelLennart

    can´t wait to see the next nexus

  • Tracey Peach

    The Nexus 5

  • Robbie Rowland

    I can’t wait for any phone with the 64 bit Tegra K1 to launch! I’m expecting nvidia to make one, but I don’t care who does it – I just want to play GameCube games on a portable device!

  • Ashwin Francis

    looking forward for sony xperia z3 and the new sony smartwatch 3

  • Margaret Chong

    I want to win this awesome phone!! Nexus will always rock the latest cutting edge tech!

  • Ara

    Galaxy note 4
    Metal samsung galaxy s6

  • chintan choksi

    Can’t wait for the amazing Nexus 5 to be in the palm of my hand and also can’t wait to see the upcoming Note 4

  • Varun Doshi

    nexus x

  • Cian Kavanagh

    Can’t wait for the Motorola moto G2 and the Sony xperia Z3 !!! But mainly the moto G2 because I should be able to afford it :D

  • Βασίλης

    I want to see what this HTC desire 510 will be all about. But I’m mostly curious about nexus 6.

  • Keith Dela Providencia

    i wanna see the galaxy note 4, it’ll be spec’d out i bet.. i mean i know

  • Vishant Sharma

    I hope I win this and I am looking forward to nexus 6 because this is the phone which will define where is android heading towards

  • scofildo

    so beautiful, i like this phone.

  • Kacpar

    Nexus 5!

  • Shane Hastings

    Can’t wait for the Next Nexus device. I really don’t care about many other manufacturer devices with their skins.

  • Sweggy

    The Sony xperia z3!

  • Gonzalo

    So excited for the Moto X+1!

  • Samuel Trew

    Galaxy note 4 ftw!

  • zst123

    Nexus 6!

  • Agnis

    Next Nexus of course :)

  • Adrian

    The nexus 5 will be my first android smartphone.

  • zdravkelja

    Sony Xperia Z3

  • sanjeevkhatoi

    I love nexux 5

  • Mathieu Vercruysse

    I’m really looking forward to the samsung note 4!!

  • Chris Greenland

    Great give away again android authority. Nexus 5 really is a great phone. Can’t wait for the nexus 6 though !

  • Siyabonga Siya Moss

    The next nexus phone and the oneplus one

  • Vache Mkrtichi

    happy up coming workers day

  • AKJ

    Is the Nexus 5 better than Xiaomi Mi4?

  • G13NN H

    HTC M8 Prime, hope they sort the camera out…

  • Chris

    Love Nexus 5!!!

  • Ravi Sivasothilingam

    New HTC One (M9?)

  • T.J.

    I’m looking forward to the Nexus 6 and the Moto X+1.


    want use stock android phone cause still using normal phone pls let me get em nexus device

  • Dan

    Hope google continues the nexus line for the foreseeable future. These are great devices at great prices

  • Mateusz Mórawski

    Looking forward to the Note 4

  • Andrew Kim S. Pahutan

    Z3 > Note 4 > Mi 4


  • Rameez

    I want this fone. Nexus 5 FTW

  • Sam Berger

    Nexus 5 for the win!!!

  • I’m really to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has to offer!

  • Bob Ghosh

    I am kinda excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4…

  • Suciu Andrei

    definitely the next Nexus :)

  • Nexus 5 .. Always been on my WISHLIST :’)

  • Korey

    IFA looks extremely exciting this year

  • Emil


  • Vanna Chhet


  • Ezcer James Eusebio

    The best phone nexus 5 cant wait to see the nexus 6. :)

  • Deac Cristian

    I want a xiaomi mi4

  • Mihir

    exicted about the nexus 6 and moto x+1… as well as the future phones from one plus…….

  • Amit

    i am excited the forthcoming moto x+1 :D

  • Aleksandar-Saša Popović

    Best one out there yet :)

    lg g4 gives me sparks ;)

  • Rui Lourenço

    Great smartphone

  • The future phone of oneplus one

  • ilganoob

    I really Like Samsung galaxy s5

  • Jm Valino


  • Noam Silvy

    I’m excited about the next Nexus !

  • Kamen Minkov

    Nexus 6 maybe…

  • Omer

    I am really looking forward to Nexus 6 and Sony Xperia Z3 … but I really want to know what others have to offer: Samsung Note 4 and also iPhone 6 if its any special compared to Android flagships

  • Joe McKay

    I love the nexus 5 because it has stock android , I’m looking forward to the xperia z3 because I love the z2 and the z3 will be better !

  • Abdul

    Nexus 5

  • BooLeiU

    The OnePlus One!!! I’m happy to have one in my hands.

  • Samy Hamdane

    Xperia Z3 Compact

  • derpenxyne

    Nexus 6!

  • Ahemm

    Still using my trusty old Nexus 4! Looking forward to the Nexus 5!

  • sanjeevkhatoi

    Nexus 5 rocks!!

  • Sushant Gulati

    Moto X+1 is the boy to wait for!

  • Utkarsh

    Hope to win
    It’s probably one I would pick if I had the choice

  • Adhiraj Lamba

    I’m currently using Moto x
    Can’t wait to see what Moto x+1 have in store for us

  • Adam Varga

    im really excited about the iphone 6 :)

  • Sajan Kirpal

    waiting for nexus 6

  • rcazador

    Nothing like a Nexus!

  • Erik

    Nexus 6!

  • Tobias

    Nexus 5 is a great phone. enough power to run everything fast and smooth an small enough to fit in small hands! :-D

  • RoGelio Galanto De Castro

    I love nexus 5 cause it’s fast and sleek!and i want to have it coz that’s my wish.Since September is “Septechber” i’m looking ahead for the upcoming galaxy note 4 and xperia z3 on IFA 2014.

  • JunkyPonY

    Can’t wait for the next Nexus

  • Sacha Obado

    I am most excited about the Xiaomi 4 and the Moto X+1 as well as the Oppo Find 7a

  • ajay b

    Waiting for Moto X+1

  • Veebha Nale

    nexus 6 !

  • Gabriel Sanchez

    Moto X+1, Nexus 6… please, just stop doing huge phablets and keep with the 5″ screens. :D

  • Nikhil

    Note 4

  • Driller

    Nexus x!!!!

  • Noy

    Note 4

  • Nukos Mananquil

    Sony Xperia Z3

  • firerock

    Nexus 5!! Hope I get one.

  • Anoop Poojari

    Nexus 6 ofc

  • Andrey

    Im Looking forward to Nexus 6!

  • Jessie

    I want to win, and probably won’t.

  • Jonathan Davies

    Such a good phone.

  • woilso


  • Dragos

    this it the perfect phone :X

  • Alex Bolza

    I’m excited to get a Mi4 soon

  • Navaneet

    New Nexus

  • thatguy3223


  • Davideandr3

    It’s been a long time waiting to win one of this … Hope i will on this . i have an Xperia Z1 that leaked in water & the screen now needs a replacement but it’s hella expensive !!!

    Need a new phone to bring me back out there into the world & continue on my photography !

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    Note 4 .

  • castel

    I am really excited about the rumored Galaxy Edge. If the plastic curved OLED display will have the same capabilities as the normal one and alongside the right specs and design this phone could really bring something new and refreshing to the market which the LG G Flex and the Galaxy Round failed to deliver

  • Gene Kwong

    The Xperia Z3

  • Pedro Nieto

    Oh nice

  • Flo

    this is awesome!!!

  • Jessie

    I want it.

  • szasz

    N5 gr8 giveaway !!!

  • Nick Gallone

    Nexus 6!

  • Caesar

    I want to win nexus 5. So I can get the latest purest Android experience.

  • Marc

    Need my flagship killer back!!!! Bought the OPO and I am dying to get my Nexus back.

  • Clayton Camilleri

    samsung galaxy note 4

  • Andjela Dubljevic

    Nexus 5 is an awesome phone, and the red one looks absolutely stunning! Of course, any android phone is better than my Nokia e75, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this!

  • Sudhanshu Shekhar

    Nexus 5 is undoubtedly the best android smartphone available in its price range. Its features make it desirable even now when there is a lot of choices available. The next Nexus,if happens, will be a flagship-killer.

  • Ultratonic

    Oh, I need that nexus so much.

  • Mehmet

    iphone 6 just kidding :) xperia z3 or note 4

  • David Mitchell

    Nexus 5 is great, my wife needs one

  • Revo Sambora

    Dang another of this joints I love it. But I never win maybe because my friend don’t care and don’t want to join in this giveaway and maybe my age is only 14 and Indonesia never win anything. But I still love Indonesia.

  • Thameem Abbas

    I’m waiting for the next nexus whatever be its name
    Nexus devices are pretty much the maximum any user is gonna need

  • Agathos

    The next nexus, of course!

  • Abdul Nomaan

    Nexus 6

  • Batman Tamu

    The upcoming Nexus phone & the next HTC One flagship

  • Jedrik Zamoranos

    Nexus ><

  • Adriana F

    I love it when you give your fans giveaways :)

  • jo johnson

    Looking forward to the next Sony Experia Z3

  • Niklas S.

    Of course the Nexus 6 ;)

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    I love nexus5 becaus of its PureAndroid experience . I used my cousin.s Nexus5 & it was like so awesome and when i used my friend’s Note3 i noticed that it hanged some times when i asked him he said yes it does but i noticed no such incident when i used Nexus5 even when playing big games. I am looking Nexus6 if it comes indeed. But i’l be more than happy if i win this Nexus5 because i can’t afford to buy it & like they say Something is better than Nothing

  • Filip Žužić

    I’m looking forward to the next Nexus phone.

  • oikonomp

    Nexus 6 or Nexus X as they’ ll call it? We’ ll see!

  • No doubt, it is the Nexus 6

  • Lois Eaton

    Excited to see the Galaxy Edge

  • Kshitij Mukhiya

    xperia z3 please

  • Joona Andersson

    Sony xperia z3!

  • Tasos Tselepatiotes

    Nexus 6

  • Ee Zhang Chuan

    Lucky me.

  • Fabio

    Nexus 5 is the best phone because si very fast ,with excellent Full HD display and Google Experience

  • Rafly Zaidan

    I hope i can win thisss.

  • Damon.C

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Rushan

    I’m in

  • Jan

    Nexus 5

  • Just someone

    Nexus 5 is Nexus 5 no phone can be like it

  • Mahmood

    I’m looking forward to Note 4

  • Sanjay Babu

    Nexus 5 is a true Nexus.

  • Hendrik Henrikson

    Nexus 6

  • shalom

    Looking forward to the Note 4.

  • Danny

    I’m really eager to see, how the next Nexus, 6 that is, is gonna look like and which new features or hardware it’s going to have

  • Matthew Chow

    All hail Nexus!

  • Sean Burns

    I’m looking forward to the next gen moto g!

  • Petraru Alexandru

    Nexus line always

  • Stavroula Dro


  • Edson

    Nexus 5 is the best one!

  • Prabhjot Singh

    New Nexus- The God of android devices!!!!

  • Binit Sthapit

    waiting for xperia z3

  • Seafox

    Nexus 6

  • zan

    The new nexus/stuff with 64 bit procesors

  • Teppo Kinttula

    Nexus all the way!

  • GRH

    Nexus 5 ;)

  • philip

    Hmm! Maybe THIS time :/

  • Alex Fischer

    Nexus 5 with ARM inside is the way an Android phone should be !

  • jo

    Nexus 6

  • Jerrold Tubay

    I need this nexus!

  • angelo villanueva

    :) still waiting….

    • Dan Taylor

      Nexus 6: Blade Runer convergence edition

  • Emil Larsson

    Nexus an awesome device… i really want to see what the note 4 offers

  • Muskan Shrestha

    Note 4!

  • Σταύρος Σπανίδης

    I’m most excited about the upcoming experia z3 <3

  • bryan deris

    I’m excited about Oneplus One!

  • Ankush Jadhav

    Can’t wait for the next nexus featuring the ‘L’ version of Android.

  • OnePlus One!

  • Ziq IY

    Without The Nexus 5 (The Best Android Smartphone),I’m Nothing.

  • saadBSL

    I will try now and forever ! :D

  • Adhiraj Lamba

    moto x+1

  • All nexus phones!!!

  • Mohnish

    Note 4…!!!

  • Jas Per

    Note 4 still excites me though.

  • Diogo

    Accio Nexus 5!

  • Adam Lehodey


  • Shehryar Khan

    Nexus x (the new nexus phone)

  • boby

    Still waiting the new Nexus series

  • ashleigh allan

    nexus 6!

  • marco radaelli

    I’m looking forward to the next nexus phone because i love stock android. The current nexus 5 is still a killer phone tho.

  • Haim

    LG G3!

  • Lisa Everaert

    I’m excited about Oneplus One

  • Terradart

    One plus one ;)

  • Thinus

    Samsung Galaxy S69 :P

  • mm852

    Looking forward to Nexus 6!

  • Safouane Boudakkou

    The note 4 is my most anticipated

  • Tekkent Solacito

    Nexus 6! Can’t wait for Android L as well as the proper hardware to support and nobody does it better than Google. Nexus devices always seem to surprise us with very good hardware and a competitive price.

  • Marc

    Ohh oneplus one forever and the phones why are coming of the company. Also, I haven’t a nexus in my life but nexus are also awesome.

  • Levi Wakeford

    NOTE 4 :D

  • Bakabanana

    I never won – –

  • Waleed Alasmari

    sony xperia Z3

  • Blowntoaster

    The Nexus 5 is still one of the greats that can hold its own against 2014 flagships.
    Looking forward to the Note 4 though. That should be an exciting device as always.

  • Edson

    Nexus 5 is in my dreams!

  • Minecraftguy 101

    I like the nexus 5

  • Vidhya Garan

    Fastest android upgrades.

  • Rafael Augusto

    Nexus 6

  • Polys Antoniou

    Nexus 6

  • Farid Mifthahul Rozaq

    The Next Nexus, Whatever it is :D

  • Vinay

    nexus 5.. <3

  • Prem Shrestha

    Xperia Z3

  • Jose R. Dominguez

    AA is the best!!!!

  • Paul

    I’d love to win a new Nexus 5, mine just met it’s untimely demise. Such a great handset, it’s fast, it looks great, and it’s got the clean Android experience. The Android L Developer Preview looked awesome too, it’s definitely one of my favourites.

  • Patryk Zydroń

    Can’t wait to see new Galaxy Note for the 4th time!

  • Sasha Pravikov

    excellent phone!
    good luck everyone :)

  • Nexus_Guy

    looking forward to Nexus 6

  • Gustav Magnusson

    I’m excited about the One Plus One

  • James

    The note 4!

  • salim malek

    Thank you androidauthority for this giveaway :D

  • CondorMan

    Would like one to go with my Nexus 7(2013) tablet…..Google is the one for me .

  • itai_marom

    xperia z3

  • Alvir Souto Neto

    Moto X+1 is going to be awesome

  • Mrin

    Waiting for Android L! In a Nexus 6 ofcourse! :P

  • Irah Meakin-Wong

    I’m looking forward to the newest nexus, I hope it’s as well priced as the nexus 5.

  • Imtiaz Rizby

    Nexus 6.

  • Anthony Joachim

    This is a great giveaway. The Nexus 5 is a pretty good phone. The specs are nice.

  • فيصل الملاحي

    i am excited about iphone 6

  • John Smith

    Count me in!

  • Veda sanil

    Waiting for nexus 6

  • Nikhil

    Looking forward to Nexus 6 and Moto X+1….because I like stock android..

  • Aws Salah Al-mukhtar

    Sony xperia z3 is the best

  • Like nearly everybody else, I’d really love to see the next Nexus phone.

  • Daniel Wilenius

    Nexus 6 :)

  • Aaron Cross

    Here’s to another failed entry guys.

  • AM

    Nexus 6 or Silver

  • NEXUS 5 :)

  • I am really excited about Nexus 6….!!!!! the one plus one is also another phone that gives me the chillzzzzzz

  • Jesus Olivera

    the best for me are the oneplus One and the nexus 5 cause of their profit/price ratio.

  • Petar Jembrek

    nice :)

  • Marc Teixidó San José

    Pure AOSP in the blood

  • Jason

    The LG G3 looks impressive but I can’t wait to see what the next Nexus device will be.

  • Jehan

    Waiting for the next nexus phone.

  • Besart Islami

    Oppo Find 7

    Nexus 5
    OnePlus One

  • Lawson Kwek

    Can’t wait to see the Note 4. Read that people are hoping that Samsung removes the capacitive buttons but I disagree. Samsung should stick to their capacitive buttons. More screen estate.

  • Priyadarshi Das

    Really A Unparalleled Gadget – A Hot Cake For All Tech Lovers

  • anthony

    Can’t stop fwding this one…..
    Alia Bhatt Always thought that.

    Dino Morea is son of Ganpati Bappa Morea

  • Ritesh Kumbala

    Excited about the Nexus X

  • Khol

    Nexus 6

  • Louise

    I don’t know, can’t wait to see Sony xperia z3

  • Akhan Masala

    Nexus 5! Awesome phone right there

  • Andrew Garrabrant

    Htc one m9!

  • dule_lfc

    nexus 6

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    The Nexus 5

  • girish hinduja

    Can’t wait for Motorola Moto x+1

  • Dave Wilson

    Galaxy Note 4 easily

  • Jignesh108

    I love Nexus <3

  • Paul Grigoras

    I’m exited about the new Moto X, also, I’m curious what the rumored Moto Shamu will turn out to be.

  • Noclpro

    Xiaomi mi4 is what i am looking forward to

  • edisom

    nexus 6 all the way

  • Jolanz Rodrigo

    Nexus 6! :D

  • Rahul Gautam

    craving 4nexus5#

  • Callum Parton

    Looking forward to the Moto X +1

  • Ericson Dimaunahan

    looking forward for nexus 6!

  • Ismail Bahhane

    Nexus 6 Yay

  • Muhammad Daniel

    well, I thinks it’s a big step on smartphone technology for finally adopt x64 processor, it will support bigger RAM and can do many other cool stuff :D

  • Niklas G.

    Xperia Z3. Definetely :)

  • Kahi Keimah

    excited about this product only

  • Ilja

    The Moto X+1 :)

  • Adithya A Menon

    Nexus 5!!!

  • Alexandru Socol

    Must say, Note 4.

  • kel

    Nexus are good phones
    Only prob is the storage

  • Pedro Oliveira

    The Moto X+1 is what I’m waiting for, seems to be preety good!

  • Javier Orellana Rivas

    Well i’m excited about the LG G3 but here in bolivia it’s almost imposible to get :/

  • Raj Shekhar Bahuguna

    Anupam bhai tere liye :)

  • Gautam Lakum

    Nexus 5, the best phone still! It is my thinking. Waiting for next Nexus.

  • Anil Kumar

    Nexus 5 is best because it’s a google product……

  • valter

    Nexus 5

  • martin_64

    Maybe this time I’ll win.

  • I can’t wait to see the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact!

  • Ido Shamriz

    I am excited about the Sony Xperia 3.. Sony is an amazing company with great phones and I like to see what is going be there :)

  • Harsh Gandhi

    Nexus 6

  • Bilal Khaliq Baig

    Excited about the upcoming Nexus :)

  • mahyar mostowfi

    great giveaway!

  • Sander De Bruyker

    I’m really excited about the OnePlus One,

  • Anupam Majhi

    Of course I want Nexus 5!! Its Google after all … Hardware specs are cool and reliable .. I really want it bad (yes, being a Nexus 4 owner too) .. Hail Android!!

  • Bhavini Jain

    Smart phone nexus 5!

  • Sachin

    Nexus X/Nexus Shamu/ Nexus 6 FTW!

  • Dheeraj Kumar

    Note 4 and i love Sony Device so , Z3 and Xiaomi or one plus future phone

  • Jeffrey

    Nexus 5! I want you so bad! Would be a early birthday gift which is coming this september 14. #androidauthorityiwantthenexus5sobad

  • the next nexus 5 or maybe nexus 6/x i dont know ,but im looking forward for the nexus product that google has made a great job making it since nexus 4 and yet the best os andorid l will come along with it and thats make even more like ,the improvement of nexus keep going better and better ,the build quality well it’s not M8 that has gorgeous 90% metalic material but the simple design of nexus make it not just good but elegant yeah i think im very exited to see the nexus.. thanks

  • Tarek Bali

    Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 or 9

  • Daniel Duran

    Next nexus!

  • janukss

    Next Nexus phone



  • Ross Howard

    I can’t wait for the note 4 it looks good

  • Arif Matin


  • Jan Erik Praks

    Sony xperia z3 for sure

  • JustBe Dids

    My galaxy nexus is getting a bit long in the tooth…I would love the younger nexus :)

  • Ashik Hasan

    Red hot nexus!!

  • Alexander Genvarev

    Nexus 5

  • Chitrank Korrapati

    Every single week… What is life?

    • Every time :D …

      • Stephen Lomo

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    • Guest

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      • Stephen Lomo

        One hole is okay… it makes it a lil more harder. are u up for the challenge?:)

        • One hole is way too hard.. :( , but i am up for the challenge ;) :)

    • Mohamed Sayyaf


    • Unknown

      Hahaha. I see you using my gif :D. At least change the comment though… it’s the same exact thing I said 2 weeks ago. Be a little more creative. ;)

      • MasterMuffin

        Sue this bastard!!

        • Unknown

          Im going ‘Apple’ on his ass. Sue that crap out of him.

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            That’s a good one, I’m gonna “samsung” that lol

        • Jesse

          So aggressive

          • MasterMuffin

            Just a joke. Peace and love <3

          • Biyi

            Really anticipating the HTC Desire 820 to see the chipset it contains. PSYCHED

          • Ton Ortega

            can someone explain how can i get 10 ticket entry..??

          • Daffa Alif Pratama

            If you refer someone to the giveaway using your link and that person joins the giveaway. FYI, You will not get information on how many people you have referred. It all happens in the backend.

        • Jayfeather787

          MasterMuffin always knows what to do.

          • Dimitris Klimis

            Apple see, Apple do.

        • Chitrank Korrapati

          It’s just a comment right! huh?

      • mtanashati

        Hahah! So true! For the past 6 months for me!

        • Umy

          Fingers crossed tho!

          • Dario Barberis


      • Clément

        So true !

      • Jhan-Michael Lyons

        It’s the best form of flattery….

      • Fiddle Castro


      • Gerald


      • Guy

        Nice gif.

      • Chitrank Korrapati

        LOL! Couldn’t help it!

      • Chitrank Korrapati

        I regret it though! Will be more creative next time! Thanks for the advice! :D

      • Chitrank Korrapati

        Edited! :D

    • Sange Pedley

      I know this feeling all too well…….

    • Bushido Brown

      i know that feel

    • Kamil Dąbrowski

      Every time :D

    • Jhan-Michael Lyons


    • clapton86


    • Walner Mercado

      so true…

    • Zaki H.

      Haha this is excellent.

    • vjol Di Avolo

      Every single week… What is life?

      • john paletz

        yeah its impasible

      • Pratik

        Have seen this gif on forum multiple times but it still cracks me up

      • Eduardo Patricio

        hehehe love thig gif!

      • Leopoldp

        nice. hehe.

      • louis

        so true hehehe

      • HOUSS-M ☪ ܢܢ

        exactly… xD

      • Luiz Antônio Lourenço


    • Gabriel Ortiz

      Same thing happens to me.

    • Yves d’Esprit

      i feel that all the time.

    • OhDarn

      Haha. You are right bro

    • Milton Gomez

      Week after week, month after month :P

    • mohannad

      ikr XDD

    • sportsfan07

      Love the GIF

    • Stefan Clarinval

      Perfect! (:

    • Upendra Sugathadasa

      Amen!!! :D

    • Dylan Scott

      someone posts this every giveaway

    • VimalJ


    • diego

      great!! I feel the same way!!

    • kratonator

      Give this man…a cookie!

    • I feel the same :( How many times I need to enter into giveaway to win one! “Endless loop”….

    • Zeshan Momin

      so true

    • Zachbrolo

      Every time.

    • you know

  • Avtar Rekhi

    Can’t wait for the galaxy note 4 – 4gb ram + QHD display = gaming/media heaven!

  • omri ofek

    i’m most excited about the oneplus one i think he will change the face of the market in an amazing way. but first they need to get rid of this stupid buying system.

  • nofcking

    htc one m9

  • Jaimie Rector

    I would use it

  • looking forward to see nexus 6

  • Jonathan Lim

    Stock android.. The only way to go :D

  • Phil Entropist

    Next Nexus running the android L would be …wuhooooo !!

  • Elliott Strandman

    I cant wait for the Nexus 5 to come out if it does :D And if not i cant wait for samsung galaxy note 4 :D

  • Arun Kumar

    Give me a Xperia Z2 :P

  • Ceda Petrovic

    I’m looking forward for the next oneplus phone

  • Alexander

    Well, perhaps its iphone 6 and next phone of htc butterfly series!

  • Nexus 6 for sure!

  • Pranav

    has anybody from India ever won a giveaway???

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    Nexus 6


    Can’t wait to see the next Nexus Phone ! :D

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    I’m Excited for the NEXUS 6!!!

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    I’m waiting to see the Sony Xperia Z3

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    I am looking forward to a new Nexus 6, it will be epic. Currently using my Nexus 4, but I am still very satisfied with the performance of this device is amazing. Besides of the build quality guaranteed by Motorola. Can’t even imagine the smoothness of Android running on N6.

  • Sourab Raja

    xiaomi MI4

  • Pyi

    I’m excited about the next Nexus phone ( According to the rumours, it’ll be made by Motorola?)
    And for a far more stretch, I’m really looking forward to the new HTC 2015 Flagship, because I believe they will improve on their camera this time around, with more pixels, with a further improved design :)

  • Kevin wells

    I’m excited for the galaxy note 4

  • Jasper Fair

    Looking forward to winning this and upgrade from my current phone

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  • Alex

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  • Annirudh Poojari

    Eagerly waiting for iPhone6

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    i excited for the new Nexus phone…. which is possibly going to be the Nexus X…… eagerly waiting for it. :)

  • Miklós Tóth

    I really want to see the OnePlus “Two” or the next OnePlus phone.

  • Mucheng Lu

    Awaiting news on Nexus 6!

  • Alexander Connelly

    Mmh?? It probably will be the Nexus 6 ,the Galaxy s6 and the Lg G4 :)

  • Leo Udaltsov

    Note 4 will be pretty solid

  • Slake

    I am looking forward to a new Nexus 6, it will be epic. Currently using my Nexus 4, but I am still very satisfied with the performance of this device is amazing. Besides of the build quality guaranteed by Motorola. Can’t even imagine the smoothness of Android running on N6.

  • Navkirt

    Cant wait for the Note 4. I wanna know all the specs

  • Mervin Laforteza

    The Xperia Z3

  • stefano

    love this phone :D

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    I am most exited about the Nexus 6 right now.

  • Aniket Udare

    the OPO(oneplus One) for sure for it having over clocked version of Soc in nexus5

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  • devon

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    I’m excited about OnePlus One and Mi 4

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  • Viswateja Madineni

    m8 windows version

  • Matt Vizintin

    Nexus 6

  • Rohan Satish

    Nexus 5 will be perfect paired with my LG G watch. Thanks Android authority you guys are the best

  • s789

    OnePlus One…………………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………. ……………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………

  • Mandeep Singh Malik

    Nexus X

  • Ruben Azevedo

    Nexus 6

  • Arungoud

    the next andrio phon on my list is nexus 6 !! wait for it !! :D

  • Douglas Liao

    Moto x+1

  • Cristi Corban

    So it’s the red color nexus 5.

  • Tarik

    I can’t wait to buy the samsung galaxy alpha! iphone killlllllaaaaaa

  • Praveen Singh

    I am most excited about launch of Oneplus One in India.

  • peppe

    Xiaomi Mi4 looks great

  • Nik

    Nexus 5!!

  • Xiaomi mi4 is the device for which i am excited for

  • Norjhun Garingo

    cant wait for nexus 6!

  • Mansoor Vohra

    Nexus 6!! Pure Google experience + Specs which compete with high end phones + Price = Best phone this year!

  • Toni

    I want this giveaway!!!!!! :D

  • MrDemous

    Let’s see if this week is any different. :)

  • Rania Derouiche

    I’m mostly excited about the Note 4 :)

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    I can’t wait for the Sony Xperia Z3… :)

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    the maybe upcoming nexus 6. i already love it from the leaks..

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    Waiting for the samsung note 4 and the rumours are great.

  • Sainath Macharla

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    Nexus 6 or Nexus X (whatever it’s called), I desperately want it!

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    The Nexus 6, no doubt.

  • Lian Wu


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    Google is the best!

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    The Nexus 5 is one of the best phones out there! Would love to own one…Super give away Android Authority!! Also curious what the future of Nexus will be!

  • I can’t wait to hear more about the upcoming Nexus 6. Just like everyone else :D Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kevin Bartolome

    I want this! I’m excited about the next Nexus phone or tablet, or even a Nexus watch!!!

  • Nour

    is :) enough as a comment ?

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  • Popaia

    Nice giveaway. I participate. :D xperia z3

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  • Grétar Orri Kristinsson

    This is just awesome :)

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  • P.

    Can’t wait for the Nexus X

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    Nexus 5 is the boss of android devices……

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    Looking forward to see Google’s Project Ara :)

  • Tan

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha! The metal build looks awesome.

  • Michael Kristensen

    With the Nexus lineup you get purity :-)

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    I’m looking forward to the new Sony Xperia Z3

  • You can’t hate on Nexus ^^

  • Abhinav

    Lovely strong basic phone… :)

  • Syahral Ahmad

    leave a blog post comment

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    Moto X+1

  • tony bland

    new nexus soon ?

  • pranav pardesi

    Nexus 6

  • Raja Dohare

    i’m exicted about One plus One phone
    Its look and features are amazing
    One plus with android L will rock

  • Delano Tracey

    i’m excited about the moto g 2.

  • ktm

    need to experience pure google experience with nexus 5

  • Rahul Das


  • Sport Driver

    I’m really interested in new Nexus device :)

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    the next Nexus from Google

  • Pat

    I want a nexus 5! Stock android is always the best gives you unlimited updates and features plus a powerful phone.

  • Praveen Gandhi

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Snowx2k5

    As what is out now, the HTC One M8 Google Play Edition. As for what is coming the Nexus 6 (or whatever it will be called).

  • Steven Watson

    I’m looking forward to the nexus 6.
    But any nexus device <3

  • Ali Alina

    I’m really excited for the Nexus 6!

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    Nexus 5!!

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    I am waiting for the nexus 6 or the next nexus device

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    next nexus from motorola or moto x+1

  • Scott Baker

    Another great contest! N5 is a great device

  • dmohkamsing

    Hooping to get an upgrade for my dying Galaxy Nexus

  • Lactating Walrus

    MOTO X+1

  • Playdough

    Nexus 5 is still an awesome phone!

  • MrBrightSide

    Nexus FTW!

  • setirax

    Next nexus :)

  • disqus_SiaWkgGNMY

    I would love love a iPhone 6 plz!!!! Apple now is simply my ideal best phone.

  • Michael Noorloos

    I’ve always had a Sony (Ericsson). I love their design and the UI, but new updates always came so slow. The Z3 is going to be a killer phone. Even though it won’t change that much from the Z2. I would like to try a Nexus mostly for it’s stock Android. It would be nice to be able to run the latest and greatest. Exited to see Android L to.

  • Liam Gingell

    Hoping and praying for the Nexus 5! I love my Moto G but always wanted a Nexus!

  • stewart mcconnell

    itching for a new phone

  • Mitian

    I’m looking forward into Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

  • Justine Hughes

    Sony Experia Z3

  • Kacper

    I want to win :)

  • Mohnish Daryanani

    can’t wait for the note 4!i love seeing new phones coming out to see what kind of new tech is introduce

  • Kabarru KùLần

    iphone 6

  • Bryce

    Ehhhhh Moto X+1

  • Deepak Ramchandani Vensi

    Best device with the pure Google experience

  • Erik Wisten

    I just cant wait for the Nexus 6

  • Bk Rnc

    S5 Z3 Note 4

  • Diogo Freitas

    Sony Xperia Z3

  • kosch

    its a nexus, no explanation needed

  • Tech Freak

    I am looking forward for the Moto x+1 cause the Moto x is already awesome now it’s going to be even more awesome

  • Debora

    The galaxy note 4 !
    I think it will be the best smartphone !!!

  • Juliano

    Nexus 5. Nice!

  • Luisinho Ulisses

    I can’t wait to see the Nexus 6/Nexus 5 (2014)!!

  • D’André

    Sony Xperia Z3 Most Deffinately

  • Eriatool

    Nexus 5 <3

  • Ryan Shiels

    I like trains

  • Luka Lučić

    I’m really looking forward to the new Nexus 6, but owning a Nexus 5 would be awesome as well :)

  • Chandan

    Nexus 5 <3 … just inn love with it

  • Silviu

    Nexus 5 = pure android

  • :):)


    Can i win something

  • Gordon

    Nexus 5555555

  • Deirdre O’Donnell

    Can’t wait to see the Xperia Z3 (even though it’ll probably look exactly like the Z2). On a slightly unrelated note, I’m also looking forward to the Nexus 8, and how it will compare to the Shield Tablet :D

  • Peter C

    Nexus 6

  • Vinit Nair

    The Nexus 5 is one of the best phones out there! Would love to own
    one…Super give away Android Authority!! Also curious what the future
    of Nexus will be!

  • NEXUS 5!!

  • MrChaosDesire

    I wonder how does Vanilla Android feel like on an high-end device…

  • youssef jbili

    i already have a nexus 5 , but i want this one to be a gift to a friend

  • Siddhesh Kumbhar

    This is an amazing phone i am waiting for it since its been launched.. please select me this time

  • Tjaldid

    Z3 compact it could be a game changer, and a serious ass whooping to the iPhone if it rolls out fast enough and on US carriers

    • rineswa white

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  • Mustafa

    I want ONE :’)

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    I’m really excited to see the Galaxy Note 4

  • Alin

    Nexus 6 of course

  • Liam Gingell

    Oh and I am most looking forward to the Nexus 6

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    Its not a top flagship phone anymore, but its still one of my favorite phones ever! Long live NEXUS!

  • Guille

    Te LG g3 is a amazing Phone

  • RusticKey

    The big giants, the Z3, Note 4 and the Moto X+1

  • Tijo Thomas

    Im Looking forward to Nexus 6

  • Alejandro

    I want it so much

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 :D

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  • Agus Sugianto

    my favorite phone, if i had one!!!!

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    xperia z3, that new bezel looks nooice!

  • C. Davie

    Nexus 6 AND Moto X+1

  • Thanos Tsimopoulos

    good luck people

  • uzo opurum

    Looking to get my hands on this! Let’s do it.

  • Thorbjørn

    The LG G3!

  • Ads

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    am exited for Lg g3 fhone :)

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    I am waiting for a powerful, hi res screen iteration of the Xperia Z Ultra!

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    nexus 5 still rocks

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    Can’t Can’t For Mi4 To Launch In India, Very Much Excited For Mi4.

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    Great contest, thanks!

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    nexus 6 of course!

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    Really pleased with the preformance and quality of ARM SOCs in my favorites smartphones. :) (Nexuses)

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  • BOB

    Can’t wait for the next OnePlus device just hope they get rid of that invite system

  • Gerald Rios Balino

    We are meant to be!

  • My girlfriends Galaxy S3 could do with an upgrade… I didn’t realise how bad it was until I tried to use it this morning and it took 30 seconds to load facebook :S

  • Parth Agarwal

    I’m super excited for new motorola lineup,mostly MOTO-X+1

  • Badj M

    Project Ara. I swear, Ara’s going to be my next smart phone.

    • Badj M

      If I don’t get this Nexus, that is.

  • Lucian

    Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

  • Sidhu vishnu

    Not only was the Nexus 5 faster than the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, but it was also nearly half the price while promising immediate updates to the latest versions of Android…..its simply the best..

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    will.. only gods knows.. if he will let me have the chance to own this brilliant thing.. i know he will gave it to me.. if not then its not meant for me.. having this phone is all i ever wanted.. hope god will gave this to me.. more power to you people who made this give aways.. more power more blessings may the god bless you more than what you been giving :)

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    Well, let’s see.

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    Sony Xperia Z3 look a promising device; really excited for the release

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  • Hope I win!

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    sleek and have great performance, that’s why

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    I’m most excited about the Nexus 6/X, just to see what Google has been preparing for us. I really think it’ll be a killer phone ;)
    I’m also anxious to see what OnePlus has to offer to us next :D

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    Done…Keeping fingers crossed to win my Nexus 5…(y)

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    so far till now Nexus 5 is the best smartphone bad luck nt getting one..:( :/ hope so i get it nw.:) :D

  • 8John8

    Looking forward to the Nexus 6, need to upgrade soon and it would be for me.

  • Excited about nexus 6 – Rayshaun

  • George Kasimatis

    It is Android at its purest form!

  • Vincent Miedema

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  • Tmarchev

    Cool entered !

  • Prasetyo Herfianto

    can’t wait to see what innovations Samsung will bring to the Note 4. I used to be the Xperia worshipper, and the Z2 was a perfect Android flagship, IMO. but seeing the upgrade from Z1 to the Z2, and their “6 months flagship lifecycle”, i’m kinda dissapointed.

  • Will

    OnePlus One is definitely my current favourite :)

  • Eli

    I can’t wait to see the one plus one become available for resale without invites.

  • Ridho Baraja

    damn right here come to me

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  • UA


  • Daniel

    Note 4

  • Jon Brindley

    Also intrigued by the ASUS Zenphone

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    Clean fast UI, sleek body, high qual materials, cheaper than rivals. 10/10 perfect phone.

  • Pawat Yuttateeranont


  • Paul Bastin

    The Nexus 4 is the best phone I’ve ever had, I am totally ready to score a Nexus 5! >:)

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    time to change my N4 :D

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    Moto X+1

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    Nexus 5

  • Ridho Baraja

    z1 compact


    lets try once again and crossing finger !